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  1. KugaWestie

    MX5 MK2 alternator question.

    The alternator wiring is different between a Mk1 (NA) and a Mk2 (NB) engine The NB alternator has a voltage regulator which I think the ECU controls. If you are using an aftermarket ECU, you could use an external voltage regulator to charge properly. Or use a Mk1 alternator depending on how the ECU is configured. I think the plugs are the same though
  2. KugaWestie

    Your Daily motor- photos :)

    Of course, 10 weeks today
  3. KugaWestie

    Your Daily motor- photos :)

    Here is mine, BMW 320D GT. Absolutely brilliant car with more legroom than a 7 series, a huge boot and tows well. It's going in two weeks as it is almost 2 years old. 50k trouble free miles. I am gonna miss it but cannot justify the income tax any longer. The replacement is in stock and ready to go, slightly different experience but a £200 a month income tax pay rise It just needs the hardtop fitting and it is good to go
  4. KugaWestie

    Cadwell dates

  5. KugaWestie

    Cadwell dates

    R53 owners club
  6. KugaWestie

    Cadwell dates

    That's about what mine used to be. Suprisingly I had the Mini tested last Friday on a trackday with the new Direnza catback system on expecting it to be fairly load, it was 86db
  7. KugaWestie

    Cadwell dates

  8. KugaWestie

    Seat recover/upholstery

    I would be interested to know what costs they quote you please, as I will have to do the same on my Cobra build
  9. KugaWestie

    Dot 3 or dot 4 fluid?

    I recently treated myself to one of these, and found it much nicer to use than an easibleed. I also got better results with it https://www.demon-tweeks.com/sealey-brake-clutch-bleeding-system-vs820-seavs820/?istCompanyId=a2904180-3a7d-4e56-b876-cf81c9512180&istItemId=-xpwalaxamq&istBid=t&gclid=CjwKCAjwmJbeBRBCEiwAAY4VVblGmo3kfgT3opN8beQz4AR4nmmctVENjGpRU6fm3GCb4bG-MITwDBoC7xwQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds
  10. KugaWestie

    GoPro Camera SOLD

    Price reduction. Nice little stocking filler
  11. KugaWestie

    Seat recover/upholstery

    Why don't you repair them yourself. I achieved great results on some Z3 seats
  12. KugaWestie

    GoPro Camera SOLD

    Come on people, roll up roll up
  13. KugaWestie

    GoPro Camera SOLD

  14. KugaWestie

    GoPro Camera SOLD

  15. KugaWestie

    GoPro Camera SOLD

    ALL SOLD Thanks everyone

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