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    Just squeezed 3 Westfield’s on the Reedham Ferry on the Norfolk Broads.
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    Had to make a call to DVLA today as it’s been three weeks and the lady told me the application has been approved and will get the documentation in the next few days. Just in time for Silverstone.
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    So, bad news, good news! Due to the vagaries of the Racing season, it proved I possible to get the Honda in for mapping/geo this week so, with little time left, I had to down tools on it Sunday evening, and put Plan B into action. A friend of mine, who thanks to a bad back, hasn’t really used his Westfield much for a few years, indeed last year it only came out to go and get an MoT, had mentioned possibly selling. So I contacted Nige on Monday morning, and a rough deal was sorted out during the morning, subject to giving it a look over that evening. I’ve known the car for years, it was purchased from another club member, as a Cat C right off, the best part of ten years ago. At which point, Nige and another Westfield owning friend, and ex Cheshire AO, Mark, rebuilt it with a new replacement chassis, (returning the old damaged one for destruction), and many new parts. Ove got to admit, in some ways it was a bit of a relief, so many none-priority jobs that I wanted to do on the Honda were getting set aside, it was starting to feel almost like I’d have to begin again this winter. Now, I’m going to run the new car over the summer, finish the Honda how I wanted to do, and if it doesn’t surface again till the Autumn, or even the winter, so be it. I don’t want to have to be re-doing stuff. (Suffice it to say, that parts of the TTS conversion have been an absolute nightmare, thank goodness for Luke at Playskool helping keep me at least half sane! One word of advice though, for any S2000 owners wanting to go supercharged; take it to TTS, hand them the keys and your wallet, and walk away till it’s done! However it may appear, there is not a conversion kit for a Westfield, as far as I can see, they’re taking a few core components, then just grabbing whatever else they need from the parts bins at TTS as they go along, and I can only assume, fabricating parts on the cars to fit each set up individually.) Anyway, Austria will be done in a lovely little crimson Westfield, with a brilliantly crisp and incredibly light, Sigma engine. Started cleaning it up and prepping it. (It’s had no jobs done to get it ready for sale, I just took it as it was and all it needed for its mot was a fresh wiper blade on one side, which I’d spotted on Monday evening. Mind you, the tyres were about nine years old, and not the best, so I swapped my wheels on tonight, in a way, then, a bit of the S2000 is going to Austria! Still needs some polish to refresh the gel coat, and a few other little jobs sorting, but it’s only done 6400 miles, roughly, and the Sigma was originally supplied new by Westfield, I believe. It certainly feels low mileage.
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    Essex monthly meet stated with a hour and a half blat around the countryside then back to Runwell Toby to meet our guests from Essex 7's good turn out nice guys interesting motors.
  6. 9 points
    If you like model cars or not you gotta like this .... Enjoy
  7. 9 points
    Well, things didn't go according to the original plan today. But only because another one was formed 😁 This came up at a price I couldn't refuse. Needed to move fast so still have to shift the Fezza, but have a deal agreed. This is the 650S, an evolution of the 12C. Same chassis and something like 85% the same components, but with a few important tweaks from lessons learned from the previous version. First impressions are that it's everything a supercar should be - looks amazing from every angle, comfortable and easy to drive normally, yet an absolute weapon when you press on! It is completely next level from the Ferrari, so much faster and more refined. The extra 10 years of technological development is quite clear. My dad likes it too, he was well chuffed to have a go!
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    Evening all, Just came across this video and wanted to share. It's a brilliant overview of all the sorts of adjustments we have on our cars, how to use them, when to use them, and what does what. The guy is mainly into rallying but he discusses track use too and all the info crosses over. Enjoy! Adam
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    Blyton weekend 13th/14thJuly 2019 As usual the trackday on Friday was well attended and most people were very happy with their track time and the open pit lane as well as the tuition package offered by Alan and Nick Mugglestone of Triple M Motorsport. Mick Dent was out practicing but his car suffered brake binding , a failed bottom rose joint on his ARB and the threaded end of his flatshifter sheread off. Good use was made of the phone so that a die was obtained to rethread the gearshift rod and a replacement left hand threaded ARB rose joint was obtained before practice on Saturday. Mick Skidmore was there in his now turbo charged XE engine car. Adam and Charlotte Phelps were getting some practice in the partially rebuilt Busa following quite a bit of damage (bent rims, upright failure, wishbone damage, broken steering rack and cracked body panels) at Prescott when John Phelps had an argument with the scenery. Unfortunately Richard Houlgate had to withdraw from the sprint as his clutch slave cylinder failed and could not be repaired. Tony Mitchell ( AMM Photography) was there to take pictures during the trackday which are available from his website. Steve did a few laps to get used to his new Honda fireblade car nicknamed “Terry’s spare car” for some reason. As evening approached the rain started at 1915hrs and that curtailed any track walk or outdoor festivities. Poor John Williams was suffering from a very bad cold as well as the stress of being the Event secretary so he and others went off to the pub for the GF Meal deal! Saturday. By 0600hrs the overnight rain had stopped and the track began to dry out slowly. Signing on and scrutineering went smoothly and quickly and by 0900 we were ready for the first practice runs. As the Eastern track was still quite damp there were a few offs as people tried but failed to find grip on the yellow painted rumble strips. Steve had problems with overheating and we found that the water pump relay or fuse were at fault and we continued to monitor the situation throughout the day and indeed over the weekend. We installed a bigger in line fuse and borrowed another 4 pin relay from Derek Hodder. The worst failure happened to Jason Brown and that put him out on practice 1 as his nearside top wishbone adjuster sheared and damaged the wishbones etc so that was a sadly frustrating game over for him. Also in big trouble was Simon Waterfall who lost a bolt fron the gearbox to bellhousing connection which flew around battering the clutch case etc. Amazingly the Mugglestones went home and got an engine lift and Simon and Alex Gaskin( plus others) removed the engine, repaired it and reinstalled the engine in time to get a timed run in before 1600hrs and win his class.!!! The two practices were over by around 1100hrs so we went straight into the first timed run which was held before lunch at 1145 hrs. In T1 John Hoyle broke the class record easily scoring 101 points and for the rest of the day he helped on the start line. Matt Turner and I started our great battle again and we both broke the class record and battled throughout the day to see who would be quickest. Adam Phelps was also flying against a hard target time (class record) Steve was getting quicker but was still adapting to the revs, lightness, paddle shift, flatshifting and pure adrenalin of the blade car. Martin Harvey was going very well and Howard Gaskin and Keith Adams were having their usual battle and Howard was on his new Avon ZZS list 1B tyres. All the class B and C cars were putting in some good times. Michael Skidmore was using the extra power he now had however he blew a core plug in practice and got a lift to Scunthorpe in a Porsche car to get a replacement which he and John Hoyle replaced quite quickly so he was ready for T2. Steve Arkley, who had travelled 9.5 hrs from way up in bonnie Scotland was getting to know people and loving the track. Andy Silman was out for his first competition in several years in the Siltech car and from what I heard has caught the bug! We broke for lunch at 1145hrs and in afternoon we had 4 more timed runs. There were battles going on not just in classes but between drivers. During T2 Del decided to use all the yellow rumble strip exiting the lefthander at Bishops and he ended up in the field but there was no damage to the car as far as I know. It was a fantastic day of competition and the top 9 cars included 8 Westfields and were only beaten by Glyn Sketchley’s single seater Force. Many people had PBs and were pleased with their results and we were all happy to have had 2 practice and 5 timed runs. The three people beating the existing records were John Hoyle, Matt Turner and myself so it was good points for the Yorkshire area. The evening BBQ went well with the usual banter, beers, red wine sampling and leg pulling and the Marshalls were well fed and watered with Ian (Tolfree) and Andy Banks hosting the proceedings. The rain started at about 2130hrs so it was an early finish for some and the rain persisted during the night but had cleared up by morning. Sunday Today saw the continuation of the battles of yesterday but using the Outer circuit . Mark Anson had travelled up from the Lydden sprint on Saturday and arrived on site late so was looking a bit worn out as he had also been stuck in a traffic jam for around 4 hours. At least he had a toilet, food and drink in his camper van. Mark Bishop (class A) had been offered a double drive of Craig Spooners class C car as he had not been able to repair his own after last weekend at Harewood. Today we would get 2 practice and 6 timed runs so there was a lot of activity in the paddock all day long. Practice went well apart from Graham Frankland on P1 who lost his bottle of sun cream somewhere on the circuit when it fell off his boot cover. John Williams had a bit of fun presenting it back to him at the awards ( luckily the marshalls found it and could not stop laughing about it.) John Hoyle and Adam Phelps set the pace again and were determined to repeat their Sat success. Timed runs began before lunch and after T2 Steve Arkley left as he had such a long return journey to make but he had loved the weekend and is chasing the Novice trophy. At some stage, maybe even Saturday, Simon Waterfall suddenly felt he feet getting a bit warmer than usual and eventually realised that it was hot water leaking from the heater hose but he was in the middle of his run so could not stop. The result was some nasty blistered feet….hope it heals quickly mate. Mark Bishop and Craig Spooner went well until the engine expired with some internal head damage at the end of T4/T5. John Hoyle on ZZR tyres set a great time again as did Adam Phelps in class H who was 3rdoverall. Derek Hodder won his class on the day beating Garry Bunn by around 1sec. Charlotte Phelps achieved a PB and was very happy. Steve Everall went better today and is getting the hang of these sewing machines I think. Martin Harvey won class D against Howard and Keith so had a good weekend. Tony Smiley in the Busa had a few technical issues but I think he posted a PB. Andy Silman got to within 0.4 secs of the class B record with a time of 68.56secs. So what have I missed out????? Ah yes the continuing battle between Matt Turner and myself . I had beaten Matt on Sunday at Harewood with my last run so he was out for revenge. He had already just beaten me on Saturday and was keen to repeat it as he had no respect or sympathy for old people! What a great day it was . Matt had a few slides and spins as well as attacking a few innocent cones but he was flying. By T3 he was leading by 0.02sec and by T4 he increased this to 0.6 secs. As we both closed in on the class record previously set at 63.99secs by ACW. In T5 I really pulled my finger out and recorded the fastest at 63.03secs and as Matt waited for his run his supporters told him the news…bet that went down well. Anyway he went for it and I was gob smacked that as I watched he recorded something like 62.85secs to get ahead of me. However, just as I was about to throw my toys out of my pram there was a debate about whether his time was valid. Apparently Matt had passed 2 red flags at the end of the run but not seen them I had every sympathy for him as its impossible to see those flags when you are concentrating so hard on the track and trying to stay on the gas. His time was not allowed and as you can guess he was not pleased. Being a good sport I gave him a big hug and said get out there and do it again mate and blow me down he did just that on his last run recording 62.81 secs. He came back shouting “Oh Yes , Oh Yes” so a fantastic result.. He got his revenge so we will see what happens when we next meet at 3 Sisters. The people who be at target were John Hoyle, Matt Turner, myself with Derek just 0.5secs shy of class H target. Mark Anson won his single seater class and picked up another 101 points with his T2 being the fastest. So a great weekend and hope to see even more taking part next year and thanks to John Williams and all the helpers for a well run weekend. Terry Everall
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    Currently in the mental busy period at work so very time limited on the build, and also taken a couple of steps backward on the inlet. My fabricated inlet wasnt going to work, the inlet trumpets were starting to deform when securing the silicon joins to the flanges. Plus with the weight of the throttle body etc it just wasnt beefy enough. So I've copied with the help of @CosKev and gone with a mondeo st200 inlet and throttle body. However after this arrived I found I needed a lower jaguar inlet from a later engine as this had a taller manifold. I then also went for a lower profile steel fuel rail from a 2.1 v6. This is dead headed and no pressure sensor fitting on the end. New inlet manifold and fuel rail in. This is the inlet resting on To make this fit needed a pair of spacers making. 15mm just about gives enough clearance. And with a bit of port matching. Still need a bit of tidying up. The inlet had all the fittings for egr breathers etc cut off and smoothed. I was hoping to use the iacv ducting as standard but it just wouldn't fit under the bonnet. So that was lopped off aswell. The standard st200 throttle is 60mm but the inlet is 65mm so had it bored and cleaned up with a new butterfly to the 65mm to match. Because the iacv will now have to be remote mounted I've made an adapter plate to fit it. I'll be getting the holes in the manifold welded up and smoothed and will get the adapter welded at the same time So sadly not a very exciting update, and the inlet has been by far the most frustrating part of the engine install so glad it's nearly sorted now. Onwards and upwards!
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    Hi All, Had a fabulous Saturday morning achieving a first start for the big black beast. Started on the first kick and the throttle bodies needed very little tuning. Had a little drive backwards and forward to test out the transmission. All went well. Thanks Cider King for all your help again.
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    A beautiful winters day here is Tasmania so a bbq was had A yellow Elfin, my Aussie Westfield and in the shed is a PRB
  13. 8 points
    Today at my local classic car show, Cars At The Spa, in beautiful sunshine.
  14. 8 points
    I'm so happy right now... 22 months since the car had life and now...
  15. 8 points
    It's also not too shabby at Ynyslas... Gary
  16. 8 points
    Waun y Gadair view point above Lyn Clywedog on the mountain road between lLlanidloes and Machynlleth. Too good a day to miss Gary
  17. 8 points
    Yesterdays early finish - time to play in the Sun
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    Well, thanks again for all the ideas chaps It's given me a huge range to mull over and it's really opened my eyes to what's available, a lot of stuff I'd not even considered! There's a bit more to this than I've mentioned so far, but I've decided what to do... In short I'm hoping to be able to work back up through some of the cars in this thread in the future, but for now the divorce I'm having to deal with (and the fairly unsavoury circumstances surrounding it) means I'm unlikely to ever be in this position again. So I've decided to go balls out. You only live once and all that. Have some final arm-wrestling to do with the dealer on the finer details, but should be collecting this little fella next week all being well... I currently have an F430 Spider which I had planned to hang onto as an investment, but honestly I don't really enjoy driving it. The coolest thing about that car has been letting mates drive it, random strangers asking to take a look (and seeing how chuffed they are that the answer is always yes!), my mum getting really excited by the bl**** wonderful noise it makes - but it always felt a bit fragile and as an 'investment' I didn't want to drive it as much as it deserved. It would have ended up being sold as part of the divorce settlement anyway so seems pointless to hang onto it. So for now I might as well chop that in and go for something that's a bit more 'me' - nerdy rather than flamboyant, amazing engineering, slightly more understated and more usable from day to day. I test drove a 650S and it felt a bit too hardcore. Insanely fast but perhaps a bit too 'focused' for road driving. This seems like a nice balance. There are many horror stories about huge warranty bills and massive depreciation, but going into it with open eyes, a lump of cash in reserve just in case and a top warranty from Thorney Motorsport, I'm hoping I can just enjoy it and deal with any issues pragmatically should they arise!
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    We now have another road worthy Westfield FW special. Just passed IVA
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    Arrived today!!! Great customer service were with me in 4 day from ordering set up and ready to fit, thanks @DamperMan cant wait to get them on the car,
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    Stopped for lunch at Bala lake edge today, another nice run around the B roads of North Wales...
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    And the winner is....... @Snappy!!!! Last night I removed the bolt, Circled in BLUE, I had fitted into the throttle cable to throttle linkage mechanism (that holds it to the TBs). This 'allowed' the linkage to move with accelerator depression and in effect rotate the linkage from horizontal to approx 10-15o below horizontal (Blue Line) - this had the effect of pushing the actual TB throttle linkage/backing off and shutting the butterflies. When started it was at 500 rpm!!!! So wound in the idle screw until at 900 rpm and then shut down. Then disconnected the 90o transfer arm from the cable bell crank to the butterfly actuator and refitted the bolt, hence securing the cable linkage in the horizontal. Then with some trial and error and adjusting both the 90o arm and the locating screw/ball joint until it was smooth in operation. Each time starting to check still on idle....several attempts here (including me winding in when should have been out and 180o out etc etc) Then finally at right idle and smooth unimpeded movement I adjusted the throttle cable to be tighter, with 2-3 mm play before take up. So, as mentioned before, the engine was behaving correctly with correct fuel, air, spark to go broooom....just that the 'correct' fitment of the throttle cable linkage had caused the mechanism to advance to approx 3000rpm position. Now that is all done, time to refill Main and Diff gearboxes, fit seats, seat belts, roll bar and get out for a test blat! Hopefully before Summer disappears... I cannot thank you all enough for your advice and buckets of patience whilst I eliminated so many 'possibles' and got back to the start...and yes @Kit Car Electronics, Mike I have kicked myself several times over for such a simple fault that I added by correcting a different error. Chris
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    Screws and stitching plates removed. I then removed the gelcoat both sides of the cut /repair. I then feathered down the existing bodywork where it was cut to level into the new matting on the underside Close up of grinding/feathering down to the new underside matting Once this was done I laid up a couple of layers of chopped strand matting on the topside of the arch Finally a view from above looking down at the rear section of the arch. I am quite pleased with the initial shape that has been achieved. It feels like a good base to work on to smooth everything out
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    Having fun at Cadwell last Thursday.... What a track!
  25. 7 points
    Could this be Mr kinder's next purchase?
  26. 7 points
    In sunny Madeira Island mountains testing the latest mapping of the MegaSquirt
  27. 7 points
    Parked outside the ramblers rest at Edale for lunch and driving though Winnats Pass on the way home yesterday.
  28. 7 points
    Kanderstag in Switzerland on this years trip.
  29. 7 points
    After my engine woes I thought I’d get this new to me engine in for mapping at BHPerformance. Glad I did, running lean at low & mid range revs & had a bit of detonation at around 4000 rpm which was possible the cause of my spark plug disintegrating. The noise was unbelievable at full chat & after 4 an half hours & a tank full of fuel I was glad to get out of there. We we did have a small issue with it cutting out a couple of times & wouldn’t start, found out there wasn’t any power going to the injector relay & eventually found a plug had come loose by the main fuse. The final power run prejudiced a respectable 252bhp. The power delivery is a lot smoother & it’s a lot more responsive going on throttle, it had a slight hesitation before which I hadn’t thought anything of before.
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    A video of various cars from Fridays track day. 24 minutes of video with other cars, from 1 hour 50 minutes of video track time..I drive on my own a lot is seems 😞 The @KugaWestie 'not so slow' mini at 17mins. Hopefully most people are in the Video somewhere?
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  32. 6 points
    Hey guys, had a call from Simpsons this morning saying was finished & he was kind enough to send me some pictures. The below picture is with the decat fitted which just slots out :0) Suffice to say, im very happy with it & looking forward to firing her up for the first time :0) Hopefully the decision to stick to the OEM header specs pays off
  33. 6 points
    Pffff, this "hobby" has a steep steep learning curve... I rather swap another engine in my Westfield But my 1st attempt at making a back plate for the Hella 3rd brake light mounted on the rollbar (those who have one will know what I'm on about) I would almost call it a success! Had initially designed it as one piece, but then discovered that the dimensions were too big for the Ender 3. Split it up in 2 and added mini dowels to assist with the fitting. Forgotten the support for the pegs, so they would not fit until I sanded a little off them. No biggie really. What is a biggie is that I did not design the cable entry hole for it, so I will either do another attempt at the right hand side (where the cable exits on the led strip), or hack the existing one just to see what it will look like. I've trial fitted the left hand side and that was almost spot on! Just the rounding of my ellipse is narrower than the led strip. Would hardly be noticeable when fitted though, so I'll probably leave that as is. If anyone wants the STL file(s), let me know
  34. 6 points
    Looking good Surprising how much time goes into that inlet conversion! With it though imo,the sleeker/more equal looking end result is much better
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    just thought id share my home made pump for filling gearboxes and diffs for very little cost needed are 2 x 6 mm 30 to 40 mm long steel bolts and nuts plastic would be easer to drill center out with a 4 mm drill bit some 8 mm fuel tube or plastic tubing laying around if you have it 1 rubber seal for inside lid top I used a old bike innertube cut it round and put holes in for the two bolts 1 jubilee clip optional to old the push bike pump nipple into tube so most gear oil comes in the 1 liter bottles so why not use them has your bottle saving on the cost of buying the pumps take the top off the liter bottle of oil nearly all tops fit other bottles and drill two 6 mm holes in it use 2x 6 mm bolts about 30 mm long and drill center out with aprox 4 mm drill bit now make a rubber seal to fit inside the top cap just to stop fluid leaking out when pressuring bottle if you have a rubber washer the right size even better put both the bolts through the top leaving a few mm longer on one to push the plastic pickup pipe onto it shown in pics and put bolts on to clamp it to the top making Shure you have the rubber seal on also the two bolt tops that come out of the bottle top need to have longish threads to push fit the tubing on see pics screw the top then on to the bottle of oil with the pick up pipe been long to reach to bottom of bottle to get all the oil connect to one of the top tubes fitted with the push bike nipple air pump adaptor shown in pic they can be got from any cycle shop about a pound or you may have a holo pipe that fits so you can fit your method of pressure pump or compressor the other long tube then pushes into the diff / gearbox and because its thin it can go around obstacles where has trying to but the bottle straight on with the spout usually ends in tears and mess I use my air compressor gently not to over pressure the bottle or use a bike pump this fits onto the nipple that jubilee clipped in the tube I am Shure there are loads of pumps to buy and members will have other ideas but some wont so just a idea from me this could also be used on bigger gallon containers using the same idea but using the bigger top thanks for looking sorry if my wording is a bit all over but see the pics has I ask for loads of info from members its my little way of helping back thankyou john
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    WOW what a great day out !!! a big thanks to all who came today and enjoy great day out in glorious weather we did 220 miles and I’m sure that everyone from down south did much more we set off south at 8.30 to meet up with everyone at glenshee, getting there a tad early meant there was time for a bacon roll and coffee sitting outside in the sun , there are a lot worse places to be on a Sunday morning! Soon there were 3 Westies and a tiger parked and ours made 5 a quick chat and we decided to press on to tomintoul and have a regroup there, on passing corgarf Les with his seight was waiting and waving us on he caught us up at tomintoul, onto a refuel at Grantown-on-Spey before taking the backroads through nethy bridge, coylum bridge and feshie bridge to loch insch boathouse for lunch after some good food and chatter, John said he was going to press on south so we all headed down the backroad to Kingussie and Newtonmore before saying goodbye Les said he was going for fuel and then to explore lochness side so we parted ways and we headed back up speyside for home. sat here in glorious sunshine and I’d just again like to thank everyone for a great day out
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    Visiting @Chris King - Webmaster and Joint North East AO At his posh highland retreat
  38. 6 points
    Tonight I stitched the back half of the arch ready to add some matting. To get the arch to Reshape I used a heat gun to soften the existing GRP before stitching
  39. 6 points
    OK, had to wait for Boots to process them! All credit to the various charities and especially Bucks County Council for a great free show for 10,000 at Wycombe Air Park. Not often the local Council gets praise but free unlimited bottled water was impressive.
  40. 6 points
    Great days racing today at Aintree sprint with Chris , Derek and Gary , weather was fab thanks John.
  41. 6 points
    Here's mine out on a trip to a classic car meet in Bicester. And one from the Complete Kit Car photo shoot.
  42. 6 points
    Hey guys....hope your all keeping well :0) Just a little update as to further progress. Well cars going in to Simpsons next week for a manifold & exhaust, so have been getting the car ready so that it can be trailored. Also fitted some Carbon NV arch protectors which fitted loverly & a nice easy job & then fitted some Mick made Sill protectors which I velcro'ed on. Then moved onto fitting my seats, so measured (several times lol) & marked up the drivers side ready to accept the runners Passenger side was alot easier as simply made up some blu-tac pancakes on the floor & with the bolts seated in the seat mounts, just positioned the seat where I wanted it & pushed down to mark the Blu-tac. And for the grand finale, bolted the seats in, fitted the harnesses & had took a seat. This made me realise two things, one that I need to loose a few pounds as they were VERY snug & almost couldnt get out again lol The second was that there is no dignified way of getting in or out as kinda fell in & almost pulled a muscle getting out lol Once cars back from Simpsons, think my next task will be the dash wiring a installing free wheel system which should be intresting with my lack of electrical skills. I can feel an electrical S.O.S going out at some point lol
  43. 6 points
    Charge cooling mockups in place, although I kind of like the PVC... Will need the billet plenum making up, this feeds two charge coolers (one on each bank). Will be hardpiping it all and trying to fit under a V8 bonnet with no extra cuts...
  44. 6 points
    On the way to work...... ....I may have got lost..... ........ and taken a longer route..... ..than the tintop takes.
  45. 6 points
    I bought my Zetec-powered Westie as an antidote to chasing power. I took my last car from 220bhp as standard to just shy of 500bhp. It was great fun, but I found myself having to travel extremely quickly to get a buzz out of it. I now have about a third of the power, and about a third of the weight - the difference is that I don't need to be doing 150+ to feel like I'm going quickly Anyway, straights are only there to join the corners up and you don't need power for corners...
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    There has been a lot of little jobs tackled recently whilst I’m waiting on a few bits and pieces to sort the coolant system out. first one was to mount the fuse blocks as they were getting in the way whilst sorting through the dash wiring. Also fitted the original S2000 start button with its relay mounted to the back of the dash. Instead of chopping into the wiring I took the ACC wire off of the back of the ignition barrel and moved the starter fire signal wire to match it. This way I can easily switch back to a normal key start. By just switching the wires back. I have re done the lettering on the spark plug cover. I didn’t really want a Westfield badge on there but it’s hiding a bit of powder coat I caught with the sander. Started to tidy up the engine bay wiring using the original Honda rubbers under the cover. Looks like I have an issue with the ECU as when I was checking out the new TPS it started to jump around freezing on map4000 before disconnecting. Tried to reconnect but noticed the fuel pump no longer runs and it’s not talking. Omex support were really good and after confirming the ECU was getting powered they started a returns for testing. I’m hoping this was down to not having the earth wire between the chassis and block. Now that I have the correct bonding lead fitted once the ECU is checked and hopefully repaired it will all be good with no further failures. I had to test the start button without the ECU but it works just fine. As does the modified horn setup
  47. 5 points
    Well thanks for the ideas guys.so I started looking around for best price on pack safe and after looking at the pictures and thinking "how hard could it be to make one" which is what normally enters my mind so a quick look on fleebay and £30 later and a few evenings work I'm halfway done . 1.5mm stainless steel PVC coated wire rope and a bag large bag of crimps
  48. 5 points
  49. 5 points
    Sunday morning Blatter's! Really good drive. Nice and quiet 👍
  50. 5 points
    Hi all Some of you will know that I run an old 1946 Morris y Type van I want to put some seat belts in it and was thinking about using the RAC type roll bar to mount in the back with some modifications to suit So need to know height and width plus the length of the rear rose jointed stays Thanks in advance Clark
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