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  2. They have not delivered my (already paid) router as the shop policy is only accept british ID for the delivery of the goods. Therfore they havent started the contract either. I own a house. Im a fully legal UK resident (till brexit anyway) and have no problem to proof my adress and my main residence as my own. There is not written mention in their terms, or the delivery instructions I've recieved, say nothing about having to be brit, or having a british Id. Only says, passport, national Id card, or foto driving license... witch ive provided, but of course, my spanish version, as while being european, I dont need to have them and my documents are prefectly valids within the boundaries of europe, and will keep being perfectly legal in uk probably after brexit, if you want to keep having spain as you retire place... Therefore, indirectly i've been discriminated by the people of the shop, going against their own delivery instructions by the fact that I'm foreighner, and apparently this goes against the directios of the EHRC and the humans right equity principle after lisbon treaty 2011... (or so Ive been told).
  3. If a professional service then their industry will most probably have an ombudsman who you can contact or you could try citizen advice. I would also read their terms Thete are many services that require you to provide proof of id and address. Are you interpreting this as prof of being British? I can think of some services that may be impacted by nationality or time spent in uk such as opening a bank account or some insurance. I know of some hire companies that have strict rules just because of issues ... if you are happy to outline the service it may be easier to comment
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  5. Skypeller

    Hi-spec Caliper alignment page2

    Hi @GaryH where did you source your discs? What car are they from? I have a feeling they’re escort mk3 discs but can’t recall without checking my notes in the Westy file. I decided to skip on shimming and the rust in picture is really nothing, quick scotch bright up and no more rubbing
  6. Thrustyjust

    1999 SEiW 1800 Zetec Renovation

    I take it that is the cam follower hole ? If so, it shows the metal debris has been grinding away at the machines surface , which is a shame. To be honest. Any debris that has been in an engine will be a nightmare to get out. Its in all the oil ways and hiding to cause more damage in the next build. You are wise in just removing and accepting its beyond repair and starting again. Re run the breather pipes forward , so you fit the breather under the nose cone. It will stop the nasty smells coming into the cockpit.
  7. Paul T (tr3m5)

    Westfield Sport Wheels (R888 Tyres)

    They’re 6.5” wide ET22 and I’ve put 205/60 tyres on
  8. Budget is tight... but, to put a number down, lets say super tops 8k (and that would mean selling my z4, but we are here to play). But more importantly.... the "maurici's" feature, that means that if we place in the game a super reliable car, and we go for the tops budget... and mantenaince is... lets say 2k in the whole car life (an odd alternator that breaks, 2 sets of brake pads and so...) that means we are puting hopes of a life expectancy of 10 years... and that is imho very challenging for a second hand car. Of course, whitchever car i choose, i will definitely show it here an explay why my choice.
  9. Paul T (tr3m5)

    1999 SEiW 1800 Zetec Renovation

    This week the Westy got a new set of wheels, had the tyres fitted and re-adjusted the wings to fit. I was surprised to find that although still 205 they are 10-15mm narrower than the 15’s (assume this is because the narrower wheels pull them in a little). On the car they look good (not as nice as the 15’s IMO) but are in keeping with the ‘classic racer’ look I think I’m going for, the ride is more comfortable and they clear the narrow rear archers better. I also started fitting the oil temp gauge. It’s a VDO Vison 0-150DegC electronic gauge (eBay) and I found an oil gallery tapping behind the offside engine mount, measured at 1/4 NPT, so with a male-female step down adaptor the VDO sensor fits nicely. Because I’ll be re-doing the dash, for now I’m going to mount the gauge on a temporary mount below which should arrive next week. While running the sensor wire down the tunnel and under the dash I found that the breather pipes were just laying in the trans tunnel next to the prop, the whole area was damp and oily which may explain the oil smell in the cockpit(?), so I decided to fit a catch tank... Initially I bought a very cheap used one from eBay (machined) but when it arrived I wasn’t happy with the unnecessarily heavy weight (880g) so ordered a new, thin-wall fabricated jobbie instead. Much lighter (270g) with two 16mm inlets, magnetic drain plug and sight tube, just needs an exhaust hole drilling in the top and I will also add a small filter later. Today I also stripped the engine back to remove the cams in an attempt to finally fix the noisy camshaft, but while doing so discovered that actually one of the lifters was sticking which turns out is because the bore is badly damaged....so unfortunately means I need a new head I also took the opportunity to do a cylinder leak down test and borescope the engine, leakdowns showed 2 and 4 are high at 28 and 32% respectively, and I also found the pistons are marked up as +0.5mm oversize(!) The bores are largely good but there is some scoring/light scuffing on 2 and 4. Not looking good for the engine, I think it’s time to start building a replacement, I didn’t want to do this until next year but this one is dying so needs must unfortunately, I’m thinking a 2.0 silvertop for a few reasons - compatibility (and therefore minimal cost) and the ‘free’ power hike (via the extra 200cc). Will be a busy winter!...
  10. What sort of budget, Maurici?
  11. Thrustyjust

    Rad upgrade and coolant hoses

    You are probably pulling 60 % round the edge of the fan and 40% through the radiator currently.
  12. AdgeC

    So far

    Yep, IMHO it's a reasonable fit. Needed to pack it up to level the lid. Not perfect, but I'm happy. Both outer corners are slightly proud, barely noticeable in reality, n/s looks worse than it is in this photo! Used draught excluder on top face of boot box! Thick, firm foam inside boot lid, to level with underside o lid return lip, as per TJ's suggestion As I say, has been watertight or date, famous last words!!
  13. Dave Eastwood (Gadgetman) - Club Secretary

    The Lobster (88 SE Rebuild)

    What the mounting options are are they lug mount, or radial, like many of the front calipers? What are the piston sizes like, compared to standard Golf or Sierra rear calipers? Any balance issues, if not using either a balance bar/twin MC set up, or bias valve. How does the handbrake cable attach at the caliper end? It looks like the sheath may hook under one pad/lever while the inner hooks over the other pads lever. How effective is the handbrake?
  14. Robin (Red Spider) - Yorkshire AO

    Yorkshire breakfast club, 21st October.

    Breakfast club this Sunday at the Red Kite. See you there from 10.
  15. SXRORY

    Rad upgrade and coolant hoses

    Seriously considering just the £10 foam fix now and giving the hoses another year, most are cool, one or two look a bit meh might give them a wipe as well see what they look like . Like i say the car never over heated normal blatting and track driving no issue never over 90ish. Just the traffic and the fan taking too long to get the temp down.
  16. GaryH

    Seat recover/upholstery

    When you've got an estimate from the nationals don't rule out a local trimmer or upholster. I contacted some local to me and just asked if they'd look at my sports seats - found two who had already done car seats and their prices came in under the national quotes, was quicker to get done and the quality is excellent. Gary
  17. Thrustyjust

    Your Daily motor- photos :)

    Looks like the rear wiper is pleased to see you Robin !
  18. Robin (Red Spider) - Yorkshire AO

    Your Daily motor- photos :)

    2 ltre diesel, 150bhp, £30 tax averaging 50 to the gallon.
  19. Thrustyjust

    The Lobster (88 SE Rebuild)

    Di2 on mine
  20. AdamR

    The Lobster (88 SE Rebuild)

    Thanks Dave! I hate electrickery! What do you wanna know? I have a set sat in a box and have had some on my previous car too.
  21. Skypeller

    Your Daily motor- photos :)

    Love the wheels suits that RX
  22. Skypeller

    Your Daily motor- photos :)

    Keep em coming. They’re all great In their own ways!! that jag oosh, I really liked my Impreza yours looks nice ! £20 tax - ouch . Alright for some
  23. Dommo

    Your Daily motor- photos :)

    I am not sensible.
  24. Thrustyjust

    Your Daily motor- photos :)

    All 3 cylinders of 60 horses. Its a brilliant car. Dont use a daily as cycle everyday, but buzzing about in it fun. Oh, damn, need to pay the road VED at the end of the month............. £20............ compensates for the Westfields cost.
  25. DamperMan

    noisy exhaust after 1500 miles

    S2000 on Guernsey had the same solution although his where stacked rather than wide.
  26. KugaWestie

    Cadwell dates

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