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  2. Rush Motorsport

    Been busy tonight

    Awesome, cages look so bad ass.
  3. SteveB21

    Steve’s FW 2.0 Zetec build – January 2021

    I have a question - treated myself to a Sytec fuel pump bracket as I wanted a neater solution than the aluminium P-clip. Looking at various diaries I'm pretty sure it will be clear of the bottom of the FW boot box in this position, but can someone please confirm that for me before I go drilling holes? The top of the bracket hinge is about 310mm below the top of the fuel tank & about 350mm below the top of the upper chassis frame for the bulkhead. Thanks in advance! The inertia switch will go on the the chassis tube above & to the right of the pump.
  4. Hi Just wanted to let everyone know about my local Motorshow https://www.hinckleybid.co.uk/whats-on/event/hinckley-bids-10th-annual-motorshow-1 You need to pre-register if you want to show your car Obviously didn't happen last year but in 2019 there were about 900 cars on show and around 20,000 visitors on the day. Great day out! Mark
  5. Rush Motorsport

    Knockhill trackday May 24th

    That’s mildly disappointing
  6. Kit Car Electronics

    So far

  7. Chris King

    Zetex Omex throttle bodies install

    Did you do dyno runs on the EXACT same dyno with each setup? Different dynos will give different results - also one may show wheel horsepower and another crank/flywheel “corrected” figures.
  8. Andy_R

    Westfield S8

    Couldn't agree more!
  9. Paul Gibney - Lancashire AO.

    Super Sport 1800 rebuild

    you wont regret going for Wunoff, best money i spent on mine.
  10. Today
  11. Paul Aspden The 2nd

    Super Sport 1800 rebuild

    Due to complaints I have bit the bullet and gone for a Wunoff.
  12. i ran my turboed exhaust manifold as close as yours to the carbon side panel and it never made any difference. id try it
  13. Blatman

    Home Broadband. Modem/Router?

    Not saying your're not getting them. But you're not getting many. DOS (or DDoS) attacks are rarely launched against individuals. What you're seeing is likely bots scanning for "interesting activity" on a connection and probing the traffic. Nothing to worry about, unless it's coming from a rival gamer Don't buy a modem! If the router has an RJ11 connection for the phone line then it's a router/modem irrespective of how the vendor describes it. Router/modems are almost universally used and many router/modems can be placed in to modem mode, even ISP ones. I've never had an issu
  14. Rusty Nuts

    SE live axle trailing arms.

    Yes Procomp are a good shout he did adjustable brackets for the chassis as well.
  15. Blatman

    Fibre Broadband change. Worth changing???

    Not sure where that graph came from but I'm about 1km from the cabinet and I get high 60's all the time. And for the absence of doubt, no matter who the provider is, it'll be the same physical copper in the ground (unless you have FTP as Hemsley mentions) so there is no such thing as switching to a "faster" provider. And the copper outside the house and all cables are owned by Openreach which is (or was) a part of BT. So irresepctive of the provider, if the works are outside the house, it'll be an Openreach or Openreach contractor who turns up. Stuart makes an interesti
  16. Simon Waterfall Syman84

    Knockhill trackday May 24th

    Fully booked
  17. Chris King

    Westfield S8

    I did mention the left handed possibility to you (Ash) a while back 😁
  18. Trevturtle

    Sunny Cadwell Park

    Sunny and warming up
  19. Just thought I would mention that we will be closed for a couple of days. This Friday 16th through to Monday 19th Any orders placed from after 12pm today will be processed on Tuesday, I hope this is OK.. Many thanks Richard
  20. John

    SE live axle trailing arms.

    I got my adjustable ones made by Procomp in Birmingham Alternatively, why not get some made? They are only welded bits of steel tubing. A local engineering place might be glad of some business.
  21. Chris King

    So far

    Absolutely - when I was talking to Carl he said he didn’t blame Daytuner at all. But I think the wording of some posts may have made it “sound” like they were possibly at fault and I just wanted to clear things up. I hope I’m not speaking out of turn though @Insuranceman 😁
  22. Ian Kinder (Bagpuss) - Joint Peak District AO

    Westfield S8

    Don't injure yourself again, Ash! I'm left handed as are most good people 😉 I had an uncle when I was a child who wouldn't accept me being left handed and forced me to use hammers, saws etc right handed! This resulted in the obvious more frequent injuries etc. I've evolved to use a mouse right handed, from the days of shared computers etc! Yet my wife and both daughter are right handed but use their right hand for their forks when eating!
  23. Rednop1

    Westfield S8

    This could my problem I'm going to try this later
  24. Kristian

    Zetex Omex throttle bodies install

    When you do post the result here. And/Or tag me so I catch the update - I'm very interested in your result. I installed the ITB's and done all correct and still have just 150 BHP...
  25. Rusty Nuts

    SE live axle trailing arms.

    I would give the factory a quick call, if they can still provide them, you could try siltech (https://www.sitechracing.com) I think the facebook page is more active than the website.
  26. Westfield Parts Dept

    Oil filter head union adaptor for A-Series

    Have you tired AH Spares, A Head for Healeys or an Austin Healey specialists? They may be able to assist.
  27. GaryD1971

    Super talented girlfriend!

    That is awesome! Your fiancé has a real talent there! 🎨 😎
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