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    Panels on the car and ready for its maiden voyage.
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    Collected the car from the factory last Wednesday afternoon - but forgot to take any pictures at the factory (too keen to get driving)!! Managed to take a few over the next couple of days in between the bouts of heavy rain. The rain certainly made for an "interesting" couple of hundred miles trip on Friday from Northants up to Lancaster ready for the ferry crossing on Saturday to IoM. In its new home Saturday night: Final photos from a quick run out to the Laxey wheel this evening.
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    I'm not sure that this is what Mum expected when she asked me to drive her to the supermarket... Fortunately she didn't buy much!
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    Here is one of @ainsworth from yesterday.
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    Thanks all, and thanks to @Marto303 for the stunning paintwork! I think I'll fit the standard screen as I have one, but I think brooklands aero screens would suit it. Might possibly change between the two. I couldn't fit the screen until the rear wing were in place as I need to position the side screens, which will give me the position of the screen, there are no reference point on the scuttle. Had a little run round some local lanes, nothing fell off! managed a little squeal from the tyres changing to second, which added to my grin. Gets a bit exciting above 50 with no screen or helmet!
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    First 'proper' ride out (shakedowns and going for MOT don't count) since the winter upgrades. Glorious weather in the Peak District yesterday.
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    So, after breaking down on the way back from Shelsey Walsh a while back, and having just been made redundant and starting a new job, I'd left the westie in the garage not daring to see what had happened... after a few wild goose chases, the distributor was found to be siezed, causing the drive to shear... sump off and gave it a good checking over....rescuing all the bits of drive in the process. Cam looked unscathed, took off the oil pump housing to ensure all good there too. poured some cheap 10-40 down through the galleries and then cleaned it all up. Sump cleaned and refitted, along with inlet manifold and carbs. Distributor rebuilt by h & h ignition....can recommend those guys btw. new alternator, coil, and ignition module too. timed at 12 btdc and dizzy lined up with no1. a few turns with the plugs out to get the oil pressure up and then plugs in and she fired up on the 3rd spin, so well chuffed. Turned the dizzy round a few degrees to find the fastest idle once warmed up and jobs a goodun.....so far. need to get the timing checked at 5000rpm but relieved so far...only time will tell though. annoyed I missed all the nice weather but other things took priority. Also a shame as there's a new AO locally who is keen as by the looks of things. looking forwards to taking it out again...either this year or next spring. Mart.
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    That’s got to be th3 best typo / spell correction I’ve seen for a while or is it
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    Well. I went yesterday to see the lobster in situ. Work done on it, is being really really detailed, and all is being well thought before executing it... I have to say that I'm properly impressed, and a bit gealous. I would love to have the patience and the skills to do an scratch build to my very own specification rather than keep buying his cars... I already want to buy this one and is not yet build. A lot of things will be done in a pretty unconventional way... (Adam hasn't revealed yet how much), and I'm pretty sure this car will become a TRUE inspiration for future builds. Keep tuned to this topic, I'm sure you all will enjoy it.
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    Well seeing how the beans have already been spilled and the engine hoist is booked I thought I’d better start a new thread so with the westy getting sorned at the end of October and the holibobs booked for next year it will soon be time to get cracking After the supercharged Mazda that now lives in Prague, the little 1.6 was never really going to cut the mustard ! So a plan was laid out and fairly soon there was a spare gearbox , and a 2.5 Jaguar V6 sitting in the garage, various other goodies adorn the house and garage ( thank heavens Trina is away just now) so not a lot to report other than some cleaning , painting and titivating and work on the throttle bodies all 6 of them triumph t/b’s x 6 , 10mm aluminium adapter plate, clio 2 litre sport injectors and connectors and new fuel rails and make some trumpets ecu to be replaced with mega squirt To be continued..... slowly for now
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    Apologies for the poor photocopying, but you get the idea.
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    Great to see The Flying Scotsman at Beeston but we missed it at Mostyn Docks
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    Well after a visit to the factory its only taken a week for Mr Westwood to work his sales magic and so deposit is paid with delivery scheduled for early December (no body or trim as I can't make my mind up on colour) So as the title suggests its another Honda powered machine. Pretty standard options list I think, LSD Wide track Performance Calipers Protech Dampers Digi Dash Windscreen, half hood and heater as I want to use it for longer journeys Trim LED Lights (not headlights will swap post IVA) FW rear. Looking forward to getting the build under way and I'm sure I will be pestering plenty of members for advice. Just need to break the donor car whilst I wait.
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    Another small update: Some parts back from powder coating. My DIY alternator mount, DIY belt tensioner mount, DIY intake hose support bracket and my DIY oil catch tank brackets. My lasercut alternator bracket in Stainless (had to hand file smooth as Stainless at 10mm leaves a slightly rough surface) Oil catch tank brackets. Hand cut with a hacksaw, filed, drilled and powder coated. The cable tie base allows me to secure the can more to prevent any vibration. Alternator, tensioner and belt finally fitted. Apologies to all the purists who'll be upset at the extra weight added by the mounts
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    Today at the Ponderosa parked next to a Seight in a lovely colour. I didn't see the owner but I did see it purr out the car park.
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    Well, now I know why they are called narrow bodies! Had a couple of runs with Simon in his narrow, which were great, except when we stopped, and I couldn't get out of the passenger seat! stuck fast, until Simon lifted me under one arm to assist! I had visions of being stuck there for weeks, on a starvation diet until my A*** had shrunk enough to extricate myself from the seat!
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    ...or maybe not, it might be a good thing to discuss the matter here before. I'm looking for a prelit / early SE. What I would Really, Really want : Flared / Clamshell wings, windshield obviously. Pushrod engine (well, crossflow or period-related powertrain). Big analog clocks. Lots of. Twin carbs. Running. Old. What would be nice to have but might be pushing it too far. Green or any dark color would be nice. Minilite-looking or steel rims. 5 speed gearbox. Benchy flatty seats. Sidescreens and wet weather gear (but maybe sourcing / making should not be that hard). For a weird reason I crave the bulge shaped front turn signal mounting posts, on the nosecone, like on this picture. Diagonal belts (pushing it too far, I know). No holes for letting air filters through. Maybe the best (even if terribly wrong) words to describe what i'm looking for would be a stock, vintage Westfield. Like an old seven but with no alloy panelling. Even writing it seems wrong. Some of these things I can change with ease, some less so.
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    Shouldn't you be in a Caterham if your using champagne as ballast?
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    Ok guys, I think I’ve found the root cause of the problem... i decided to check the cooling system as the tapping was worse with when hot. first drained the system via the rad, which is where the first surprise came - it was basically fairly clear water (ie no coolant mix) yet the header was full of brown rusty liquid. So this prompted me to remove the stat and test it, and low and behold it only opened a tiny crack in 95deg+ water, which explains why the rad water was clear as it’s not been flowing. I then took a look at the temp sender (temp never goes above 40 on the VDO gauge) submerged in boiling water with a thermocouple it confirmed way under reading, having seen the bodge job the builder did on the sensor ground I switched the wires just to check and hey presto perfectly calibrated temp! So i have a new stat on order and a new sensor (this one is a nightmare to remove/install as you can probably see) I’ve also ordered a new pump and new gasket too as well as hovering out the rad matrix just so know the whole system is tip-top going forward, and finally I’m wiring up a fan over-ride switch. For me this should solve the issue, which I see is hydraulic followers not working properly due to oil temp as a consequence of poor engine cooling, and hence the tappet noise when hot. I have the donor cams/followers to go in next week as unfortunately the Pipers are knackered. The last job I’ll do is install a temp sensor in the sump to keep an eye on bulk oil temp in case of any future cooling issues, fingers crossed the cams are the only victim and once I’ve finished everything keeps working. Thanks again for the help & replies
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    Hi Everyone, I am going up to the Westfield factory on the 9th Oct 2018 to pick up my FW kit. If any members local to the Portsmouth / Southampton area need anything picked up just let me know. Steve C.
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