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Cobra 427 Build


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It has been a busy few days wheeling and dealing, and then collecting parts all weekend.

It started on Saturday morning with a 350 mile round trip to pick up this beauty.



A Rover V8 engine that has been stripped, chemically cleaned, rebored and rebuilt with an upgraded cam and new clutch. Mated to a 5 speed manual refurbished gearbox. The added bonus was a bootful of spares and an all important V5

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Closely followed by a more local trip to Kettering today to pick this lot up.

Special thanks to @CL290005 for helping with collection and Lue Howard for storing the kit


Cobra 1.JPG

Cobra 2.JPG

Cobra 3.JPG

Cobra 4.JPG

Cobra 5.JPG

Cobra 6.JPG

Cobra 7.JPG

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Todays collection also included this beast


A 5.3HE Jaguar V12 engine complete with auto box and loom

I wont be using this though, so it is on ebay along with a V5 to hopefully recoup a bit of cash



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I managed a couple of hours time yesterday to have a look at the components that came with the kit from the donor Jag XJS.
So after laying everything out on the floor and then sorting into some logical groups:-

Front Suspension components


New wheel bearings


Brake Calipers


Steering Rack Drag Links


Rear Suspension Lower Arms/Wishbones


Steering wheel, column and stalks


Front dampers and springs


Brake Servo


Master cylinder and reservoir


Alloy Fuel Tank


Drive shafts


Steering Rack


There are a couple of items missing from the donor stripdown that I might need to source, Rear Radius/Trailing Arms and a Front ARB. Although I think there is a chance neither need to be used




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Been busy looking out for parts I need

I picked up some secondhand real leather seats today for mocking up. I may refurb them, undecided yet

They only cost me £55




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Fuel injection plenum, manifold, loom, sensors, injectors etc arrived today



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The Jag PAS rack will not be used.

So the Steering rack I will use arrived today, secondhand but in great condition. It's from a Mk3 Fiesta



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I had a look at the XJS Column over the weekend, cleaned it up and cut the ignition barrel and associated lock away. The plan is to use an electronic immobiliser and engine start button arrangement which will get through IVA



The Jag column is reach adjustable so I am hoping to incorporate this facility on the car

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The postman bought me some goodies today.


Ford Edis 8 system and coil packs. This will allow me to remove the distributor.

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A couple of goodies for the car arrived today.

Brake servo and master cylinder assembly. This is much smaller than the XJS one. It's from a 1.8 MX5, my theory being that the Cobra will be of a similar weight to the MX5 once complete, so hopefully a good match.


Brand new clutch slave cylinder for the RV8 LT77 gearbox





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1 hour ago, Gary (KugaWestie) - North Oxfordshire AO said:

Fear not, The roof sheets are composite panels with 80mm insulation sandwiched in the middle of them :yes:

Excellent, was sure you had it covered, but thought I'd shout just in case!

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I feel a strong need to change my garage light all of a sudden...

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The chassis in its new home





A view through both garages from the front drive



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Great, back to automotive engineering rather than civil construction (impressed with what you've achieved in a short timescale though). Looking forward to seeing the Cobra coming to life.

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