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Found 61 results

  1. For Sale Brand New Westfield FW Special Edition Zetec 2000 IVA Passed £16,000 Yellow with Black Carbon Effect Cycle Wings Carbon Effect Stone Guards Wide Track Adjustable Suspension Westfield Performance Brakes Long Range Fuel Tank Sport Turbo Seats with Yellow Piping 4 Point Harness 195/50/15 Tyres Heater Heated Windscreen Full Hood (not yet fitted) Side Screens 12v Socket Happy to provide photos and further details if required. Contact: Lee Savage Tel: 07531 259347 email: leesavage@hotmail.com
  2. CrisisWolf

    Health Check Complete

    Well after what was predicted to be a nice dry Friday this is what we got. I went for a 60 mile drive along A-Roads from Bristol upto BTEC Racing , Chipping Norton a few weeks later than most of the guys here who attended the Car Health Check Day. Got there in the dry, had the geometry all checked and it all seems near enough balanced without any adjustment. Left Front: 166.5kg Left Rear: 178.5kg Right Front: 159kg Right Rear: 180kg Overall Weight (1/2 tank of fuel) 684 kg. https://www.dropbox.com/s/w6f9dzyos9n41zu/photo%201.JPG https://www.dropbox.com/s/iuxswlkvrkg9bwz/photo%202.JPG https://www.dropbox.com/s/0rmwpc968uxnjr1/photo%203.JPG As for the dyno a pleasant and standard as expected 126 BHP (@ Fly) and 98 BHP (@Wheels) with 123 lb/ft, video here: Excuse the wet weather gear being on - it was pouring down and to aid getting in and out just peeled the top back. Now with these checks ticked off, and told the brake pads look pretty much like new I'm 'ready' for the track day health check. First time I've really driven the Westfield that distance bar the day I picked it up about 8 weeks ago and that was wet, first time, motorway, so a bit on edge, driven a few 10-30 mile round trips and around Bristol. Even in the rain, had a great time - even had a random guy on a bus stop put his thumb up to me on the way through a random village.
  3. 2 ltr Zetec for sale out of my Westfield, engine was rebuilt by Northampton Motorsport in 2011 and has the following: Piper 285 cams & pulleys Forged H section rods Forged pistons Protune head Pace dry sump Lightweight race flywheel & clutch Aluminium bellhousing for Type 9 gearbox Weber 45 carbs MBE ECU Westfield 4-1 exhaust & Thermal Logic silencer (Prodrive WRC cars) It was dyno'd after the build at 215Bhp/169lbs and has only been used hill climbing since so not much mileage. Ideally I'd like to sell it as a complete package to go straight into a similar car but could split if needed. Looking for around £ 3,950 for the whole unit, I have lots of pics, receipts etc I can email over. You can see videos of it in the car at https://www.youtube.com/user/charliemi16205 Or call me on 07887 952 638 in Leicestershire
  4. Andy Banks

    Zetec Exhaust Manifold Torque settings

    I've had the entire exhaust off for a rub down and repaint. A little research tells me around 16 to 18NM of torque is needed for the bolts that attach the manifold to the block. Does that sound about right...?
  5. jmckendry

    Zetec 2L Oil pressure sender

    Hi I'm working on a new build all parts supplied by Westfield and I have a real novice question. Unfortunately it's Sunday and I can't phone Mark so I'm hoping there's somebody several steps ahead of me who has already asked this. The engine came with an oil pressure sender fitted, or at least it measures as such ~300ohms, but I also got sent a more traditional looking unit. The issue is that the connector on the loom (eyelet) doesn't fit the unit that is in the engine, it's a funny recessed thing. Am I just missing a connector or do I need to replace the sender. I know there can be issues with thread sizes on these units so don't just want to rush in. Jamie
  6. Here's your chance to buy a unique 7SE! I reckon this must be the first fully independently suspended Westfield around - built that way in 1987. Pictures here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/100059860@N03/ Full spec below: Pre-lit car, purchased by me as kit in 1987, built by me (qualified engineer) and owned by me ever since. Chassis number 87SE517 Q plate Originally built around Lotus twin-cam engine – re-engineered approximately 9 years ago. 2 Litre Zetec engine – standard but for full Weber Alpha throttle body/ignition system and custom stainless exhaust (4>2>1 – JP Exhausts, Macclesfield). Dunnell baffled aluminium shallow sump and aluminium oil catch tank MT75 5 speed box, with Westfield gear shift system. Dunnell lightweight flywheel and heavy duty clutch - with hydraulic pull-cylinder actuation. Aluminium radiator (Polo, I think) with thermostatically controlled fan Dual system brakes, with floor-mounted pedal box. Wilwood 4 pot callipers at front, drilled/grooved and vented discs. Aluminium front hubs. Drilled/grooved discs at rear, with alloy callipers (and cable-operated handbrake) Fully independent rear suspension system, designed and built by me – based on Sierra diff (3.62, I think), shortened Sierra driveshafts, Sierra hubs etc. Custom-cast aluminium uprights/hub carriers. Custom-made top and bottom wishbones. Narrow Escort quick-rack (centre part of rack shortened to put ball joints in correct plane with inboard suspension pick-up points) Top inner suspension pivots repositioned. All suspension mods designed and modelled using Allan Staniforth’s excellent ‘Race and Rally Car Source Book’ Original springs and shocks replaced with AVO units in the last 6 years or so, with very few miles since. Team Dynamics ProRace 1.2 wheels – 7x15” – brand new in 2008 and hardly any miles since Toyo Proxes tyres - 205/50 x 15 rear and 195/50 x 15 front – as above. Richfield RX777 seats and black 3 point harnesses Small side-screens/wind deflectors No full weather equipment (drive fast enough and you don’t get wet!) but there is a slightly tatty tonneau cover included ESP front cycle wings (plastic) and late style Westfield wing brackets Lockable aluminium luggage box behind seats MOT’d in July 2013 Having put a huge amount of work and a great deal of money into this car, I wont be letting it go unless I get what its worth. I'd like offers over £8,000 please. Email me on mountain.mule@live.co.uk for more information. The car is in Cumbria. Cheers, Gerry
  7. atl502

    SEiW Wanted £6k Max

    Hello all, New member here and Im looking for my first Westfield. My budget is £6k max and I am ideally looking for the following: - SEiW car - Zetec Engine - Full Screen and Wet Weather Gear - Disk brakes all round - Adjustable shocks and independent suspension - 5 Speed Gearbox (with Quickshift / short throw?) Other things that would be nice to have are an RAC Roll bar, Removable steering wheel, decent buckets with harness. Would also consider a well sorted Crossflow or 2.0L Vauxhall. I am based in Leamington Spa and am willing to travel for the right car, anywhere within say 3, maybe 4 hours. I appreciate this may be a tall order at this budget but if you have something that seems to fit or know of a well set up road/track car within budget, please get in touch! Many thanks, Adam
  8. BabyBlue

    2.0 Zetec Blacktop Wanted

    Blacktop zetec 2.0 wanted in good running order.
  9. BabyBlue

    2.0 Zetec Silver top for sale

    ****Sorry Now Sold****2.0 Zetec Silvertop for sale. Can be seen running, perfect running order. Engine had 60000 on clock when fitted to my westfield and has now done about another 5000.
  10. Immigration forces sale of my very much enjoyed Westfield - afraid shipping to USA is not practical! Factory built Navy blue Westfield Sport 2000 SEIW – 1998 R reg with nice car related “R200OWF” license plate, 2.0ltr 16 valve Ford Zetec engine producing 170bhp giving 0-60 in 5.3 seconds. Twin 45 Webers, with Westfield 4 into 1 side exit exhaust providing a very nice exhaust note Garaged and covered by full Westfield indoor cover by previous original owner and by me for my 6 years ownership, only driven during nice weather, never in the rain – but does come with full wet weather hood, doors and full tonneau cover. 9900 miles from new and as factory built no donor car parts used – all brand new when built 5 speed ford MT75 gearbox with quick-shift remote link, independent all round suspension with adjustable Spax shock absorbers. Disc brakes all round with Westfield alloys mounted with Toyo P600-F3 205x50x15 with 5-6mm tread all round MOT until July 2013 (can have fresh MOT done if required) - Tax until end of October 2013, so start your ownership with a summer full of fun 2 sets of keys and Thatcham 2 immobilizer Call me on 07720 707904 or email Gareth001@hotmail.com Offers around £8250 Only slight fault is a rattle has appeared from gear leaver from worn bush in quick-shift linkage over last few days – doesn’t affect gear changes in any way but I haven’t had chance to fix.
  11. Terryathome

    Piston Ring Gaps

    Je pistons with pro seal rings in Blacktop brand new engine. The JE info advises bore X 0.004 for the ring gaps which = 0.015" for top ring and 2nd ring is slightly bigger, but I have been advised to use 0.010" for top and 2nd ring. Oil ring is standard 0.015" whatever the application so that's not an issue. So what do you think, anybody done ring gaps and what have you set yours at? It’s all down to the spec of the engine and the heat generated/expansion. No guesses with this thread please as engine damage is on the books if I don't get this right. Need someone who has done this and can advise of the results. Terry
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