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  2. Dave Eastwood (Gadgetman) - Club Secretary

    Westfield big brake kit fitting issues

    They’re Hi Spec, your damn lucky those run out figures start with a “0.”
  3. CherryTreeFW

    Bob's Special Edition FW Build, Feb 2021 on...

    @SteveB21 - awesome, thanks! I’ll track some of those down and get that job sorted. 😀
  4. Today
  5. Hafod

    Westfield big brake kit fitting issues

    For £830 from WF I would have thought it would be better, I’ll give them a ring in the motif they are in this Saturday
  6. corsechris

    Westfield big brake kit fitting issues

    Disc too big a diameter for the caliper by the look of it (the pad overhang gets worse as you get to the centre of the pad), plus the errors on the bracket of course. Not great is it. Is there any chance the bracket could be reversed/flipped to solve the small offset issue and the pad not clearing?? It might be it isn't quite symmetrical about the caliper fixing. (I've no idea what they look like so this may not even be vaguely plausible). Re the offset, I wouldn't fret about 0.6mm TBH, although it would have been nice if it had been correct of course.
  7. Glen_I

    Ford KA 2014 (non Westfield Question)

    @Mole, if you could PM me the reg for the KA as the Ford site (like all the manufacturers websites) do prefer a search via reg or chassis number to be more specific when searching for known technical issues.
  8. Mole

    MX5s at Donington - Lionel content

    Going well..
  9. Rush Motorsport

    Westfield big brake kit fitting issues

    That is dog ****.
  10. Mole

    Ford KA 2014 (non Westfield Question)

    Thanks to you both.. I am thinking that the air flow issue was unrelated to the lights.. And looking at the link for the dash repairs it does say about dimly lit warning lights which is exactly what we are seeing... Glen if you do get the chance to see if there are any known issues that would be a great help, thanks.. The main thing is that the car is reliable which generally it has been and as long as the dim lights don't cause a break down we could live with it until a convenient time to take the dash out and get it fixed.. Thanks again
  11. tex

    Breakdown Cover

    I'd never have the RAC again... Over £30/m premium for myself and wife as drivers... Roadside recovery... Aplan insurance add on £45/yr
  12. Hafod

    Westfield big brake kit fitting issues

    Not the best engineering from Hispec, the inner pads foul on the bracket so the cannot be pushed in fully, might be ok when the pads wear thinner. They could have made the bracket a little thinner or put in a chamfer. Also have 0.2 run out on the outer edge of the new vented disk, 0.1mm on the inside edge, the hub has almost no run out. Not the best experience so far.
  13. otp96

    FW 1.6 Ecoboost

    The GDI6 is able to do a 6 pot engine, a lot more in and outputs abilities but sadly haven’t carried over a similar case. I was expecting some kind of tabs but they suggested to double sided tape it..
  14. Alan Cutler (Adge) - Dorset AO

    New member building a Sport 250

    Not got arb, so not sure if this helps, but this is where my fuel pump is mounted (sorry can’t get photo correct orientation!): You may have already done so, if not suggest it’s worth trying the fit of the handbrake cable end fitting into its mount on the rear calipers before finally mounting the calipers on the uprights. Had to dress the bore of the mounts on mine to allow the cable to seat properly (filed them out and painted the bore).
  15. tex

    Full cage

    Oh ohhhhh.. the gaffer tapes back
  16. Tim Reid (TimDave25) - Joint Thames Valley AO

    FW 1.6 Ecoboost

    Could you share a picture of the GDI 6 and advise the difference from the 4? The GDI 4 has mounting tabs on the side so I cannot imagine why SCS would not reuse the case.
  17. otp96

    FW 1.6 Ecoboost

    Yessssss I am not looking forward to routing the exhaust. I may find I will have to go on the other side of the crossmember, but that means it’s getting lower due to the steering column. Will have to see how close everything is once it is all in. I may go down to 2.5” exhaust that should help, will also mean I won’t need any reducers to go into the carbon exhaust. Cutting the frame will be my last resort.
  18. Dave Eastwood (Gadgetman) - Club Secretary

    Black Friday Deals

    JB Wheels, 10% off all their alloys.
  19. Hi all, finally got my big brake kit delivered after a super long wait. Just fitted one side tonight and wondering if anyone else has some advice on the fitting and set up. I don’t know the torque setting but for the std calliper it’s 47Nm for the the caliper retaining bolts. I will use the same and maybe slightly less for the smaller bolts that fix the caliper to its standoff bracket. the calipers are not centred on the disk and look like they need shimming by 0.6mm, should this be done or will it be OK? I also see the pads overhang the outside of the disk, see 2nd phot and the are much narrower than the disk friction area. Is this normal, it seems like a fair bit of the pads friction material is not being used? The only way to improve this is to grind away part of the disk edge where the pen is pointing at.
  20. Onliest Smeg (David Richings)

    Spare 2021 Speed Series T shirts

    @Terry Everall - WSCC Competition Secretary I've not had a t-shirt. If I get postage to you please will you post a Large. Do you have PayPal? PM Much thanks
  21. SteveB21

    Another FW starts its journey from boxes of bits!

    I knew this topic was familiar - I asked a question about it early in my build and got a couple of useful replies: https://forum.wscc.co.uk/forum/topic/143283-fuel-pump-position-and-fw-boot-box-depth/
  22. GerardT5

    Pheonix boat

    It doesn't look comfortable or safe, does it?
  23. SteveB21

    Another FW starts its journey from boxes of bits!

    Mike - some measurements for you - bear in mind there is a bit of flexibility in where the body sits on the chassis, so your dimensions could be different to mine! The front of the boot box is 19mm from the rear of the fuel tank frame and 26mm away from the rear of the rear diff chassis tube below it - hope that makes sense. View looking in from the offside wheel arch:
  24. SteveB21

    Bob's Special Edition FW Build, Feb 2021 on...

    I've not put mine in yet - they are 30mm long (as sent from Westfield) and are 12.9 BZP.
  25. CherryTreeFW

    Bob's Special Edition FW Build, Feb 2021 on...

    @BobMet - thanks, if it’s a common problem I’ll post a question and see what comes from that. If no luck I should be able work out roughly how long they need to be. Are yours stainless steel? 😀
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