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      • marcusb
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    • clansman
      Sorry won't make this one either as doing something else in the car on the 14th
    • nice_guy
      So I routed the backplate based on my assembled 3D printed template. With a woodworking router and bearing bit. Like a knife in hot butter. No filing required.   Happy with the result. Round circles, holes aligned, fits perfect. A bit surpised, but hey, I won't complain when things go according to plan.     The C shaped thingy is the "nut holder, allowing me to bolt the plate to the carbs. Not a lot of torque transmitted, but enough to tigthen the plate. Got 4 of them, screw the top nut, the bottom, hidden one falls in front of the hole.   (1.5mm floppy alloy)   The grid has not been kind with my prints, power glitches ruining 3 nine hours attempts and a significant length of good petg filament. (layer shifted by an inch or so)     Beside the obvious defect, layer adhesion and resulting object was perfect. As PETG is a bit finicky regarding glue, I added a thin (1mm) inner lip to have overlap on the objects. Will help assembly and give more surface for superglue to perform its magic. I also beefed up a tad the fillet on the lower side (+1mm) in order to have a sturdier profile to seeal with the backplate thanks to sticky foam.     Will still cover it in fiber, just to be on the safe side of heat and vibrations...
    • Mark Tearney
      Although i did manage to get it to fit i had another link pipe made up. The original one was made up at a 16 degree angle as per the jig they have, i measured the angles and now have a replacement one made up at 6 degrees..and weather permitting i will be fitting this tomorrow. Hopefully this should be the last time it has to come off...🤔   Next up will be the clutch!
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