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  1. corsechris

    Non-Westfield build

    It’s humbling/encouraging to know even one person finds it interesting. I’m really not normally one for self promotion. I’ve been posting out of a sense of fairness I suppose - I enjoy reading other folks builds. The Westy is back together now and running great once more, so I can concentrate on the project again....and the A/C really does help in the shed Had a minor moment on startup of the Westy this morning though. Clatter from the top end. Normally, it is really quiet but it was far from it today. I was pretty certain it was a lazy follower, so just left it to warm up while I checked the cooling system. It did eventually shut up, and was fine again when I took it for a test drive a bit later. Only thing I can think of for why it did it was that it sat at TDC for a few days while it was in bits, and presumably in normal use it won’t likely end up there?? All good now though. Nice to be able to plant the throttle again :D
  2. corsechris

    Exhaust studs/bolts

    A minor benefit of studs is it’s usually easier to mount the exhaust onto a stud than having to hold it in place and wind a bolt in. Occasionally the layout means you have to use bolts though. The Marcos we used to have was an example. It was impossible to fit the engine with manifolds I place, so they had to be fitted after the engine was in, and they were so close to the chassis tubes you had to use bolts....and they were almost impossible to get at as well. Total PITA frankly......
  3. corsechris

    Exhaust studs/bolts

    Don’t use stainless studs (or bolts) with stainless nuts if any heat is involved, they will gall. Normally you’d use some copperslip to aid that, but on the manifold it would likely burn off. Could use bolts, but of course you need to get the length exactly right. perversely, Alfa used bolts and studs on the exhaust manifolds on their old 12 valve V6. Bolts were helicoiled though, presumably to make them less likely to damage the casting threads. ...but, FWIW, I’d stick with studs myself.
  4. corsechris

    Non-Westfield build

    Bit more of a hiatus while I put a new clutch in the Westfield. That's almost done now, just the rad and some hoses to put back tomorrow and it'll be back on the road. Meanwhile... I did manage to get somewhere with the scuttle/dash at last. First and most important step really, defining the height and position of the 'dash' This view is pretty much drivers eye-line. Not quite sure how I'm going to deal with the way that the instruments are recessed yet, but I've got some ideas that should work OK. Easily tested in CAD anyway (well, 300gsm paper). It isn't visible in this shot, but the cluster is sat way behind the plane of the 'hoop'. It's really the only sensible place for it. The whole column/switchgear/instrument section will have to be 'inside' the scuttle volume, rather than sitting in the passenger compartment, IYSWIM. I took some shots of the remote oil filter etc but it's so busy in there, it's hard to see what's going on.....which is kind of the problem. I really need to get this scuttle area sorted as it's been a mental block for too long. I do feel like I'm getting somewhere now though.
  5. corsechris

    Recent snap of your Westfield

    Just about to put it back together....took this picture earlier today. New clutch, flywheel skimmed, alternator rectifier and loom connector replaced, all flexible fuel pipes replaced with ethanol friendly (and stupidly expensive) Barricade hose, new cam belt and idlers/tensioner. Should see us out. All back together now bar the rad and a couple of hoses. Should be back on the road again tomorrow.
  6. corsechris

    Alternator plug problem....

    Just a heads-up for anyone still running an old-school Lucas style alternator with the large spade type connectors on it. Had the motor out of the car to do a clutch swap. Found the alternator plug was F tight when removing it, quick inspection showed it to be in a bad way - melted housing and contacts looking very much FUBAR. Prompted by this discovery, I checked the alternator and the blades on the regulator were even worse. So, a new loom plug and regulator on order, both easy enough to sort, but I had no clue that this was a problem about to happen - no symptoms that I'd noticed up until taking it to bits, but it could only have been a matter of time before it failed. Can't beat a proper screwed or bolted down connection.....
  7. corsechris

    Early SEiW clutch cable operation

    Thanks Jim, I went for a Capri cable with the shorter inner cable length. Just a stock clutch though - only 150lb/ft to handle.
  8. corsechris

    This flight passed over here at about 19:25hrs

    ....and a smaller dose of megalomania too.
  9. corsechris

    Early SEiW clutch cable operation

    Funny enough, just pulled the motor on ours to replace the clutch and got into the pedalbox area t remove the cable for easier engine removal (I'd managed to trap the cable in place with the remote oil filter install I did). That clevis pin is way too long - the one on ours is the perfect length and holds the banjo end close to the fixed point throughout the travel. You could probably get away with a bolt, as long as you tighten it with the pedal fully up, any slight translation of the cable out as it pushes away should be taken up by the flex in the cable inner. Know what you mean about a stop too - nowt there so I may look at adding something now you mention it. I need to source a new cable too. Current feels fine at the moment, but the outer has split in a couple of places so it's bound to have got the weather in it, so failure is not far behind.
  10. corsechris

    Non-Westfield build

    What with the mini-heatwave, I've not been spending much time in the shed. I don't much care for ambient temperatures over 100F! I got frustrated with this the other day so have installed a Chineseium split-pack A/C unit. Amazingly, it works, and is just up to the task on the hottest days. At least on hot sunny days it's free to run as the solar panels produce way more power in a day than I use. I could of course have got a higher capacity unit, but as always, it's that balance between cost and performance (and risk!). So, have now spent a bit more time at it and I'm back pondering the one task I've been displacing for months....the scuttle. It's a proper PITA, mainly due to me using the donor Alfa 166 steering column and switchgear, as well as the instrument cluster. Those things solve a range of problems and save a lot of money by not having to buy aftermarket instruments and gauges (and senders), as well as switches etc, plus the hassle of interfacing them to the rest of the loom, but the packaging problem they create is a knotty one. First attempt looked great....but didn't work with the instruments. I even looked at locating the cluster elsewhere, like the middle or even left-ish side of the dash, but that looked ****e and visibility was poor as well. Second attempt will involve more of that tedious many-cuts-and-welds bending technique in order to get a larger bend radius than I can achieve with the pipe bender I have been using up until now. Probably just as well - poor thing is looking a bit sad after bending 22mm OD steel, given it was designed for copper.
  11. corsechris

    BoB memorial flight

    Quote telling that getting 3 F35s in the air was considered some kind of huge achievement. Sad we have to keep buying ‘murican ****e.
  12. corsechris

    End of an era for me

    Quite right - don't put things off.
  13. corsechris

    End of an era for me

    Congratulations on making it out the other side! I did 35 years with the BBC before giving up. Can’t imagine doing another 15 on top of that...... My last day was a Friday, it was busy and my boss had to tell me to go home in the end as I was still flat out at the end of the day. I took a bunch of colleagues out for a nice meal that night, ‘recovered’ over the weekend then on the Monday, I got stuck in to a long overdue bathroom refurb. I pretty much worked normal work hours on that until it was done, and found it a good way to ease from the 9-5 into a more relaxed way of doing things. after that, we had a quiet Christmas with a short break away then when we got back, I slowly eased in to my next car project. Since then, the missus was also made redundant and has joined me in early retirement. You’ll soon be wondering how you ever had time to go to work.... Enjoy it, you’ve earned it.
  14. corsechris

    New Momo & Sparco Steering Wheels

    Sparco wheel arrived - spot on, thanks Chris.
  15. corsechris

    Cobra 427 Build

    I like a good gusset.....

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