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    I bought an 8-channel Freewheel setup from @Kit Car Electronics earlier this year - for the last few weekends I've been tinkering with ideas for the steering wheel. My quest for neatness meant that I wanted everything to be neat, so I was looking at doing all sorts of things with the wiring behind the button panel. Because I have a small-ish steering wheel, I also wanted to hide the transmitter box as well as possible. Then I hit on an idea (I'm sure its not unique, but I couldn't find anything when I searched) Normal facing panel cut out and buttons trial-installed Test fit onto the steering wheel, with screw mountings for a back-plate and a mounting pad for the transmitter. Note the revised fixing for the lower bolt so that the transmitter could be placed nearer the centre of the wheel Back-plate roughed out with "plinth" made from aluminium strip - the cut-out is to go round the steering wheel extension boss Plinth Araldited to the back-plate - (just as well my neatness drive doesn't extend to the bits I can't see...) switches installed into the front panel and wiring soldered on I also covered the aluminium with some fake carbon vinyl, then mounted the back-plate The customisation involved changing the orientation and wiring exit point of the small project box that Mike supplies with the kit - I needed the wiring to exit the box at the other end and much lower down so that it stayed behind the back-plate. I also didn't want the transmitter LED hidden behind the steering wheel boss. Job done It's not quite perfect - if I did another one, I'd certainly be able to make it a lot neater, as a lot of this was trial and error. Still, I'm fairly happy with this first effort.
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    I still have a little work to do, making matching plastic cover plates, but the first 'easy-fit' transmitter is made. It was, err, easy
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    Back in the shed for a bit today after a cold-weather break. Didn't get much done but have finally made a start on 'glassing the two halves of the nosecone back together. Ambient was high enough to run the AC in air sourced heat pump mode which worked well to warm the shed up to suitable temperatures for curing polyester resin. Took a couple of shots of the headlamps in their final place.
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    As some of you will know I’ve booked a private test day at Blyton Park on 4th March 2019. I’ve spoken with Terry this morning and we both thought it would be beneficial to make the rest of you guys aware of this so you have the opportunity to test should you wish too. So we have approximately 10 spaces available, gates open at 8.00am track at 9.00am There will be a full safety crew and briefing before the track opens. As it’s a private test day all welcome including open wheeled single seaters and I’m told we’re fine with timing. Max 6 out on track at a time and ideally maximum 24 entrants. Camping is available overnight on Sunday 3rd for £10 each. If there’s a few of us overnighting we may pop into Blyton for a pub meal Sunday evening ( just me thinking of my stomach! ) Cost initially is £213.33 for full day however the more people that book on the cheaper it gets, possibly down to £96.00 each if we fill 20 spaces. I will simply divide the cost of hire for Blyton by the number of entrants and refund as appropriate when I have final numbers. Anyone want more info or to book on contact me through here or on 07843699463 or email to mhautoservices@aol.com Marto
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    The news of the sale came as quite a surprise to me and even more so that I was being offered first refusal on it. This was a car which I felt would be well beyond my reach and a project which I could only hope to work on but here was that opportunity. Well you can guess the rest (or if you're on Facebook then you might already have read). Yes this is the story of how I came to become the new owner of Frank Costin's Auto XVIII.
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    IVA rebooked for 11th Feb that gives me a week to sort this issue. Guy at Omex has been really helpful and he is going to help me with some stuff tomorrow night. Hopefully this will sort it and I can take it to a local mot garage to get it checked one afternoon this week.
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    Today would not even have happened if it were not for @aeg and his weather report, so thank you and well done, you will make a great weather girl one day and Glen might fancy you too. When Andrew left home at 7.45am it was -3.5 degrees here, that's MINUS 3.5. Andrew, Glen and I drove into winter wonderland as we went on to the high ground of Hulme End, and waiting for us in the car park were Marie and BillyPee. It is always a pleasure to see Marie and I do hope she can join us all again soon with Michael too. Soon to arrive were Martyn and Sue, with Andy and Becky following. Martyns car, co-ordinating with the phone box. Icy car park Bill coming was a lovely surprise as we had not seen his post, but then Simon, Michelle and 3 of their children surprised us too, how very wonderful. Michelle looked as radiant as ever, how can you look as good as that with all those children around? Simon had his co-coordinating 'Waterfall Motor Sports' t-shirt on (his Westfield is orange with a green stripe), love it, love it. We all grabbed a brew and settled down for a good catch up. Marie and Simon left us here, but there was another surprise at Wetton when @rjc4176 Rob popped in to see us. I took a decision that the back roads were a bit ropey and the route I had in mind would not be at it's best, so we went along a very pretty road and landed in Wetton safe and sound. Wing mirror full of Westfields We arrived at our second icy car park of the day In the beautiful village of Wetton We all had a healthy lunch and then because we eat a balanced diet............I will let you guess the next bit Rebecca 2 slices (she will kill me for this one) Martyn Eccles Me? I had one of my five a day, chocolate and orange cake, with a proper pot of tea. As we were all munching away a geezer came in, laughing away, it was Rob! what a fantastic surprise. He was on holiday in Wetton with 22 other members of his family and someone said to him 'Hey, Rob, there are some Westfields in the village' so he guessed it was us and popped in to say hello, brill. I love it when that happens. He had not been short of excitement on his holiday as he told us that he had been zooming around on a quad bike experience day in Ashbourne. So all in all, for a day that nearly got cancelled, it has been super with lovely views and amazing company. It was freezing and my fingers did hurt most of the time with the cold. We washed the car off when we got home and the rain did come as forecast, just as we finished it, perfect timing. Thank you to everyone for coming today despite the freezing temperatures.
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    While Chris was over having a look and dropping my Rad off, we had a look at the rear section of the exhaust, and it looks like the cherry bomb centre section and the rear silencer/tailpipe section are going to fit pretty well without much alteration, which is a great result. The cherry bomb section looks like a nice fit from the gearbox through to the front of the diff The rear section will then run under the centre section of the diff between the wishbones (inside the arcs of movement) and then kick out to the side of the car under the boot and the tailpipe looks about the right position hanging out of the back Exciting!
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    Spare phone charger and battery pack for long discussions with breakdown/recovery call centre when describing the make and model of the car....
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    Visiting Radtec...... So I rocked up and said..... "here's my very poorly fuel tank that I rang you about, sorry about the Odeur Esso pong and all that..... It's got holes and cracks in it and it's more like a sieve than a tank, can you copy it only make it "Better"?..... Better says he...... yes says I.... tighter baffles and maybe a swirl pot built in, anything that cures a tight Left Fuel Surge?? Oh and I'd like a thicker gauge metal here and here.... Pointing with my none engineering pinkie at the bits I reckon would benefit from more thickness of metal...... There was not a hint of snigger or contorted face to be detected, I was simply shown into the emporium of dark arts that they call a fabrication shop..... I can only say that it got me moist, there were people applying electricity, talent and skills to metals in order to fashion said materials into products..... one of those products will soon be mine..... in the form of new and improved, none leaking Fuel Tank for the ASBO. The Sage (Mrs Nem.... ) is gonna crap a brick when she gets the bill (she has offered to pay for this for a couple of birthdays and at least 2 Christmas pressies, so no guilt complex here!!) So in short... go see them and buy stuff..... the place is clean enough to eat your dinner off the floor. Nem............
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    I like to send them lists of parts without part numbers just to get prices then only order one thing I can’t get anywhere else cheaper. It makes me feel like I get a little value for money from Honda after they spend days finding part numbers for me. Westfield are on the ball at the moment and I had a pair of bolts drop through the letter box earlier. now that’s much better!!! also decided to have a play with some lighting bits once it got too cold and here’s a glimpse of the future. I know there have been issues mounting them like this but hopefully on the day I will get through without having to check the manual over too much.
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    Next I started to see how to get from the centre pipes to the downpipes. This also meant trying to incorporate the X pipe. So out came the cardboard, knife and tape to try and mock it up. The ends of the X pipe will need cutting back to exaggerate the pipe angles into and out of it. X pipe to centre pipe sections X pipe towards downpipes From the side
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    Simples, the 'correct way'
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    I got the fan mounts sorted this afternoon and then wired the fan up to a battery for a quick test. It's nice and powerful Everything is dismantled again now ready for paint
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    He said they are not too busy at the moment and he has notified the booking team to add a note to my application to tell them they only need it for 30 mins. This he said should help me get a quick booking. I will be calling at 9am Monday morning to rebook ! He made loads of comments about how well it was build and also how well it drove which was nice to hear from an inspector who has been doing to 20+ years. He got his biscuits despite the fail !! Some pictures of the first adventure out :
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    Steel acquired, so back on with the radiator mounting. First job was to join the bottom brackets together under the radiator Then I sorted out the top mounts. My thinking was to try and keep the outside side areas behind the rad clear. I also intend to mount the air horns on the tube(s). The fan fits behind the rad with a very tight clearance so I think I will push the bottom of the rad forward a little bit The mounts are really nice and solid but the rad can flex on the bottom rubbers and top bobbins, so I feel it's a good solution. Everything needs a tidy and trim up. Then a clean and spraying job to follow
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    Due to work the next month or 2 will be very slow going on the car. however the sump is back from having the baffle plate and temp sensor boss welded in and it’s looking pretty good.
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    I reached a milestone over the weekend by having completed the MG strip down (sorry yet more photos but the last ones I promise). I am now left with a bare shell, and Mrs R has expressed pleasure at the prospect of getting one third of our driveway back! In general, the condition of the vehicle was pretty good, and I expect it would have been fun to have got it on the road and had some enjoyment out of it prior to its demise. Nonetheless, the fuel tank was only held in by three of the six required bolts, so maybe I saved myself the embarrassment of driving down the road and the tank dropping out from beneath in a shower of sparks…! I have to say I found the disassembly quite enjoyable. Armed with penetrating fluid and a nut splitter it went very smoothly. It is not often that one has the opportunity for new experiences when middle aged, and I found it quite therapeutic! It’s also given me much more confidence in my practical abilities to build the XI. Even though I’m a professional composites engineer by training, the opportunity at work to now even get close to real hands-on engineering is very elusive. Unfortunately, newly qualified graduates in the engineering or design professions rarely make it onto the shop floor even for a look around, and they need to roll out a ball of string to find their way out of it back to their desks (via the coffee machine of course) – a real shame and a reflection of the computer modelling generation. Generalisation I know, but practical skills are gradually being lost in the UK, and going with it is the appreciation of how machinery actually works and feels from a truly practical and fundamental perspective… I spent much of Sunday photographing 30+ MG parts I wish to sell on Ebay. Amazingly I might even get the money back that I paid for the car. Note that I am currently in optimism mode as I’d certainly buy the parts if I were re-building a Midget! Anyway I’ve made about £140 so far so that’s almost a new lumpy camshaft’s worth…! I noticed when I separated the gearbox from the engine that some of the teeth on the starter ring are quite badly damaged (from operating the starter when the engine was running?), so that’ll be another replacement engine component to be added to the shopping list! As I am running this project in a very linear fashion (with me being the project manager, chief engineer, sales and marketing, quality, finance, stores etc. and supervisor to my 8 year old apprentice!) I am now experiencing the age old problem of how to build a car in a single space garage. Now that I have fully stripped the MG, all spare space in the garage not taken up by the Westfield and my wooden engine gantry (plus bicycles and my son’s half built go-cart which mysteriously found their way in) is taken up with old oily bits of MG. The XI is in there somewhere! I’m next going to utilise the z-axis of the garage volume with the XI body mouldings by supporting them on false cross members up near the roof. On that note, I have managed to cleverly secrete brand new items of the build in various areas of our house, with the exhaust manifold behind the sofa bed in our spare room and the new steering rack hiding beneath our bed! I think I’ve got away with it so far but I live in fear of being found out or of smaller items being sucked up by the vacuum cleaner. I do draw the line though when it comes to used parts in the house as ‘eau d'oil’ only has limited appeal to the non-engineers of the household! That though brings me onto another little job to do – the garage roof has sprung a leak (or I’ve ‘accidentally’ locked next door’s cat inside the garage), and whenever I go into it following some rain, there is a puddle of water on the XI’s (long and curvaceous!) bonnet. Now, the rain is clearly not pouring in but there is obviously a little problem with a roof joint. Anyway I squirted some silicone sealant into the suspect overlap joint and will await the next shower with trepidation! Like I said, the leak is not really a worry to me, but once I have started the build and especially installing the wiring loom, the last thing I want is for smoke to start escaping from the wires when I connect up the battery! In summary, I am now getting dangerously close to actually starting the XI build. Once the garage is a bit clearer and the body mouldings have been hoisted out of the way, I’ll be removing the doors and the wrap around windshield (maybe for secretion in my son’s bedroom on top of his wardrobe – he certainly won’t object…!). My MG axle and steering column section are still up at the Westfield factory for welding. This is the third week but I am in no desperate hurry to get them back, as firstly I have no actual space in the garage to put them, and secondly it’s a 4.5 hour round trip to collect them from the factory. That’s about all for now.
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    Reviving a bit of an old topic here, but after a little bit of digging around, I've come across some coverage of the 1996 British GT round at Silverstone that the Westfield competed in, with some good shots of it at: 1:06 4:44 6:04 and some pre-season still shots of it before it was yellow. 0:17 5:20
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    I’ve had all this batch of brackets, pipes etc done in the same metallic grey as the plug cover on the engine, makes a change from the standard satin black. Now it’s been coated, I’ve assembled the main parts of the screen wash tank ready for installing on the car. Not show here, but I’ve had the header tank done in the same finish, likewise, it’s aluminium cap is left natural, but polished up to a shine. And finally for this evening; I’ve notice for a while, that the lower chassis tubes framing the engine opening seem to take a right hammering from road debris, fine grit, moisture etc, and were deffinately looking the worst for wear. So after cleaning back and degreasing, they were cleaned back with a nylon stripping tool in the angry grinder, before coating in Por15 Metal Ready Prep, and POR15. That’s all nice and dry now, but recent rain and snow has held up me top coating them. Soon as I get a chance though, I plan to finish off all those sections with Dinitrol Stone Chip sprayed on. That will give a nice neat surface finish, with a bit of impact resistance to the sand blasting it will receive in use!
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    As a lot of people are aware the Mazda SDV isn't normally fitted with a FW body due to the FW fuel tank wont fit with the Mazda Mk1/MK2 diff. As you can see I have fitted a FW body and have had to get a one off tank made to fit where a ZK tank would go. This then means that the boot box doesn't fit. Unless you cut the bottom out of it. I have trimmed about 110mm off the bottom where its quite narrow but what I have got is a huge area where the FW tank should go. My plan at a later date is to open up the front of the boot box and add an aluminium box to make the use of this space. This will mean that I will go from the smallest boot currently to the largest boot ever fitted to a Wessie. I will fibreglass a bottom to this later on otherwise my gear will get dirty. The eagle eyed will also notice the fuel filler off to one side. This is to create the space for a bigger boot but also anyone who has strapped luggage to the back of the car will know that you block the fuel filler as well, Problem solved. (I'm not planning on fitting a MSA bar at any time)
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    So Ben helped me, and I made this new plastic case - the mill works really well
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    Just seen a pic on Facebook showing the paddock being resurfaced ! Brilliant news.
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