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      The place for past, present and future owners to discuss all things related to Westfields. New member? Welcome! Introduce yourself and make your first posts here!

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      Valuable answers to often-asked questions about Westfields - a great place to start when you're looking for help. (If you'd like to start a new FAQ, please contact an Administrator.)

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      For all your technical and mechanical questions and discussions, big or small. Building a Westfield? Tell us all about it!

    4. IVA Info

      The area to exchange views and get information on the IVA test.

    5. X-Cars

      The area specifically for advice and discussion regarding XIs, XTR2s and XTR4s

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      This area is exclusively for questions and Info on membership, benefits, etc. - all other posts or threads will be moved or deleted as applicable.  Please read the pinned notice(s) at the top of the forum before starting a new thread.

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    1. Local Area Meets, Events & Kit Car Shows

      Find out what your area is planning to do, tell us all about how your events went, and find out about kit car shows around the country. We like photos!

    2. Speed Series / Hill Climbing / Racing

      Go competing with your Westfield!

    3. Track Days

      This is the place for Track Day life in general; discussing, planning, posting pictures and videos, anything and everything Track Day related - we like photos and videos!

    4. Places to Visit and Road Trips

      Recommendations on where to go, tales of where we've been, advice on what to take and preparing the car. (Note. Members only forum)

      • Julie Hall - Peak District AO
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      Adverts can be placed only by full paying members for their car or that of another full paying member (please read the pinned post at the top)

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      Adverts looking for cars can only be placed by and for club members.

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      Adverts looking for parts can only be placed by and for club members.

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      Forum for links to all external selling websites, such as eBay or similar. Note: WSCC cannot be held responsible for the content of other sites. Buyer / Seller beware of standard Internet buying issues.

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      For those underworked owners to waste the odd hour - home of putting the world to rights, daft video clips, jokes and tall tales.

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    • tex
      Feel robbed and yet saved
    • jeff oakley
      Giving the vote to 16 year olds is madness. try to engage with many and they have no idea of how things work, instead they get their advice of Youtube influencers.   Clearly they will in the main vote for Labour or the Greens as it is easy to be idealistic when others are picking up the bill hence Labour is pushing it so hard.   As for EU citizens living here, if they have dual citizen ship then no, if they have become naturalised here then yes.   Another area where some are crying foul is those Ex pats, some get a vote still, even though they pay nothing here and those who have been away for 15 years or more do not get the vote, which seems fair enough to me.   I have hear more bleating about the voting system this time than ever before, I like the first past the post system, it works well in the main. Witness all the other EU countries with PR, it produces more horse trading to get the basics done and with a single flounce a coalition leader can stop the country governing and like Italy who have had 61 different Governments since 1945, we have had 18.   I just want this over so we can move on 
    • Julie Hall - Peak District AO
      The owner of the Furrari said he changed his tyres to the Rainsport 3 and nearly wrote the car off. He went into a corner expecting to slide, like with his other tyres, but instead the car went where he pointed it with these tyres on, so he nearly ended up in a ditch.   He and the guy's with him, who were Caterham owners, were very interested in the PS3's on Ian's car. Those discs are not ceramic and the caliper is just a tin cover on the Ferrari.  
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