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  1. CL290005

    Non-Westfield build

    Chris your doing a top job can’t wait to see this completed and in the flesh
  2. CL290005

    Are our MPs fit for purpose?

    perhaps been a cynic they are getting ready for the UK to remain in the EU then we will be run by the un elected Bureaucrats in Brussels and there will be no role for the elected MP's who seem to think its their views that count Oh dear, there I've said it wheres my coat I'm off
  3. CL290005

    Cobra 427 Build

    What you can see are mostly the sub looms to allow for testing and easy removal of items, once Gary finalises the steering column, heater and wiper motor positions I will then loom wrap those looms and tidy up Yes building a loom is very time consuming many hours planning, checking every joint is soldered and crimped Fingers crossed it works as designed in the car
  4. CL290005

    Cobra 427 Build

    Sworn to secrecy
  5. CL290005

    Cobra 427 Build

    Not very photogenic the most important thing is I’m still married and allowed in the house
  6. CL290005

    Cobra 427 Build

    I can’t wait to see and hear the exhaust in position, it really looks like a great purchase
  7. CL290005

    Non-Westfield build

    Chris you can get this to finish in smooth or textured dependant on how much you thin down and it is UV stable, must admit I was very impressed with the product if it does what they say it will, they said there are a number of classic restorers who are now using because of its flexibility of application. https://www.raptorcoatings.com/uk/en-uk/home#.XEGYIC10e8U
  8. CL290005

    Non-Westfield build

    Chris have a look at Upol Raptor paint I’ve not used it but heard good reports, bonus is you can tint to match car etc. Plus you can alter the consistency for different finishes
  9. CL290005

    Cobra 427 Build

    Think we need to teach you how to knock a gasket out rather than cut it but I must admit looking good
  10. CL290005

    Autosport Tickets

    Due to unfortunate circumstances I have 1 spare tickets for Autosport this Friday if any one is interested let me know, Oh hows £20/ticket thats a good saving thanks Chris
  11. CL290005

    Battery tray location

    Tim I put mine on the other side ie on back of footwell wall in engine bay
  12. CL290005

    Cobra 427 Build

    Not under pressure
  13. CL290005

    Cobra 427 Build

  14. CL290005

    Cobra 427 Build

    Get ready to laugh at the response
  15. CL290005

    Cobra 427 Build

    Oh no Dave, if my Jaguar sells I have GT40 or another C type (but with improvements) or a Lamborghini Miura on my list. So now you’ve put pressure on my decision. Gary keep posting I went through same thoughts building/posting mine but there is definitely interest from Westfield family

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