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    Not sure it would make much difference. The pwm bosch valve has very small increments of movement. A 1 percentage point of movement is almost impossible to see by eye. Got back on to interior jobs. Covered the side panels. And the scuttle join covers Got the carpets cut And then dropped into the trimmers to bind the edges of the floor mats and join the tunnel pieces. Starting to come together And then bevelled off the sharp edge of the gear lever and handbrake trim rings and gave a coat of paint. Just need to clear coat them. And then this happened.......
  2. 14 points
    It was to nice so had a wee run out today, up Cairngorms, lunch and home via Ferness and Lochindorb and “ the wolf of badenochs” castle. left just after 8 this morning and just home
  3. 12 points
    The chassis has been welded today by my local garage and the gussets that Luke sent have been welded in place on both sides, thank you Luke at Playskool. The garage charged me 1 hours labour at £48+VAT which I thought was very fair. Glen is busy painting the area with Hammerite.
  4. 11 points
    So since the cats out of the bag, and being cajoled , here we go again. there won’t be a fast update due to accumulating parts etc and the dreaded lurgy restrictions. But after a chance conversation an unregistered sew chassis was seen and it didn’t take much to put ideas in between my lugs, strangely enough a tub was available and was committed to, then my engine and box of choice turned up a stones throw from the chassis and tub. A small spanner was then thrown into the mix by the unexpected and untimely passing of my brother. At this point a big thanks to the above vendors for their patience as we dealt with the matters at hand. so down I went and returned ( not without incident) with the chassis, tub and another mx5 mk2.5 1.8 svt engine, box and ecu. An engine I’m used to having supercharged one in my Haynes So where do we start firstly there will be a few tunnel mods to take the bellhousing which will require the alloy panels to be removed whilst the steelwork gets done then it would be very rude not to reinstate them with carbon ( here we go again ) Bodywork ? So an order was placed and Christoph at Westfield Deutschland is finishing off my order for carbon nose, v8 bonnet, scuttle and evo aero screen. Interior panel’s and flared sides soon to be ordered from Carbon nv wheels got these 7.5 x 13 today so that starts to set the scene, like I said , just now it’s about accumulating the parts required and we’re at the mercy of suppliers and delivery companies I’m now off work for another 3 weeks then it will be reviewed so hopefully parts will arrive and a start in earnest can be made but there’s no rush.
  5. 11 points
    After some more filling this morning I sanded that back this afternoon. I blew all the dust off with the compressor and gave it all a wipe over with panel wipe. I decided to put 2 coats of Reface (2k liquid filler) on the wing to see how it looks. Once this has gone off I will sand it back and see if anymore filler work is needed.
  6. 11 points
    Suns out durabang was out today
  7. 11 points
    Not a photo, but it originated from one, so I guess it counts! My mam kindly painted this from a photo I took in Montenegro! Here's the original it came from!
  8. 11 points
    Boot panel turned over and etch primed Once etch primed I could see the imperfections, so out with the filler In amongst waiting for stuff to dry, I started on a template for the boot base panel
  9. 10 points
    The pre rebuild console; 3M multilayer carbon wrap, heater controls and 12 Volt point for chargers etc. As part of the rebuild, the analogue dials have gone, so I’ve moved the heater controls up to the dash panel, and the centre console now has all the ecu controls for traction etc. The 3M Carbon wrap has gone, and I’ve replaced it with genuine carbon, engraved with the control functions, on the centre console. (I got the same guy that did the build plates etc to do it.). Not fitted back to the car yet, but you get the idea...
  10. 10 points
    I didn't see any Corona virus on a quick single car peaky blat this afternoon, but I didn't find this and I'm blaming @Julie Hall - Peak District AOI didn't see any Corona virus on a quick single car peaky blat this afternoon, but I didn't find this and I'm blaming @Julie Hall - Peak District AO I didn't talk with anyone or touch anything. Didn't even need to touch a petrol pump as I'd filled on the way home from my MOT!
  11. 10 points
    So after selling the last car (yet to be collected) it was time to fill its place and today was collection day. To say I was like a kid on Christmas eve last night was an understatement but up I got at 6am and headed across to pick up @RussH as I would be using Lionel the mx5's garage space until the old car is collected next week. It was a tight squeeze on to the trailer as the back end is pretty wide and headed back from near Newmarket. The build quality can be seen straight away and great work by @mark.anson from when he built the car with a couple of refinements by the previous owner. Now to get use to a completely different beast in a BEC and see how I get on with the big boys on slicks. One happy bunny.
  12. 10 points
    Just by chance I saw an advert for some ‘old Rover rocker covers’. No more info than that but they looked to match mine. They were tatty and had a pipe fitted to raise the oil filler. Worth a gamble at £40 posted I thought. Bought them and yep they were a match. Bit of luck that. Bit of WD40 and a large monkey spanner and the oil filler pipe came off having been there since the 60’s and the oil cap even fitted the hole where the pipe came out. Things don’t normally go this well. Stripped off the old cellulose paint with stripper, degreased etc. Using a sign writing brush, put acid etch primer in all of the grooves and then several coats of high temp metallic paint. Sent them off to Wyatt Polishing Ltd in Thetford who were brilliant and look what came back! Been out playing today and here is the result. Well pleased.
  13. 9 points
    Anyone posting about blats out.... Be responsible or this is going to last all year... We're already locked down till July... Even if this is just a week at home... No your wrong... No ones doing anything until every country is free of it... That's going to be a long stretch Be responsible and stop blattery please for everyones sake. It'll be over quicker
  14. 9 points
    Before I got banged up for 84 days yesterday, I was in a supermarket behind a man wearing a proper ventilation breather mask and rubber gloves (looked a b***). I told him that it can get in through the eyes too so wearing a mask and gloves was not entirely foolproof. I swear to you all that the next thing he did was to close his eyes and kept them closed, only opening them for split seconds to navigate. 🙄
  15. 9 points
    You are an AWESOME bunch of guys. If I didn't already have a Westfield I would get one just to be a. Among you. I used my new Auto Glym set to spruce up my car.. The ride out was.. Dare I say.. OK well almost... As good as sex!
  16. 9 points
    Ground test without sound module so the noise you hear is the rattle from the tracks.
  17. 9 points
    A trip up Cairngorms today
  18. 9 points
    Me too! (photo copyright of Javelin Trackdays. )
  19. 9 points
    Holy crap I missed Vtec - she is quick. safe to say the roads were nice and dry on the drive home. oh and she got to the end of the lane with a pass.
  20. 8 points
    Remind you of anyone.
  21. 8 points
    Good grief...why does everything I do take so long... Anyhoo, rotisserie more or less complete now, just got to sort the height adjustment setup. Decided it's worth the expense and extra work to make it a screw adjustment so have ordered some M12 HT all thread. @IainCameron - I'd call it more agricultural, or possibly industrial, than domestic appliance @Hadz - that's a nice looking setup. Mine was doomed to be ugly from the start, given I'm making it from cannibalised parts. How 'wobbly' did you find yours? Mines not too bad but there's definitely a bit of flex in the system. Having got the chassis mounted on the thing....amazed to find I've managed to hit the balance point almost perfectly. Total fluke though. Using the suspension mounts as pickup points, it was going to be a lottery how it turned out. It stays put at any angle just from the minimal friction in the pivot tubes, although I have fabricobbled a simple locking system using a chunk of plate welded to the static part (just visible in the picture below) and a lug welded to the rotating part, with suitable bolt holes at 45 degree intervals. It's a bit too low to rotate all the way round at the moment - I'll sort that as soon as the all thread arrives. There are already a few welds I can get at now, the shed still needs more tidying and I'm going to tweak the rear bulkhead panels to improve the way that the main coolant lines and gear shift cables pass through, so still got plenty to keep me amused.
  22. 8 points
    I also sanded back the front passenger wing filler, so more to be done here as well now
  23. 8 points
    Most of you know I have two kids who are extremely complex and I also have a hereditary heart condition ... so we as a family decided to isolate for the full government recommended 12 weeks and have our fingers crossed it's slightly better (or the NHS has more equipment, medicine, etc.) by the middle of June! I'm going to miss the Peak and Yorkshire runs out but I believe what the club & @Julie Hall - Peak District AO has done is completely correct. And I also think what GBS are doing (assuming it's still on as I write this) is completely wrong on so many levels! You can have this virus without knowing and pass it to someone a lot more susceptible and vulnerable ... so why risk killing people for a few hours enjoying a hobby? Yes GBS may have conditions in place to limit interaction but what about all the people travelling that need fuel, visit the toilets on route, etc, etc! While I fully understand the impact on businesses (I'm self employed and my work has dried up which is bl**** scary!) it's a stupid & selfish decision ... just like all those idiots who went for "one last pint" last night! Let's face it we all have plenty of jobs to be doing on our cars and that's a fun way to spend some of your isolation! Anyway that's my rant over and like @RobH72 I will also be sneaking in the odd lonely blat at strange times of the day ... although it won't be far as I don't want to go near a Petrol station 😞
  24. 8 points
    Speedo is fixed. Confession time. Some idiot had wired the load and gnd wires the wrong way round. It doesn't help as the load wire is black and gnd wire is blue . I could have sworn i had seen the speedo registering at some point but it can't have ever worked, I must have just been confirming via the blinking led on the sensor. 1 down 2 to go.
  25. 8 points
    I started assembling the forged engine today as I had a day off....finally. Bottom end complete today and I’ll get back tomorrow after work to finish the top end.
  26. 8 points
    Well after a bit of a panic on after I couldn't find the wiper blades that I'd stored in a 'safe' place, I think she's ready for her maiden voyage
  27. 8 points
    Before and after yesterday
  28. 8 points
    ...this is what greeted me in the loo roll aisle. The only loo paper left was Sainsburys own brand. How middle class is that? “There may be a deadly pandemic virus on the loose, but I refuse to compromise my standards and wipe my bottom with anything less than Andrex!” No wonder we’re all in the poo - sheesh. 🙄
  29. 8 points
    I've had my first drive in daylight with my SPA side mirrors. Despite the roads being wet. I can still see clearly after 30 miles. Water from the wheels, still hits the back of the mirror housing, but the aero design is much better and hardly any gets onto the glass!
  30. 8 points
    Now on the 7 day countdown to IVA, most big jobs done just a million little ones to do! Got the boot finished. Hinged and locks fitted. And then carpets finished and lower belts in. Then a lot of niff naff jobs. Borrowed the daddy torque wrench from work to torque the rear hub nuts after the upright swap, Quick re-bleed of the brakes, wheels on and nuts torqued up, Few bits of loom clipped and a spanner check of underneath. Also have had an annoying seep from the sump plug, so drained the oil and fitted a new washer which will hopefully cure it. The only problem is once I tick a job off the list I seem to add 2 more!
  31. 8 points
    First start of the year! Lovely to hear it running and raring to go.
  32. 7 points
    short story As we are at a loose end for 10 minits Up here in Barnsley we are always looking at making a quick buck or two so two good mates one called Breakable and Barnsley john decided to get their heads together Breakable also known as des on the wscc forum has a 2.0 l duratec westy and lives 4 miles from Barnsley john John also known as cant spell john as a 2.0 l honda westy There as been some keen banter over the past years with who has and got the best car between us when we were arguing one day we said lets be constructive and came up with a plan to make us rich the scheme is to breed our two cars and sell the little car pups to make some easy cash So first we would need some help from friends on the forum firstly from martin and sue has he is the mot vet and pup inspector down in Staffordshire area Also witnesses’ with Julie and glen as glen wanted the first pic of the pups as long it was a honda and also to recap glens mind on things how its done So the big day came up here in Barnsley We went to deses because he his posh and there’s oil all over drive from his car. so we all gathered round the two cars comforting the little honda The Duratek in blue was like a pit bull terrier with its chavy chain at front end and more electronic aids inside needing the national grid to power it Snarling and water dripping from mouth and radiator its stance with its wide tyres ready to pounce on my whimpering Honda Which is Built like a greyhound and slender compared to the chavy bully Duratek Gen was looking on in exactment as the duruatecs s exhaust grew to a magnificent shinny pipe The deed was done and the Duratek blew its head gasket and oil was all over after 20 seconds About the time of its owner s performance so debs says to me on our nights out My Honda was stoked as it had been abused from the blue beast Martin said let me know when the pup cars are born and I will give them a full health check 1 month later 7 little car pups were born Martyn was summoned to deses for the pup cars to be looked at He said bad news you guys there all Z tecs with problems and low HP My view is that it’s the duratec that’s faulty cams but the honda looks nice and healthy I would Get shut of them quick if I was you two idiots We were gutted as we knew Hondas would sell for loads of money duratecs a lot less And Z tecs very little So that night I decided to advertise them on piston car pups I used deses dyno readings saying 210 hp and we all know that is a lie I then copied them to each car to get shut and attract a buyer They were snapped up in two days . the guy that came said all take the lot I said were you from sir His reply was Ashby dela pooch and he took them all The moral of the story his don’t breed your car with inferior ford cars, and you wont end up like us having to get rid quick and for next to nowt No cars were hurt in this story and glen has a permanent smile Martyn overcharged us for the cars mot s and will sort him out soon as we can go out stay safe and we will all be out soon I am sure if we follow the guidelines thanks for reading BJ
  33. 7 points
    Hi guys, just thought I’d write a quick Introduction post. A lot of you may already know me as I’ve been out with my dad (Barry Wilson) for the last 11 years in his Westfield zetec. So, I’m a 22 year old mechanical engineering apprentice for a turbo manufacturer. I have wanted a Westfield for a while now and after looking at a few second hand Westfield’s for sale that needed a fair bit of work to make them how I wanted them. I decided to take the plunge and order a starter kit that is due around the middle of June. just thought I’d add a quick picture of myself for those of you who won’t know me. I have just been getting the garage ready for the Westfield’s arrival which has included wiring in some new LED light boxes, making a very important shelf to hold the brew and the Bluetooth speaker and an all round tidy up. I will be starting a build thread when the car arrives and I look forward to meeting a lot of you and all the knowledge and experience that will bring as well. thanks guys 👍 Andy
  34. 7 points
    I take no credit for the design found it on thingyverse. Its a good fit.
  35. 7 points
    I thought it appropriate to explain why I bought and how I came by my Westfield Eleven. When I was 17 I had a Series Two Lotus Seven and whilst I have a number of motorcycles for motoring pleasure I fancied another Seven, spurred on by Caterham's latest retro styled car which I seen on the roads locally. I went to look at one as their Gatwick facility is close to me but just personal preference, I thought they had missed the chance to include more retro features and the engine did not appeal. I then considered buying a later car and converting to imitate my Series Two from 1966. Discussing this conundrum with a friend, he suggested I looked at a Westfield Eleven. I got in touch with the factory regards a new kit but looked for an existing registered car to avoid the IVA process. A chance look at eBay and there was this car for sale locally. I contacted the seller, only for him to respond I knew him, years ago we both were associated with the same racing team. Anyway a deal was struck and I took delivery of the car. Another friend Nicolas Pinon, who buys UK classic cars and sells them from his garage/showroom in Tours bought and sold a Westfield Eleven last year and was keen to acquire another, so he ordered a kit from Westfield. It came to me to do the initial mechanical assembly as many Spridget parts from my car would become surplus as I have decided to modify mine a little. An easy process to remove them, clean and refurbish and fit to his car except I was working from my garage at home, innovation being the mother of invention, double decker Elevens! Nicolas' build is pretty straightforward, front suspension, engine, gearbox and other donor parts of my car onto his. As for mine, the intention is to alter the chassis and running gear a little to simulate more closely and original Lotus XI. Moving the dash hoop position, under dash handbrake, modified rear axle with a Watts linkage and bigger 8" drums, ATB diff, Triumph front uprights, Girling AR calipers, new steering rack position and column inclination, 15" wires and options on body with and without the driver's seat hump. Many of the suspension modifications I proved on a Sebring Sprite I built about 10 years ago, photos here. For my Eleven I've had new stub shafts made to suit Spridget knock on hubs with needle roller bearings and bearing spacers. The bottom wishbones will be modified to suit the standard Triumph trunnion. As this is a road car I like the simplicity of the earlier car's top link being the anti-roll bar like the Lotus Seven so have retained that. At the rear I just prefer the Watts linkage so have posted some component photographs here. In addition to these two cars I am building another Sebring Sprite like the one shown here for Nicolas to race later this year so pretty busy.
  36. 7 points
    Yet more sanding and filling on the rear passenger arch I always seem to have a bit of filler left over, so I have started using the spare up on the front passenger wing
  37. 7 points
    Emissions now sorted. Also calibrated the speedo whilst I was out against the GPS. Another 80 miles under its belt and the weather was lovely, sunny and crisp. Not the best roads but still a very nice jaunt. The very kind @corsechris is working his 3d printer magic as I type on the dash piece so I reckon she's done. Sadly tried to book a retest and the lady at dvsa explained there's no blanket ban in place yet but they are doing things on a day by day basis and currently no bookings being taken. She's advised to ring back each morning. Under normal circumstances I'd be pestering and chomping at the bit, but with all that's going on in the world waiting for a test pales into significance, it'll get done when it gets done.
  38. 7 points
    Worryingly, some of the other groups/clubs seem to have a rather more cavalier attitude to the whole situation... Unfortunately, my field of work means my team and I are putting ourselves at risk of infection every day trying to keep the stores and online supply chain running for essential food and health products. I dread to think how tough it is for the NHS and emergency services teams! I cant add to that risk and burden no matter how much I'd love to meet up with you all. I'll be sneaking the odd lonely blat though, just to keep myself sane! 😂😂 Stay safe and stay healthy everyone!
  39. 7 points
    It’s one of the reasons I wanted the buttons on the spokes and not blocking any line of sight., plus they fall very naturally for your thumbs to operate.
  40. 7 points
    Yes that was how it was justified to me. A 9.5 mm deep hole in the head is acceptable I didn't really push the tester on his interpretation as I knew I'd already failed but yes I'm assuming the guards were taken as the etc. I had just been working on the 2.5mm radius rule and not read that far into the manual. My only slight concern is that at retest that any guard or panel I put in place will also be classed as the etc. But as its aimed at switches and controls hopefully not. Absolutely. The early failing speedo actually took a lot of stress out of the day as I already knew the result. The emissions will be easily tweaked as it was a known possible issue and the dash is easily remedied, nice suggestion by the way On the plus side. I got to do a hundred miles in the car, it drove very well, has plenty of poke, nothing broke/fell off and I missed 2 massive rain downpours and stayed dry.
  41. 7 points
    Playing “chase the Maclaren” - or perhaps he was chasing me! 😁
  42. 7 points
    First wash of the year.
  43. 7 points
  44. 7 points
    I have turned my attention now to the rear passenger corner of the car. First up was to whip the wheel off and tidy up the underside of the arch. Before A coat of underseal later I popped the wheel back on With that done I have started to shape the previously altered rear wing to match the other side
  45. 7 points
    Upgrade update Just been out for the first time for a proper drive, SPA mirrors there 100 times better than the escort ones, you can see a lot more to the right and left with the mirrors positioned to point over the rear arches , Omp wheel looks and feels the business with the free wheel ,only glitch is I can't see the indicator warning lights on the dash 2, so a separate led is needed. Quafe steering rack feels absolutely spot on 2.5 turns it's way more responsive the steering needs more effort but it's for the better. The interior don't know what i was thinking having bare ally, it's still hard-core but turned down a notch. Jk composites now the big one the seats on first impressions don't feel that comfortable but that's totally wrong, very weird dosent even feel like you've been sat down, the heated pads, I was worried they wouldn't be any good, all I can say is wow on number 5 it feels like your sat on the radiator very nice indeed. Still to do I've got a AP racing mc on ordered from the parts department should be here in a few weeks. Also planning a trip to the rollers going to go to daytuner in Harrogate ,I've been there before with another car and he's very meticulous and not the most expensive. I've finally got this car to feel like it's tuned in like it's connected to you hands and feet, and a trip to the rollers will only improve it more, it's no show stopper even though it turns heads ,but underneath it's a proper thing . Tony
  46. 7 points
    At what point do I need to start panicking lol Weather looks amazing for its first high speed drive. At least the car is ready Lol
  47. 7 points
    Good morning all from a bright and chilly Devon. I'm looking for advice about scaffold towers. We've recently moved house and our new place, a victorian rectory, needs some refurbishment. Since there is so much to be done I would like to purchase a scaffold tower so that I can complete the work safely and efficiently, and use it for regular maintenance in the future. External work includes repairs to eaves and gables, removing Ivy and repairing damaged mortar, at a maximum height of ~ 10m. Internal work includes ceilings at 3m, an Orangery at 4m, and Coach House with a vaulted ceiling. We have level ground around the whole house, and 75% of that is gravel or paving. A tower seems like the practical approach and much safer than a ladder. Does anyone have experience of using these and the pros / cons? Good brands or systems and where to purchase? I've been looking at this site for a few ideas, but am also interested in used towers. https://www.scaffold-tower.co.uk/Scaffold_Towers/single_width_2.5m_8x2/platform_height_7_7m.php For those of you who like a picture here's the new home, and the coach house. Did I mention the triple garage... plenty of room to work on the Westfield and for a new project when I've finished the refurb.
  48. 7 points
    Factory deal arrived....
  49. 7 points
    Tonight was the night to tackle the boot struts. Bottom brackets made and fitted, top brackets fitted to underside of boot panel, gas struts fitted and gas let out/adjusted down to allow movement. All good me thinks. Then I tested the operation and closed the boot. This operation was promptly followed by a severe bout of swearing to Tourette’s standard 🤬🤬🤬 After calming down I spent some time looking at the set up, and decided I needed to move the bottom brackets nearer to the front of the car. The next test was much better A good result in the end and I am very pleased with the smooth opening
  50. 7 points
    I've got the car back on the road with the new (different size) master cylinder and the fuel level sensor wired to the dash instead of ECU. I also nipped up one of the front wheel bearings which was a bit loose. So time for some testing... First fuel level: 885mv empty to 166mv fuel so now I can calibrate the dash to give me a percentage readout. 🤩 Next to an industrial estate to test the brakes: initially still too much rear so moved the bias all the way the other way and hey presto the front locked easily. I then dialled to back to about 60% and could still lock the fronts but it felt balanced. I'll do more testing on an upcoming trackday but it looks like I've found the right master cylinders for my balance bar around the middle. I can then adjust according to conditions. 🤩 While the opportunity presented itself I next tested the clutch... Rolling start, second gear and planted it... 50 meters later the rear wheels were still spinning 🙂 Maybe not the most scientific or grown up test but it was fun to see what the engine can do with standard power, standard clutch and 215 ZZS tyres. When home I tested the noise level. I'm using a much smaller exhaust silencer on this engine and was pleased to see its still quieter at 90db at the peak (at 4,500 rpm, 45 degrees, 0.5 meter) I also measured the exhaust temps now the downpipe is ceramic coated. Unfortunately I didn't measure before getting it done 😅 I feel like I'm ready for my first trackday at the end of April at Abingdon. Roll on summer!
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