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    A number of weeks ago, Luke and Chris from Plays - Kool commenced works to Buttercup, to ensure she will stay in good condition for the future. What has been done is not so important but I believe that the level of service that I received throughout the works needs to be known. I have been kept updated throughout and this has been through regular telephone calls, text messages and numerous photographs. Luke and Chris both kept a close eye on costs to ensure that I received value for money and I was not met with costs that I was not aware of. A number of surprises where met along the way and it was not a case of "cheapest is best" or "just get that because its in stock". They both spent the time to source parts that where within budget but also provided longevity and for this I was extremely grateful as without their close eye to the costs then this work would not have been completed so smoothly. During the works, I spent the day at Plays - Kool and I was made to feel extremely welcome and the work they had carried out was explained to me. The thing that I noticed was that all the parts that had been removed from Buttercup where all protected with sheets or bubblewrap to ensure no damage. this was also the case with Buttercup herself. Masking tape & dust sheets where visibly in use and this care to prevent any damage was evident throughout the works. During the day I was there, a "rattle" became evident on Buttercup. Luke and Chris must have been around 5 hours trying to locate the rattle and cure it. The amount of parts that came off the car was unbelievable but they both stated that the car would not leave the worksop unless it was right. During the rebuild, a number of items where found that extended the build time but both lads where working to a deadline that they wanted to achieve to meet my needs. Both lads worked an incredible amount of hours and I was still receiving update after 11.00pm one evening. BUT, the biggest thing that stands out above everything is the fact that both lads care about what they do and this is clearly evident in the way that Luke is building and runs his business. If you care about something then you really want to do your best and this has clearly been the case every step of the way. Everything that has been done to Buttercup has been so worthwhile and she drives beautifully. All the lads hard work has paid off and it clearly shows. I dont really know how to end this other to say that I am so, so happy. Here are a few pictures of some of the work in progress.
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    Last night of my Lake District tour, Waterhead, on Windermere.
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    A couple of mine after 5 hours of machine polishing and waxing
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    Angina attack with exhaustion thrown is. He got discharged from Northampton General about 11pm and is back home resting. He'll be fine but has probably learnt more about his endurance limits then he expected. Everyone at Silverstone was fantastic and a special mention to all the WSCC members who offered to help ... it meant a lot knowing I didn't have to stress so much when we were waiting for 6+ hours for a doctor at Northampton.
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    The weekend started off on Thursday evening when I dragged the caravan across to Blyton and Dave Cleaver dragged the Westy there as he was double driving with me for the weekend, we got set up and then said hello to the others that had arrived early and were going to be taking part in the track day on the Friday. Friday morning came and it was very overcast and word of rain at home only 40 miles away so prayed it stayed away for the day. The plan was for Dave to get some time in the car and use his experience to make any changes that he thought would make improvement. We let the normal track day first hour rush pass then Dave headed out, three laps later he returned and I thought something was wrong “It’s fine we don’t need to change anything” so that was that, a few runs on track throughout the day to get our eye in for Saturday which was also being run on the outer layout and that was that a great day and a little more confidence into some of the areas of the track that I hadn’t previously had the confidence to attack. Friday night most of the other SS competitors arrived and we managed to sign on and get scrutineered so less of a rush on the Saturday morning. Saturday and the outer circuit, we set the tyre pressures and applied the sun cream, it was going to be hot. A very straight forward morning practice runs with Dave a second quicker than me, although I had already beat my PB by 2 seconds. We had lunch then set about trying to find a little more time. I went a little faster with a 71.1 so set about trying to get in the 70’s while Dave was on 70.3 aiming to get a sub 70 second time. The last run of the day and Dave did it 69.8, I over drove the car and in true spin to win fashion I came over the finish backwards. So Dave to the honors but showed me what the car was capable of once I had more seat time. On the Saturday evening at prize giving we were notified that the local farmer had ploughed through the main water pipe for the site and therefore there was no water on site at all. So we did what and good speed series competitor would do and cracked open a few cold one’s, we had earned it by having our over sized baby grows on all day. The water was fixed about 8pm and we could start using the showers. A great BBQ where you bring your own food was in full swing with a mix of Marshall's non speed series club members and the speed series competitors all together. Sunday and the more technical of the days using the eastern circuit. Again we got the car ready and applied the sun cream it was going to be even hotter today. We had P1 and everything was fine Dave then came in from P2 and said one of the rears was binding and under breaking pulling to the left. After investigation we had lost a pin to the hand break rod on the back axle meaning the tension had been taken up on the opposite side. We disconnected the other side as well and cable tied the full assembly up out the way. So a job to do before my next run out. It got hotter through the day and we though the track had past its best. Dave managed to put a 75.47 only 1 tenth of the class record I was currently down in the 77.3 area but still pleased to be 4 second faster than my previous best. Last run of the day and Dave was on a flyer coming down towards the last corner with what looked to be a very quick time but couldn’t get the car slowed down enough and went straight on and through the kitty litter and onto the grass. I lined up knowing that I could go quicker but would be happy to get in the 66’s. bang off the line 64ft of 2.35 and nailed the first technical section and was 1.3 second up in the first sector, I was then brave round curva Grande and managed to get the car turned into the wiggler 2nd,3rd,4th into bishops where I had been scrubbing some speed but carrying 4th through that corner all weekend and a down shift to 3rd and powered out of the corner down and round bunga bunga and flat to the finish managed to get the car slowed and turned in………….75.40......... 1.9 seconds quicker in one run and first in class by 7 one hundredths and only 3 one hundredths off the record. Great weekend great company. Special thanks to the @John Williams - WSCC Competition Secretary and his organisation team and thanks to @tkm_dave as without someone telling me that the car is setup well and then showing me what it was capable of I would never have pushed as hard as I did to make up the time. on the Outer I went 4 seconds faster than my PB and eastern I was 6 seconds faster than my PB of only 6 weeks ago at the longton event. Let’s do it all again next year.
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    I had a strange thing happen to me today. Someone threw a jar of Omega-3 capsules at me and they hit me on the head. It’s okay though, I was lucky. I only received super fish oil injuries.
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    Had a chat with Bruce at rocketeer about the inlet plenums. Those in the vid are the more compact versions. V1 V2 Am still kind of hopeful that I may be able to make them work if the bends could be reorientated rearward with the filters then being up where the mesh grills are on the bonnet. Time will tell. Anyway hurrah some (small) progress. The chassis is back from blasting and has been epoxy primered. Finish looks really nice and very tough. My diff has also been away and been fully rebuilt and the quaife Atb fitted. Looks fantastic. Big thumbs up to Dave Rae. Really nice guy to deal with and the turn round was very quick. So grabbed a bit of time on the engine. New modified oil pick up fitted which meant I could get the new sump gasket and sump on. The engine had shown signs of an oil leak at the timing chain covers. So whipped the pulleys off and pulled the covers and replaced the 3 seals. Chain and guides all look in good condition. New set of plugs thrown in for good measure too. so got that refitted and the cam covers back on so I can start the wire brush fest to get the engine and box prepped for paint. I might try the same epoxy as the chassis as it's very good at filling small imperfections.
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    Another fantastic Silverstone Classic. Staying over Sunday night as well.
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    No update in a while as health issues have stopped me working on the car for a while. I've not got most of the little jobs done and the IVA is booked for August 3rd. The biggest issue i have to sort out is speedo testing/calibration due to the 13" wheels im using. Ideally id use 15"s but dont have a set. If anyone knows of a set i may be able to borrow (in exchange for whatever they may want) for the day of the IVA it would be much appreciated. A couple of pictures as it stands today next to my newest toy.
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    Friday's advance party. I'm sure that today will be somewhat busier! Bring ear defenders or plugs - the grids are massive and some of the cars are LOUD. The Lola T70s in the Masters Sports Cars are particularly stunning - just watching the drivers set off down a straight, give the car another gear and leap forward again is properly impressive! Here in Oxford (only thirty miles away) the ground is already dry as it was rather thirsty. Yesterday evening's rain was the first round here since May 30th. Simon
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    Great stuff, made me resurrect some old glass slides I came across in this gallery:
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    Video of the Friday trackday.. edited from 2 hours 20 minutes to 50 minute to show videos of cars... not just empty track. You may be in it somewhere. The brake frying Mini does makes a brief appearance
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    I ran as course car on Craven Motor Club's Maharajah's Tour that took in 65 miles in south Oxfordshire (from Postcombe next to the M4O to Stoke Row that is between Wallingford and Reading) yesterday morning. I took the Entries Secretary of the event round with me and Bryan was mightily impressed with the Eleven a s a mode of transport on a sunny summer day. He is a very experienced rally co-driver but has not been in a car without a roof for many years. We had no issues with bottoming out along the way and all the potholes seemed to be concentrated in one, two mile long, section of road that the organisers had pointed out in the roadbook. Nearly 50 cars took part, from an Austin 7 saloon to a Ferrari Daytona. The run finished at the Stoke Row Motor Sport Club's annual car show where there were another 200 classic and sports cars in attendance, plus a good display of racing cars. There was another Eleven there - I had a good chat with Andrew, the owner of the Lotus liveried car ( a tribute to his racing hero, Jim Clark). To be parked next to a red BMW 2002Tii was a proper throwback to me as I used to stage rally such a vehicle 30 years ago It turned out to be a very hot day indeed so the shade of the refreshment tent was very welcome. I'll have to go over the Eleven and clean out al the road and showground dust ready for next weekend at Silverstone. Simon
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    It just about fits in the garage. Phew
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    Hope you enjoy it. I loved my Citroen zx 16v track car. I got it down to 1050kg with half cage. It was almost totally stripped out. However it kept the heater and hrw. These are great for damp mornings and road legal usability. When you strip the interior there is lots more condensation from bare steel so these are invaluable. I removed the headliner which obviously lost weight but did mean lots of condensation which collects in voids and then drenched you when you first apply the brake. You have been warned Lighter weight means less wear on brakes and suspension so you should be able to save money and enjoy less brake fade now? I didn't use expensive brakes just normal stuff but I fitted front spoiler hoses to duct air to the brakes Lots of wheels are useful too. Are you going to try slicks ? I loved them !
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    i only ask as i as informed not to run anything other than water and an anti corrosion inhibitor in my radtec. i did run with mixed antifreeze and coolant 50% of each and the car was much hotter and i couldnt get the temps back down, back to just water and water wetter its much better. temps are steady most of the time. the water wetter isnt there to help with the cooling either i just use it fro rust protection
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    Friday, 6 July 2018 Now last night Robin thrust an entry ticket into my hand to go along in my brand-new Westfield to a car show in Wakefield called the “Fleur-De-Lys Classic Vehicle Society” car show. Now at the time as I said I was still buzzing so it had not really sunk in. https://fleurdelyscvs.org/ So, on the Friday I met up with Barry and Andy and proceeded to drive to the show where we caught up with Robin and Craig. We went into the show which was my first ever show displaying anything so was a new experience where we actually parked in the wrong bay, but that was not an issue. Des then arrived so there were 5 of us representing the club. Here are the cars I took my bonnet off as I was a bit concerned about the heat in my engine bay, which attracted a hell of a lot of attention from people walking by. Have to thank everybody in my group as at some point everybody was asked about the heater control valve I have fitted. Was a really great experience and I’m really glad I went along
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    Tel’s Tales Blyton July weekend 2018 After 3 weeks way down in the south of France with our motorhome I arrived back home with just enough time to get everything ready for an afternoon arrival on Friday to get set up and see the back end of the trackday. I was hoping for a great weekend of sprinting. The Friday was well supported as was the GF pub meal in the evening. Dave Cleaver and Simon Waterfall were getting in some practice for their double drive and it was good to see Tom Frankland in his immaculately wrapped car. At the end of the day I helped someone ( forgot his name) to reassemble his jenvey throttle body linkage which had come adrift from the throttle linkage. We eventually held it together with a nylon cloths peg that Steve found in his boot and some thin tie wraps so I hope it got him home. I also had a look at Mick Skidmore’s suspension set up with John Loudon and we discovered that It seemed to have restricted wishbone movement due to the wishbone bolts being overtightened. We sorted that and then softened the shocks and ARBs at both front and rear. Some of us managed to sign on and then got scrutineering completed as well to make a more relaxed start for Saturday. Saturday First job after breakfast was to slap on the suncream ( factor 50) and attend the briefing ready for 2 practice runs and 4 timed runs on the Outer track and it was already very very hot and as soon as we put on our race overall’s (babygrows)it was going to be very uncomfortable. In P1 John Loudon was trying too hard and he went off at Bishops. I followed suit and ran so wide I even missed the wide outside yellow rumble strip. A few others were trying too hard as well and had problems staying within the track limits. For me the next 4 hours were a nightmare. I got in the car ready for P2 and guess what?…. the bl**** thing would not start! It turned over ok but no spark and no fuel. With the help of Andy Hargreaves, John Hoyle, Steve Butcher and our kid we checked all circuits and changed the ECU, cam sensor, 2 relays, coils , plugs and everything else we could think of but nothing worked so it was game over. Anyway some people had a good day and after changing Mick Skidmore’s suspension he achieved a PB and beat Paul Dew (aka Tigger). Iain Hooker was out in the Andy Bates beautiful Arion S2 and went well but was only on cheap slicks so he could have been faster with better rubber. Chris King was enjoying his first sprint and getting quicker all the time. Keith Adams went well again in class D and Stephen was trying hard to keep up to him. Adam Phelps was blasting around in the family Busa and Garry Bunn was out in his Cosworth engined car double driving with Derek Hodder and having their usual battle as Del’s engine is still being rebuilt. During Saturday and Sunday Siltech Racing ( Dennis and Andy Silman) had a display of their fabulous fabricated products and other services offered. They had a lot of interest and we are appreciative of their support of the speed series and competitors etc. Saturday night saw Ian Told ( Tolfree) BBQ Master and Chris King as the BBQ king cooking people’s burgers, sausages and steaks whilst we all enjoyed the club banter in the warm evening sun. Plenty of beers and wine were drunk and our non competing mates Luke Algar, Tim Nunn and Matt Turner were still singing at 0230hrs in the morning but luckily they were at the top end of the paddock. Sunday On Sunday a guy opposite me ( driving a blade engine MNR) in the paddock came over with a laptop and some diagnostic software and it suggested that my engine had a primary injector fault so I was goosed. Eventually after further checks by John Hoyle and Andy Hargreaves we decided that the power commander was at fault. Thankfully my big mate Stephen decided that his older brother could double drive his car so at least I would get some track time. Today it was the more technical Eastern circuit so the first half was going to give us the main problem as we got to know the corners and braking points. Before we started Paul Dew asked me to look at his set up and like Mick Skidmore’s I believed both front and rear were set way too stiff so we softened it off a lot ( shocks and ARBs) and guess what it worked and he beat Mick Skidmore to get his revenge. P1- I decided to be Steve’s tyre warmer but nearly outbraked myself into the first lefthander as I discovered that his brakes were not the best ( new pads have already been ordered.) In P2 Andy Hargreaves recorded a great time but he had missed out a complete corner so it did not count.. In the timed runs John Loudon spun and Andy Hargreaves hit a cone at Bishops and gave a few people reruns as a result. Ian Davenport broke his alternator so John Hoyle helped him remove it so he ran total loss all day with no problems. The best performances appeared to by Graham Frankland who scored 99.31 points, Simon Waterfall beat Dave Cleaver (who was sharing his car) and scored 99.96 points, Adam and Charlotte Phelps did well in class H and Keith Adams put in a cracking drive to score more than 100 points by beating the target time. So for me a frustrating weekend but for the club another great event with all the usual club and paddock banter as well as help when problems arose. Thanks to John Williams and all the helpers. I am already looking forward to next year! Terry Everall Class G Competitor
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    10mins of fame on Mike Brewers car clinic yesterday at Silverstone classic, this is the first time they have had a kit car on his clinic
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    Here's my pics of the Westfields: @Tom (T3OMF) - Cotswolds AO @Chris King - Webmaster and Joint North East AO No.31 No. 130 @tkm_dave @syman84 No.49 No.60 No.764 No.62 No. 105 No.109 no.123 no.126 No.96 no. 12X My camera transportation device:
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    A few more pics taken last night Ignition off, lights off: Ignition off, lights on: Ignition ob light off, turn right on (flashes-with a longer on period than off to aid visibility): Ignition on, lights on: Ignition on, lights on, rear fog on (hopefully you can just make out the fog and light illumination is brighter than the others?) Ignition on, lights on (taken once it was dark)
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