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  2. Young knocker 1992

    Xflow pistons

    Hi all, 🙂 I'm looking for a set of steel pistons at 0.90" for my 1700 xflow new would be nice! Long shot I know but I thought it was worth a try before buying some for burton! Thanks in advance , knocker.
  3. Kevin Pullen - WSCC Treasurer

    SEI Wide carpet set in Blue

    There was a full set on the FB westfield page a few weeks back blue with yellow trim
  4. Robin (Red Spider) - Yorkshire AO

    Yorkshire breakfast meeting, Sunday 20th October.

    It's a long story. I'm like international rescue flying in to save the day. And it's a crossflow.
  5. Kevin Pullen - WSCC Treasurer

    Cheap Mazda SDV on eBay

    Very cheap
  6. corsechris

    Advise requested

    Initially, I’d written about going straight to ITBs, and then having them ready when the time came for the ST170. Indeed, some bike ITBs are a great way to go and very economical (it’s what I did some years back) but it’s never just the headline figure, there are always extra costs, so I decided to forget that thought. Both paths valid I guess.
  7. Hi all, just a reminder that it's the usual monthly meeting tomorrow. Don't forget that we are taking deposits for the Christmas meal. Check my earlier post for all the details.
  8. marcusb

    Yorkshire breakfast meeting, Sunday 20th October.

    Shocking carbon footprint driving a pinto and flying to Dubai every other week
  9. nice_guy

    3d printing... Is this any useful ?

    This. Levelling helps, do 4 corners, two times. Each nut messes the others. Ensuring everything is thight and square is just mandadadadatotototorryryryryryryry. A friend of mine had the ossue, night and day once the beams were tight AND square. My legacy printer has two steppers. Was cheaper than rigid frame. All early days printers had two. Ender frame is (way) better. Direct drive ("non bowden tuby thingy") is better for soft filaments, but this damn ender two does soft filament nice, I printed the stupidly complicated gasket for my gauge on this bowden setup and it worked. Having the extruder drive on the moving head is great for filament control and precice prints. I'm talking pokemons or dragons figurines. But it adds weight. And inertia. This is baaaaaad. We're seeing lighter extruders coming, or remote motors extruders (with a cable akin to a mechanical speedometer), maybe this'll be a way. But bowden is simple and light, if not as accurate regarding filament pushy action, and is sort of the dominant setup on the market. On the ender with its single lead screw it might also be at the expense of a bendy x axis, and rigidity (and affordability) is what makes this printer great. Better ptfe tubing or clips securing pneumatic fitting would help for way less money IF YOU HAD ISSUES that a direct drive would solve. And I bet everyone is using stock belts (they are not too bad, but high end gt2 belts are a different league and help a lot on accuracy, on my legacy acrylic frame this has been way better than tightening stock belts up to bending the frame) I have received printer and skr E3 board, with 5 rubber ducks in the cardboard box. Everything still untouched, bltouch not arrived yet, I'll do everything in one go. (come to think of it, I'll check the psu on the ender 3 pro, I hope it's a meanwell) (edit : It is a meanwell. Good.)
  10. Gilesdjango

    Weber problem

    Hello I realise this was a very long time ago and Ive stumbled across this whilst searching for an answer for the exact same problem. Was this ever resolved does anybody know? cheers
  11. corsechris

    Non-Westfield build

    I miss Bender. A great role model I feel....
  12. Barnsley John

    Yorkshire breakfast meeting, Sunday 20th October.

    pull another one Dubai don't have buses to mend its a smoke screen for a jolly
  13. Mole

    2019 Trackday chat

    haha Andrew!!! It shows I was trying hard.. too hard!! In fact there are some good photos - considering how wet and dark it was the photographer has got some good shots.. even if it included my 'incident' As you can see definitely boating weather!!
  14. Quinten

    Westfield won't start

    Unfortunately not been able to get to the garage due to work commitments May have an opportunity tomorrow if the weather is kind.
  15. Terry Everall - WSCC Competition Secretary

    Westfield won't start

    Any update ?
  16. Paul Hurdsfield

    Bathurst 1000

    2013 we were there for Christmas with Margarets family, going again next March for a wedding 😎
  17. Well. I have the car. And havent been bothered more with extras this time. Happy days!!
  18. KenP

    Guide to wishbone bushes

    Also if you are using a tab washer the washer it's self must be prevented from turning. This can be done having a tab on it's inner diameter that fits in a slot on the bolt, a tab on the outer that can be bent around a fixed part or a double tab washer that works against 2 different nut as often found on brake mounting bolts. Some good examples here https://www.seastrom-mfg.com/washers_tab_key_notch.aspx
  19. Chris King - Webmaster and Joint North East AO

    2019 Trackday chat

  20. McFrancis

    Ross & Dave's s2000 Build

    Carbon fibre slippers.
  21. Meatibald Archpants

    2019 Trackday chat

    Who’s that in the yellow and green Civic? I need to get our brand police on to him!
  22. McFrancis

    Build Diary - BugMan's Sport 250

    Bugman, I'm glad to hear the treatment is working, although you'll need to talk to someone about your Chinese website addiction. I bought some lights similar to yours last winter, mine don't have the Amber lights built in, I've been driving at night recently and they are excellent. I ended up using two relays to control the drl. Relay 1 switches on when the ignition is on, to give the drls full power. Relay 1 then goes off if the side lights come on. Relay 2 is activated by the side lights and runs through a voltage drop (small bulb) to dim the rings, so they don't dazzle when the main lights are on. They are also dim enough to count as side lights for the MOT. (which I passed this week, thank you Halfords). I could probably knock up a diagram of the wiring solution I came up with in the end, if your interested.
  23. Andrew

    2019 Trackday chat

    Javelin's pics are up.. the best ones are on page 16. 😉
  24. pistonbroke

    Bathurst 1000

    Nice wheels Paul , when was that ?
  25. BugMan

    Build Diary - BugMan's Sport 250

    Continued DRL or Daylight running Lights This again is a bit of a future up-date, as the DRL’s most commonly available are of a construction that makes the assumption you are going to attach the power directly to the battery, and using a voltage sensitivity circuit, if it see’s 12.7V or below, that you have arrived home, and starts a timer (cant remember the exact time, but assume 5 minutes) to then turn the DRL’s off. My current setup using this controller occasionally sees that lower voltage, and shuts down my DRL’s which looks to the rest of the crew that they occasionally flash. Bought another type of DRL, but much the same result, so have a plan to build my own set of control relays/circuits so I can apply the lower running voltage when the headlights are on, and then full voltage when they are off. Will likely be adapting this design in my head to try to look to enable the DRL/Indicator lights on the new LED headlights, and am just awaiting some electronics from China
  26. Dave Wartnaby


    Hi Neil, could you tell me what your after for the block, still don't know what it is yet, do you know what the T number is? Thanks dave.
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