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  2. Greenstreak-Andy D


    Looks lovely Julie

    Noise after turned off car - Advice please

    @Kezman I shook mine, sure enough as yours did it rattled. I then sucked and blew as @Dave Eastwood (Gadgetman) - Club Secretary mentioned, from both ends to make sure. Both ways pass air, whether adequate each way I am not sure without having a brand new one to compare too. I then cleaned with brake cleaner to decrease if any fuel vapour has turned tacky over time. Refitted and went to work in it, got to work and lifted the flap on my filler cap and the air noise was still there, mine doesn't have the noise you speak off after a run but does make the noise when cap released. I guess I'd have to try a new valve to see if it cures the air noise on cap release but with it passing air both ways I'm reluctant to throw £30 on something for the tank that isn't unleaded and flammable!
  4. Where will you find a season opener for the speed series as good.
  5. DamperMan

    Small Alternator - Power consumption calcs?

    We’ll virtually everything BL in the 70s had a 35-37 amp Lucas alternator.. I bet a 40 amp denso one produces a lot more at all speeds than Lucas... I’m told Americans would refer to Lucas as the Prince of darkness, joke the switches are 3 position, On,Off and flicker. Lucas probably has his hands in fridge production and hence the British drink warm beer..
  6. Skypeller

    Anybody know this one? Help

    Soooo peculiar. The guy and his partner seem genuine. But you never know do you. I’ve been to view it....
  7. Skypeller


    This car is now up for sale in Shrewsbury. I’ve been to view it it’s In fair shape it I’m none the wiser what to think :-/
  8. Julie Hall - AO Representative, Peak District AO


    For sale is our BMW Z4 2.0i twin port turbo, first registered September 2012, Sport automatic transmission, with 39,000 miles. It has been MOT'd today (15 Aug 2018) and it passed with no advisories. As we have only done 3500 miles in the last year, it is time to let it go. It has a leather interior, M Sport package, Thatcham 1 alarm, M Sport steering wheel with gearshift paddles, parking sensors front and rear, auto dimming rear view mirror, folding exterior mirrors, 19" 326M alloy wheels, deep sea blue metallic paint, 2 sets of keys, remote central locking. 4 cylinder, 184 bhp, torque 270 Nm, top speed 144 mph, 0-60mph 7.2 seconds, urban mpg 31, luggage capacity 180 litres. The service history is full, main dealer at Stratstone Chesterfield. We have owned the car 4 years and in this time we have replaced all 4 tyres, brake pads and sensors, brake fluid change, cracked wheel repair. The condition of this car is excellent inside and out, it is based in Chesterfield, Derbyshire. If you have any questions please contact me on 0774 88 33 959. I am asking £13,500 for it please.
  9. Mark (smokey mow)

    Anybody know this one? Help

  10. corsechris

    Non-Westfield build

    Bit more bumbling about in the shed today. Didn't get all that much done, but at least I tidied up a few small niggles that I'd been leaving until later. Shortened the master cylinder pushrods so I can adjust the pedals a bit further back, sorted out the remote oil filter line that had a twist in it, removed the mock-up driveshafts and fitted the custom made ones I've had lurking in a box for months. They look nice and will no doubt work better than the mock ups I made by welding Alfa & MX5 parts together. Now I have them in place, I can set about sorting out the mounting bracket for the wheel speed sensor. I got outer CVs with ABS rings on so just have to add a sensor. I also have to knock up a divide by 5 box so the output is right for the speedo. Probably pay me to make it adjustable, so I suppose I'll have to learn how to program some flavour of micro controller. Haven't done anything like that for many years. Last thing I made was a device that connected to a range of broadcast tape machines and output the tape counter to Braille displays so blind Studio Managers could edit/cue audio tape. If anyone reading this could point me at a good resource to get started, I'd be most grateful. Pointers on which hardware family to use would be good too. I've got a PIC programming interface kicking around from a previous life, but I'm pretty sure they have been superseded by now. Mac or Windows hosted IDE - can't be doing with Linux I'm afraid. I'm sure its wonderful, but I don't have enough years left to cram yet another OS into my ageing brain Another reason for fitting the proper driveshafts now is to make sure I don't build a FUABR into the thing. It's getting quite tight for space round the rear uprights and I still have to route hydraulic lines. I had hoped to do the clutch line today, but some idiot ordered the wrong fittings.....and that same idiot didn't double-check the thread size on the slave cylinder, so yet another adapter is required. Doh. Stuck for parts now, so I might scare myself tomorrow by throwing the wiring loom at it to see where it lands. Or perhaps try and figure out the wipers and screen demister vent & heater box location. Neither task is very appealing TBH as I know they are both going to be 'a challenge'.
  11. Skypeller

    Anybody know this one? Help

    It was apparently built by Westfield themselves. I’m going to call them tomorrow.
  12. Quinten Uijldert - Northants AO

    Anybody know this one? Help

    Say what? He has claimed ownership through the DVLA? With an ad like this (i.e. no information) and that sort of "history" I'd be walking a mile
  13. Truly amazing! It's a circuit I never fancied much until I did it a couple of years back. Surprisingly good in-field. Yes, there's racing there at the weekend. I've got a pal there on Saturday. I usually check if there's a following race meeting, as they do tend to attract racers doing a bit of cheap testing.. can't really blame them when an equivalent test day's probably around the £300 mark.
  14. Skypeller

    Anybody know this one? Help

    Hi been in touch with the “owners” of this one and I’m keen to view and potentially buy, stolen recovered but was found by the guy who owns it, as ditched and only suffered mild damage (spare wheel carrier and rear light) he claimed ownership of it through the police and Dvla he said. I’ve asked for proof of this. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F263872875729
  15. GaryD1971

    Gear knob rad cowling

    Sorry to thread hijack, but I would also like a Westfield gearknob if one of you wouldn't mind parting with one ! I'll have whichever one @Liz03doesn't have. Let me know how much you want. Regards, Gary.
  16. BCF

    The Mini Diet/Track Car Thread

    Good to see work progressing on the Mini Pooper
  17. DamperMan

    ECU fan control

    The figure on a thermostat is the start to open figure... It takes 10-15 extra degrees to open completely.
  18. Absolutely fantastic. Without question one of the best trackdays I've ever done. Snetterton is incredible, such a brilliant track! Despite the unfortunate poor etiquette from the up themselves infants in baby grows (must be a race on this weekend), we had a really great day. Overheating issues continued to plague us in the morning, but with a little ingenuity and a great dose of optimism, we got it fixed (well, track hacked, but it worked brilliantly!). Then pounded out 128 miles, most of which were in the afternoon. The car was ace. Also got a passenger run, which led to a drive, in a beautiful early Subaru Impreza, which knocked my socks clean off! All in all a really fantastic day. And it didn't rain. And Russ was there...
  19. gazzwesty1

    Diff, box, prop, engine, ecu/loom

    Is the gearbox sold ? Thanks Gary
  20. Banshee

    Find my Westy - Q813 KKE

    Similar not mine
  21. SXRORY

    Rolling Road in Wiltshire

    ^^^ Yep in backwell they did some work my westy fitting the carbon arch guards and carbon doors....I had a go and failed |I just did not have the tools clamps etc to get them to fit. Very reasonable busy though
  22. terry everall

    Rockingham Sold no events from the end of 2018

    another circuit lost??????
  23. dhutch

    Small Alternator - Power consumption calcs?

    5A ignition 2A fuel pump 12A Lights 10A Rad Fan 8A HP Fuel pump 37A total Doesn't seem like loads and loads. Obviously during autotesting typically the lights will be off so you have 15A into the battery, 23A without the HP fuel pump, but fan will be running flat out. With the headlights on you will be more likely to be driving so rad fan off. Might stick will the larger one, which I think is 90A, for the sake of 1.5kg. Daniel
  24. 1960dave

    Throttle bodies

    It will need mapping and a TPS yes
  25. Ben (bunje)

    Rockingham Sold no events from the end of 2018

    There putting houses on there aren't they
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