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  1. KugaWestie

    The Lobster (88 SE Rebuild)

    Ha ha recycling MX5 bolts. I have done exactly the same recently, mx5’s never stop giving
  2. KugaWestie

    Cobra 427 Build

    First exhaust mount completed. It needs to be cleaned up and sprayed eventually, but probably once the system is complete
  3. KugaWestie

    Cobra 427 Build

    I have started to look at exhaust mounts at the rear of the car. As we know rubber bobbins need to be in compression so I came up with a sketch design. Having reviewed positions under the car, I decided to utilise some threaded holes on the bottom of the diff that have no use at present. Its work in progress but I am pleased with how it has come out so far. I intend to modify the design of the bracket that takes the bobbin and then make one for the other side. The pleasing thing is I have managed to position the mount where the pipes join so can kill two birds with one stone on the mounting/joint. A view looking up the tunnel from the back of the car The mount that I intend to improve The other side side waiting for a mounting bracket
  4. KugaWestie

    Cobra 427 Build

    Over the last couple of evenings I have been sorting out my throttle cable. Looking at the bulkhead and servo position, the cable had to go through right in the top corner above the accelerator pedal. So I drilled the hole for it That was the moment I realised I needed to alter the pedal Last night I extended the pedal and run the cable through to the engine I came up with a cable clamp and rigged it up temporarily. On testing the pedal it felt a bit stiff, so I decided to think about it for a day. When I tried it again tonight I decided it needed to change. Here is the modification, basically I have raised the pivot point making the pivot lever on the cable side shorter and the pedal side longer. The result is a nice smooth feeling pedal. The pedal bottoms out nicely onto the bulkhead right on WOT as well. So I am glad I persevered. Final cable clamp arrangement Here is some action
  5. KugaWestie

    Mazda sdv 1600 turbo

  6. KugaWestie

    Cobra 427 Build

    I still cannot believe he offered to do it! I refused the offer at first telling him he was mad. Forever grateful I am
  7. KugaWestie

    Cobra 427 Build

    Whilst Chris was over tonight we also spent a bit of time looking at positioning the Corsa Column, so I now need to make some brackets up for this to try and nail the position
  8. KugaWestie

    Cobra 427 Build

    A few shots of it fitted to the chassis. There is not much to see because of how well it fits and is tucked away. I need to properly fit the fuse box onto the bulkhead.
  9. KugaWestie

    Cobra 427 Build

    It's big thank you time tonight. Over the last 8 weeks or so @CL290005 has been building me a wiring loom for the car. He has done an absolutely amazing job on it and tonight we strapped it into the chassis. There is still more to do on it dashboard side but it is a massive step forward. It fits like a glove. We started off at the end of November by laying a rope through the car and taping/ labelling it up with take offs, connections etc. Chris then took this away and started thinking about the loom. We went through a couple of fuseboxes (BMW Mini and Corsa) before finding one that fitted the needs. I sourced a Vauxhall Corsa C column complete as well as a matching wiper motor and assembly which I hope to use. As the weeks have gone by we have got together a few times to lay the loom in the car to check for cable lengths and positions. So here are a few photos of the loom when being built And the moment before we started fitting it to the chassis
  10. KugaWestie

    what the devil!

    Makes me wonder how on earth they managed to load them all on like that!
  11. KugaWestie

    Cobra 427 Build

    Thanks - I will recycle the string once the bobbins/mounts are sorted (I know where you live remember )
  12. KugaWestie

    Cobra 427 Build

    Next I started to see how to get from the centre pipes to the downpipes. This also meant trying to incorporate the X pipe. So out came the cardboard, knife and tape to try and mock it up. The ends of the X pipe will need cutting back to exaggerate the pipe angles into and out of it. X pipe to centre pipe sections X pipe towards downpipes From the side
  13. KugaWestie

    Cobra 427 Build

    A view from the side A view from the front, the pipes are not that much lower than the sump
  14. KugaWestie

    Cobra 427 Build

    The pipe runs through from the diff to the rear of the car A look back up the undrside from the rear
  15. KugaWestie

    Cobra 427 Build

    I started to have a look at the exhaust system tonight. Not much fun laid on the floor trying to wiggle things around and support the pipes etc. It is a good start though. Firstly I joined up the cherry bomb centre sections to the rear sections, and then supported them on what I thought might be a good route. The centre sections are pretty tight up to the underside of the floor pan, and then the rear sections are tucked up underneath the diff/wishbone pivot points. A look from the front down the passenger side, you can see the downpipe at the front and then the centre pipe can be seen further down the car The same view under the drivers side

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