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    I've just popped this on my blog but thought it might be better served here to generate some well mannered lock down debate. Or name calling, any kind of interaction will do nowadays! It will possibly be a bit patronising in places as we already know what Westfields are like, so apologies for that. My thoughts on owning a ‘big power’ Westfield With a few years of a 340bhp Westfield under my belt, I’ve found myself more and more hinting others against such levels of power. I did have the word “advising” rather than hinting in there, but that’s not fair as I don’t think a big power Westfield is a bad thing. Quite the opposite, in fact. It’s just a very different thing to when it was a middling power Westfield. Given that I’m strongly considering a rather dramatic change of direction for my car, I thought it best to write down my thoughts on what it’s meant, even if just for my own benefit. I’ll approach a few of the more popular themes when someone mentions a rather silly bhp for a Westfield “It’s a handful on the road” Well, I suppose if it’s a track only car, which mine has been for a couple of years, that doesn’t really matter. However, when it had an MOT, it was a fantastic road car. I never had to change gear to find a higher speed, just ride the massively flat torque curve. It’s a ridiculously docile car which, aside from a slightly grabby clutch (more OEM feeling ones that handle the power are available), could probably be driven by just about anyone. It’s about the furthest from a handful that you can get. What you can’t do, however, is work it on the road. It is far too quick for us mere mortals to be aware of hazards, correct the car over any bumps, change gear, process what’s going on around you, have to change gear again and even by the time you’ve read this, you’re significantly above any speed limits or indeed speeds where you’d survive and accident. To that end, it does stop being a Westfield, and become the world’s smallest GT car. Great and smoothing out the corners and cruising up to the next one with the gentlest of squeezes of the throttle. Thoroughly dangerous when deploying all of the horses. This is not a bad thing. In some ways it’s positive because you tend to drive slower and smoother, and you already know that you genuinely are the fastest thing on the road and have nothing to prove. The person with a 150bhp Westfield accelerating hard for 15 seconds between corners might be having more fun though. “You can’t keep it cool” More power, more heat. More revs, more heat. Can’t really escape that one. A Westfield also doesn’t have a lot of ways of getting rid of that heat. The bonnet opening is filled by a radiator originally specced to cool a 1.0 Polo. Now we’re trying to use the same area to cool a power output a comedy factor more than said Polo. This is where you spend your money. The radtec radiator/intercooler combo was the single biggest investment in the turbo projects and it’s fulfilled its role beautifully. These are the coolant and intake temps recorded over a track session that must have had 26 minutes of full speed work. That was on one of those rare summer days with actual sun as well, so mid 20s plus the sunshine baking the tarmac. Those peaks are within 1.5 degrees of each other – to handle that for all that length of time is particularly impressive. Though of course, I deserve more praise for staying out there that long. I’d say one of the benefits of having a large amount of power is also that you can afford to lose some. My engine runs a tiny bit rich precisely to provide a little bit of cooling assistance. “Turbo engines are laggy, peaky and difficult to drive” You tend to see these comments from the older generation, and that’s fair enough… they’ve driven 80’s turbos and, frankly, they’ve earned that opinion! None of it holds true nowadays though. The very modern turbo engines are impressively responsive. I think the only criticism you can throw at them nowadays is they don’t tend to rev that high anymore. My car sits in the middle of those two extremes. It’s not laggy, it’s not peaky and it’s easy to drive. It also revs to 7.4k and makes power all the way there. But it’s not as responsive as something like an EcoBoost when lower in the rev range. Fine on track, but I do think it would be a bit frustrating on the road. Then I suppose, we’ve already decided that the throttle is to be used sparingly on the road. Also, is it any worse than an N/A engine with cams aimed for top end power? Back to throttle response on track, it’s fine. You don’t wait for the power to come in. You don’t wait for the boost to build. It’s all there if you ask for it. Take the following graph of throttle position (blue), boost (red) and RPM (beige?): This shows the entry into a chicane, balancing the throttle through it and powering out of it. The throttle has been off for 4 seconds before this, suggesting I’ve caught a car up and it let me past on the exit. You can see the first input into the throttle produces an instant response from the turbo, and this is from 3.3k rpm so reasonably low for track work. This tracks the throttle position until the second application, where by the turbo responds again but is held back once it reaches the actuator level. Here, because the RPMs are in the mid range, the boost level is reduced to manage that massive lump of torque turbos like to give. Perhaps the reason they’re often described as peaky. The boost is now following a rising limit to keep the torque curve as flat as possible. At the gear change, the throttle is off 100% for 0.5 seconds. The boost follows this, taking 0.6s to achieve 21psi again. Which yes, is higher than it was originally set but crucially, not higher than it has been mapped for. Either way, I think that’s plenty responsive enough. So what do I think? Big power doesn’t ruin a Westfield. I’m 100% confident in that. What it does do though, at least for mere mortals, is change it. I’ve found that corners on track are mere obstacles to be cleared ready for the next application of power. Get the car slowed down (no mean feat!), turn in, get it roughly near the apex, balance the throttle, wait for it to straighten out, then deploy the power down the straight ready for the next corner. It’s made me lazy in many respects. On a sequence of close together corners or chicanes, I won’t be taking stabs of throttle between them. Just a gentle squeeze to smoothly get me to the next one without arriving too quickly and giving myself too much to do. Quite the difference to when I had 150-160bhp on throttle bodies. I suppose in that respect it’s ironically safer on track as you don’t tend to go hunting for those extra tenths. You don’t need to. It’s probably quite telling that since fitting a turbo, I’ve never spun on track. I’ve gone straight on at corners more than once! But never spun it. There is only ever one thing quicker than me on a track, and that’s a lighter, less powerful Westfield/Caterham. They’re usually on slicks, so a more serious effort than mine, but typically 100bhp or more down on me. And if they’re quick enough to catch me up despite the deficit on the straights, it shows how much I waste through the corners by not applying the throttle or pushing the car. Which isn’t speed I’m wasting, it’s fun and personal reward. I’ve had a lot of fun with my Westfield, and I don’t regret any of the options and even at my most modest I think I’ve done a really good job of breaking the 300bhp barrier in the right way. Even if I never actually meant to. But I’ve had my fun now, and it’s time for a change. For a long time now I’ve wanted to build another, knowing what I’ve learned over the last 7 years. So I’m going to rebuild this one, with less power, and more revs, and less weight, and more noise. Goodbye gentle beast. Hello bl**** idiot. That’s an RX-8 231 engine. It’s going to rev to 10k+, it’s going to breathe fire, it’s going to drink fuel like it's a water wheel and confine me to the noisy step on track days… and every now and again… it might even work!
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    After a very frustrating wet winter, being furloughed allowed me to get started on the facelift on my Westie. Going for a full Martini livery. I am using vehicle wrap as I don't want this to be permanent. The FW poses a great many challenges with its curves and manipulating the substrate, especially on the rear. It doesn't help that NOTHING on these cars is symmetrical! lol I have designed and drawn on the files myself in Illustrator, currently working on a trick version of the Westfield Logo.
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    My scuttle looks like it had caught chicken pox. So i've been thinking of what to do to tidy it up. Last week I ordered this from from Easy composites: Their regular sized carbon fibre skinning starter kit. Today I started the process which is going to need 3 days to complete. Stage 1 - priming the filled holes Stage 2 - Applying the base coat Waiting now for the base coat to get to the right tackiness to lay the carbon onto it. Carbon fibre cloth laid and 1st of 5 coats of resin applied. Even though the cloth was sold as 300mm deep , there was only 290mm of usable cloth so not quite enough to wrap under the bottom of the scuttle. Tomorrow once it's hardend, I'll trim the ends and cut the holes, 1 more coat must be applied tonight though. Start of day 2. De_knibbed, holes cut and then flatted back with 120 grit ready for stage 2 which will be 3 coats of resin. 3 coats of resin applied today. It now needs 8 hours to cure before more sanding and another coat of resin tomorrow.
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    A few hours spent wiring again today. I now have a complete set of working lights. That’s sidelights, indicators/side repeaters, brake, headlights, main beam, reverse and fog. Very pleased to have knocked that one over. During the day I had to turn the car around to work on the passenger side. So I could not resist any longer and put the refurbed wheels on the drivers side before turning it around. The car is sitting high at present as I have got the suspension wound right up. Other news is I met up with local trimmer that I last used when I built the Westy. Colours chosen and 2 large leather hides will be ordered on Tuesday!
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    A few final added bits. As these tanks were used in North Africa they needed extra water and fuel so I,ve knocked up a Jerry can rack. Its just a piece of soldered brass angle but I have had to use locktite glue to stick it to the aluminium hull. Latches and handles on the bin. The commanders cupola had a blank disc fitted to the htch. I'm not saying this is wrong but nearly all the tanks I have seen have a periscope dome in that location. So I thought 'I can make one' starting with this.. And when you have access to one of these.. You end up with this.. And finally I fitted the headlights, these will work of course.
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    What a cracker!! You are all to be congratulated on your enthusiasm to be able to have such amazing photographs taken. You make an old fart very happy. chris
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    Those of you closing following our recent Die Alpen 2019 Tour will be aware of some of this! My 4 year old dash2 died on our first day as we drove through Doncaster on our way to Hull 😂 It had rained heavily from home to Hull and I suspected water ingress. We took the Dash2 apart as we had dinner in a pub in Hull and I rang @Mistercorn at Race Technology to cheekily ask if they could ship out a loan unit to our Hotel in Austria. They said yes , but advised out hotel location wasn't on next day delivery and it would be Fri evening before I would get it (This would mean the first day of Alps pass blatting would be with no dash or as a passenger with one of the others). I also sent @Si.Dalziel a message to ask if he could e-mail me the Dash2 config file I'd sent him. I then sent this onto RT to pre-program the replacement item with, as we'd not brought a laptop with serial lead on our trip. Once the dash was apart, I put it in a large bag of rice over night whislt we crossed to Zeebrugge by ferry. We hastily refitted it as the ferry prepared to unload the following morning, but it was still dead! 😂🤣 We continued our journey and as we travelled from Dusseldorf to Innsbruck by train, I could see the parcel was heading on a similar route (I may have even been on our train!). Once we were close to arriving in Innsbruck, I called DHL and suprisingly spoke with a human being! I asked if we could intercept the parcel and their depot near to Innsbruck to get the replacement irem a day earlier! They called me back and said it would be okay. We easily found the DHL depot and they handed the parcel over. The feet (on the floor) are the 'busy' DHL staff watching me fit the dash! No wonder i's two days to get to our hotel by DHL! Once fitted the dash worked faultlessly and many days of happy blatting were achieved including a lap of the ring. All much better for having working instrumentation! On returning home, I sent my faulty item into RT for repair and also asked for them to replace the back light whilst it was with them given it was 4 years old and I don't know how long they generally last (I recall others have had them fail at some point). Shortly after my dash2 was returned to me and the only charge was £10 + VAT for the back light! The repaired item now has improved sealing around the display to case (they offer this for any new purchases likely to be getting wet!). Many thanks for this excelent service Race Technology, our epic trip would have been a lot different without a working dash!
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    I feel very proud that Complete Kit Car magazine are doing a two issue feature on my car. Part 1 is in the June 2020 issue which will be on sale Friday 22nd May 2020. Currently with free delivery from their website. Part 2 was a photoshoot which was done today while socially distancing which is normal for me when you meet a stranger in a car park! 😂
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    Kit collected in 2010, and the first quick drive of it today. Only 10 miles, as wanted a quick shake down
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    Just testing slippy diff, don't get why their so angry with me🤷🏻‍♂️
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    Such a beautiful morning to be out.
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    *Not a Westfield warning😝* Done just over 200miles in the last two afternoons after work👌
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    This thread's gone a bit quiet, so here's a cutaway
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    Not sure it would make much difference. The pwm bosch valve has very small increments of movement. A 1 percentage point of movement is almost impossible to see by eye. Got back on to interior jobs. Covered the side panels. And the scuttle join covers Got the carpets cut And then dropped into the trimmers to bind the edges of the floor mats and join the tunnel pieces. Starting to come together And then bevelled off the sharp edge of the gear lever and handbrake trim rings and gave a coat of paint. Just need to clear coat them. And then this happened.......
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    Dorset this afternoon - overlooking Chesil Beach
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    Decided my engine bay needed a bit of a tidy up. Had a local company dip the cam cover. https://www.hydragraphics.co.uk/ Really pleased with the result. May not be to everyone's taste but I like it. I'll add some more photos at the weekend after I've fitted it back on.
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    The amount and depth of information Dave has been posting in the Tech section helping people with issues is quite simply amazing. The forum would be quite a different place without his input I feel. Good stuff Dave, worthy of a mention I feel.
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    Chassis is now in primer, and I’m knackered! My pop-up-paint-shop (PUPS as christened by Vickie) must be about 35 degrees with the beating sun and 600W of lighting I rigged in there. I was worried it might be a bit cool.....it’s practically a low-bake oven based on how much I sweated in there. As usual, I’d planned on doing loads, but didn’t get even close to achieving it. I’ll put the black on it tomorrow then see how I feel about doing some more after that. I had wanted to get all the suspension parts primed as well today so I could just do topcoat tomorrow, but never mind. At one point I’d even had the notion I might get it all top coated today. Totally deluded!. It seems to have gone on OK, but there are a number of bits stuck to it unfortunately, seems to be floating seed day today, it looked like it was snowing at one point there were so many floating about, and a few managed to get into the tent. I’ll give it a quick rub over before topcoat, should be OK. It's not ideal, but that's what you get for painting in a tent. The air-fed mask I bought for this task was brilliant though, not the slightest whiff of fume gets past it. Wasn't cheap but money well spent I think. Painting all those tubes is a proper chore though. So easy to miss bits. Hopefully I'll manage to get a decent coat of black on the bits that will be visible when it's complete.
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    Last Thursday we launched the Howsafe PPE Bank – the idea was to ask our customers, suppliers and the local community to donate their unwanted personal protection equipment so that it can be recirculated into local care homes and volunteers that really need it during the Covid-19 crisis. Howsafe have made a starting donation of PPE and whilst early days, we have already had some donations from customers. Our first delivery will be delivered today to Philia Lodge Rest Home in Peterborough where there have very sadly been a reported number of deaths due to the virus. The delivery consists of gloves, eyewear and disposable masks. The rest home made national news yesterday with six deaths - the staff I have spoken with their are devastated and our thoughts go out to the care team , the residents and families that have lost loved ones. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/uk-england-cambridgeshire-52291790/peterborough-care-home-boss-moves-in-as-third-of-residents-die Any help you can be to help us spread the news would be much appreciated - any donations of PPE would be hugely appreciated and our promises is, that your PPE will be going out to the care homes and volunteers that are truly in need. Blog post here... https://www.howsafe.co.uk/blog/post/howsafe-ppe-bank For more information and frequent updates please follow our facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/HowsafeLtd/ So if you have anything no matter how big or small it would be appreciated - so please have a look in the garage, workshop or have a chat with your employer to see if there is anything you can help with - thank you 👍 There's more information as to what is needed in both of the attached links (easier to find initially on the blog link). Thanks in advance
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    Hi Guys Well, I decided to place the order with Westfield for my MDV Starter kit on the 28th February 2020 which was due for collection on June 26th. However, due to the current situation (Covid-19 Pandemic) and me being bored stiff after work, I decided to get the kit delivered by Westfields temporary “contact free” delivery service. It just so happened that the earliest day Simon at Westfield could arrange delivery was today which is my work from home college day. To say I was like a little lad at Christmas would have been an understatement this morning. The kit arrived at 11:30am and I had to help the guy lift the chassis onto my chassis stands that were kindly lent to me by @BugMan. I then had to leave the guys to offload the rest of my stuff and off they went. what have I gone for and why? I didn’t have the funds required to build a comprehensive kit, but I couldn’t find any second hand cars which were what I wanted either. So after looking through various Westfield brochures I found the MDV (Multi-Donor vehicle) Starter Kit which ticked all the boxes and I could make it exactly how I wanted it with a new registration. I added a few extras to my order which were; · V8 Bonnet · Wiring Loom · AP Racing Brake Upgrade · Extra Wide rear arches · ZK Fuel Tank I have also ordered the chassis with the brake and fuel lines fitted, as well as the aluminium panels installed (cheating I know). This decision was made due to me not having the space and how much easier it makes the build. What’s the Plan? The plan for the drivetrain of the build is to fit a 2.5 Duratec (Crate engine), mated to a MX5 NC gearbox and a 7.5” Sierra 3.92 Diff. The front suspension will be comprised of Westfield Widetrack wishbones and single adjustable Protech shock absorbers all round. The interior will be fitted with Tillett seats and a carbon fibre dash which holds a Stack ST8130 Dashboard. The build updates wont be as frequent as some of the other builds as I’m saving up for the parts as I go hence the slow progress. I cant wait to get properly stuck in to the build. Thanks Andy
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    Can't you hang your driving stuff in the garage was the latest self-isolation question from my wife? Apparently she needs more room for her clothes...... So starting with an old metal locker, an angle grinder, rivet gun and some sticky backed vinyl I can now hang my stuff in the garage. The only real expense was the repro globe. but she seemed to be happy when i told her it was only £20 It's a bit shonky but it will fool the grandkids.....
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    It was to nice so had a wee run out today, up Cairngorms, lunch and home via Ferness and Lochindorb and “ the wolf of badenochs” castle. left just after 8 this morning and just home
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    As alluded to earlier in the thread, I fancied another track day and there was a date at Oulton which fell nicely yesterday. The day was host to quite a lot of 'firsts' for me! Burton Power were 'sponsoring' the day which meant a goodie bag at sign on - including a 'history of motorsport' from Bilstein, which has loads of nerdy stuff in it, including exploded diagrams of their posh dampers. Bedtime reading for tonight @CosKev was there as well as @maurici, and @Nic (NICO) - Shropshire and Mid-Wales AO came along with another Shropshire chap to say hello too. Great to continue putting more faces to forum names, and lovely to meet and chat with you Nic The day was fairly quiet in terms of numbers but there were a handful of red flags (one in the very first session which I was the first to the scene of - a Civic brushing the barriers to stage left at Island bend!) and this meant few clear laps; nearly everyone played nicely though so got plenty of track time in. The day started typically dry in the air, but wet and very slippery on the ground - even more so once a V8 Westfield had split a fuel line and emptied the entire contents of its fuel tank all the way round the track - then dried almost completely, before more showers at around 4pm soaked the circuit again meaning most people went home. Fairly sure I triggered that downpour by fitting my slicks (that's 3 times in a row now!) - couldn't be arsed changing back so I just went out anyway, more on that later... As I said, the first session was pretty wet. I was enjoying myself but it got cut short by a black flag. My first in 12 years of track days! Too much drifting. Oops. Luckily I used to work at Oulton as an instructor, so know the guys there, and was met with a facial expression of 'you should know better' rather than a proper telling off. Sorry Mike, won't happen again As the track started to dry, I spent a bit of time tweaking the setup, dampers, ARBs, and got the car to a point where it has some mild understeer (very important - allows for power application due to excess traction capacity at the rear wheels) but still very playful when wanted. The car is a weapon even on the road tyres, faster than nearly everything out there - the exceptions being some slicks and wings type cars, and a lovely BAC Mono. Various Caterhams of all specs right up to R500 and top end Porkers were all dispatched with ease, so I think for the fun factor (and price!) these wheelbarrow tyres are 'keepers'. Maurici had also brought along a bunch of his mates from Bentley; Alistair in his ST170 Westfield which was having its first 'proper' track outing, Robin in a 205GTi and Steve (?) in a lovely bog standard 106 Rallye. Edd was also in tow without a car, Maurici's sort of former ex boss (I couldn't really work that one out sorry mate), so he was treated to the Lobster Experience. Despite being used to 700bhp+ Bentleys as part of his job he was thoroughly surprised by the straight line pace of the little crustacean! After chat last time of lap times, I couldn't resist using some of lunchtime to chuck on a set of Nankang AR1s I'd bought as a sprint tyre (they are road legal, 1B list), to see what they were like when warmed up. I'd used them before on MX-5s and liked them, but didn't really get on with them when I sprinted at Three Sisters - absolutely zero temp in them after a run. I wondered if they were 'too much tyre' for the car and wouldn't ever get up to temp, but after a couple of laps they came in pretty nicely and certainly offered more grip than the road tyres. Not really streets ahead in terms of lap time as you might expect - perhaps 2s a minute - and much heavier (nearly 5kg a tyre!), which was noticeable. One thing I did immediately feel though was that they ride kerbs much better than the Uniroyals, which seemed to kick the car violently despite their soft sidewall. Unsure why this could be - heavier wheel therefore less likely to bounce up? Stiffer sidewall transfers more load into the dampers (rather than it just flexing the sidewall), and thus the deflection is much more controlled? I think the second is more likely; either way I was surprised and it made me re-think my tyre choice yet again! Perhaps a 'proper' tyre with a proper sidewall but less grip, like an A021R, is a good compromise. I am still short on gearing with the 205/60 Nankangs (top speed 121mph) so some 185/70 Yokos could be the one to go for, given that this size offers me another 4mph top end due to larger diameter. Anyway - I got a good couple of sessions on the Nankangs and some reasonably tidy laps. Checking the footage back showed a best lap time of 1:50, even though that was not a good lap at all! All this buzzing around track seemed to generate quite a lot of interest in the car, I must have had 12-15 different people / sets of people coming to chat to me during the day. As you have probably gathered, I'll chat all day about the car, but tried my best not to do so! Ha. A chap from DS Motorsport was in the garage next to us running a Caterham Roadsports car, was good chatting to him about their race series and the historic stuff they do too, and he had a chap called Neil working with him as an instructor. I know Neil from my aforementioned employment at Oulton. The surname 'Primrose' may not mean much to you, but you've probably heard of the band Travis. Well, he is the drummer! A proper full on petrolhead, a quick driver and a thoroughly nice bloke. We had more time to chat than previously and got into all sorts of deep stuff like autism and finding your own little 'niche'. Super stuff With all this excitement I only had half an eye on the fuel level, and it turns out when you have grippy tyres you use a lot more full throttle. Oops - my first red flag ever - for running out of fuel! Luckily I managed to get pulled into the cut-through just before Island bend and was safe and out of the way. Positive note - the car went from absolutely zero fuelling issues to cutting out and dying within one corner! So the tank I've built obviously works very well Back in the paddock I pretended to poke around in the engine bay a bit, then put fuel in, then decided to change wheels again to make sure I'd spent even longer off circuit! With the track now bone dry it would be a good chance to try the slicks out and compared them to the Nankangs, or so I thought. As is becoming the norm, it started to rain just as I finished fitting them To hell with it, I went out anyway, there was only an hour left of the day and it had quietened right down by now. This was a really long and really fun session, with some serious concentration required. I was out there for over half an hour, starting with a pretty wet track, the odd shower to re-moisten certain areas of it, then it gradually dried - at different rates in different parts of the track - to almost a dry line by the end. Lap times started around 2:30 and dropping every lap as it dried. The track was still damp in a couple of important areas by the time I'd got my second black flag (!) and into the 1:52s, so I'm fairly sure the slicks will be quicker than the Nankangs. Shock horror - more expensive tyres are better - but the main thing I noticed was the feel of the slicks. They are so light (4kg lighter than the Nankangs) yet very direct laterally, loads of feedback, but also good compliance in a vertical direction. It really is magical. Anyway, back to that black flag. Drifting. Again! Maybe there is something weird at Oulton where the speed of light is delayed by about 20 minutes, I don't know, but I honestly wasn't being a nob by this point. I got 'that look' from Mike again and decided to call it a day at 4:30pm. Day stats: Fuel used: about 40L (about 5L more than expected, ha) Max water temp: 82 Max oil temp: 97 Oil burned / leaked from somewhere around the sump: Couple of hundred mil, same as usual Bits fell off: None Things that come loose: None Things to do before next time: check potential leak from front diff seal, change that if necessary. Check diff oil level. Note: diff seems a bit quieter this time, perhaps the CWP has bedded in a bit as I anticipated, perhaps with changing the diff oil if this is the case... Add a bit more front camber and / or caster, tyres are still wearing outside edges a bit more. Perhaps make up a really soft (12mm or 10mm bar) rear ARB to play about with, I still feel this can benefit the car. Play about with the shift light logic, perhaps bringing down the 'time to shift!' full flash to match more where I tend to shift (12k ish). Take a note of where the dampers are set at the moment, compare that to the 'baseline' Penske set them at, state at some graphs a bit and probably not touch them any further. Have a look at the data from the Woolich system and see if there's anywhere the map cap be updated / tweaked now the car has had some more running. It still feels great to me but improvements can always be made! Time for videos... Quite a lot of footage here, I'm going to go over it with a fine-toothed comb to see where I can make some improvements. First thing is braking, I'm still way shy of what the car can do, other than that I think I'm probably turning in too early a lot and 'jinking' the car to induce a small slide. We'll see. Anyway, if - like me - your attention span is too short for watching long vids of someone you don't really give two hoots about having fun, the first bit of the first vid is probably the most entertaining, then 'quick' lap starts at 6 mins in the second First up, wet first session cut short by black flag, sliding about on the road tyres. Plus a lap from the last session, also in the wet, also sliding about, also cut short by a black flag, this time on slicks. As you can see, there's not a lot of difference at all in grip between the road tyres and the slicks! You have to be pretty careful either way, just the slicks obviously would be game over should there be standing water. Dry laps from mid afternoon... on the Nankang AR-1 tyres. Quite a lot of traffic in the video but as you can see the standard of driving was good throughout. Quickest / clearest lap at 6:00 mins in - far from a good lap though as you'll see! Quick view of Kev (heading back to the pits?) at 3:30, and the rear wheels lighting up at ~115mph in 6th going down the straight at 7:32
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    I was flying in this beautiful old Warbird this weekend having spent an amazing two days at Goodwood Revival. I'm in the back in the first pic, second pic is the closing display running in at Sunset at Revival on Saturday.
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    Car out on driveway whilst cleaning out the garage. Getting closer to thinking about applying for the IVA
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    I've spotted a bit of criticism about parts from Westfield recently especially around price so thought I should balance the argument a little. Sunday morning I had a cycle wing bracket fail (long story) so needed to order a replacement. After a bit of tinterweb trawling I decided to order from Westfield that afternoon. Amazingly, the part will be delivered this morning, less than 48 hrs later! Yes I could have saved a couple of quid elsewhere, but what fantastic service! Well done Westfield, and thank you! I'll be back on the road by the weekend 👏👏👏 In contrast, the other items (Sikaflex etc) I ordered on Prime, won't be with me until Wednesday....
  28. 13 points
    So since the cats out of the bag, and being cajoled , here we go again. there won’t be a fast update due to accumulating parts etc and the dreaded lurgy restrictions. But after a chance conversation an unregistered sew chassis was seen and it didn’t take much to put ideas in between my lugs, strangely enough a tub was available and was committed to, then my engine and box of choice turned up a stones throw from the chassis and tub. A small spanner was then thrown into the mix by the unexpected and untimely passing of my brother. At this point a big thanks to the above vendors for their patience as we dealt with the matters at hand. so down I went and returned ( not without incident) with the chassis, tub and another mx5 mk2.5 1.8 svt engine, box and ecu. An engine I’m used to having supercharged one in my Haynes So where do we start firstly there will be a few tunnel mods to take the bellhousing which will require the alloy panels to be removed whilst the steelwork gets done then it would be very rude not to reinstate them with carbon ( here we go again ) Bodywork ? So an order was placed and Christoph at Westfield Deutschland is finishing off my order for carbon nose, v8 bonnet, scuttle and evo aero screen. Interior panel’s and flared sides soon to be ordered from Carbon nv wheels got these 7.5 x 13 today so that starts to set the scene, like I said , just now it’s about accumulating the parts required and we’re at the mercy of suppliers and delivery companies I’m now off work for another 3 weeks then it will be reviewed so hopefully parts will arrive and a start in earnest can be made but there’s no rush.
  29. 13 points
    We have a magazine here in the states called "Grassroots Motorsports" and they have a fun annual photo contest where readers can show off their garages. I'd just given my garage/shop a much needed cleaning and took a few photos and emailed them in. Much to my surprise I won and being featured in the magazine. Fun stuff. These photos were taken for that contest. I run my bespoke bicycle business out of my garage so there's more bike stuff than car stuff but my Westie was also built in here and it's where it rests between races and blats. Dave
  30. 13 points
    Just for fun, have a go and put up your video!! I tried and they are linked below. Endeavoured to make it funny but it is surprisingly difficult and I don't really sound like that do I? It was great to get into the Little Beast and do a warm up even though not allowed out on the road. Not to get too technical - I might show my lack of knowledge - Rover V8 3.5ltr 200BHP, carbs so smells wonderful, underslung exhaust, Powerlite starter with power cables from the national grid, and a very noisy Holly fuel pump! GO ON - HAVE A GO!!
  31. 13 points
    So... My partner its been experimenting with new painting technichs... and she has done this... I think is rather beautifull and impressive, so... I´m sharing it! (its a bit of her own interpretation of a curborough bend by the way...) Some have already seen it unfinished in facebook... so here it is the final result!
  32. 13 points
    Yay, welding completed. Nothing to see really other than a mess of TIG wire stumps and bits of yellow tape on the floor. It’ll be good to move on to something else now. Floor panels next.
  33. 13 points
    Following decades of wanting a "seven" I took the plunge in 2019 and bought a 96 SEIW, and now after 5 months and 2000 miles it was with a heavy heart I decided to sell the my beloved car. I've adored owning the flying banana, but bought her on a budget to see if the Westfield ownership experience was for me. I'm in the fortunate position to be able to buy my dream car, and I'm delighted to say it's another Westfield! Today I traded up to a stunning Mega S2000 from Toybox that has only covered 850 miles since new. It's been very tidily built with an LSD, ARB's front and rear, Dash2, Reynolds tube front wishbones, lowered floors etc. I'm over the moon with her so far and I'm looking forward to getting out on some runs in the peaks to stretch her legs 😁 A big thank-you to @Ian Kinder (Bagpuss) - Joint Peak District AO for all your help and advice, I owe you a beer!
  34. 13 points
    Ta dah! Bullet dodged. Even luckier as it came out with the washer still on
  35. 13 points
    More loose ends tied up ready for tomorrow's mapping session. Although did have a faux pas when I came to start the engine (I hadn't ran it for a while) as I wanted to get the engine and coolant up to temp to check all the jubilees. And it was running like a dog, I then realised I mustn't have saved the map settings from when I had it idling nicely. Doh! Anyway got it to idle ok although still a bit rich. All the little weeps have been cured. Brakes bled again and one seat fitted. And then off the stands she was ready for her maiden voyage to the end of the drive and back. all loaded up ready now. Hopefully it doesnt blow up on the rollers
  36. 13 points
    Well. Most of you will have seen that I've been sending quite a lot of cars to Spain lately. I've done that free of charge to help fellow petrolhead friends in spain and our club members, avoiding the hassle to have to sell overseas... All this cars, along with some other friends got along in a trackday in calafat. A very nice and technical track in Tarragona, 120Km south of Barcelona last weekend, and I was invited to share cars with all of them. See a video of myself in a flying lap 6 years ago... Once there, Old friends got excited to see me there, and I ended driving **** loads of cars, some of them quite impressive, and maybe, is worth to share the experience and some pictures... Lotus Elise S1 Sport160- This was my courtesy car while I was there. I got to drive it for about 300km, and I enjoyed every bit of her. For those who know the car, you will know is a special car... a bit in a dodgy way. Cam profile is very agressive, and lotus did a rubbish work to tune the low load and idle correctly, therefore you have to love the car, and is really unconfortable to drive steady and in traffic, however its responsiveness over 4k rpm and its handling, was FANTASTIC. This one, was only driven on the road and some spirited mountain drives, and it was awesome. Caterham S3 275R- This one was driven hard in mountain roads and in the track. Surprisingly, I enjoyed every bit of her. Out of the box, felt SOOOOOOOOOOO much better than our average Westfield (sorry guys, I'm a sinner) Ergonomy, and pedal feel was just outstanding, and I felt really confortable in her despite its narrow chasis. On track it felt somehow pretty agreesive. The weight transfer front to back was almost inmediate, and that meant that you could have the car understeering and oversteering in a few different occasions during the same split second. I think tyre pressure were a bit too high. Regardless of that, felt really good for its little 140hp. Westfield SEIW XE, 190hp former WSCC member- This is one of the cars I did sent to Spain... and Its been a great surprise. It does lap much faster than expected (about 3 seconds faster than my former MK in the same track) and given its "roadgoing" setup, its a car with shaitloads of potential. Balance on it was very very very good, feeling very simmilar to my current westfield, and alowing going fast with confidence and really compilant when breaking grip in the rears. Westfield SEIW 2.0Zetec, Ex TKM_Dave. This has been the great surprise of all the cars I did sent to spain. A car that I almost bought and I did discard it in favour of the Canary... And now i really regret. (well, not really... but is really good, and the build quality is one of the best I've ever ever seen). This car was the third fastest of the day, behind Myself in a KTM X-bow, and an Atom... so.. Yes. REALLY fast piece of kit. Its allegedly only 180ish HP, but the gearing is sooo good that would chase easily other westfields with known 220hp. Really enjoyable car. Really Dave... you made a huge mistake. That kit was a keeper. Westfield SEIW 2.0Zetec with 4 weebers. Purely a road car. well. I made a mistake, I was offered to drive it on the road... where is lighting fast, compilant and confortable... but rejected it in favour of thrashing it on track... and on track it track was... well. Enthusiastic would be the best way to describe its efforts. you could drive it well over the limit without having any scary moments... SOOOOO forgiving, but unfortunately, not fast and not too responsive. Westfield SEI 1.6XE . This car is also a former's WSCC car, and the one we bought with more perspectives... as, in paper was a fantastic piece of kit. Light, fast, reliable, not too expensive and with a propper Motorsport heritage that should warrant a decent setup and development. In truth, the car will need A LOT of development, as the handling is currently quite poor... and also broke the flywheel doing a bit of a disaster in the drivetrain. Its been a hughe disappointment as I did vouch for the car really badly. However, it does have so much potential... that i think once we have sorted all the gremlins, she will be a proper fast car. Time will tell. KTM X-Bow. I want one. Period. It feels like a Golf, Handles like a S7ven, and it has the power of an space shuttle. Really fast and Easy to drive. I know that track really really well and in my 4th lap I was lapping consistently faster than Any other KTM in the day, and taking the luxury to slide the rear like a mad man... Absolutely great piece of kit. The price is a big Pitty... as I really can't afford not quite justify it, but I'm wondering that I could sell the beemer, the westy, my dog, and Ana's mini, and maybe I could buy one to have in the garage. What a fantastic car my good. Gineta G50 Long Race Speck. Well. I can't really analyse this car, as is the most propper race bit I've ever driven. It was wild, amazingly quick, and easy to drive when in its sweet spot... but if you under drive it, or Over drive it, you will get bitten really quick, ending in a massive spin. Apparently I did it very well because I didn't quite spin, only a few big moments that I did solve with solvency, and impressed the owner. Not my cup of tea as a trackday car, but definitely, an amazing piece of kit and one of the most intensive experience I've ever had. As you could see in the picture, we needed about 3 people to make me fit in the cockcpit... really small and narrow. Well That is it!! hope you have enjoyed the write up, and the pictures!!!
  37. 13 points
    Folks, On behalf of the Committee and the SSOT, we have called a halt to this thread at this time as it seems to have run the course it was opened for and now drifted to areas that are uncomfortable, inflammatory, borderline defamatory and sailing pretty close to the edge of what we voted in as a set of behaviours in our constitution. No response to this statement is expected or required but considered and polite feedback is as ever welcomed in connection to the draft regulations as shared with you in the initial post. Please remember that our much needed, welcomed and trusted Sponsors are members too and we must present a friendly and professional public image at all times, if there is a real need to vent, please use PMs but beware that behaviours in PMs are just as expected elsewhere… I have said it before; I, supported by the committee am extremely uncomfortable of any public bashing of any fellow member or contributing organisation and especially of those who are elected and/or chosen to provide this club and its members with a service. If you can't offer up constructive feedback without having to sleight others, then please keep your feedback to yourself. What has been offered in this thread is early sight of what has been a considerable effort from the SSOT in consultation with me and the rest of the committee and subject matter experts on what are some fairly significant changes. This was done, as has been said from the outset (and explained in the accompanying document), to try to improve and simplify the system, attract and retain competitors and ensure we minimise the risk to the existence of the Speed Series in a climate that is clearly failing grassroots motorsports across the board; we are all trying really hard to keep this going. Change must and will happen, the old ways were not working, we agree new or different ways as a team and move on. The SSOT have nothing to hide, all the points made in the earlier posts are well understood and have already been discussed. Decisions have been made within the SSOT to which all have agreed to abide by and support, even if an individual did not personally agree, as being the best way forward in terms of scoring and classes and are necessarily and sadly reflective of previous low entry numbers. It is not necessary to have the further input or the iterative contribution from the wider membership during this process; on that point we are no different to all of the other championships out there. It is also quite a reactive thing to which the SSOT and Committee have done their best to respond to quickly and accommodate if possible. Again, consider other clubs and how they approach their regs… we have taken the choice to publish the draft regs so you can get a head start, not all clubs do, seems we are to be dammed if we do and damned if we don’t. There will always be opposing views, that is perfectly natural, expected and accepted, there is no one size fits all and I know this has been borne out at pretty much every session the SSOT has conducted to reach the conclusions they have. The Committee do not feel that any one individual currently has any overarching sway, nor that any of these changes are unilateral, it’s a team game and we discuss, argue, vote and move forward, it’s what our constitution tells us to do, it's what our club is all about. We do appreciate all the views and feedback, some most sensible and logical but I am not and nor are the majority of the Committee experts in this area, this is why we have the SSOT and why we as club must accept and respect that they are the doing right thing by everyone, there is nothing personal, dictatorial or unilateral here. For now, peace and harmony please, let's see where the new regs take us, let's see if we can work together to promote the Speed Series and make it better and bigger. Any related threads and PMs (including other social media) will be appropriately moderated to ensure we are on track to achieve that and remain as the friendly club. Thank you.
  38. 13 points
    Good Afternoon All, Yes it is I, Patrick from the Parts Department. Well how did all this come about... Joint AO... I wanted to be more involved with the WSCC and I asked, could I assist in any way with the local area meet. I messaged @Andy Banks - Chairman who discussed this with the board and@Rhett - Joint Black Country AO. It was agreed that I could come on board to assist and support with the local meets where possibly. Attending meets, arranging drives out on hot summer days and weekend jaunts into the black countryside. I have a strong interest in cars in general, always have, always will.. managing to secure a position at Westfield Sportscars was massive for me. To come to work everyday, do a job you enjoy and work in an industry which genuinely excites you is a rare thing. I have been lucky this year, worked many shows met enthusiasts, customers old and new. What is clear to see is the amazing support and cars that the passion all owners have. I have seen some stunning cars, many different models and engine types. I do not own a Westy at present however never say never. I love the cars, the drive, sound and way they make me feel. Let me get the birth of my first child out of the way and maybe just maybe... in the nearish future I'll have one.... possibly even build one to see what you guys go through. I'll keep this account seperate from the works account and generally I'll use it on weeknights and weekends, however if you ever need to contact me for parts you know where I'll be most days... I look forward to attending my first meet as a joint area organiser. Regards Patrick
  39. 13 points
    After 1 year and 11 days, I can finally post a picture of the Westy on the road!
  40. 12 points
    Went out for a drive and come a cross this art work on the wall of a bridge and I couldn’t help myself, I had to stop for a pic.
  41. 12 points
    A 9 mile drive today on backroads to take me to my walk.
  42. 12 points
    Not really a recent photo.. but captures the lock down mood.. 😞
  43. 12 points
    Finally getting somewhere. After putting in the detail on the Jerry cans I have moved on to the rest of the tank. I have to admit I love the highlighting on the shovel. And a big step forward.
  44. 12 points
    Doesn't look like a crack (yet) to me as you'd usually get an orange-y line of rust if there was one, or a dark line, but as Maurici says it's not too bad a job to re-weld and / or brace up. Edit: Just seen the first photo, that does look like the start of a crack, the dark line through the middle of the vertical rusty area is a giveaway IMO. Appreciate you are a fair way away Julie and the roads to Preston aren't exactly fun, but I'd be happy to sort that if you wanted. AOs put a lot of work in often unrewarded, so it's nice to be able to 'pay back' where possible 👍
  45. 12 points
  46. 12 points
    That's a great photo Jude! One to cherish I am sure Glad you are finding ways to manage at the moment - I too find it hard with less light (as does my partner), but as you've said just trying to do *anything* really helps. It can be tough to remember though, especially when you are tired and have little motivation. I've had a tough, up and down, but generally positive few weeks. A few big things have happened which would normally completely sink me - slightly cryptic examples but something serious that wasn't meant to happen has, and something important that took a lot of work and was meant to happen didn't (both through no fault of my own) - but have managed to keep my head above water and see things in a different way to how I have in the past. The exception to this was Saturday morning when I got myself in a real mess. Symptoms of that carried over to Sunday but I kept going (via distractions!) and finally had a decent sleep last night, so I feel human again today! I've been using a mix of distraction and reflection to keep going recently, rather than pure distraction that was my previous go-to. This seems to be less draining so despite little sleep, I'm not ruined by tea time each day Perhaps this was because distraction techniques used to make me feel guilty. Sounds odd but I saw it as being 'selfish' and spending time on myself, when I should / could have been doing something else more 'useful' or helping someone out. But I'd still feel totally drawn and compelled to carring out said techniques because it was pretty much the only way I could find focus in a brain that would otherwise be overwhelmingly buzzing with a huge number of thoughts. My partner, Jane, has been really supportive of this. Her family have always employed a 'I need some of my own time sometimes' mantra (completely the opposite to how I was brought up!) so that has released my guilt for spending this time 'on myself'. I've also realised that, while it doesn't always have to be about doing something that gives an end result (eg. just reading a book is a good selfish distraction), a lot of my 'end results' are fairly special. In the last 18 months - amongst other things - I've transformed two gardens (to the point where we now have loads of visiting wildlife in one and grow enough fruit and veg in the other to noticeable reduce what we have to buy, especially during the summer), researched, designed and fitted a wood burner to the correct standards, trained for and completed a triathlon, ridden coast to coast for charity, designed and built a bed that folds up against our spare room wall, taught myself to TIG weld, built a car (a few of you will know about that one ), and more recently built myself a bike frame (using the same mantra as with the car, do things a bit differently) and this last week bought a 2nd hand keyboard and proceeded to learn to play at a rate which has astounded other pianists. Yet while all this has gone on, I've still managed to build and hold down a healthy relationship, got myself into the best physical shape I've ever been in, kept my business going despite tricky times, and fended off all the crap a seriously complicated divroce could throw at me (though this is still a work in progress, sadly, and it may be about to get even more crap). My point in all of this is that despite any troubles or how 'crazy' you feel sometimes, I absolutely guarantee that each and every one of you out there has a special talent or skill, which is something to be proud of. Never forget that and use it to your advantage! I ended up writing a lot more than expected - but perhaps, hopefully, someone else will read this and think 'oh, it's not just me who feels like this' and that will be a small positive step...
  47. 12 points
    Well the morning has been pretty good! 👍 Maurici lost a wheel from his trailer on the way here, but managed to recover it and nick some bolts from the other side, so all was not lost! He even found 5 to buy locally for the huge sum of 25p each 😄 We're both running our road tyres and having a lot of fun skidding about, yet still being pretty much the fastest things here. I've been dialling in damper settings gradually, and disconnected the rear ARB while softening the front right off, and the car is now EPIC! It will slide on demand, yet offer loads of feedback and confidence even at high speeds. Was tempted to stick the slicks on for the afternoon but having too much fun to bother 😊
  48. 12 points
    Just squeezed 3 Westfield’s on the Reedham Ferry on the Norfolk Broads.
  49. 12 points
    After my engine woes I thought I’d get this new to me engine in for mapping at BHPerformance. Glad I did, running lean at low & mid range revs & had a bit of detonation at around 4000 rpm which was possible the cause of my spark plug disintegrating. The noise was unbelievable at full chat & after 4 an half hours & a tank full of fuel I was glad to get out of there. We we did have a small issue with it cutting out a couple of times & wouldn’t start, found out there wasn’t any power going to the injector relay & eventually found a plug had come loose by the main fuse. The final power run prejudiced a respectable 252bhp. The power delivery is a lot smoother & it’s a lot more responsive going on throttle, it had a slight hesitation before which I hadn’t thought anything of before.
  50. 12 points
    I recently put up a post 'Duratec Overheating' Had great response from persons within the club to help resolve the situation. Many posts were put up including detailed pictures to make it easier for people like me !! Without this I'm sure a costly visit to the local garage would of been had. Instead I learnt a lot more about my car and resolved the issue. The cost of membership seems very small when expert advice is freely available Once again, many thanks. Regards Richard
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