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  1. corsechris

    Non-Westfield build

    I'm mostly enjoying the ride so far but I too will be happy to see it completed Bit more done. Both sides of the front-most piece of the tunnel cover done, although I still need to dress the weld bead on the right side piece. It isn't anywhere near good enough to leave visible..... Having done the side you see here, which fitted nicely, I then templated the right side panel and made it from sheet....but then spent about an hour faffing about trying to get the profiles to match. Eventually got to a stage where I was happy to tack the sheet on. An awkward job with the torch at arms length inside the footwell as there was no way i could hold the parts in the right relationship out of the car. Welded it all up and ended up with the most odd shape....stuck the bend in the soft vice jaw and tweaked the sheet to where it looked slightly more sensible...and it fitted back into the car a treat. Somewhat of nice surprise TBH. I'm hoping the rest won't be quite so awkward and time consuming. Still need to weld a top cover on this piece, but that really should be a simple task. I hope. I removed the pedalbox for better access, but hopefully it's clear from this and other shots that the profile is intended as the footrest. I'm doing it in sections like this simply so it's actually possible to install and remove. The geometry of the location and the parts means I have to be able to insert this first piece at a pretty acute angle to being with, then roll it into place. Simply wouldn't be possible if the entire cover was one piece front to back. A situation further aggravated by some cross-tubes. I've also made life slightly more interesting by putting a return bend on the bottom edge that hooks underneath the 'tray' that carries all the pipes & wires and sits on top of a slightly narrower box. Wanted to avoid the bottom edge of the panels waving about and the return does that nicely but it makes the assembly more "fun". Slowly getting better at the aluminium welding I think. Funny, practice really does help - who'd have thought it..... Clear to see where I stopped then restarted. This is a decent test as the thin sheet and thick-wall 10mm tube forming the edge of the profile soak up the heat very differently, as you'd expect, so it takes some care to manage. I need to try and put less filler rod in so there is less metal to remove afterwards. I'm not likely to get good enough to leave the weld beads on show.
  2. corsechris

    Build Diary - BugMan's Sport 250

    The mudflap/mudguard stuff is called Kaylan, available in a range of thicknesses. Easy to work with, quite flexible and very tough. Made some mud flaps for the front cycle wings out of some 3mm thick stuff for the Westy - works well and if it does catch on anything, just moves out to the way without stressing the cycle wing. If you really want to get your nerd on.... https://www.kaylan.co.uk/en/
  3. corsechris

    A respectable Granny

    I love it - total and absolute overkill Just because you can. Excellent.
  4. corsechris

    Non-Westfield build

    Back to the slow progress again - made a start on the tunnel top. Very Binky-esque... ..only nowhere near as good.
  5. Sadly, there are so many fake parts these days it’s hard to be sure what you’ve bought isn’t it. I recall seeing a listing on Alibaba or similar for “Bosch 044 fuel pumps” with prices starting at $5 for quantities in the 100s. Didn’t take a genius to figure out how good they’d be and where they’d end up for sale
  6. corsechris

    Crossflow mechanical pump pressure high!

    The only issue with fuel pressure on carbs is does it overwhelm the float valves. If it does, you risk fuel pouring out all over the shop as well as messing up the calibration as that relies on an accurate level of fuel in the float chamber at all times. You can always pop a pressure regulator in series if it’s a concern, a ProFuel is nice and compact and easily adjusted. Ran ours at 2.5psi. its been a long time, but the last mechanical pump I took apart relied on the internal spring that returns the diaphragm to provide the pressure, the mechanical drive from the engine drives it the other way. Once the requirement for more fuel is fulfilled, the diaphragm will stop travelling so far under spring pressure so ends up only moving very small amounts in a self-limiting fashion. Only ever seen a single-acting one/single diaphragm one on a car.
  7. Is that assembly mounted with the pump horizontal? If so, could be contributing to the problem as it should be vertical with the pump uppermost...but, that said, it does sound gubbered.
  8. corsechris

    Non-Westfield build

    Thinking about it, the exit ducting will have about twice the area of the inlet, and it should be low pressure too, exiting at the sides roughly in line with the front wheels, with 'gills' to help encourage it out.
  9. corsechris

    protection under car

    Seems like a good move. I'd also suggest doing the undersides/insides of the front & rear arches in something very thick and resilient to prevent star crazing from stones thrown up by the tyres. Didn't do anything when I first built the car and it was getting pretty battered by the time it came to giving it a freshen-up. 'Wunderseal' from CBS is good for that job and can be painted on by brush. Over-coat it with anything you like after it dries.
  10. NACA ducts don’t work well into radiators according to, well, NACA. Scoops would work better, but not look so good
  11. corsechris

    Non-Westfield build

    The designer of the car hasn’t had any cooling issues, and he is running a turbo Honda at well over 400bhp and lives in California. That said, the radiator on his car is probably better than the one I fitted. But, no doubt I’m fretting for no reason - I tend to do that....
  12. corsechris

    Non-Westfield build

    I do wonder how the airflow is going to behave given the angle the rad sits at. I may find it uses the fan quite a bit, but I’m hoping that the combination of the inlet ducting and the relatively smooth outlet path and the “gills” will help to offset the problem by encouraging good flow.
  13. corsechris

    Non-Westfield build

    Radiator duct now done. Bit of a faff in places but overall it turned out OK. Some of the bends in the panels are a bit less than smooth, but given the tools I have to hand, probably the best I can hope to achieve. It is a one piece assembly now, and bolts direct to the radiator using 4 bosses that were presumably intended for something similar in whatever it came from! And the view from the front with the nose in place. There are small gaps between the sheeting and the rad, I'll put foam strip or similar on it for final assembly. Having done that, I thought I should find somewhere to mount the horn compressor and trumpets. Managed to sneak the compressor onto part of the radiator mounting. It's so squirrelled away it's almost invisible. Other than finalising the wiring for the lights & indicators and some more panels for the lower exit air duct, that should be the front finished. And a nice bit of carbon tube arrived today for the front indicator stalks. It's 8mm OD so should be OK for the external radius test. The indicators I plan on using are tiny - Stanley knife shown for scale.
  14. corsechris

    SE FW ZETEC - New member/New build

    Congratulations on the pass. Good to see the running machine found a use at last
  15. corsechris

    The Lobster (88 SE Rebuild)

    Proper tools??? Pah, I thought you Northerner's were tough. :D I'm only jealous - I'm using a Stanley knife for straight cuts in the aluminium and most of the bending is done with bits of angle and square stock, G clamps, hammers and prayers. Years ago I had access to a workshop full of proper tools and it truly was a joy. Looking good Adam.

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