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  • Malvern, Help Registration Closed
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Club Traders & Sponsors


  1. Current Traders & Sponsors

    Here is where you can find our current Traders and Sponsors. 

    Rules and Guidelines for Traders:

    • the forum is not a shop, catalogue or auction site, you may post with specific special offers or deals in your Traders section.
    • When advertising an offer/deal please state a clear price for the item(s)
    • Please do not "spam" the forum, a high number of posts in a short period of time makes it very difficult for members, particularly those using mobile devices to actually view and use the forum.
    • If you have a large number of items or services to sell, please provide a link to your sales web site, eBay shop etc, do not insert individual posts for each item.
    • as a business, you may have a broad range of products. Most Club members will tend to ignore posts not at least slightly involved with the ownership, maintenance, storage of or competing in a Westfield. Please limit your forum posts to this range of products and services.
    • As a Trader, you can post anywhere in the Club's forum. However, please keep any thread you start relevant to the section of the forum it's in. 
    • As a Trader, you may also make relevant posts on other member threads, where you are either using your specific knowledge or technical expertise to solve a problem, or, where you draw the attention of the original poster to a product or service you sell, which to the best of your ability, you believe would solve their problem. Don't forget though, that no means no, if a member does not wish to follow your advise, please leave it there.
    • Please do not use the PM system to spam members with unsolicited advertising/offers.
  2. WSCC Members Only Offers and Deals

    Here is where you will find anything from Members only deals and offers from our Traders and Sponsors, to discount codes for use by Club Members only. (You must be a paid up member to view these deals.)

    • Marcus Barlow - Show and Events Co-ordinator
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