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  2. Blatman

    Jeremy Corbyn vows to give Chequers to homeless

    Really? Lets see... Over the last 3 years Boris has been Foreign Sec, lead the Leave campaign, got stabbed in the back by Gove, resigned as Foreign Sec, had to endure enormous scrutiny of everything he says (quite rightly) and still finds himself as PM. I doubt Andrew Neill is going to shake him loose. Surely resolve, strength and independence is exactly what is needed when despite huge pressure to do something the individual doesn't actually buckle?
  3. Blatman

    SSD 1TB 3.5 hard drive

    If you have two drives and the O/S supports it you could RAID them so that both HDD's are direct copies of each other. I also agree with Rhett, using a new SD HDD for the O/S and apps and the old drive for storage. I have used Acronis for cloning because there is no need to have the drives match sizes, so no partitioning required if one HDD is larger than the other.
  4. Blatman

    Made me laugh--Count Binface.

    Transparent and obvious attempt to grab votes because both Corbyn and Swinson know they are going to lose. They were ganging up, along with the SNP last week saying that they would have a coalition government if there was a hung parliament, which to me simply confirms they are weak(er that the Tories) and that they recognise the only way to power is to combine forces. A Labour/Lib-dem/SNP coalition could be the worst thing for UK politics since... well since before Magna Carta
  5. Greenstreak-Andy D

    Wanted Map for OMEX 600, Duratec, Jenvey's

    @Das68 you need to tell folk what exhaust you have, silencer size too. i have Raceline TB’s, would guess at dia 40, but could be 45. Personally I wouldn’t risk engine running too rich. I would get a winter appointment at NMS and have it sorted. Troy did an awesome job on mine (Kent fast road cams fitted at same time). Not missed a beat. Highly recommended. Andy
  6. Wilfman

    Cheshire & N. Staffs Christmas Curry; Thursday 5th December

    I felt like royalty..... sat in the back (due to lack of front passenger seat) with Jon up front driving!!!! The funniest bit was that I clambered in through the passenger door and though to the back..... then as we approached home Jon said I could actually have used the rear door..... who knew that a Fiat Panda limousine had 4 doors???!!!
  7. Terry Everall - WSCC Competition Secretary

    My first question (s)

    It is sold as a MINI CAT so its ok
  8. Family commitments take priority, enjoy though guys. Andy
  9. Robin (Red Spider) - Yorkshire AO

    Where is OrangeCrush???

    I'm Brian, and so is my wife.
  10. Adge Cutler- Dorset AO

    Non-Westfield build

    You've a lot more experience than me, but do you need to support the handbrake cables? Don't believe there's any requirement to do so on a WF build as I'm sure you're aware. It was quite a torturous unsupported route on the back of mine. Although I did end up fitting a P clip to tie it to the roll bar bracket on the lower wishbone (after this phot was taken). Just my thoughts! Still in admiration of your skills and attention to detail.
  11. marcusb

    GBS Factory Open Day, Notts, Sat 7th Dec

    hoping to make tomorrow with my joint member @nakkib
  12. AndrewBClarke

    Where is OrangeCrush???

    A bit of a saucy photo
  13. AndrewBClarke

    Where is OrangeCrush???

    I’m orange crush!
  14. Nick - Joint North East AO

    Made me laugh--Count Binface.

    So if 16 year olds can Vote, does it mean that face Adult Criminal justice as obviously they must be Adults to Vote ?? Answers on the back of a postage stamp.
  15. Paul Harveyboy

    My first question (s)

    If u don't need a cat to pass a mot. You don't need one simple. Make sure you have the mot with you with no advisories.
  16. Si.Dalziel

    Mega S2000 Build By Si

    Yeah it was pretty brutal at first. But I’m sure it can be repaired (or covered)
  17. SXRORY

    Winter tinkering Discs and pads

    thought about it some more, they are pretty cheap as they are solid discs and if they have lasted this long it bodes well for new ones lasting well. I do use the car for a few trackdays a year and fast road "cough" just being a cheapskate lol. thanks for the advice
  18. Nemesis

    Where is OrangeCrush???

    Got to be the funniest thing this year....... but only if you're old enough to remember Spartacus......
  19. Kevin Pullen - WSCC Treasurer

    SSD 1TB 3.5 hard drive

    Bought a 1TB Ssd waiting for mount to turn up Was intending putting everything on the one drive, it’s a desktop that’s got windows 10 on it
  20. Quaife 26z all alloy 5 speed sequential gearbox -very light and straight swap for a type 9. 1st - 2.2 2nd - 1.54 3rd - 1.215 4th - 1 5th - 0.87 Spare 2.02 1st gear ratio included Standard length input shaft 1” x 23, currently fitted to my zetec Westfield. Has only done 2 trackdays in my ownership, the box was supposedly rebuilt by the previous owner not long before I bought it. includes gear position sensor, loom and brand new geartronics display. Box is still fitted to the car Offers in the region of £2150 text/call 07949 834634
  21. neptune

    GBS Factory Open Day, Notts, Sat 7th Dec

    Sorry won't make it tomorrow. Just got home to find no heating and the house at 12 degrees after a week away. Probably boiler shopping tomorrow !!
  22. K17 CAR

    My first question (s)

    Seriously 😁 Scrutineers accept those as a catalyst?
  23. Julie Hall - Peak District AO

    GBS Factory Open Day, Notts, Sat 7th Dec

    @Ian Kinder (Bagpuss) - Joint Peak District AO thought you would want wet roads to try your new tyres out again?
  24. Dave_B123

    250bhp zetec package

    Hi all, I have decided to sell my engine package, gearbox and rolling chassis separately. included within the engine package is everything that’s needed to put it into a Westfield. 250bhp zetec built and mapped by ric wood motorsport. Has only done 9 sprint runs(not events) and 7 trackdays since being built, oil changed after every track day in my ownership. 86mm bore silvertop block forged pistons and rods all precision balanced CNC blacktop head with custom cams jenvey 45mm ITB’s Titan 3 stage dry sump system, oil cooler, remote Oil filter, oil catch tank, dry sump tank and all braided fittings etc. Will be included superlight flywheel and 7.25” clutch DTA EX48 Ecu and loom dunnell exhaust manifold techcraft silencer lightweight alternator engine mounts Raceline bellhousing to suit type 9 Raceline water rail And anything else that’s needed to fit it in a Westfield. the engine is still in the car so it can be heard running/inspected and it won’t be removed until it’s sold. I’ve got videos of it on the dyno and build pics. offers in the region of £5200 text/call 07949834634 Quaife 26z 5 speed sequential will also be for sale.
  25. Julie Hall - Peak District AO

    Where is OrangeCrush???

  26. Ian Tolfree (tolf) - WSCC AO Rep

    X-MAS Dinner - N.London - 21st December

    yes Mr & Mrs Tolf
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