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  1. 11 points
    Maurici, if you will no longer compete in the speed series for other reasons, then these changes have no impact on you. I for one applaud the effort that the SSOT have put in to change the championship and try to make it a more fun and enticing championship. In my opinion, if I was to read this thread as a potential competitor I would see all the bickering and go elsewhere. We should be focussing on making people feel as welcome as possible within the rules we have, not highlighting any negatives and being disrespectful of the hard work that others have put in on our behalf. I am very much looking forward to spending another season competing with friends and seeing where these new rules lead, regardless of where they leave my positition in the championship.
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    Many of you will remember that my car is difficult to start. I think Paul Aspden said it might be a bit of volt leakage somewhere meaning there's less than 12v at the ecu. I had tried but failed to find a solution. Anyway Fakenham Auto Electrical thought it might be the FIA kill switch so it's been replaced and the engine just burst into life in the gloom and just 10 degrees. As I said "At last... "!!!
  3. 8 points
    After a few county lane miles
  4. 8 points
    A more formal Club response is coming but I feel a personal need to reply to Charlotte; Charlotte, thank you, a breath of fresh air and what I'm hopeful everyone is thinking (but not saying en masse). It's so easy to complain, sadly less easy to praise and I wholeheartedly agree with you.
  5. 7 points
    Put my sister-in-law in the passenger seat. She’s enough to deter anyone.
  6. 7 points
    I was in Pontefract yesterday for a meeting and driving there and back was 'interesting! I did think about you when I passed one of your 'pulse' Shops used for navigational references! Too much information! 🤪
  7. 6 points
    Wahooooo it passed. Out at 0615. Dark, cold and very frosty. 1 degree. No roof no doors just cold. Very bracing for the 10 mile drive to the testing station. The tester Mark was great and obviously very interested in his work. The test finished about 1115. Now the boring bit waiting for the DVLA to register the car. Still I cheered myself up by fitting my removable Momo steering wheel. All round a great day.
  8. 6 points
    May I politely suggest that we now close this topic? It's getting to be ectremely disrespectful, and doesn't reflect the friendly, welcoming nature of the Speed Series. These rules are the SSOT trying to revitalise the championship and we have to appreciate their efforts and see how things progress.
  9. 5 points
    I also made some carbon repair panels for where the cage mounted the previous holes was elongated on one side, I thought if I tryed to re-fiberglass them they would crack out. So I made these.... they don't look to good but I think they do when the cage is on you can hardly see them but when you look it seems to give it a nice finishing touch???
  10. 5 points
    Ok ok, now I see the problem. I'm mixing different Styles flares, my bad. Thanks all of you for the information.
  11. 4 points
    Well. Most of you will have seen that I've been sending quite a lot of cars to Spain lately. I've done that free of charge to help fellow petrolhead friends in spain and our club members, avoiding the hassle to have to sell overseas... All this cars, along with some other friends got along in a trackday in calafat. A very nice and technical track in Tarragona, 120Km south of Barcelona last weekend, and I was invited to share cars with all of them. See a video of myself in a flying lap 6 years ago... Once there, Old friends got excited to see me there, and I ended driving **** loads of cars, some of them quite impressive, and maybe, is worth to share the experience and some pictures... Lotus Elise S1 Sport160- This was my courtesy car while I was there. I got to drive it for about 300km, and I enjoyed every bit of her. For those who know the car, you will know is a special car... a bit in a dodgy way. Cam profile is very agressive, and lotus did a rubbish work to tune the low load and idle correctly, therefore you have to love the car, and is really unconfortable to drive steady and in traffic, however its responsiveness over 4k rpm and its handling, was FANTASTIC. This one, was only driven on the road and some spirited mountain drives, and it was awesome. Caterham S3 275R- This one was driven hard in mountain roads and in the track. Surprisingly, I enjoyed every bit of her. Out of the box, felt SOOOOOOOOOOO much better than our average Westfield (sorry guys, I'm a sinner) Ergonomy, and pedal feel was just outstanding, and I felt really confortable in her despite its narrow chasis. On track it felt somehow pretty agreesive. The weight transfer front to back was almost inmediate, and that meant that you could have the car understeering and oversteering in a few different occasions during the same split second. I think tyre pressure were a bit too high. Regardless of that, felt really good for its little 140hp. Westfield SEIW XE, 190hp former WSCC member- This is one of the cars I did sent to Spain... and Its been a great surprise. It does lap much faster than expected (about 3 seconds faster than my former MK in the same track) and given its "roadgoing" setup, its a car with shaitloads of potential. Balance on it was very very very good, feeling very simmilar to my current westfield, and alowing going fast with confidence and really compilant when breaking grip in the rears. Westfield SEIW 2.0Zetec, Ex TKM_Dave. This has been the great surprise of all the cars I did sent to spain. A car that I almost bought and I did discard it in favour of the Canary... And now i really regret. (well, not really... but is really good, and the build quality is one of the best I've ever ever seen). This car was the third fastest of the day, behind Myself in a KTM X-bow, and an Atom... so.. Yes. REALLY fast piece of kit. Its allegedly only 180ish HP, but the gearing is sooo good that would chase easily other westfields with known 220hp. Really enjoyable car. Really Dave... you made a huge mistake. That kit was a keeper. Westfield SEIW 2.0Zetec with 4 weebers. Purely a road car. well. I made a mistake, I was offered to drive it on the road... where is lighting fast, compilant and confortable... but rejected it in favour of thrashing it on track... and on track it track was... well. Enthusiastic would be the best way to describe its efforts. you could drive it well over the limit without having any scary moments... SOOOOO forgiving, but unfortunately, not fast and not too responsive. Westfield SEI 1.6XE . This car is also a former's WSCC car, and the one we bought with more perspectives... as, in paper was a fantastic piece of kit. Light, fast, reliable, not too expensive and with a propper Motorsport heritage that should warrant a decent setup and development. In truth, the car will need A LOT of development, as the handling is currently quite poor... and also broke the flywheel doing a bit of a disaster in the drivetrain. Its been a hughe disappointment as I did vouch for the car really badly. However, it does have so much potential... that i think once we have sorted all the gremlins, she will be a proper fast car. Time will tell. KTM X-Bow. I want one. Period. It feels like a Golf, Handles like a S7ven, and it has the power of an space shuttle. Really fast and Easy to drive. I know that track really really well and in my 4th lap I was lapping consistently faster than Any other KTM in the day, and taking the luxury to slide the rear like a mad man... Absolutely great piece of kit. The price is a big Pitty... as I really can't afford not quite justify it, but I'm wondering that I could sell the beemer, the westy, my dog, and Ana's mini, and maybe I could buy one to have in the garage. What a fantastic car my good. Gineta G50 Long Race Speck. Well. I can't really analyse this car, as is the most propper race bit I've ever driven. It was wild, amazingly quick, and easy to drive when in its sweet spot... but if you under drive it, or Over drive it, you will get bitten really quick, ending in a massive spin. Apparently I did it very well because I didn't quite spin, only a few big moments that I did solve with solvency, and impressed the owner. Not my cup of tea as a trackday car, but definitely, an amazing piece of kit and one of the most intensive experience I've ever had. As you could see in the picture, we needed about 3 people to make me fit in the cockcpit... really small and narrow. Well That is it!! hope you have enjoyed the write up, and the pictures!!!
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    I was going (and I probably still will) to take a license and pay for the speed series as I've done regardless of my intention to compete or not since I'm on this club, as I always end doing the odd weekend here and there... no need to ask me to shut up. I have not been disrespectful at all. Facts have been stated, nothing else. I don't get a few things: First- I, personally, haven't criticized the rules, in fact I've applauded them, as I think are a good step forward to increase the competition. Please, when referring to me take the time to read all my interventions, not only the last one reading it out of context. Second- I also understand people (mainly the guys that were running 1C tyres) to be extremely upset. They are suddenly forced to spend serious money and altering the car either going a step forward, or an step backwards. Third- the second point would not be a problem whatsoever, if this had been consulted, and given certain notice on it, as requested last year. (Can't no-one else see that? Or they just expect everybody else to agree to disrupt their plans and shut up just to fit with the others with no notice?) Fourth- Stating the FACT that this has been introduced without notice, without being consulted and done in a way that very little can be arranged now because this has been submitted to MSA prior publication in the forum, can't be considered disrespectful, or offensive. Is a FACT. Isn't how it happened?? Or have I missed something? I really doubt that... one of the single shared concerns was the lack of unified competition. I think mos of the people expressing concerns here are moaning about the manners and the timing rather than the content itself. The fact that everybody is happy to just shut up and follow the changes (good or no) and having fingers pointed to the people who doesn't agrees, has a name, and isn't nice... that quite aligns with the way the rules have been introduced, and worries me a bit. Would have the rules been introduced in a different manner, they would have my full support, as I quite like the content. Help was offered las year, to collate all together in a public forum everyone's concerns, have a discussion and draw all together lines to follow. At the end we all make the series... not only the SSOT. So, stop the song "they work for free, we should appreciate their work regardless". Working for free doesn't qualify you work as good, nor will be everyone's taste. And again that would not be a problem if all was open. For goodness sake, even in the top of motorsport, with billions in budgets, the top minds of the world working to adapt and, near to unlimited resources, the rules are agreed beforehand between contenders, and given with plenty notice. Why can't we do the same here, in a club, where the only money seen is counted in loses, and the resources are normally a shed, a man, a personal bank account and **** loads of love in the car??
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    I suspect that there are some who would only be happy if the rules provided that there is a seperate class for each competitor, that way everybody is guaranteed a class win!!😄
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    Cant make this weekend.... Car is having early winter upgrades at Plays-kool
  15. 4 points
    Yep coming! That has to be based on the inland tide receding. Currently on an island thankfully. Strange week really. Lots of the wet stuff out of the sky but none through the pipe work and a major leak 3 miles away means no pressure. 4 days so far with no water in the right places. Slightly better today as at least the taps run slowly but showers are a no go. Promise I’ll smell better on Sunday. 🙂
  16. 4 points
    There is a little bit of water around here at the moment, which hopefully will retreat before Sunday. Here is a photo of the engineer at work today, and my cycle in this morning was a bit hairy as the water got to well above my bottom bracket. I can vouch for my waterproof Sealskinz socks though, as my feet were dry when I got to work, which amazed me as my feet were fully submerged. Currently Matlock Bath is closed as well as the roads around Grindleford and Bamford, so I will choose the route carefully.
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  18. 3 points
    Build a car to fit a specific class, then spend 5 years and god knows how much time / money further developing it for that class to then have your class wiped out in the blink of an eye without even a discussion, is it any wonder some of us feel a little disappointed. Now it would seem that if we even dare question the SSOT’s decision we’re being disrespectful, what is going on here ?
  19. 3 points
    Small feature in this month's Classic and Sportscar about unusual racing Minis includes this.
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  21. 3 points
    So I guess my front shockers are upside down them 😂 thanks guys good spot!😉 Another busy day on the car today to get the body ready for painting this weekend I even had to have the day off work dont tell my dad! 😁 Haha finerglassed and filled some unused holes in the body wire brushed the inside, before gravitexing the inside tomorrow I with prime it and base coat black the inside!
  22. 3 points
    No worries, there’s NEVER any issue with double or even triple checking stuff related to safety critical areas like brakes.
  23. 3 points
    I'd like to see him in a Le Mans LMP1. I'm betting the lap record for both quali and the race would come down by quite a bit...
  24. 3 points
    The final few.... plus a few big thumbs on the finish line for us it left me then to go to paint. ill try and get some photos now its back from paint, it wasnt until i had 3 days trying to get the bonnet and wings to line up and what felt like a liftime on the doors! The owner my freind jamie took me to look at a 100% orignal mini were we reilised it was all a waste of time... they was no where near from the factory haha, but id have still done the same again rights right! Thanks for looking guys as you can probaly tell i really struggle with reading and wrighting being dyslexic i failed most things at school but i love making stuff and my job as a engineer with mine and my dads small old school firm. Thanks for looking if you like this you might like my westfield build thread (the over weight pre-lit)
  25. 3 points
    I suppose it's never the end of one of these stories, who knows what happens next. But in four short years I have gone from "where can I get the oil changed" to "I have swapped out one engine and gearbox for something completely different" and I have a huge sense of satisfaction as a result. A big thank you to Mike @Kit Car Electronics and Ken @KennyP for their invaluable help and to everyone else who has encouraged me along the way, either directly or through this thread. It's home!
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    Hi all thats intrested, as promised🙂. Here is the photos of a mini full shell rebuild, started as a shotblast and a repair job that went out of control! Photos for the shotblasting
  27. 2 points
    Wasn't sure where this should go... Stuff? Yeah I guess so. Nonsense? Not a bit of it! Anyway, perhaps I'm a day late with this as Mental Health Awareness week was last week, but here goes I've recently (almost) finished building my car, and all along the way this has had me dancing along a psychological tightrope. Due to various factors I have a tendency to strive for perfection, and this can get me into a lot of self-inflicted trouble (and has done in the past!). In a recent post I decided to 'come out' and share a bit of my story, in the hope that it would help others to be more open about any sort of mental struggles they have had, or are currently dealing with: https://forum.wscc.co.uk/forum/topic/130867-the-lobster-88-se-rebuild/page/41/?tab=comments#comment-1422129 This can be anything from suicidal thoughts, right through to relatively-harmless-but-totally-draining overthinking (something I still do too much - mentally composing email replies at 3am while I'm lying awake, or practicing phone calls in advance!). If this describes you then you're not alone - even within this club - and I have always found the support that comes from all angles when I 'break cover' to be overwhelming, completely the opposite to my original fear of being seen as 'crazy', or being ridiculed, or even excluded. In fact it kinda makes you feel like you're in some sort of exclusive club when people pop up (both 'publicly' and privately) offering similar stories or support and understanding. It's extremely heartwarming. So, I guess the over-riding message is that it is perfectly normal to feel like cr@p sometimes, and that it's absolutely OK when that happens. There is support available all around if you allow it to come into your life. I will personally offer myself as one of these support mechanisms if I'm able to at the time, I'm only a PM away Feel free to share any stories here, you won't be judged and as I said, we'll be part of a (relatively) exclusive club, haha. And don't forget that whatever happens, there's always a fun and engaging toy with a shouty engine sat in / on your garage / shed / drive to allow you to clear your head at the end of a bad day Take care everyone, x
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    I've written it on the family calendar whilst she's out 🙂 I'm coming😁
  29. 2 points
    Who in the SSOT still competes in a Westfield in the Speed Series?
  30. 2 points
    Just had this back from the DVSA, for future clarification should it ever come up again. "Hi Jared Thank you for the email regarding indicator markings. There is no requirement in IVA for the indicators to be 'E' marked. I hope that helps. Regards Mick" VEHICLE APPROVALS TECHNICAL OFFICER DVSA, Ellipse Building, Padley Road, Swansea, SA1 8AN Tel : 0300 123 9000
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    Thanks,@Dave Eastwood (Gadgetman) - Club Secretary We are very old school, some of our customers have been with us 50 years 😂, I'm going probably next week to hang the doors so I'll get some photos of it now its white
  32. 2 points
    Hi Andy I look forward to reading the Formal Club response with interest. Including hopefully some feedback on my initial "contructive" proposal to allow the new proposals for the 2020 SS to go ahead with only one significant change. If the drastic proposals as tabled by the SSOT were actually reasonable and fair for most competitors and introduced in a less dicatorial and clandestine manner then I would have willingly been part of the "well done" campaign! It would be much more pleasant and less time consuming than dealing with what has been tabled so far! Glutey
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    wait with a base ball bat
  34. 2 points
  35. 2 points
    @Andrew let me do some laps, I’ll blow it up for you.
  36. 2 points
    No but it sure does feel like it when you try and keep up with him 😁 Andrew is so far south of 200bhp he can see Penguins! 🐧🐧🐧
  37. 2 points
    Fuel return line fitted today, used P-Clips & rivnuts to hold in place.
  38. 2 points
    One here. Scuttles are the same on FW and zk
  39. 2 points
  40. 2 points
    I have been watching this 'discussion' develop as a newcomer this season. Whilst I have several thoughts on the comments above I am refraining from challenging. May I make a suggestion? We should first of all accept the SSOT no doubt have thrashed through various scenarios and arrived at this proposal in an attempt to arrest the decline of the Series, not for the betterment of themselves. At the 'Blyton weekend' in 2020 we have a meeting to discuss/ put forward proposals for 2021 for the SSOT to examine or work up. At that point we would also have the benefit of 1/2 a season to see how the 2020 proposals are working through. Between Blyton and publication of 2021 regs the SSOT could possibly provide an update by way of say Facebook live or some other web based discussion facility if required There is no simple answer when we have such a variety of cars
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    He is a natural driver. As others have said, it's impossible to compare with others of the past with any authenticity because so much has changed, but Jim Clark will always be my No.1 for natural ability is everything he drove. Fangio was before my time, and Schumacher was a cheat in at least one of his championships and several races, and certainly did not command the respect his ability deserved for that reason. Bottas seems a decent sort with few signs of tantrum, but Verstappen's behaviour this past weekend lost all respect from me, sorry. There was a rather mean-spirited interview with Jackie Stewart on 'Today' this morning. He could hardly bring himself to praise Lewis's success without implying it was mainly the cars that were responsible. Poor show 'Sir' Jackie, and very well done Lewis!
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    SUNDAY. Not the easiest weather report to interpret, but I think that they are predicting that Sunday is the drier day, which is the opposite to what they said yesterday. So, Sunday it is. See you on SUNDAY 10.30 SAINSBURYS MATLOCK.
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    Agreed he is a fantastic driver. How great if he was allowed to drive other cars such as historic race cars at Goodwood events. His love of driving would be one to see as he adapted his undoubted skills to a blower Bentley 🙂
  45. 1 point
  46. 1 point
    Some annoying panel vibration when I lift off, needed to remove as much as possible and track it down. All fixed now with a few more fixings and some trimming of the inner wings I have fitted to the rear wheel arches. Almost back together now. Heres a picture from a couple of weeks ago when I went to the regular Lotus 7 meet at the Super Sausage cafe near Towcester.
  47. 1 point
    A morning well spent, I'm liking the look of the new stripes.... Worth at least another 10bhp! 😂
  48. 1 point
    Finally got around to taking some proper photos of my own car in the ‘paddock area’ at Curborough last week.
  49. 1 point
    Few pics of the knackered master cylinder, Bleeding the front brakes and at a friends MOT station. Bonnet was off to get to the VIN I had forgot how much fun the car was to drive and how well it handled once i got some heat in the tyres.
  50. 1 point
    @AdamR top marks for this thread it’s closer to a lot more of us than we think 😎
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