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  2. MegaBoosta

    Brakes - Front & Rear

    Rear set-up sold
  3. Barnsley John

    breeding cars idiots

    i marcus no my car did not mate with the cheeses turbo its pipe was two small and gave it up has a bad job think the outcome would have been 1 turbo honda selling for a mint 6 kitten ztecs the tortoises shell ones you know the bl**** slow ones giving them back to creig for a consolation present for trying sorry creig but marcus did mention you
  4. tex

    Body tub

    If no one wants the wheel arches I'll take them off you if your giving them away 😁? Are they bolt on wide body ones? ZK Can't get them yet tho with lock down can we?
  5. tex

    Virtual Blat

    North Yorkshire Moors, Rosedale to Ralph Cross Junction Awesome road and an old video
  6. Barnsley John

    breeding cars idiots

    great to here from you julie yes the weather has just picked up and car was i say was taxed now sorned looked forward to the little cafes you know in the peaks we have squires bit of a difference but it is wat it is cu you soon john and jacky and our new baby lotty the pup
  7. marcusb

    breeding cars idiots

    @Barnsley John ..legend ...were any of the pups white? looks like the Honda could have been a naughty girl and had an affair with @The Cheese 's turbo Zetec?
  8. tex

    road tax westfield sorn carona virus

    Sales of inflatable hot tubs and bbq's going to be hard to find soon.. You heard it here first
  9. tex

    Bonding Ali to GRP

    Defo use PU adhesive such as sikaflex 221 or tigerseal. Sikaflex is good. Make sure both surfaces are scored to rough up and wiped clean with a degrease that evaporates. Such as panel wipe (used for painting) or thinners etc, isopropanol. Wear gloves... Hold with masking tape to keep in place & leave over night, 24hrs+ to cure. Can get it in 3 colours I think, black grey and white If there's more stress involved pop rivet together as well 4mm x 10mm? Good start coloured head pop rivet? (black)
  10. AndrewOBW

    Happy Birthday AndrewOBW

    Cheers guys, certainly a slightly unusual one not being able to spend it with family, but it was a nice day anyway!
  11. Rednop1

    Wanted driver side or pair seiw front wishbones

    I have one Pm me if your interested
  12. Today
  13. tex

    Bonnet Storage Idea...

    Depends on the paints spec sheet. 1.4 nozzle gun
  14. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ea.games.r3_row Seeing as we can't get out, a bit of fun. Time trial competition... Once downloaded the game (its a huge file so WiFi recommended) but graphics and game play are unreal... Open game Once loaded scroll left to Race teams screen Create a player name with a tag of NE7 (then your name) Post your tag name on forum and I'll add you to the team, which allows you to compete against each other Join Team - WSCC time trial challenge Scroll right Select 'Road collection' Select 'pure stock challenge' Select 'race 2 Nissan silvia time trial' Quickest time wins Don't worry its not as hard as it sounds... Fantastic game. Not sure if it works on I-phones.. Defo on latest android phones though
  15. Julie Hall - Peak District AO

    breeding cars idiots

    So very funny John, although I will hide it from the Zetech engined Rita b***h as it might hurt her feelings, she already gets jealous of my fondness of Honda Dogs. Missing your humour already, it's going to be a long summer. Woof 🐢
  16. WillC

    Spare wheel bracket and numberplate light

    HI again, Thanks for that I will have to strip the boot box out and measure. I have 205 section tyres x 15 inch on so will need to see if it will work. Will get back to you when I have looked. KInd regards
  17. dombanks

    Bonding Ali to GRP

    What’s a good way to bond a sheet of Ali to a bit of bodywork?
  18. Ian Tolfree (tolf) - WSCC AO Rep

    Spare wheel bracket and numberplate light

    Hi Bill There is no adjustment on this one. The arms that fit into the chassis mount are welded to the support frame. The distance between the supports is 450mm. I had it supporting a 15” wheel and tyre if that helps thanks Ian
  19. WillC

    Spare wheel bracket and numberplate light

    Hi, In the westfield manual it says the spare wheel carrier can be adjusted to width of wheel. Is your carrier designed to do that ie westfield supplied? If you can confirm yes I will take. Thanks and regards Bill
  20. TableLeg

    thread size in burton inlet manifold kent

    No problem
  21. CraigHew

    breeding cars idiots

    Oh John, you do make me laugh......πŸ‘πŸΏ
  22. BugMan

    New Member

    Andy, glad you have taken the plunge
  23. Barnsley John

    Push button start

    like to here about the upgrade on the starter and imobaliser set up when you can Ian I once saw something similar on wheeler dealer with ed china doing a similar thing to the Chatham thats when i got the idea from but as you know from all the help you have given me in the past on electrics its got to be spelt out in big letteres and simple drawings so bare with me also will need to get the parts ordered if attempting before deliverers could dry up maybe only food down the line thanks john
  24. wizzer

    breeding cars idiots

    Sounds to me, you'd have been better breading the honda with somthing with a pedigree, strong, powerful, and classy somthing from cosworth like the 20xe not a copy of a xe the durabang πŸ˜‚ Tony
  25. Paul T

    1999 SEiW 1800 Q Zetec - Rebuild & Update

    Dash back in today with the help of a little pair of hands 😊
  26. Barnsley John

    breeding cars idiots

    your cars like you des in a animal world full of bull
  27. Karsten

    thread size in burton inlet manifold kent

    Oh yes, that is what I was looking for. Thanks a lot!
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