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    Ta dah! Bullet dodged. Even luckier as it came out with the washer still on
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    More loose ends tied up ready for tomorrow's mapping session. Although did have a faux pas when I came to start the engine (I hadn't ran it for a while) as I wanted to get the engine and coolant up to temp to check all the jubilees. And it was running like a dog, I then realised I mustn't have saved the map settings from when I had it idling nicely. Doh! Anyway got it to idle ok although still a bit rich. All the little weeps have been cured. Brakes bled again and one seat fitted. And then off the stands she was ready for her maiden voyage to the end of the drive and back. all loaded up ready now. Hopefully it doesnt blow up on the rollers
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    Following decades of wanting a "seven" I took the plunge in 2019 and bought a 96 SEIW, and now after 5 months and 2000 miles it was with a heavy heart I decided to sell the my beloved car. I've adored owning the flying banana, but bought her on a budget to see if the Westfield ownership experience was for me. I'm in the fortunate position to be able to buy my dream car, and I'm delighted to say it's another Westfield! Today I traded up to a stunning Mega S2000 from Toybox that has only covered 850 miles since new. It's been very tidily built with an LSD, ARB's front and rear, Dash2, Reynolds tube front wishbones, lowered floors etc. I'm over the moon with her so far and I'm looking forward to getting out on some runs in the peaks to stretch her legs 😁 A big thank-you to @Ian Kinder (Bagpuss) - Joint Peak District AO for all your help and advice, I owe you a beer!
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    Dave the Scouser is touring the USA. Along the way, he stops off at a remote bar in the Nevada desert and chats to the bartender when he spots a Red Indian in full tribal dress seated in the corner of the bar. "Blimey!" remarks Dave. "Who's he?" "Gee, that's the memory man," replies the bartender. "He knows everything there is to know. Got a memory like an elephant, he can remember any fact. Heck, go and try him out!" Dave heads over to the Red Indian, thinking that he can outsmart him with a question about English football. He asks the memory man, "Who won the 1965 FA cup final?" "Liverpool," came the instantaneous reply. Dave was stunned. He tried again asking, "Who did they beat?" "Leeds," replied the memory man. Dave tried once more asking, "What was the final score?" The wise Red Indian didn't hesitate in answering, "2-1." Dave thinks he'll get smart, asking the memory man for the name of the winning goal scorer. Without so much as blinking, the Red Indian says, "Ian St John." Dave is stunned and returns home to Liverpool, where he tells everyone about the Red Indian. Dave's curiosity lingers, and he vows to return to America and pay his respects to the Indian. Ten years later, Dave finally saved up enough money to return and, after weeks of searching the Nevada desert, once more he finds the Red Indian, now in a cave. Humbled by the Red Indian, Dave steps forward, bows and, as a mark of admiration, greets the brave in his traditional tongue. "How," Dave says. The memory man pops on a pair of very thick - lens glasses, squints at him and replies, "A diving header in the six-yard box."
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    How come she can take me out in this!!! but then it’s too cold to go out in the Westie! Go figure 🥶. Funny things wife’s 🤐
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    Exactly this scum needs stopping it's not nice and it could be a member's car they use for the adverts etc. I've called e-bay and spent a long time trying to explain the repeated users appearing with great feedback, history etc and many cars the same for sale with the same tactic used with a picture with different e-mails in each time. They couldn't / wouldn't explain how they are so easily able to keep setting up all the same adverts with new accounts etc. I've got a case number so will use this to report further occurences.
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    There is no triumphalism from me although I am happy with the result. It was the realisation that the EU had morphed into something it was never meant to be that led me to believe we were better off out than in. The bitterness this has created is unprecedented and anyone who thinks that the remain side did not lie in their campaign is deluded, both sides did. What I find really sad and worrying is that it has been portrayed as old against young and educated against stupid, it was not and the crowds last night showed there were all age groups and levels. What has filled me with fear is that so many who voted remain are wanting the UK to fail and to split up so they can say told you so, why? I never wanted Labour in power yet I did my best to carry on as normal when they were, yet others are saying they will undermine the UK from within to prove a point. really sad. But the bigger question is why we got here? Watch the program that Ed Balls has just done where he went across the EU to find out why the rise of Far Right parties is rampant. It is because the political elite have ignored the populations fears and not delivered what they need and were promised. It is noble to want to help people overseas but when your own population is unable to afford care or fund education and security properly you get a backlash. This is the void that far right parties fill. Hopefully the Tories deliver what they say they will, if the deliver just half it will transform the North and Midlands and stop people feeling that everything is London Centric. We need to come together, find solutions, enjoy success and stop finger pointing as that will never help. We can build a better future for both sides and the sooner we stop bickering the sooner we will all feel better.
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    Thanks #Damperman, for the shiny new dampers, out with the old, in with the new, old springs refurbished.
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    Whilst in the cutting mood, I had a go at one of the side vents using a diamond wheel in the Dremel. The cut out needs sanding and tidying but I am pleased with how it came out
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    Hey Everyone In 2012 my wife and I adopted this incredible 2 year old boy (Josh) with so many disabilities you'd be hard pressed to find to find someone (even in the press) with more complex challenges to deal with. In 2014 we decided to do the same again and adopted a 3 year old girl (Evie) with just as many disabilities (albeit a lot more life threatening as she needs daily medications to keep her alive for the next day)! They have both come on in leaps & bounds. We were told Josh was never, ever going to be able to sit independently or have a sense of worth yet he's now walking and hacking into peoples YouTube channels due to his intelligence with a computer ... however if you put him near a road he will just walk into it without any consideration to his safety! Evie, who is also blind, was abused in many many horrific ways and now wants to train as a nurse to help others (and she has a good chance of fulfilling this wish!). Two days ago (before her latest seizure) I took her horse riding and the instructors think she, my 8 year old miracle, might have a shot for the British Para-Olympic team in the future ! For background her abuse was so bad she wouldn't allow me to change her or even be alone with her for the first 14 months! Every time I tried she went into a primal meltdown (as her primary carer this meant two or three times a day I had a girl who screamed the house down every time I tried to change her)! As my wife is a teacher, and had a lot of time off compared with me, I gave up my 'office' career as a marketing manager and became a marketing consultant (working from home) ... effectively becoming primary carer to both our kids. And, while it might not seem like it further down, I really do love all of it! So 12 months ago Evie had her first epileptic seizure. I was getting her ready for school and she just stopped breathing and fell to the ground ... only stopping being hurt further by me cushioning her fall (which my elbow ended up in sling for!). There was no trigger or prior warning. During this I was on the phone to the ambulance, performing CPR, trying to keep our son safe and trying not to throw up because I was in a bad way myself with the elbow. It was such a bad seizure that Evie required 8 doctors (plus many other nurses/professionals) in the resuscitation bay at the hospital just to keep her alive. Since then it's happened, to various degrees of severity (luckily not as bad as the above episode), every two or three weeks. There is no exaggeration when I say the critical care unit at our local hospital know me and the kids by first name! Both the kids are also autistic with Josh REALLY into his sports cars (hence my avatar as Roary The Racing Car). Due to this, and the success I've achieved being self employed, I've been able to indulge in my passion for cars ... enabling me to have a selection of incredible vehicles. So I understand I'm very fortunate. I understand there are plenty of people in a far worse situation to me and would love even a little of the lifestyle I currently enjoy. I've heard all the praise before. I know it's incredible what we've done and what we've given up. But both my wife and I get so much from the kids and wouldn't change it for the world. I would like to say I'm good at a number of things but I'm great at making my kids laugh. Not even my wife is able to do it as well as me and if that's the only thing I'm ever great at in life then I'll die a very happy man! And despite all of this I'm struggling! As soon as you adopt social services don't care about the adults. They say they do but they really don't so apologies to any social workers on here ... I know you are restricted by red tape and funding but a phone call once in a while (after the statutory requirements finish and one that isn't threatening BTW!) wouldn't hurt! Friends & family are brilliant at first but don't get what it's like to look after someone with disabilities. Finding childcare is next to impossible, they get offended when we have to cancel on short notice because of illness and they don't invite our children to their children's birthday parties as ours are different. Also don't get me started on being a man as a primary carer in a school carpark ... mothers and school staff really find that strange!!! But that's just the 'little stuff'! The big stuff ... well ... In 2020 I've had to perform CPR on my daughter three times and, despite being a very successful marketer, I can't even describe in words how it feels to save your own child on a regular basis. My relationship with my wife is strained despite knowing how important a stable relationship is for Josh & Evie (two of the regional groups will probably notice I only travel alone ... and that's only in part due to childcare 😞 ). Luckily those around me don't tell me to "man up" (except the Yorkshire WSCC Group but they do it in the right way 😉) but that's how it feels I should react to a situation like this ... however it's becoming more and more difficult to do hence this rambling post on a forum of amazing petrol heads! So thank you everyone who takes the time to read this and thank you to whoever started this thread (in my humble opinion you should be given free membership as you've given people like me a place to offload some things!). I'm not looking for sympathy or even advice. I've been on many training courses both for the medical and physiological side of things and know where to find professional support. However professional support isn't the same as real support and I just needed to unload some things. I know if I read this post again the marketer inside of me will cringe at the shocking grammar but to those who know me I hope you're understand why sometimes I'm chatty and then sometimes not! And finally is there is anyone who feels even worse than me ... PM, email or call me as I know what it's like to feel that low!
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    1. Following the advice above I've changed the rear master cylinder again so now have a 0.625 front and 0.75 rear fitted. Just need to bleed and test with crossed fingers! 2. Having got my fuel level setup working with the fuel level sensor connected to my ECU and the dash reading the level via CAN I've found out I'm limited to only showing a mV reading. To show a percentage I need to connect the fuel sensor directly to the dash and setup a custom sensor in AIMS Race Studio. I had to take part of the look apart under the scuttle but luckily the wire was long enough to remove from the ECU and more over to the dash. Next is testing and probably measuring levels again as I expect the dash will give different readings. 3. I've also made some more progress on the crash pad. I'm not completely satisfied yet so will try to flatten the epoxy some more but you get the idea...
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    It’s about time I started publishing this build so that I’ve got a record for the IVA, eventually. The car has never been registered, therefore, it has to be dragged into the 21st century. I acquired the car whilst up in Cheshire and stripped it, subsequently it has moved house three times. The bodywork has some damage to the rear near side wheel arch and elsewhere. The chassis had to have several modifications to it ie. updated steering column mounts, new engine mounts, new pedal box mounts and four harness mounts as it only had two previously, I also took the opportunity to fit lowered floors, then it was off for shot blasting and painting
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    I rang the guys and spoke to the Dad that fitted the tyres. Its a small garage father and son. The son rally's mk2 escorts that's why i like using them as he knows his onions and I have a live axle car. The son fitted my tyres last time (not a mark). I gave the feedback about my disappointment around the taped speed sensor, and that he taped on dirt and don't know why he touched it. I told him about the damage to the inside of the wheel. He said it fell off the balancer, but he was unaware of the marks that had happened 🙄 i ll believe you, thousands wouldn't. Ultimately he was very apologetic and listened to my lecture about doing a job properly and don't use the tyre machines on nice wheels if you cant do it without damage, get your son to do them. I'm leaving it there......Life's too short. No one died and you won't be able to see it. Roll on the better weather
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    A low attendance today, anyone would think it was January. I mean, a muddy, damp surface of very cold tarmac in a light car with summer tyres on, what a driving challenge, I'll take that on. Andrew and Bill met us in Matlock We wiggled up the twisty Via Gellia road, it was 3 degrees at the top, then we went on our new road but in the opposite direction to last week. I can confirm that it is a cracking drive in either direction, sort of a 'Winnats Pass' on the level, it is to be savoured though, rather than a slaughter up a steep hill. Moving on we passed the Peaks of the Peak District had some action up the hills when we could and took the back lanes on the high roads, lovely driving and scenic too The big circular road to nowhere actually dropped us only 6 miles away from where we started, for us to sample the marvellous eating houses of Chatsworth. In the summer AND with a big group it is useless to try and get us into these places, they are just too full of tourists, but today they were mine for the taking. We arrived at our first venue sporting the 'rally car look'. The problem with the back roads is that they are scruffy farmers roads too, but hey, they were there long before us. We parked up in the half empty car park and went into the half empty cafe, great. I think Glen and Bill were trying to work out where the Porsche engine is, it's not under the bonnet, and it's not in here either It's defo not in here, but just feel how toasty and warm it is, you could wear your shorts! This is why you can't get in here normally, just look at the size of those humungous dinners, not bad at £10 each. Now here is a challenge, for those that just can't choose which cake to have, could you eat 4 pieces? And here is the reason why you can't decide We were moving on for our dessert though, to another of the Duke of Devonshire's fine establishments on the Chatsworth Estate, parking again in a half empty car park overlooking the beautiful estate village of Pilsley. Andrew's car had run perfectly all day again (remember he has a 2 hour journey each way just to get here so it's a good test) with the help of this fine club Andrew must really pleased with himself. We even got a window seat Bill decided against 'Roadkill' as his t-shirt might suggest and had a cream tea instead , as did Glen, while Andrew and I went for the bread and butter pudding with custard So here it is, another wonderful cafe in the Peak District, usually full and off limits Views over to Edensor Floor to ceiling windows to capture the views Neither Andrew or Bill can make it out next weekend (missing you already x) and I am not sure if anyone else is crazy enough available, so if you are hungry for it then drop me a line, Glen and I will be blatting about for sure. @AndrewBClarke I have not received the email that you have sent ? @BillyPee another place to go in the Lake District extra to Lingholm Kitchen is Lancrigg at Grasmere, I forgot to say
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    It was fridge cold out there today 😈 stop it Julie, don't mention the fridge. Andrew, Trevor and Steve arrived early so the only dynamic photo I got was of Bill's Porsche. He obviously got up to a summers morning and dressed accordingly, we all thought it was like an ice box 😈 out there. We went in the cafe for a warm because it was Kuhlschrankahnlich 😈 today, before setting off from Sainsbury's car park We made some noise Did a tour of Andrew's favourite breakdown places on we went past Chatsworth House on the right and a massive herd of deer on the left We took the lovely twisty road, driven with care as it was now salty, slippy, wet and cooler 😈 than usual, towards Buxton. My aim was to drive under a beautiful viaduct but can you blinking believe it, the road was closed. Umph, you carefully plan these things and then it doesn't happen, so we skirted ugly Buxton town instead of being on a lovely, empty country road. Here is a photo off the internet of what we should have seen. Next we diverted off the big, boring A515 onto nice roads to drive past the Dragon's Back. It looks like a Stegosaurus don't you think? That led us onto the Crowdecote road, blimey, it's January and we are doing switchback's! Next we went on a new road, I had reseached it extensively, but sshh don't tell anyone, I had never actually driven it before. It was better than I thought it would be, I was really pleased and we are definitely incorporating it into future routes, have a look for yourself Lovely smooth tarmac, no cow crp and the gorge is deeper as you go along it, we saw 1 car on it and no ruddy cyclists. We had a 'train' to catch and parked up Just in time for our midday reservation in the dining car With excellent views out of the window Hot dinners arrived all round, except for Bill who had soup and a sandwich as he was eating later, that's Bill who had 'chip envy' again 😀 Andrew had the pie, with chips of course This is a lovely place and we came here a couple of years ago, there are dining cars in a restaurant and it is just different, we should come more often In the restaurant, on the 'platform' outside of the dining cars is nice too In the dining car I am not sure who is in Car 6 but I hope your exhaust gas is not smoky Bill took a much more rude photo, I bet he daren't post it up Outside In the car park There was more empty roads a calling and we needed cake, proper home made stuff It was a toss up between Wetton and Tissington, this time Wetton won. The road to Wetton is bumpy and in the past my car has banged and bottomed out here. It was a good test for my new suspension as the car just glided over the imperfections. Good choice, they had all my favourite cakes on and it was a killer trying to choose what to have. They do takeaway cakes and Bill SAID he was taking some home for Sarah, yeah righty ho then Bill, we believe you This was Trevor's choice, the Victoria Sandwich but I had to go for the Bakewell cake with it's almond flavour and a cherry on top Someone had pie AND custard As it is lighter for a whole 10 minutes longer than 3 weeks ago, I decided Andrew and us would head home with Trevor and Steve towards Ashbourne, before breaking off with just Andrew in convoy along the lovely road that follows the Bentley Brook back to Matlock and then home. It has been a wonderful day with the lovely weather, quiet roads and yummy food. The best bit is always the excellent and interesting people we get to spend the day with, we look forward to seeing you all again soon xxx For Rob, Ian, Scott and maybe others my fingers are crossed that the stars will line up for you next time.
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    Picked 2 of these up at Silverstone last year and finally getting round to starting them. One is going to be another replica of mine, the other, I'm not sure about the other yet. 1/32nd scale, same basic casting as the scalextric cars.
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    The two vent covers are almost done now. Both frames shaped, just need to do the fixing holes on one then fix them to the side panels and cut the holes out. I had a right mare of a job with the first frame, as rather stupidly, I'd decided that I didn't need to put packing in the slots to the full width, just got lazy and used 1.2mm rather than 1.2 + 0.7 as I'd done for the other parts so far. They bent fine of course, but getting the packing out was a real task...and then I still had to enlarge the slot to accept the 1.6mm thick mesh I'm using.....the less said about how that got done and how long it took, the better. More than once I almost gave up and made new parts, but I'm stubborn. Probably just as well TBH as having made the second set, I found I didn't have enough material left for another attempt. So, for the second one, I made sure to fully pack the slot before bending. The packing came out so much easier, and left a 2mm slot too. Duh. Anyhoo, the result so far. The holes are drilled half way though and tapped M4. With care on assembly, they should serve to really clamp the mesh in place as well as attaching the whole thing securely to the side panel. And (roughly) in place: Final trick will be to accurately transfer the required mounting hole locations to the side panels. I have a plan for that - hopefully it'll work OK as there isn't much margin for error once the large vent hole is cut out from the panel itself.
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    The bonnet is close enough for now, so onto the bonnet aperture. Sanded at 80 grit and then some filler applied where needed
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    Very kind words Jeff... I forgot to reply at the time but - thank you 🙏 Another member reminded me of this thread just now and I thought it was worth a bump... How has everyone been recently, over Christmas and the last few months? Christmas is usually a very tough time for me, both with work stress and the thought of 'having' to spend a lot of time with a family I don't really get on with (perhaps others feel the same?), but this year was very different despite having the lurgy. I don't think I am alone in feeling better once the nights are starting to get lighter and the weather better, so I hope this is making a difference for everyone else now too! I've been keeping myself busy building more wacky stuff, but trying to keep a lid on the insane attention to detail a little. Catching myself doing this has been pretty enlightening - example: I'm half way through walking across the workshop to find a 5mm shorter bolt than the one I'm currently using because it is more optimally suited (yes this actually happened regularly previously 😅), then stopping and telling myself 'good enough is good enough'. I've been concentrating on getting out and exercising more, spending a lot of time riding the frame I built and thoroughly enjoying it. Nature and exercise are great healers! The latest project has been building a pedal car... like car racing, but cheaper, and better for both my lungs and the environment! The plan is to do a few rounds of the British Pedal Car Championship this year. The races take place on kart circuits (and Curborough!) throughout the country, lasting from 2-24(!) hours, with teams of 4 drivers. I'm hoping the competitiveness (with both other teams and within our team) will motivate me to keep up with the exercise and in turn this will keep my brain in check too (as long as I don't get too bogged down in the minor details of trying to 'optimise' every little part of the car...). If anyone else is a keen cyclist fancies a go we still have a space in the car for Round 1 which is 29th March...
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    I have been steadily plugging away at the bonnet. Scoop cut out filling completed Etch primer High build primer It still needs sanding but I am going to leave it at it is for now
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    Happy new year to you all. I'm a lucky git and get paid more than I can drink, and trust me I can drink a fair bit ! Since the revelations a couple of years ago that some of the Oxfam "employees" were exploiting victims of an earthquake the Sage and I have been struggling to choose a worthwhile Charity to support. I know that Charity can be an emotive subject and the Sage and I have differing views on who or what to support, we often disagree on the choice of cause. I'm most uncomfortable with the thought of my cash going to the pockets of Charity exec's and fund raisers, and I hate handing cash to homeless folks for fear that it turns into booze or worse, I'm far more comfortable buying them food or a coffee, this then leads me on to where this meandering essay is going. A lot of these folks have a companion animal, the animal didn't get to choose it's circumstance, yet to date I've not seen an animal that didn't look well nourished and loved, the same can't be said for some of the owners ! I read a book last year called "A street cat called Bob" there were a few lines in there that to me highlighted the problems homeless folk have when their animal is ill, barely enough money to feed themselves yet the pet gets fed first, then how do you you find Vet's fees, after all they are up there in the stratosphere along with Solicitors and Dentists. This was brought to a sharper focus a month ago when one of our dopey house rabbits managed to self inflict an open fracture to one of her back legs (ankle), we woke up to blood and a lame bunny looking for somewhere to hide, so a quick dash to our Vet's and we were £67 lighter, then a trip to Pets at Home for a cage to act as indoor hospital ward saw us a further £60 lighter, since the first visit to the Vet's it's been another 3 and more dosh paid out, but hey ho we do love our animals and we can afford it. Our Vet's practice is in Hopwood on the outskirts of Birmingham, they have a collection tin for a Charity called StreetVet, I asked the Vet's nurse "who, what, why, when" she gave me the low down. It would appear that these guys & girls are real life Samaritans, they have regional teams that give up their time for FREE and do MOT's & check-ups and treat / vaccinate companion animals, they also offer a FREE engraved ID disk registered with them, so if the animal gets lost they know who's it is and will get it back to them. Now it impresses me that the volunteer Vet's have got to be supplying the prescription med's for the animals, I can only assume that any cash donations will be funding this..... as you and I can't readily buy such items for them. However StreetVet have an Amazon wish list, each region has their own, and it's painless to use, the donor is one step removed from any "pleading" mailshots and such, as any stuff you've bought just gets delivered to them, so no sign up and no pestering from fund raisers (not that they have any that I know about). So in short..... if I've guilt tripped any of you fellow animal lovers into taking a chance and sending your local StreetVet a gift or two then feel free to mention it to me when we meet and I'll buy you a beer.... after all I get paid more than I can drink. Nem........... https://www.facebook.com/streetvet/?__tn__=kC-R&eid=ARBWjFrjg2qQl0sFjVdwdsPdH6lz1NLOQnOXhD7ocbjPNMz3QMBmfBHdwdJVyfd6Sv_THZsTj_ekZuAe&hc_ref=ARTAAR-gMpzC-sIjPjallPKsswAmdjvdIPl2W9K8xfL5NyahMJYe4Mkt1ireQJo9dvA&fref=nf&__xts__[0]=68.ARDWvOXbhOkR8s8UnP9A0uKOrYm9FBom15KVgaFAgP6oNn5i3nKAsuLy88aggYnVRaK77vgtkSbCATROSN8hT0OwqR0tuGO1X21M9lSk2qhEWZoPAjykckwyEdN91pKrPrCvERPW3icFOp95SF8MiMoOoUSqfieqj09JeL3GZiYgfylHM8hQ54EOenr_iOu66GaCfu7BUnqTAloVZEsBbboY6n1zhfBDa1WsYThodJN68Af_dUFoYeYBV4iSvMGHYW-USJvCDUfNsW6ao0P6cZMPxckQtqbZveJr4UOjeu6V0SX0cuM-35OBzDz18owroAccMEZdfjC8g30Z0wIf-_XZ6BG6_p_8d7LH6CcSj73Fa8WK4DvR9Q
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    A man was stuck in a traffic jam on the road outside Parliament when suddenly a man knocks on his car window. The driver puts his window down slightly and asks, "What’s the matter?" The man replies, “Terrorists have kidnapped all the MPs inside the House of Commons! They’re asking for £1,000,000,000 or they will douse them with petrol and set them on fire. We’re collecting donations from car to car." The driver asks, “How much on average is everyone giving?" "About two litres.”
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    Sale successfully concluded yesterday. The car is now in Cheshire and staying in the club.
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    Over the years driving Bagpuss, I've not been happy when it's damp/wet and my wheels fire muddy water at the back of my mirrors, which then runs down the glass making rear vision terrible. I tried mud flaps in my first year, but they didn't really help and one fell off! I've recently tried extending the cycle wing downwards, but it needs to almost contact the tarmac to stop the water being fired at the mirror backs. This pic doesn't really show the issue too well: At a recent NWKCOG meet, I started looking at other Aero screened cars and noticed a friends (Tim Dunlop) nice GBS Zero, has the mirrors much closer to the scuttle and not directly in the firing line with the front wheels: Tim's not had issues with water running down his mirror glass, so I decided that I'm going to copy: He's used, these: http://www.spa-uk.co.uk/Product/Le Mans and GT Mirrors LH Convex Black (GT-BCL) (They are available in white, Carbon Fibre and with flat glass too). My rusty memory, then recalled I've seen similar before on @6carjon's car. However he's used the slightly smaller: http://www.spa-uk.co.uk/Product/Formula Mirrors RH Convex Black (CBR) Jon has a centre mirror, so it's not so critical he's got big mirrors on the sides too. A quick mock up with paper and my existing factory provided mirrors, showed: So I decided to use the same as Tim, as my MSA Roll bar has a cross in the middle rendering any centre mirror useless! On a quick look at the new mirrors, the hole centres looked similar to those of the existing mirrors, meaning change out could be fairly easy. However, they aren't the same. The factory mirrors are M6 at 40mm centres. The SPA items are 36mm centres with M5 holes. As you can see here, the new mirrors are much closer to the scuttle As I'd previously fitted some carbon fibre plates to cover spider cracks in the fibreglass, I was able to mount the new mirror feet over the previous hole. The new hole is circled in red below. I've also drilled an extra hole shown with the arrow below. The ball joint on the new mirrors has a grub screw which needs to be tightened once the mirror is in the desired position. Mounting, adjusting is quite tricky as the when you're trying to tighten the screws to hold the mount to the scuttle, you hit the mirror housing. Hence the extra hole enables tightening of the grub screw with the mirror in place. I'd asked SPA the question around this as the grub screw is very on/off. You can't have it semi tight to enable adjustment like the normal sprung ball joint on a mirror. They suggest to fill the ball and socket with silicon to hold it in place and limit movement caused by vibration etc. I decided to do a 'belt and braces' solution and put loctite on the grub screw and also put silicon sealant in. The grub screw is 4.5mm A/F so I ground the end of a 5mm alley key down to fit. It can be seen here tightening the passenger side mirror Driver's side being tightened Drivers side finished too: Just need to get out and find some wet roads to test them!
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    Thank you to everyone who read and replied to my post. I'm actually humbled by how many people care! I'll reply in more depth later but it's just proven to me again how great a club the WSCC is!
  27. 6 points
    I’ve decided to join in! Hi, Can you tell me a little of detail about the Westfield please. Mileage and location so of it’s the right one I can arrange for a viewing. I could also be interested in the Mustang as I’ve always fancied a bit of American Muscle. Would you consider a deal on both, I’ve just had a policy mature and it’s burning a hole in my pocket and need to spend it before the wife does! Andy
  28. 6 points
    So we have reached February and as I type the sun is coming out... I have manage to avoid going back onto my (bipolar) meds and have no signs of depression. Get me huh! I have managed to get out and about in the Wez which is like taking a happy pill! I did spin her on a greasy roundabout which gave me an adrenaline rush, not done that before. Manage to recover and carry on like it had been intentional! (???!!) There were quite a few other cars about... wonder if anyone captured that on their phone! What a clever bunch of guys there are here sharing their feelings, isn't it funny how we don't recognise our own achievements? Personally i don't think I have any! I used to think it was an achievement just to get up, have a wash and be dressed. Currently life isn't so bad and I send these positive vibes to those of you are are not feeling so positive - yet. Tomorrow is a blank canvas just waiting for you to make a mark... make it a good one. x
  29. 6 points
    Thanks. With regards to power. Stock they are around 240. There have been a few figures from other builders incl @CosKev who've made some much healthier numbers with a bit of tweaking of the VvT switch points. I'll be happy with anything at or around the stock figure and it all staying in one piece
  30. 6 points
    So been, a busy week so far but, have managed to make up a heat shield for the master cyliner/ loom from the exhaust. I have still to place the longer shield on the frame yet. Does any one know the filler plug size on the Mazda dif, as my vernier gauge is to big to get in there and can seem to get a metric ring spanner on it?
  31. 6 points
    So to enable the wiring to be absolutely minimal a local business have added me to their Beta program to test a new system, which is like the moto gadget but for cars. I will do a full write up on the install of this device separately as I believe it will become a very popular way of dealing with wiring in kit cars and restomod and comes with the added benefit of being configurable through the laptop.
  32. 6 points
    Well no chance to blow any fuses yet as I have been busy on other things. Dropped my build stands off to @Paul Aspden The 2nd. I will be following that build with great interest. Then as it’s close by I popped along to VOSA Chadderton. Seemed like a good idea to find it and work out where I need to park etc on the 9th of March. Woke up to the email saying application assessed. So paid and booked a date. Then re booked a date as I had got too giddy and not checked the Bosses calendar. Still brought it forward a day. They had loads of dates available but early March seemed a safe option. 39 days and counting!!!! It’s pull the finger out time!
  33. 6 points
    O dear... not even me with my old machine would do that... The wheel has slipped in to the jaws, Probably he has used the wrong clamping method, specially if they were track tyres with stiff sidewall. An small wheel needs to be clamped from the outside with plastic protectors. Really poor work, and astonished that someone that does that for a living, dont know how to do it properly. This offer wont sort your problem, but to whoever is worried about their wheels, feel free to pop over to mines one afternoon, and with a set of beers and for the cost of the weights and new valves we'll do it with the ammount of care requiered. This is open to everyone in the club that has Crewe on hand...
  34. 6 points
    A quick update - I got the bar back from the powder coater and bolted it in place today and figured I share a few photos of it now that it's ready to use. Life is too short to not use some fun colors! dave
  35. 6 points
    Yes, if you have an older car, or have done modifications to the wiring loom on a newer car, cutting plugs off, stripping insulation etc, its very easy to let the smoke out! You know the feeling, you wire something new in, turn the key, and bam, the smoke leaks out of the wiring1 Well don't panic, just top the smoke back up again, and everything will work fine.
  36. 6 points
    So its been a big weekend on the car, lots of little jobs done. As I learnt from many s2000 builders, you require a remote bleed or a hole. You can see the option I went with!! Drilled & riveted clips on the underside of the frame, to run the Oil temp sender from the sum up to the Dash 2. Had to go with a 15mm ish spacer to get some clearance on the exhaust with steering bar. Was just a bit of alloy from the factory so quick etch prime and spray and blends in with the frame. Finished off drilling more holes in the centre console & tapping the threads. Just need to work out how to cover the handbrake for IVA as not running carpets. 95% of the wiring on the Omex & H loom is sitting nicely now, just have to find a point when you say enough and move onto the next task. On the fuel lines, from the foot well to the engine do they need to be secured to any thing or covered with pipe? As at the moment they to touch the water pipes, but no pressure. Overall really happy how the build is now coming along
  37. 6 points
    Some more filler applied to the bonnet scoop cut out tonight. More to be done but the gaps are now filled totally. Sanding and shaping next!
  38. 6 points
    @DamperMan - supplying info on used items to help club members (both selling and buying) at the cost of potential lost sales.... Brilliant mate and a credit to the Club IMHO..... Mart.
  39. 6 points
    Just a wee update. I decided to just put the fuel filler on the back as it would have been a faff to put in the top panel and still have everything removable. Made a start on the cad boot panels. Started the transfer over to the pre cut carbon panels that mark at carbon nv had knocked up for me. Will hopefully sort the rest of the cuts tomorrow. On the bonnet repair the gelcoat has hardened nicely and is a good colour match. Just need to sand and polish it up.
  40. 6 points
    It was cold this morning, but clear and dry and the first breakfast meeting at the Swan and Cygnet went down well. Good turnout of cars due to the good weather and a good breakfast, although we did get the poor waitress flustered 18 people turning up unannounced. After a chat with the manager, we'll be welcome back next month. Good to meet with @Morley and Sam finally, get you into a Westfield soon. So, that's a new venue sorted for the breakfast meeting, The Swan and Cygnet, Denby Dale Road, Wakefield, WF4 3BB.
  41. 6 points
    Big thanks to @Julie Hall - Peak District AO and Glen for organising another great day out. I had second thoughts when I set of from home with frozen cars around me and slippy roads but it soon improved. A good steady drive with the usual Peak District views, great company and good food. My car is dirtier than ever. I will have to think about washing it sometime! 😀
  42. 6 points
    For us there was cake And replacement fridge hinges that will never break And slippery roads
  43. 6 points
    Here's another option...
  44. 5 points
    He's aeroscreened, so @RobH72 and his passengers will soon acquire the taste 😎
  45. 5 points
    Bonnet aperture has had two coats of etch primer this evening
  46. 5 points
    Just add engine..... been a ongoing project for nearly three years now, bit of a push on, so hoping/aiming for first start at the end of the month, MOT at the end of March.
  47. 5 points
    Apart from dressing the ends of the extrusions where I welded them to the panels, the back end is done now. Still to do the front edges of this area, but they are much simpler. Pretty happy with how it turned out in the end. Picture to follow. In other news...I was never happy with the cheap moped indicators I'd bought for the front - they are a bit dim and not that well made. So, I knocked up a small 'pod' to accept the ever-popular CBS side repeater LEDs so they will fit onto the 8mm CF tubes I've used for the front indicators. I've uploaded the design use in case.
  48. 5 points
    SOLVED: New coolant sensor fitted and misfire is gone Before the sensor failed the engine had been running quite rich (which I thought was just down to the map) and the transition into VTEC was quite harsh as it seemed to pause very briefly before giving all of the power. There was also some pinking at low revs under full load so I had 5degrees knocked off the map to try and alleviate it which did cut it down but was still there. Now with the new sensor fitted, NO misfire, NO pinking, VTEC transition is really smooth and has more throttle response. Just need to get the 5degrees added back onto the map (back to full power) and job done. View of MAP4000 with broken sensor. New sensor fitted before starting Engine New sensor after 5 minute engine idling
  49. 5 points
    Everytime I park mine up, I strip it down to its bare components, engine out, gear box off, rear clip completely removable, sides off, nosecone off, remove all 4 wheels, take the steering wheel off (not quick release so that will slow them down further), unbolt the seats, take the ECU out, remove the diff and propshaft, take the headlights off, unbolt the aeroscreen, take out the gauges and carefully remove the dashboard, unbolt the roll cage, unclip the harnesses, take the bonnet with me obviously, take the steering column and rack off and finally remove the fuel tank. You can't be too careful round here.
  50. 5 points
    I wrote back: " Hi Carl, Sorry to hear of your recent bereavement. Thanks for the e-mail below. I know Dingwall, It’s just above Inverness. As you’re in Germany, who do I need to speak with to view the car ? Do you have family or a friend I can facetime and have a virtual look at the car before I drive up to see it. I’m in stoke on trent, so it’s a fair way to go etc. You’ve not said how I can pay a deposit, as I don’t want to lose this opportunity to get the car. It’s just the car for me and the price is great too! I’ve looked at quite a few and they’ve not been as described etc. Please advise.
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