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  2. Young knocker 1992

    A over weight pre-lit

    Hi again 🤗. After much waiting and three other projects one being the rolls (she's now ready for paint the last job but I'm not doing it) my friend is finally nearly finished my engine so this weekend the westy will be back in the workshop! I can't wait!!!
  3. Due to recent I'll health and house move also lack of use I have for sale my 1988 lowline narrow bodied Westfield se car no 277 , it's in lovely condition and coverd 25'000 miles , I've owned this car for 9 years , it's running a 1750 cross flow , 2 x40 Weber's, 234 Kent cam, electronic ignition, unleaded head , 4 speed gear box , comes with wind deflectors, doors, hood, and canopy cover , it's in red with cobra type roll bars , loads spent on up grades in recent years , every mot certificate since build , good Yokohama Prada tyres plus new spare it's located in N Wales must be worth £6000 Ovno will have missed lots of info so you can contact me on 07833302782
  4. Rich201060

    Special Edition Build. Starting 2020

    Just looked at mine, it shouldn't stay in that position perhaps its sticking?
  5. Julie Hall - Peak District AO

    Happy Birthday Jude

    Happy birthday Jude, love from Glen and Julie xxx
  6. kenton

    Megabusa on facebook

    Chris, No this is not my car. I love my seight 😍. Its a friend of mine who is selling so as per the rules I put it here. I did try and link it, thanks Ian for sorting that. Hope it was OK to copy and paste and some folks don't do FB. All the best kenton
  7. Robin (Red Spider) - Yorkshire AO

    Wscc musical chain...

    I don't know any music after 2000.
  8. RussH

    Wscc musical chain...

    If we only allowed songs from the year 2000 onwards this would be a very quiet thread
  9. Ian Tolfree (tolf) - WSCC AO Rep

    Recent trip down South

    Looks great
  10. Alan France

    Coronavirus Act and Tory rebels.

    As pointed out in a letter to the Telegraph this is a rather loaded graph to illustrate concern. If cases doubled EVERY week the entire UK population would have Covid by Christmas.
  11. Robin (Red Spider) - Yorkshire AO

    Wscc musical chain...

    Lily was here to Lily the pink.
  12. Nick Lester

    Special Edition Build. Starting 2020

    Odd that it is leaking when the engine is static, there is also another blue drain plug on the front of the sump that has the finger filter attached. There maybe?
  13. Glen_I

    5-75 headlamp bowls black

    I have these if they are off any use to you, I need to remove the loom. The lenses are cracked but bowls are complete with mounting bolt/nut.
  14. stephenh

    who makes the X1 glass fibre body for westfield

    Whoever it is will only make them for Westfield, because Westfield own the moulds!
  15. Sierra 7" 3.9 diff with Quaife ATB lsd and genuine Quaife output flanges. Unused since a full rebuild including bearings and seals. £950 including UPS delivery to mainland UK excluding Highlands.
  16. RussH

    Cadwell 28th September

    Happy to go up on the grass then, circle the wagons. Im hoping to get there for 6ish to do a track walk with a beer
  17. Andy (Sycho)

    Cadwell 28th September

    I shall probably be camping if I can get away with it, as it’s my daughters birthday on the Sunday.
  18. Today
  19. Nick Algar

    Coronavirus Act and Tory rebels.

    I don't know what the right route is, it's certainly very concerning and I'm just pleased it's not me having to make these decisions. As to more debate in Parliament, sounds great, but watching how they carry on all the seem to want to do is score petty little points off each other rather than have a grown up debate. How come England, Scotland & Wales all seem to be going about this slightly differently So really what's the point, the country is a war with a Virus, but scoring petty points is key to the opposition parties, well about sums Parliament up really.
  20. Insuranceman

    Assistance With IVA Aplication

    On the Technical Application in the drop down box for Technical Test which one do I select?
  21. TomW

    S2000 Emissions & Brakes

    Yeah we tried at to get somewhere in the middle of 2500-3000, its surprisingly difficult to get it held in between 2500 and 3000, the first one I think was around 2600 the second one with higher readings was 2900ish. I guess its time to try to hunt down an exhaust leak! I have had a quick look from the exhaust manifold/cat join and it seems to be all the way in but I'll take a proper look later tonight. I'm guessing brakes because it wasn't fully bedded in, I'd done about 6 miles in the car before it got to the test station and it didn't get many chances for me to use the brakes. I will do some digging and get it booked into an mot station! On the plus side I did get to drive it for a while 😄
  22. Benrobson2999

    My new Westfield SE Zetec module build

    My collection day is 7th October. Been busy at home. Built a shed to put the stuff that’s in the garage in! So now I have some more room and it’s kept me occupied! My next week off is collection week
  23. Insuranceman

    Assistance With IVA Aplication

    More Questions. In section 8 Evidence of Compliance 8a Does the car have a Certificate of Conformity or a Manufacturers Letter of Conformity? Anyones help would be appreciated.
  24. Simon Marks - North Oxfordshire AO

    The Dreadful Puns Thread (An Occasional Series)

    Groan, maybe - but well worth the wait !!!
  25. SteveB21

    Special Edition Build. Starting 2020

    Hi Mike - I just wanted to say I really appreciate you describing your build journey as, like Ben, I will be following behind you - hoping to press the button soon on an order for an FW with a very similar spec to yours, but in Orange. One question - what floor tiles are you using - I'm going to tile my garage before the build and there seems to be way too much choice out there! Thanks Steve
  26. Paul Gibney - Lancashire AO.

    Newish member !

    good to catch up last weekend Alan
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