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    1. The Start Line

      The place for past, present and future owners to discuss all things related to Westfields. New member? Welcome! Introduce yourself and make your first posts here!

    2. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

      Valuable answers to often-asked questions about Westfields - a great place to start when you're looking for help. (If you'd like to start a new FAQ, please contact an Administrator.)

    3. Tech Talk

      For all your technical and mechanical questions and discussions, big or small. Building a Westfield? Tell us all about it!

    4. IVA Info

      The area to exchange views and get information on the IVA test.

    5. X-Cars

      The area specifically for advice and discussion regarding XIs, XTR2s and XTR4s

    6. Membership Information ONLY

      This area is exclusively for questions and Info on membership, benefits, etc. - all other posts or threads will be moved or deleted as applicable.  Please read the pinned notice(s) at the top of the forum before starting a new thread.

  2. Out & About With Your Westfield

    1. Local Area Meets, Events & Kit Car Shows

      Find out what your area is planning to do, tell us all about how your events went, and find out about kit car shows around the country. We like photos!

    2. Speed Series / Hill Climbing / Racing

      Go competing with your Westfield!

    3. Track Days

      This is the place for Track Day life in general; discussing, planning, posting pictures and videos, anything and everything Track Day related - we like photos and videos!

    4. Places to Visit and Road Trips

      Recommendations on where to go, tales of where we've been, advice on what to take and preparing the car. (Note. Members only forum)

      • Dave Eastwood (Gadgetman) - Club Secretary
  3. Club Member Adverts

    1. Cars for Sale

      Adverts can be placed only by full paying members for their car or that of another full paying member (please read the pinned post at the top)

    2. Cars Wanted

      Adverts looking for cars can only be placed by and for club members.

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      Adverts can be placed only by full paying members for their parts or those of another full paying member (please read the pinned post at the top)

    4. Parts Wanted

      Adverts looking for parts can only be placed by and for club members.

  4. External and Non-Club Member Adverts

    1. External Adverts

      Forum for links to all external selling websites, such as eBay or similar. Note: WSCC cannot be held responsible for the content of other sites. Buyer / Seller beware of standard Internet buying issues.

  5. Chat & General Information

    1. Stuff & Nonsense

      For those underworked owners to waste the odd hour - home of putting the world to rights, daft video clips, jokes and tall tales.

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    • neptune
      Hi Tim  I have some but am away until early October. If you dont have any luck in the mean time let me know.
    • neptune
      Hi Dan, Can I take the pcv breather blanking plate please? 
    • Dave Eastwood (Gadgetman) - Club Secretary
      Annoyingly, and BMW are terrible for it, so many modern cars that are intended for the performance saloon/hatch/et al market segments have started to exhibit the same thing over the last few years.   Stupid, stupid brakes, that are designed in such away that even relatively gentle pressure generates a disproportionately fierce initial bite; this in turn gives the impression of a car with much more “brakes” than it necessarily has, not that I’m saying the brakes aren’t necessarily good, just that on the whole, they’re not really that much better on than on their non-over servo’d, non-artificially manipulated competitors models.   Its all just smoke and mirrors to make the driver think the brakes are better than they actually are.   (PS, I’m talking about the regular braking setups, by the way, not physically upgraded versions, Carbon ceramic options, etc)   Ive had the same thing, climb from my old five series with its razor sharp brakes into a Westfield with AP Race brakes and good pads, and initially, it feels softer and less bite, till you switch from having to delicately brush the pedal, like the beemer, to applying properly modulated force, at which point the tables turn completely!
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