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  1. corsechris

    Engine not turning off

    A 1N4007 is fine, but a 1N5407 is physically bigger and stronger (as well as rated at higher current than needed) so is an easier/less fragile thing to deal with. FWIW, I used the smaller 1N4007 on mine when doing this job after fitting the Emerald.
  2. corsechris

    Non-Westfield build

    Thank chaps. No idea what set it off, but its been almost 2 weeks now and still not quite back to normal. Gets tedious when it's agony to put one sock on After a lot of deliberation, I decided to cheat with the connector move - took the sockets & pins out of the shells one at a time, plugged them together then put adhesive lined heatshrink sleeves over each one. Made for a fairly tidy join that'll be as reliable as the original plug & socket was. For the new join, I just cut the existing loom at a suitable point and inserted a somewhat clumsy set of 4 smaller connectors. Overall, pretty much retained the length of the loom as it was before, which was just as well really as it's where it needs to be length-wise.
  3. corsechris

    Non-Westfield build

    I've been a bit quiet of late - old-man-itis I'm afraid, back pain stopped play. Slowly been getting back to it and although it really doesn't look like much, I've made some progress on finishing off the tunnel area. Hydraulic lines clipped in an IVA friendly fashion, water pipes clipped and fixed, some channel sections made up to separate wires from fluids and generally make wrangling all this stuff a bit easier. The plan is to form the 'corner' here into a footrest-friendly profile. Still need to add some cable tie bases or similar to this vertical piece. Not visible here, but there are cable tie bases on the tray to hold the cable bundles in place. Spaced at an IVA friendly 250mm interval. Had to move a connector a bit as it just wasn't going to fit within the profile I wanted it to. There used to be a 50 way connector block pretty much smack in the middle of the tunnel (visible in the previous set of pictures I posted a coupe of weeks back). I was keen to try and keep the tunnel as low as possible, as far forward as possible, so I can incorporate a clutch footrest as well as minimising the awkwardness of getting in & out of the car. I could have just put a 'hump' in the tunnel to accommodate the bulky connector, but decided it was worth the effort to move the join forward. Alluded to a while back, the new rear arches just arrived and look (almost) perfect. I'll wait until I've done the external panels before making the final deliberation, but suspect I'll be needing to make a small spacer to go between panels and arch to give me that last wee bit of clearance. Another 10mm would have been perfect. It'll be nice to move onto something else - it feels like I've been fighting this bit for a very long time now....and I'm conscious that isn't the first time I said that. I am beating it into submission though. I've also finalised the routing for the front brake lines and completed all the fixings, but realise I didn't take any pictures of those bits. You ain't missing much!
  4. corsechris

    The Lobster (88 SE Rebuild)

    Can’t have that, it’s heavier than steel due to the extra oxygen.
  5. corsechris

    Cobra 427 Build

    Seeing the box there reminds me, when I did my Fake Snake I had the gearbox overhauled and got the bloke to put a seal on the selector shaft where it enters the rear casing. They tend to chuck oil out of that hole as it’s just a plain bore and can wear. IIRC he used an input shaft seal from a classic Mini gearbox. Looks nice in that colour combination.
  6. corsechris

    Ready for the next financial crash?

    From my simplistic viewpoint, it baffles me that any of the financial shenanigans that appear to drive our economy are legal. But of course, the people making the money own everything, including “the establishment” anyway, so they can carry on regardless just squeezing all they can out of us drones. Shorting - sell something you don’t own, talk it down until it crashes then buy it back once the price had dropped.
  7. corsechris

    Mega S2000 Build By Si

    Ah, cheers Si. Slightly embarrassing I suppose....I have a couple of cans of this 'in stock' already. Don't think I ever used it on anything other than small areas before so didn't know it came out so well.
  8. corsechris

    Mega S2000 Build By Si

    Looking good. could I ask what paint that is you used on the underside? Looks like an excellent finish.
  9. corsechris

    Cobra 427 Build

    Ah, gotcha. A good call
  10. corsechris

    Cobra 427 Build

    Don’t fret Gary, I’ve felt just the same at times, but then I realise that not everything I post really warrants a response, but folk are interested. FWIW, I look at every post on every build thread, both to see how folk are getting on, and in the hope I can find another brilliant idea to shamelessly appropriate. the first kit build I started was a V8 Cobra copy so much of what you are doing is familiar and it’s always good to see how someone else approaches it. JKP.......just keep posting (I’ve not posted anything myself for a while as the old back is playing up, so next to nothing has been done) ETA. Re the carb/manifold, have you measured the angle it’ll sit at with the engine in place yet? I had to put a wedge plate on mine to level up the carb. I also spent a good while messing with float level adjustment (which is a PITA on a Holley!) to reduce a problem I had with it surging on very hard braking.
  11. corsechris

    Hose clamp size

    Ah, sorry, I was thinking you meant T bolt style clips, not “Jubilee” style. A “Hoover” vs vacuum cleaner moment. these are very good on silicone hoses but pricey: https://www.demon-tweeks.com/uk/aba-spring-hose-clip-247448/ Screw style are fine but make sure you use good ones with a rolled edge or you risk cutting into the hose.
  12. corsechris


    I've been pretty paranoid about routing the unfused runs on my project. Battery up front, engine at the back - not ideal! Lots of rubber lined cable clips, lots of extra cable sheathing, lots of care with the route and everything around it.
  13. corsechris


    For preference, have the maxi fuse as close to the battery as you can as Ian says, but I wouldn’t compromise the layout too much in order to achieve that. There’s always at least one unfused cable (starter), usually two (alternator), so long as it’s carefully routed and protected, no reason why not a third if it works out better.
  14. corsechris

    Hose clamp size

    I've found that the wall thickness can vary quite a lot with silicone hoses, so it might pay you to wait until you've got everything to hand, fit them up, then measure each one as you may well find you need different sizes here & there given how small the 'grip range' tends to be with the Mikalor clips. FWIW, fit the absolute smallest one you can get on there so you've got the biggest range of 'compression' available. Your 37-40 would be a good shout for a 41 diameter, even if its a bit of a pig to get the bolt started. I do like the Mikalor style clamps though.
  15. corsechris

    Weeping Silicone hoses. Any tips?

    On my last build, I used the stupidly expensive ‘lined’ clips that are supposed to be “the right ones”. Forget the make, but basically a Jubilee style clip but with a thin stainless band on the inside that is free to move and allows uniform clamping all the way round the circumference and has rounded edges to prevent the cutting of the hose you can get if you overdo it. Got them from Demon Tweeks.

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