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  2. Chris King - Webmaster

    So far

    Just to clarify - not used them myself but plenty on here have glowing reports. 👍
  3. Chris King - Webmaster

    So far

    There’s a place in/near Northallerton that does get - shall we say - “mixed reviews” and not one I’d consider entrusting my car to.
  4. DIY-Si

    Garage floor levelling

    However, once I got back from work 4 hours later, all was less well than I had expected. The leak that i had thought plugged clearly was not. Quite a bit of the compound had flowed out and into the hole for an old air brick leaving a shallow slope where it had been flat. This was quite disappointing, as it had looked so good before I went out! Over that end section the compound is now quite thin, and there's the obvious lack of a nice edge to it to deal with too. Having done an initial look I can find a few products that can be put down to nothing, or a fe
  5. DIY-Si

    Garage floor levelling

    Thanks for the tips! Given that I had Friday off work, which was due to be my original XI kit collection date, I decided to give the garage a clean and prime the larger section of floor. I've been doing some tiling, and did all the cutting in side so the floor was filthy. I used way more primer than I had on the smaller section of floor, as I wanted every chance of a bubble free floor this time! This coat was applied neat, and is much more obvious. It took about 2.5 hrs to dry, with a decent flow of air through the garage and a pair of small heaters running to keep the temperature
  6. MikeJG

    Special Edition Build. Starting 2020

    Delighted to have stirred up a little can of worms, and no definitive answer! I have no side screens or hood at the mo. I was waiting to decide what I fancied when I was finished so I can't offer them up. I will deffo wait 'til Monday and phone WSC who will not doubt have some dangler and bull story about what is right and why. 😁
  7. DMc

    Anyone fitted an oil cooler to a sport 250 ?

    Hi mate. What temps are you seeing, water and oil. i have a tuned 2.0 ecoboost and I don’t see any unusual temps even on track. I can’t remember the exact numbers but on track circa 110 water and 125 oil max. that’s in 20 degrees ambient. these engines are designed to run hot, particularly compared to Zetec/red tops etc make sure your Coolant system is as efficient as possible, the ecoboost has a water-oil heat exchanger. this was where I had issues in the beginning. A few that help- proper ducting, lowe
  8. Adge Cutler- Dorset AO

    Anyone fitted an oil cooler to a sport 250 ?

    Mike, build diary below covers a 250 oil cooler/fan installation (from P28 onwards). @Exitus may be kind enough to answer any queries.
  9. RobH72

    Just joined.

    Welcome from South Derbyshire, only 2 miles from Toybox in fact! Love the colour combo, those bronze TD 1.2's are very nice
  10. Adge Cutler- Dorset AO

    Super Sport 1800 rebuild

    Sure you’ve thought of it already but just in case, if you can get hold of a sound meter, you could at least do a before and after check. Would at least prove it’s an improvement hopefully.
  11. Si.Dalziel

    Mega S2000 Build and Post IVA Upgrades by Si.

    Well the engine still hasn’t magicked its way back into the chassis, so I finished off mounting the smaller remote oil pressure sender. Just need to open up all the dash 2 wiring and figure out what I’m looking at again and get it all connected up.
  12. corsechris

    So far

    Ah, an assumption in my comment was a competently operated RR. Sorry to hear you found one of the sadly many that aren’t
  13. Hi if the carpet is from a type 9 gearbox car did it have a extension on the back of the box if so i will take please if it’s still for sale many thanks.
  14. Jackv4

    2 off CXR's 13x7 et15 4x108

    Hi Iain, They have R888's 205/60 They have a little running in them, Will check depth in the morning and get a couple photos of the tread, I was only going to remove tyres for posting purposes, Cheers Jack
  15. Jackv4

    SEIW Arch protectors

    Looking for a pair of cheap seiw arch protectors, Not to bothered if there faded or stone chipped. Cheers Jack
  16. Adge Cutler- Dorset AO

    Special Edition Build. Starting 2020

    Out of interest just put a tape on mine, turns out it’s ~ 920mm. That’s a coincidence!
  17. I H Freelance Services

    2 off CXR's 13x7 et15 4x108

    Hi What size tyres do they have on and tread depth i see on another post you may leave them on cheers Iain
  18. Mike424u

    Sport 250 Part build to full build

    Afternoon spent fitting IVA caps & boots and cable protection Do I need to fit a rubber cap on the bottom ball joint outer under the lower arms. ?? As I seem to have 2 large round caps, and cant see where else they might fit that came in the factory IVA kit. Yes I did fit a sleeve over the track rod end while doing this. Cant believe how much time this took just for one side.
  19. I H Freelance Services

    Rear Arches

    Hi im after a replacement rear arch for my 2000 megablade preferably in black drivers side . cheers Iain
  20. Mole

    Just joined.

    I am obviously not a southerner then..as already booked on at snetterton in March... But will be doing other tracks too!!
  21. Chris King - Webmaster

    So far

    Daytuner near Harrogate?
  22. Mike424u

    Anyone fitted an oil cooler to a sport 250 ?

    Nice bit of duct work, that could work, but I would have to relocate my battery and space is tight on a sport 250 I did here someone had fitted one sport 250 with fan due to having to locate it behind the radiator
  23. LoneWolf

    Recent snap of your Westfield

    Forgot to post a few pics from last blat before I took it apart 😁
  24. graham frankland

    2012 Ford S Max 2 Litre Titanium 160 PS Manual

    Hi Folks I forgot to say that the spec also includes 7 Seats, Climate Control, Cruise Control, DAB Radio with CD Player, Built In Hands Free Phone Connection with Voice Activation There is not a mark on the on any of the seats and the rest of the interior is gleeming. So go for it and grab yourself the bargain of the year so far for around £6k or just over 51k miles, the car is great to drive, fully and carefully maintained and in prestine condition all round! Call 07887 554361 and seal the deal!
  25. Smudge62

    Anyone fitted an oil cooler to a sport 250 ?

    This was my attempt at getting some air flow to the cooler.
  26. Simon Marks - North Oxfordshire AO

    Sourcing Midget parts for a westfield XI

    Hi, John, 145/82 profile tyres equates to 118.9mm sidewall height - 4.7" Two of those (9.4") + 14"for the rim gives 23.4" - not hugely different from mine! Simon
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