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  1. CL290005

    Cobra 427 Build

    Oh no Dave, if my Jaguar sells I have GT40 or another C type (but with improvements) or a Lamborghini Miura on my list. So now you’ve put pressure on my decision. Gary keep posting I went through same thoughts building/posting mine but there is definitely interest from Westfield family
  2. CL290005

    Electronic speedo

    B****hell I’ve forgot I’ll still have it
  3. CL290005

    Electronic speedo

    bump anyone have one hiding in their garage?
  4. CL290005

    Tower of London Remembers

    I'm off tomorrow to see this so will listen out for the music
  5. CL290005

    Binky, Binky, Binky!

    Yes I could not understand why they did not at least tape up the loom where it went through the tubes and openings etc.
  6. CL290005

    What hope for Brexit negotiations?

    I really try not to say much on Brexit as others have said its so divisive, this is worth a watch you can see the embarrassment on the people its aimed at, there seems to be a lot of sense spoken in my humble opinion and its a real shame that article 50 does not clearly lay out how to truly exit rather than open negotiations. Its a sad inditement to the EU, it should not be frightened of countries exiting and joining if it truly is to the benefit of all. I'm not saying it is or isn't. I do agree any negotiations if given timelines goes down to the wire and I hope that sense prevails
  7. CL290005

    Cobra 427 Build

    I've been giving Gary's set ups bit of thought, but this is confusing me the top and bottom wishbone fulcrums are not in the same plane so my thought is the top and bottom balljoints wont follow the same plane as the hub rises through its suspension travel, hence it will have built in bump steer, I'm not sure if I'm over thinking this , just not sure why a chassis design would adopt this? Any thoughts from those with more knowledge
  8. CL290005

    Non-Westfield build

    Great work Chris, I feel better now knowing someone else missed blanking off the servo as I did the same on the C type there was a tapping hidden under the manifold. Love the look of these Alfa engines
  9. CL290005

    Cobra 427 Build

    Which job
  10. CL290005

    Cobra 427 Build

    I can’t remember hobnobs coming out
  11. CL290005

    Cobra 427 Build

    Yes that’s what Adam was describing the bigger the arc deviation the worse the bump steer The arc is demonstrating the steering alteration as the bump steer moves the wheel
  12. CL290005

    Ford Zetec Coil pack + leads SOLD

    Hi Martin its yours, I’m in MK tomorrow so will call in andsee you
  13. As title coil pack and leads surplus to requirements think the coil pack might have been new ie unused £15 plus postage
  14. CL290005

    It's about time...

    Nice_guy I believe is in France
  15. CL290005

    Pre Lit Ally bodied - Build Thread

    Gary personally I like the clean look of the black bench seats, so that’s my vote. As far as pricing I think your build should be priced by considering 11 values and guided with the current Ca***ham seven 160 thinking so I would say value to pitch at would be in range 15-20 I’m not sure which end though, look forward to seeing/hearing what others think as this is quite unique so very difficult to value

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