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    That's a great photo Jude! One to cherish I am sure Glad you are finding ways to manage at the moment - I too find it hard with less light (as does my partner), but as you've said just trying to do *anything* really helps. It can be tough to remember though, especially when you are tired and have little motivation. I've had a tough, up and down, but generally positive few weeks. A few big things have happened which would normally completely sink me - slightly cryptic examples but something serious that wasn't meant to happen has, and something important that took a lot of work and was meant to happen didn't (both through no fault of my own) - but have managed to keep my head above water and see things in a different way to how I have in the past. The exception to this was Saturday morning when I got myself in a real mess. Symptoms of that carried over to Sunday but I kept going (via distractions!) and finally had a decent sleep last night, so I feel human again today! I've been using a mix of distraction and reflection to keep going recently, rather than pure distraction that was my previous go-to. This seems to be less draining so despite little sleep, I'm not ruined by tea time each day Perhaps this was because distraction techniques used to make me feel guilty. Sounds odd but I saw it as being 'selfish' and spending time on myself, when I should / could have been doing something else more 'useful' or helping someone out. But I'd still feel totally drawn and compelled to carring out said techniques because it was pretty much the only way I could find focus in a brain that would otherwise be overwhelmingly buzzing with a huge number of thoughts. My partner, Jane, has been really supportive of this. Her family have always employed a 'I need some of my own time sometimes' mantra (completely the opposite to how I was brought up!) so that has released my guilt for spending this time 'on myself'. I've also realised that, while it doesn't always have to be about doing something that gives an end result (eg. just reading a book is a good selfish distraction), a lot of my 'end results' are fairly special. In the last 18 months - amongst other things - I've transformed two gardens (to the point where we now have loads of visiting wildlife in one and grow enough fruit and veg in the other to noticeable reduce what we have to buy, especially during the summer), researched, designed and fitted a wood burner to the correct standards, trained for and completed a triathlon, ridden coast to coast for charity, designed and built a bed that folds up against our spare room wall, taught myself to TIG weld, built a car (a few of you will know about that one ), and more recently built myself a bike frame (using the same mantra as with the car, do things a bit differently) and this last week bought a 2nd hand keyboard and proceeded to learn to play at a rate which has astounded other pianists. Yet while all this has gone on, I've still managed to build and hold down a healthy relationship, got myself into the best physical shape I've ever been in, kept my business going despite tricky times, and fended off all the crap a seriously complicated divroce could throw at me (though this is still a work in progress, sadly, and it may be about to get even more crap). My point in all of this is that despite any troubles or how 'crazy' you feel sometimes, I absolutely guarantee that each and every one of you out there has a special talent or skill, which is something to be proud of. Never forget that and use it to your advantage! I ended up writing a lot more than expected - but perhaps, hopefully, someone else will read this and think 'oh, it's not just me who feels like this' and that will be a small positive step...
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    After over 50 000 miles and 16 years of use my shock absorbers/springs have seen better days and I plan to replace them, starting here with the rears. I have photographed each stage of the work and have posted it here, so the more experienced might comment/advise on it and the less experienced might learn from it. Taking advice from many areas, Glen and I made the decision that we would buy from @DamperMan, who assured us that they would be damping performance adjustable, designed for specific use on a Westfield and all the dampers are dynotested to ensure match and performance. A few days later they arrived The first job is to access the top of the SA by sliding the seat forward and pulling back the carpet to expose a rubber grommit which plugs a hole in the rear bulkhead. With a small allen key loosen the grub screw at the bottom of the SA, then using a C spanner, unwind the collar to the bottom to release the tension in the spring. Remove the bolt at the bottom of the SA You will now have separated the rose joint, the upright and the SA The wheel hub can be supported with a jack during the fitting of the new SA Remove the top bolt of the SA and pull it out It’s always a good idea to grease everything before fitting it and it also aids getting the washers into position. Even the tiny grub screw can be greased. For fitting the new SA, start with the top bolt. Put a washer on the bolt and push it through the hole behind the seat and into the hanger. Now this is the tricky bit, put a washer on the end of the bolt, then the SA, then another washer and push the bolt all the way through. It is a tight fit and lining them all up is difficult but with lots of grease and wiggling it will go through. Secure it with a washer and a new nyloc locking nut but do not tighten it up just yet as you will need some wriggle room for the bottom bolt. For fitting the bottom of the SA, line up the rose joint, the upright and the SA. I found that my rose joint was like a loose tooth and I think it will need replacing very soon. Get the bolt and put a washer on it, push it through the SA, then another washer, through the upright, washer, through the rose joint on the wishbone and finally another washer and a new nyloc locking nut. It is a bit fiddly to line up everything and get the bolt through, but the wheel hub does move multidirectional and with a bit of jostling it will go through. I did not quite have the strength or skill to hold all this together and Glen had to do this bit. Now both of the nuts can be tightened and you are ready to adjust the SA and spring. The ride height of the car is set by unscrewing the tiny grub screw, turning the collar that raises and lowers the spring and tightening the grub screw back up. The damping is adjusted by turning the little plastic toggle seen in the next photo. Unscrew it (anticlockwise) to fully soft, then adjust up in 4 click increments, we have set it initially at 8 and will do a test drive if it ever stops raining. We will adjust back in 1 click increments if it feels too hard, and forward by 4 clicks if it is still too soft.
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    Wasn't sure where this should go... Stuff? Yeah I guess so. Nonsense? Not a bit of it! Anyway, perhaps I'm a day late with this as Mental Health Awareness week was last week, but here goes I've recently (almost) finished building my car, and all along the way this has had me dancing along a psychological tightrope. Due to various factors I have a tendency to strive for perfection, and this can get me into a lot of self-inflicted trouble (and has done in the past!). In a recent post I decided to 'come out' and share a bit of my story, in the hope that it would help others to be more open about any sort of mental struggles they have had, or are currently dealing with: https://forum.wscc.co.uk/forum/topic/130867-the-lobster-88-se-rebuild/page/41/?tab=comments#comment-1422129 This can be anything from suicidal thoughts, right through to relatively-harmless-but-totally-draining overthinking (something I still do too much - mentally composing email replies at 3am while I'm lying awake, or practicing phone calls in advance!). If this describes you then you're not alone - even within this club - and I have always found the support that comes from all angles when I 'break cover' to be overwhelming, completely the opposite to my original fear of being seen as 'crazy', or being ridiculed, or even excluded. In fact it kinda makes you feel like you're in some sort of exclusive club when people pop up (both 'publicly' and privately) offering similar stories or support and understanding. It's extremely heartwarming. So, I guess the over-riding message is that it is perfectly normal to feel like cr@p sometimes, and that it's absolutely OK when that happens. There is support available all around if you allow it to come into your life. I will personally offer myself as one of these support mechanisms if I'm able to at the time, I'm only a PM away Feel free to share any stories here, you won't be judged and as I said, we'll be part of a (relatively) exclusive club, haha. And don't forget that whatever happens, there's always a fun and engaging toy with a shouty engine sat in / on your garage / shed / drive to allow you to clear your head at the end of a bad day Take care everyone, x
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    @AdamR OMG you're a bl**** super hero!!! I thought I was doing OK but now I feel I need to accomplish more!!! One think I have mastered.. Sitting and being at one with myself. I have started reading!! No one says life has to be hard... You are an awesome human! I relate to nearly everything you have said.. Except for the numerous accomplishments. Well you've inspired me... I just found a ukele I bought Brian.. Might give you a tune at Stoneleigh!!!
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    Hi Steve you can have the use of my trailer if this helps? I’m near Livingston and work at Cambuslang
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    A polished bottom bracket is better👌😍
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    Only because this oil/grease is the non carcinogenic type. If you regularly touch the carcinogenic oil, and then go for wee wees without washing it off, you raise the risk of testicular cancer. So don't be fooled and don't follow my example. Have had my hands on some really gruesome chemicals in my time, you soon wear gloves then! The cat must be asleep in front of the fire @IanK (Bagpuss) they talking about my hairy bottom bracket again😁 And on a serious note, Damperman is 5 star on service, good discount for WSCC members too.
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    I decided to have a look at the dash. A long time ago I bought a dashboard from AK which is a different kit to mine, hoping I could get it to fit. I started chopping it about to clear the steering column, and got it offered up. The eagle eyed amongst you will notice that the dash is located centrally on the tunnel, but a mile off at the top against the bodywork. After some fettling I have got the top section nice and central on the body, but now it is not central on the tunnel, so more work to be done.
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    That's rich coming from the bloke that drags a twin axle caravan around the country with a pick up?🤭
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    The Westfields were out in force this morning, with a total of none. We were definitely shown up by a MNR owner who lives near me. Only been on the road 1 week.
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    All the missing parts have finaly arrived! Too bad, it's such a busy time for me now, not had any free time to fiddle around... Anyways, managed and hour or so yesterday to finish off some minor bits. Fitted the missing propshaft bolt and connected up the reverse light switch. Had the plan to use the white connectors and put them onto the WF loom, but could not remove the metal bits... so removed the connector from WF loom, and flattened the connectors and jammed them in... does it matter how you connect them? Will probably have to buy some decent connectors and fix this later.. Fitted the bottom 2 harnesses, cut the holes in the carpet, sprayde adhesive and fitted the carpets. I have to say, powder coated panels are so much nicer. Since the carpets do not 100% fit, on the SE, the bare metal panels would be visible where the carpet is too small.. My arch nemesis ECU Tray, third time is the charm, messed up the first one when trying to fit the hinges. Second one i made was good, but turns out too small for the way it is meant to be fitted, thus i received a third one along with the bracket for the black box that sits on top of it. Seems a lot more straight forward setup than the stock ecu one. For Delta ECU its just ECU and the black box on top of it. Anyways, preped the panel for painting, will finish tonight if i find some time. Drilled the exhaust hole, marked down the center point as per instruction manual, too bad i only had 80mm bit, instead of the 102mm.. will probably have to use a dremel to enlarge the hole. Any tips what to avoid or to do here? Just a few more bits to finish before i start removing the panels to fit the sump, and all the piping.. Still putting off the fuel cap, roll bar and harness holes in the rear tub... any tips here? Measure it now while it is on the car?
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