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  1. Ever wondered what the WSCC Peak District members are up to at the weekends. Take a look & make sure you join us for drinks, cake, more cake & great conversation.
  2. I have a 1716052 Westfield Exhaust for sale. It is a 5 1/2" CAT non-repackable When i bought my car from Hawthorns Garage in Farnham (who had built and sold it brand new) they gave me this exhaust. They told me they had bought it new for my car but decided to go with the 6" repackable instead They said it had not been used, in reality i suspect it may have done a few miles. There are some TINY marks on the leading edge of the silence part. This is the bit that faces the dirt thrown up from the tyres It has the clamp to fasten it on to the manifold and also the clamp/bracket to fix the rear of it on to the car My car is a 2.0L Zetec black top so i know it fits that, as for other engines, please make your own investigations The exhaust was more than £480 new How does £190 sound? Collection preferable as its big, might be able to arrange to meet somewhere too... We are in Englefield Green, Surrey Apologies for putting up loads of photos, just wanted to show how good it is Any questions give me a call 07889 264869 Ian
  3. Silencer exhaust cover polished or powder coated to suit 6" silencers. Both on the shelf and ready for immediate dispatch. https://parts.westfield-sportscars.co.uk/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=1589&search=heat+shield&description=true
  4. 4 in to 1 exhaust joint required to make my own manifold . Thanks chris
  6. Greenstreak-Andy D

    What next, cameras for noise!

    I will just leave this here.... https://www.pressreader.com/uk/scottish-daily-mail/20190608/282321091505093
  7. Tim Essex

    Various parts for sale

    1. Dominator 4” headlights - £45.00 - collect Essex SS5 or from Stoneleigh (Sunday or Monday am) free or £10 by post. SOLD 2. ZK Grill - £15.00 - collect Essex SS5 or from Stoneleigh (Sunday or Monday am) free or £5 by post. SOLD 3. Chrome windscreen wipers (needs new blades) - £15.00 - collect Essex SS5 or from Stoneleigh (Sunday or Monday am) free or £3 by post. SOLD 4. Racetech mirror - £10.00 - collect Essex SS5 or from Stoneleigh (Sunday or Monday am) free or £5 by post. SOLD 5. Chrome WB Roll Bar £40.00 - collect only from Essex SS5 6. Exhaust (non CAT) – 2 x small dents on underside – not noticeable when on car - £80 - collect only from Essex SS5 7. Boot box lid – Midnight Blue – bit damaged on hinges and now missing locks – hence price £85 - SOLD 8. Full tonneau in navy blue – fits wide body. 2 years old. Hand made to fit over boot box lid. Superb condition. Had standard sport seats then – Have JK seats now so doesn’t fit. Cost £325 – Bargain at £200 - collect only from Essex SS5 9. Full hood and doors in Navy blue and hood frame – for wide body. Got with car (08 reg) in 2013 never used hood. Hood and doors in superb condition. Frame looks a bit bent – see photos. Sell together £175 - collect only from Essex SS5 10. Boot tonneau in Navy blue – fits over boot box lid – for wide body. Got with car (08 reg) in 2013 never used. Forgot I had! In superb condition £40 free to collect from SS5 or add £10 postage 11. 3 x 195 cycle wings in midnight blue. 2 in good condition other one a bit poorly. £30 for the lot collect only from Essex SS5
  8. Westfield Carbon Exhaust Silencer 6” non cat, complete with link pipe and fittings These are £458.10 from Westfield. Open to sensible offers.
  9. Genuine Westfield I4 Duratec Exhaust Manifold for sale. These are £612.80 on the Westfield Parts Site. Open to sensible offers.
  10. BugMan

    Exhaust mounting question

    Hi, can I just get a quick check on the mounting of the exhaust can on the side of the car. Now I know my Sport 250 is not the most common model and think i have found all the required bits, but just wanted to ask about the post mounting. I think i have found the boss on the inside of the chassis, which would need drilling through from the inside, is this correct? Supplied exhaust can, with 2 massive jubilee clips? Rubber anti vibration block Exhaust hanging on the driver side Hole i think I need to drill through from the inside? Thanks in advance ;-]
  11. BugMan

    Exhaust fitting

    Just a quick question when it comes to fitting my exhaust does it need any sort of fixing past or compound?
  12. Lawrie

    Yet another clearout SOLD

    8 years after the engine swap, I still have a 2 litre Pinto engine, and a Westfield Pinto pre SVA/IVA stainless exhaust. Supplied as a recon unit by Westfield in 1996. About 6,500 miles. Hand gas flowed big valve head. Kent RL32 cam, extended ball studs, vernier pulley, balanced crank & lightened flywheel. ARP rod bolts, RS2000 alloy sump, spare sump pan somewhere, Kent high pressure oil pump, fuel pump. Clutch, cover (balanced to flywheel) It turns, but needs a bit of TLC. Exhaust is without clamps etc, and the manifold section could do with a clean. Located in Reading. Buyers to collect. Engine £50, exhaust £25
  13. garytipping

    Crossflow Exhaust Manifold (Sold)

    Hi, I have a genuine Westfield crossflow stainless steel exhaust manifold. Unfortunately I couldn't use it, or modify it to fit the pre-lit chassis. In good condition, but has been slightly modified by a previous owner, as shown in the photos. How does £25.00 + postage sound. Happy for it to be collected from Buckingham. cheers Gary
  14. betarev3


    Hi few items for sale all of a seiw busa 1. Repackable Westfield silencer, standard Megabusa exhaust, total length inc exit pipe and link pipe 830mm, link pipe diameter 2.5 inch. £70.00 2. Chrome Westfield roll hoop. Great condition to fit seiw £90.00 3. Front and rear Westfield factory anti roll bars including all fittings to bolt straight on. Willing to split, £120 each or pair for £220.00 4. Led side repeaters in white £12.00 plus p&p 07580 260 832 Tom
  15. D5 jjc

    Pinto Westfield exhaust noise

    Hello all , I bought a seiw Westfield a few weeks back fitted with 2.1 pinto and standard Westfield exhaust! my issue is the exhaust is deafening, can I buy another silencer that will drastically sort the noise out ?? many thanks all comments welcome Jeff
  16. User0084

    Megabusa Parts

    Any Megabusa parts considered as currently have a Megablade but the change to a 'Busa is likely over the winter.... I'm thinking about the following parts; Exhaust Manifold and/or System Upper Cradle Lower Cradle Clutch Pedal Assembly Dry Sump Engine!!! Any offers etc, just PM me. Thanks, Rob.
  17. FOR SALE Westfield stainless exhaust manifold CVH £65 Westfield stainless exhaust with cover CVH £65 SOLD 1600 CVH engine with about 12,000 miles. All standard internals. £80 All parts originally bought from Westfield as part of modular kit. Collection only.
  18. Zetec full exhaust system. Headers are OK but the standard silencer is a bit past it's sell by date (well I think so as it rattles with rust inside it) anyway will chuck that in for free. You could cut the end off it and renew whatever and re-pack it? Just a note, have passed trackday noise test with it so it may not be that bad. I have the aluminium heat-shield for it but needs one of the welds re doing where the jubilee clips goes to fasten it to the silencer. The headers are the standard Westfield 4 into 1 and will fit 1.8 Silvertop and 2.0 Blacktop engines as I have fitted then to the engines listed. It also has tapping for sensor. All the above for £100 collection only or WSCC courier Pic here https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/m6lZ4qCI3LK55DzW3OyQSfW3Fu2WYjAREqpjXJ0GjzpKQ6mJ4md8twISy5IgJo3yAYaF8Jl4T_S6-h1KvhnRB3P1cBkq9JwIQjzzKYC_dCrVyWBeGg6LQmX7WvcGKMu483PjJDFiJ6Vz0XZpDachtAus9RH2FX2axHZiPeaRtNDkAf9HZa9YU2X6Nny4IxdFz4X44Xbhlsfw7Q6Ril8HW4LMKNNVQLZTCNfXTfZ1NpeMi6234b7tMRi0yubaUM_2uoQbBfQ4_vo-McHcnK2OqGByrDFlC735KYBRgRzFAyUxLNaEW5oqB1TjuH2OXYMUYbbdsOAhl50RXWUPFZH2nvyqbyBSfWRkpJhLwYqIZHyAezzu1UxgVJRAXu-BZCeNRbdDUdusG2we44oRGCG6SoVPkr6JiwaSO2FZPFhkyyZiBxb8BN4I6_vwPehiacnFnJWC-jm7L9uhcPzOV4-vFoUgnyGV-IIljrMHswZYE0Qvf_587K9mKH0KuLdz2agXCsAaPaPvgH8GUaECppZ416tBH5AklvqJFefkX6Uoi9eN1MuiNub7xTZ3rTb4znkzmndi=w1586-h892-no Terry
  19. Westfield silencer with CAT, great condition, bought off here in March but found it isn't easily interchangeable with my WF carbon exhaust (I got this one to help pass the IVA) so no longer need this one. I need back what I paid, £220 posted or can be collected from Stoneleigh on Sunday or Monday.
  20. Westfield Exhaust with catalytic converter *** NOW SOLD *** Excellent condition - only 8100 miles, 11yrs old, complete with heat shield. Previously fitted to a Zetec 16v £230 ono - collection preferred 10mins from J19 M6 Pete
  21. Terryathome

    Exhaust Upgradiusitus

    Took me a while to get me to move me bum but now I have the bits to build the exhaust. Wonder how long it will take me to find the garage keys lol. Techi bit: 4 into 2 into 1, 2 inch into 2½ inch
  22. A2Bplus

    Exhaust with CAT

    Westfield Exhaust with catalytic converter *** NOW SOLD *** Excellent condition - only 8100 miles, 11yrs old, complete with heat shield. Previously fitted to a Zetec 16v £260 ono - collection preferred 10mins from J19 M6 Pete
  23. Hi Folks, Westfield 5 1/2" silencer with CAT for sale, I'm needing to get this shifted so I'm looking for £210 including postage. Images on the dropbox below: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/zfbwxv0jezbpqns/AADc-bTSAbwfRT-tsraoIu47a?dl=0 Please PM if you are interested. Mike
  24. As per the title, 2.0 Blacktop exhaust headers that go through the bonnet prefered. or what have you? If I can get the headers a fully Westfield exhaust will be up for sale. Will post sale later, and in parts for sale. Terry
  25. tisme

    Exhaust tail pipe angle

    This may be a silly question, but is there any legal requirement (or etiquette) that dictates the angle of the tail pipe on a Westfield? I have a 7inch SBD silencer with a 3 inch tailpipe and have added an extra support bracket / bobbin to give it more support but can't decide whether the tail pipe should exit parallel to the road or point down - and due to the spacing between the end cap retaining bolts then if it's not parallel, it points down at about 45-50% and looks a bit "wrong". I appreciate if exit parallel, then starting up (tuned XE) next to the pavement and someone walking past may cause a few singed hairs , but other than that anything else?
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