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  1. corsechris


    FG can be very tough stuff. Used to have a Marcos Mantula Spyder and in an incident never to be forgotten when a wind up is required, the missus backed the Capri into it. Bent the bumper and dumb-bar on the Capri. Chipped about 1/4" off the outer edge of the Marcos boot lip...... FG 1: Dagenham Steel 0
  2. corsechris


    I know it all sounds very negative, but yes, you really do need to get it thoroughly inspected by someone with good knowledge and experience of Westy repairs. Even something as minor as a tweaked nose mounting bracket can give you grief down the line when it comes time to fit the new nose. Hope you get it sorted soon and without too much grief. At least the summer is nearly over rather than just beginning so the pressure is off a bit to get it fixed.
  3. corsechris

    Morris' XI Build

    There are some pretty good reasons to go for a “proper” ignition solution that uses a load sense like a throttle pot, and an accurate timing reference like a crank position sensor. A fully mapped, load and speed sensing setup (usually called 3D) will let you get the absolute best out of any engine and also allow you to do useful tricks like idle speed stabilisation, and very easy starting on high compression engines, by adjusting timing in ways you simply can’t with a dizzy. Having a crank trigger rather than using a distributor for the timing reference helps enourmously with the accuracy of timing as well. You inevitability get “timing scatter” with a dizzy which will negatively impact performance. Personally, I’d be very tempted to go the whole hog and convert the engine to EFI as well. It would likely net you a small amount more power by virtue of being perfectly set up but more importantly, it’ll get you an engine that is impeccably behaved rather then being temperamental. only one caveat on the above.....it needs to be properly set up!
  4. corsechris

    Non-Westfield build

    I wasn’t planning on either, although I might need to warm the plastic layer a bit if my cut lines aren’t lined up properly so best to be prepared I suppose. As for a video.....I’ll think about it!
  5. corsechris

    Non-Westfield build

    Not yet I can’t!! It may well go horribly wrong, but it’s worth a bash.
  6. corsechris

    Non-Westfield build

    The Defender screen isn’t that far short of being big enough for two screens, so thankfully there won’t be any tiny slivers to cut. That said, I’ve got som diamond faced grinding discs on the way for the corners so they could be used to make small adjustments. wheels arrived today and look as they should. Very quick service too. 6 working days from order for a set of custom machined for PCD and ofset rims. Compares well with 15 to 20 weeks from TD. Spent a few hours on the wiring today. Mostly moving stuff from where it was on the donor to where it needs to be.
  7. corsechris

    Tyre size to rim width?

    Toyo show 205 as the minimum recommended for an 8” rim. It varies a bit by tyre model and manufacturer too. I’m going to be putting 205/45/16 tyres on 8” rims as well. 235/50/16 on 9” rims at the back. The tyres I plan on using are OK at those settings according to the manufacturers. They certainly look fine in that picture.
  8. corsechris

    Non-Westfield build

    Ah, just tried that URL, it goes straight to Pilkington....... doh! Appreciat the thought though Chris
  9. corsechris

    Non-Westfield build

    Ah, thanks for that. Hadn’t heard of them. I’ll see how my DIY efforts go first. I picked up a Defender screen on Wednesday from the local 4x4 emporium for £55. It looks easy enough.....but for sure it’ll be one of those tasks that relies of years of experience.
  10. corsechris

    Should I sell my Seight

    Maybe ask yourself what would replace it? I sold a car I'd put about 10 years of effort into, for a bad reason. I've forced myself not to regret it, but it's been tricky at times.
  11. corsechris

    60a house fuse

    The rating of the incoming fuse is about the capacity of the supply, not your own consumer kit, so that probably explains the variable costs. Nowt if the supply is up to providing 100A, up to £1100 if they need to run a bigger feeder (assuming its even feasible). Certainly, updating your own side of things with a re-wire sounds wise though..... FWIW, we have an 80A fuse on the incomer and not had an issue. Peak demand I've seen from time to time has been around 9kW (40A), so well within the 80A we have and also the 60A you have. If you had a 7kW EV charger (32A) and had the oven, microwave, kettle, MIG welder, vacuum and 60" plasma telly on all at once, you might push your luck When we moved in here we had an old CU with 6 circuits I think it was. House had been rewired at some point in the not too distant past but the CU had been left. Our supply is overhead (TT) so came in through a big RCD anyway. Now have a new split-load CU with 2 RCDs and many more circuits, mostly just for convenience.
  12. corsechris

    Non-Westfield build

    Finally finished the instrument cluster mount/hood/whatchamacallit. A lot of effort for not much, but its done now. Some of the welds aren't actually too bad considering, but sticking 0.7mm ali sheet to 4mm thick angle was something of a challenge. Also mounted the donor air filter box and plumbed from the engine, so that bit's done too. Made a slightly bigger screen template and approached the glass manufacturer only to discover that if I have one made, it'll cost me a minimum of £800. That's about £200 for the glass itself, plus £600 so some bloke in Finland can put a tick in a spreadsheet to allow the manufacturer to put the required E mark on the perfectly compliant bit of glass. So, Plan B is to buy a Land Rover Defender screen (it is laminated, flat and has the right E mark) and have a bash at cutting it down to size. I figure even if I mess 19 up to get 1 goodie I'll still break even, and I won't have given any money to the behemoth that is European Bureaucracy. Also made a tentative start on putting more of the wires in. Started with the engine to ECU loom. Looking promising, as long as I don't mind having the ECU in the engine bay. I reckon it'll be fine there TBH. On the donor, it lived in the passenger footwell, underneath a thick layer of high density sponge, with carpet on top and doubled as a footrest. I might put it in a box of some sort but don't really think its necessary.
  13. corsechris

    Is a Heater an IVA requirement

    I bought one of these from T7 for the same reason - an IVA screen de-mister... It's teeny weeny. For scale, those water pipes are 1/2", air outlet is 2 1/2" 2.2kW output, simple 12V one-speed fan, but you can fit a PWM driver if you wish. A nice bonus is you can take it apart easily (just the 4 screws) to re-orient things to suit. Air output cone is alloy, so easy to work with too. https://www.t7design.co.uk/products/heating/2-2kw-micro-heater-12v.html
  14. corsechris

    Zetec starters again

    Hi Paul, It’s a Dunnel conversion of a stock sump, so probably has the better clearance. Yes, AXG. Shouldn't be this hard should it! ETA. Paul, I should apologise I think. When you asked the question, it never crossed my mind to look at what Brise are selling now, nor to look into the details of your setup, so my “got a Brise and it’s fine” was far from a thorough response. Sorry mate I vaguely recall messing about with a couple of starter options before finding one that even fit, then not long after finding it suffered with heat soak, hence the AXG.
  15. corsechris

    Cobra 427 Build

    Ah, thought I'd seen one Just too lazy to go back through the thread

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