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    Just like to say a huge public “thank you” to Luke and Chris at @Plays-Kool This is a purely personal thank you (and recommendation) as I feel credit really is due when you receive truly exceptional service. What started out as a bit of a favour ended up with them taking over to save the day I’ll not bore you with the details, but suffice it to say that when my back gave out part way through putting the diff back in, Luke and Chris dropped everything and did what was required to ensure my car was back together. Thank you both for your generosity and professional help - and what’s more,, thanks to your efforts my car now goes around corners way better than it did before!
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    A French field with a little bit of England... And a couple of shots from a handy Chateau (The blue car is me, maroon is Andy, @Greenstreak-Andy D And the white Ian, @IanK (Bagpuss) )
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    Eventful morning parking at work
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    At the Italian chapel on orkney today
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    Bagpuss ready for Le Mans 2018 road trip
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    Stephen’s XI with “hood” deployed!
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    Prestatyn Classic Car Show - Best in Class
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    Mine on first real run, up over the Brendon's, last Autumn after IVA and registration. Must take some more in France next week.
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    Very happy after about a years’ worth of work to get to this point, just a few setup jobs to do and the front mudguards and indicator repeaters. Car now back in the garage after the photo session after a good hovering and clear up. All in all a GREAT DAY.
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    Everyone loves a photo, the weather's come good the season officially here and in theory we should be out and about a bit more ...be it a track day or by the beach, so let's have a look! A recent snap of your westfield in the wild! Blat down Avon gorge and back for me on Monday night....good times
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    Paid and booked for next Tuesday 12th, 8AM at Chadderton as apparently they have stopped doing IVA at Bawtry Committed now, GULP
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    This is what happens to my passengers. Don’t know why
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    first proper drive this weekend.
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    Mine at Hayling Island last Monday in the heat !!
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    Thanks both I certainly don't make things easy for myself but I'll be thrilled when it's done. Engine start is planned in for Saturday, my friend Phil is coming over to help. Before that can happen, though, I took the fuel feed banjo off and sliced off the crimped fitting as per Dave's guidance, cleaned up the end, then painted black. I'll leave that to dry overnight, so in the meantime decided to make some progress on my dashboard. This is going to end up being a very bespoke part of my build, I have about 80% of it worked out in my head but a few details are being worked out along the way (lower edge radius being one of them!). I'm using round metal switches with LED rings, in the 19mm size. On AliExpress I found some matching 3-position rotary switches, which I decided to use for the lights, wipers and fan speed. I then got some 12mm chrome warning lights to use to identify the rotary switches, and decided to use these for all of the buttons as well, rather than using the similar buttons with integrated symbols. On the left are the washer/wiper symbol lights I had to make by hand, I mentioned this earlier in the thread somewhere. The rotary switches don't meet radii requirements so I needed some way of keeping the test sphere away from them. I wanted to design something for this, but in the interest of getting the car finished slightly sooner, I decided to use some U-bolts like those used as toggle switch guards. However... one weekend I found myself ill with a cold, so didn't fancy going out in the garage. So, I fired up the PC and designed some bezels to house my switches. These include guards around the rotary switches. Blender is my modelling program of choice, it's a vertex modeller typically used for art and animation rather than the parametric modellers typically used for CAD, but it's open source, extremely powerful, and can create STL files just fine. I've been using it for years and find it very easy to quickly generate designs with. A friend with a 3D printer then printed these out for me in ABS. These will be sanded, primed and painted black but I'm going to check that they mount okay to the dash panels first, otherwise a revised design and new print might be needed. Now some proper CAD; template made for the central dash panel: And then transferred to 1.2mm aluminium sheet and cut out with compound snips and a hole saw. I can see why people don't recommend using a hole saw on sheet aluminium! But I don't have a big enough cone drill for the holes I wanted, and just had to do a bit (okay, a lot) more tidying up with a file afterwards. The panel is going to be covered in 1/4" foam sheet, then wrapped in trim material. Because of this, I've made the holes for the bezels oversized. Thanks for reading
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    Only on the drive, but 'getting there'
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    Took this while waiting for Geoffrey Buttercup, Gary & Trina last Tuesday. Ben Nevis in the background.
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    Eleven at Stoneleigh 'stickered up' for this year's Le Mans Classic Seven parked on the Michelin Chicane, Mulsanne Straight, Le Mans
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    Xtr at snetterton a couple of weeks ago
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    On a blat . Mate lives just over the trees. Lucky guy !!
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    Grandson proud of his grandad's Westfield...
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    Can only give a non IVA'd in build snap I'm afraid... .... Whilst offering up the new doors to check windscreen angle.
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    Well hears a big shout out of thanks to ash (rednop on the westfield forum) and Reid for speed motor factors in Aberdeen both went above and beyond to get the parts needed to me So all sorted , road tested and ready for a wee romp up to catch the ferry int morning
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