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  1. KugaWestie

    Cobra 427 Build

    I have to say I have really enjoyed the cleaning and spraying element as the parts have come up so well considering they are 40 years old, very satisfying
  2. KugaWestie

    Cobra 427 Build

    Tonight I set up my "Spraystation" and set about spraying all the smaller components. First two coats of VHT primer Followed by two coats of VHT black and a top coat of VHT clear
  3. KugaWestie

    IVA crash pad for contoured dash

    It's pretty hard to get a decent photo, but here you go It has got a couple of scratches on it as I have photographed. Basically it is a standard Westfield ZK body crashpad that I stripped down and then it got laid up with carbon by Julian Eisel It is one of a kind as far as I know. He said it was so hard to do he would never do another!
  4. KugaWestie

    IVA crash pad for contoured dash

    I have a carbon one if you are interested
  5. KugaWestie

    The Lobster (88 SE Rebuild)

    That front suspension set up looks really good
  6. KugaWestie

    Winter upgrades

    Nice job on the exhausts @Gary Taylor - Scotland AO
  7. KugaWestie

    Cobra 427 Build

    Thanks, yes inlet manifold is the same dark grey colour
  8. KugaWestie

    Cobra 427 Build

    Yep agreed. The box has come up lovely, I really like the darker colour
  9. KugaWestie

    Cobra 427 Build

    Today I sprayed the engine with two coats of VHT silver and then two coats of VHT clear over the top Once the paint was touch dry, I removed the bellhousing and put it back on the gearbox and applied two coats of VHT clear. Finally I finished of with an hours worth of cleaning and prep for some more painting
  10. KugaWestie

    Cobra 427 Build

    But having said that, if you get your weld setting correct you can slightly melt the two surfaces being jointed into the weld pool and achieve a nice weld
  11. KugaWestie

    Cobra 427 Build

    Exactly right, and as I have done
  12. KugaWestie

    Cobra 427 Build

    Thanks. The engine mounts are fully welded now. Before I did the weld I took the angle grinder to the mount/chassis junction to vee them a little, and I did whack the power right up on the welder. So fingers crossed I have made a good weld
  13. KugaWestie

    Cobra 427 Build

    So back to the build I took the bellhousing off the gearbox and bolted it back onto the rear of the engine. Now as the engine has already been through a total strip down, chemical bath, rebore etc and then rebuilt, I did not see the need to do this again. Normally before I install an engine I will strip the head(s) away from the block, strip everything off the block and head(s), inspect/replace components as necessary, replace all gaskets, mask up and spray. As said above, I don't want to strip it down totally. So I decided to take a different approach this time and strip off the starter motor, alternator, clutch slave etc. Then leave the spark plugs in and mask off all the manifold ports and openings. Then just basically spray the lot!!!!!!!! So fingers crossed it comes out alright in the end. So here it is all primed up
  14. KugaWestie

    Cobra 427 Build

    Ok guys, an overwhelming response and its good to know so many people read the thread
  15. KugaWestie

    Cobra 427 Build

    @Dave Eastwood (Gadgetman) - Club Secretary & @corsechris This will be a fuel injected engine but will look "The Part" You will see when it's time to unveil

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