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  1. CL290005

    Non-Westfield build

    Your doing a great job Chris keep up good work
  2. Dave thanks for this hopefully all should be ok, ideally would be great to get confirmation as its a long drive to make with trailer so Gary can run his pre lit on the day, not sure if I can amend the order online for extra driver so paying on the day would be best option Hopefully John will see the PM soon
  3. CL290005

    C type project

    Possibly last post just a few more jobs to do before Shelsley fit exhaust, screen, filler cap then adjust toe in that should do me for time being
  4. CL290005

    Cobra 427 Build

    Great to see it all welded back together, the other important point to make is we improved by adding extra gussets to add more strength
  5. CL290005

    C type project

    I had to look again when you said about ladder as there is a loft ladder, that one is on the bikes rest assured it’s ok
  6. John I’ve sent you a pm about a second driver can we pay on the day?
  7. CL290005

    C type project

    Thanks Martin and I’m extreamly impressed with what you have done i wont post anymore photos until the car is finished, it will be at Shelsley for other members to have a look at, the photos do not I’m my option do justice to the paint colour and finish See you all Friday/Saturday
  8. CL290005

    C type project

    Chris yes plan is to do under arches the same idea
  9. CL290005

    C type project

    Neither can I
  10. CL290005

    C type project

    Another night to wait i just can’t sleep with excitement
  11. CL290005

    C type project

    Shelsley Walsh
  12. CL290005

    C type project

    Almost there, mega excited
  13. CL290005

    Lemans - driving in France

    ive been going to Le Mans for years but not this year (thats another story) never used headlight deflectors and we have been pulled a few times at customs they are more interested in swabbing the steering wheel have a great time
  14. CL290005

    C type project

    Well finally I have my V5c back so now the car is all legal and registered plus Ive obtained a 6 digit registration to make it look a bit more period In the mean time the car has been primered twice rubbing down and doing some corrections after the first application, now Im grading (280,320,400 and 500) the final flatting to get the car ready for Thursday when it gets its top coat of Ecurie Ecosse Blue so fingers crossed that it turnout fine, no pressure for Martin Harvey for the painting If all goes to plan I might trailer it to Shelsley Walsh and give it a steady run up the hill
  15. CL290005

    1.6 Ecoboost Conversion

    Tim ive sent you the Mygale info I had which shows the cooling details

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