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Found 14 results

  1. Hello My wife has one wish for christmas,she wants me to be in my workshop for a longer time Therefore it would be good to find a second Westie... Good condition,a nice project,a damaged Westie,or a driveable one... Best would be first registration before 1991 Best regards Jürgen
  2. **NOW SOLD** For sale: 1992 Westfield SEIW 2.0 Pinto Kent FR32 cam Type 9 5speed gearbox Twin Weber DCOE40 carbs M16 front calipers mintex 1144 pads Roughly about 24,000 miles( It had a digital bike speedo on when i bought it) MOT'd until 9/6/2019 The engine was rebuild by the previous owner. 205 block, unleaded head. Detachable steering wheel. The car had a new alternator, starter motor, cambelt with tensioner, clutch cable, front calipers, discs, pads, rear discs, pads, electronic ignition, coil,electronic VDO speedo with sender , water temp gauge and facet electric fuel pump last August before I drove it down to Monza to watch F1 then up to Germany to take it around the Nurburgring. Did a total of 2600 miles and only the throttle cable snapped which was repaired at the side of the road in Switzerland(a replacement will be included but the original is still going). The carbs will need rebalancing at some point, it was done last year before the road trip. Also retrimmed the dash and replaced the warning lights with black facia LED ones. It's got an FIA kill switch wired in, 12V and 2 usb sockets in the dash too. Fibreglass seats that were red so I retrimmed them in black faux alcantara which is on the top of the dash as well, they are a bit wrinkled near the base but are the widest seats i've tried being tall and not slim I kept them. New Luke harnesses fitted. I fitted a new heater in the car with windscreen and lower vents as when I bought the car it had an Aero screen on it. Retrimmed the interior carpet along with a bit of sound proofing material. The bootbox has been cut at the sides as it must of had an RAC roll bar at some point. I've got a replacement one that will be included but its in orange. It will also come with a set of 195/50/15 and 205/50/15 toyo 888 tyres which I removed when I bought it to fit road tyres on. The 205 rears were new on and still have the colour markings on them. It's on Toyo T1R's at the moment. Will also come with 2 new front Westfield fake carbon cycle wings which i never got around to fitting. Just fitted LED headlight bulbs and rear tail/stop lights. The paint work is ok for 26 years old, its worse on the passengers side where a bungee cord rubbed on the rear wing before I fitted the windscreen and hood. Some small stone chips on the rear wing . Its got a crack in the paint on the scuttle passengers side. It also comes with a cover that goes from the rear of the car to the windscreen and a full cover. I've owned it for the past 4 1/2 years and have had some fun in it but the time has come to sell as i've done what I wanted to do with the european road trip with the wife. I also bought a Nissan 350z roadster last year so that has done most of the miles in the past 12 months. I'm looking for £5495 ono Contact me on here or slyv12@hotmail.co.uk
  3. With regret, a change in personal circumstances means I have to sell on my SEW Westfield after only about 3 months ownership. I bought the car late June, and have had a wonderful short period of motoring, the car performs faultlessly, and I have covered around 1000 miles in that time. Its a great car, and my 14 year old son and I will be very sorry to see it go, as we have had great fun driving and tinkering! The car came to me with a comprehensive folder of receipts and build documentation including some original build photos and the original build manual. The original order letter is included, as well as original documentation for the shock absorbers VDO gauges etc and loads of original build receipts. SVA documentation comes with the car, which shows at the time it was tested the car weighed 636kg without driver. I guess its about the same even now, maybe a little less as it no longer has the spare wheel fitted. The car has a 2.0 litre Pinto with the preferable 205 block, and it has been modified with a Kent cam (I can't be sure which one but I think its the FR32), and has also been converted to run on unleaded. There are twin Spanish Weber DCOE40 carburettors. The carbs breathe through a newly fitted ITG JC50 air filter. The engine bay is neat and tidy, and the engine is not leaking oil or smoking. A new fan belt has just been fitted. A wrapped tubular manifold leads to a large steel silencer with a chromed endpipe and newly replaced mounting bobbin. Holds temperature really nicely between 75 and 85 on the gauge at all times even in trafffic, with the fan working as it should. In the receipts I found a dyno trace for the engine from when the car was built showing 123bhp at the wheels (maybe 140bhp or a bit more at the flywheel at a guess?) though of course this was many years ago so who knows what the engine is putting out now. Subjectively the engine feels healthy and moves the car along very well indeed so whatever the output is, it makes a pretty quick and very exciting car! The gearbox is a 5 speed Type 9 - first second and reverse can be a bit baulky - but like most pinto cars I use 2nd to start, so once you are out of that gear it changes really nicely across the rest of the gears. Its not that you can't use the lower gears its just they need a bit of a push to engage. It might be the short gear lever or clutch cable that could benefit from a bit of adjustment, and it doesn't spoil enjoyment of driving the car, but I better mention it anyway. In top gear the car runs at about 3150rpm for 70mph. As an SEW the car has a live axle of course, there are no leaks I can see and can't hear any clunking from the diff. Spax Shocks are fitted all round. Front hubs are Cortina as are front brakes - disks up front of course and drums to the rear. The car runs on Wolfrace Voodoo wheels, with Falken tyres all round, 195/50/15 on the front and 205/50/15 on the rear. There are locking wheelnuts fitted. I run the tyres about 20 psi which for me gives a decent level of compliance in the ride. Its a standard SEW body, with cycle wings and I have removed the rear wheel. The spare is another Wolfrace Voodoo wheel with near new Falken tyre, and I've trimmed the wheel carrier so it can be extended back out to reinstate the wheel if the new owner wants to do that. The rear panel has an alloy filler cap with lock and I added a genuine metal "powered by Ford" badge as fitted to some modern Mustangs to break up the expanse of blue bodywork. The bodywork is in decent condition, by no means pristine, but very presentable. There are a fair few marks here and there as you would expect, but no major damage, and it still polishes up really nicely. One of the cycle wings has a bit of a crack at one of its mounting points as you can see in the photo, and the bonnet could do with a few tidy ups round the edges as its taken a few knocks over the years. The bonnet could be a better fit to the car too, but it is secure and does not stand out a mile by any means and does not at all spoil the looks. The car gets lots of compliments whenever I use it, and at a glance could pass for a much newer car. I've got a brand new Westfield 43mm badge that I was going to put on the nosecone but I will leave that up to the new owner to decide if they want it installed. The interior looks like a pretty typical late 1990's car, with a standard padded vinyl dash and VDO gauges. The gauges are all back lit and all are working correctly, in fact everything works(!) including the 2 speed heater which pumps out a lot of warmth on a chilly morning. The cabin is fully carpeted, the side panels are covered in vinyl and all of it is still in really nice condition, so the interior is very presentable and not at all tatty. There are Willans 4 point harnesses and nice looking sports seats on runners so you can find a decent position from the pedals even if you have short legs like me! A Centurion CarGuard immobiliser is fitted, which has a little fob transponder and there are 2 sets of keys. There is a hood fitted which is in very nice condition still, the only problem is that the plastic header rail has broken in half, which seems to be a normal issue, though it is still completely usable and does not cause any problems when fitting the hood. I use the sidescreens quite a lot, again they are in very good condition and the windows are still nice and clear. In really heavy downpours, like most Westfields I guess this car is not fully waterproof if left for hours unprotected in the elements, and as my garage is a bit of a way from home I invested about £170 in August for a Hamilton 4 layer outdoor semi-fitted car cover which has been absolutely superb - you can fit it in a minute or 2 and there are 2 straps that run under the car to keep it secure. Obviously this comes with the car. The MOT runs to 18 April 2019. I believe I am the 3rd owner - original builder was the first, then the guy I bought it from was the second, but I can't seem to find the number of owners on the V5 (which is in my name) to confirm. I've spent about £400 on the car in the last few months, new air filter and other odds and ends, to ensure it is functional usable and enjoyable. Much as I would like to keep hold of it for another summer, I really have urgent need to release some funds, so I am hoping this can find a new home reasonably quickly as I hope my asking price of £5800 is reasonable. The car is located near Dorking Surrey, though I work near Gatwick airport so could be inspected around that area too if that is more convenient. Robert 078401 48261
  4. 8 years after the engine swap, I still have a 2 litre Pinto engine, and a Westfield Pinto pre SVA/IVA stainless exhaust. Supplied as a recon unit by Westfield in 1996. About 6,500 miles. Hand gas flowed big valve head. Kent RL32 cam, extended ball studs, vernier pulley, balanced crank & lightened flywheel. ARP rod bolts, RS2000 alloy sump, spare sump pan somewhere, Kent high pressure oil pump, fuel pump. Clutch, cover (balanced to flywheel) It turns, but needs a bit of TLC. Exhaust is without clamps etc, and the manifold section could do with a clean. Located in Reading. Buyers to collect. Engine £50, exhaust £25
  5. This thread doesn't start with a trip to the Westfield factory, or a picture of a shiney floored empty garage, it starts with a long neglected unfinished machine, that looks like this As you can see it's as much a restoration as it is a build. It's a 1991 Pinto Seiw that has never been near a road. Bought by a friend as an unfinished project in 1993 and never progressed further than this. Aiming to Get it road legal eventually if at all possible, maybe, well we can always just do a few track days in it, let's see how far we get
  6. Hi, I own a Ford Pinto 2.1 with twin Webber 45's, if I run it until it is propery hot in the summer (it is not overheating) and immediately try to start again (even 30mins later) it simply will not start and yesterday I could not even bump start it. My mechanic tells me that this is due to high temperatures evaporating the petrol out of the carbs through the air intakes and that I should try depressing the accelarator 4x before turning the ignition to try an get the petrol in. Do people concur/ are there any other ideas out there? He did mention that some people have put a baffle between the engine and the carbs to reduce carb temps, but it doesn't sound very convincing to me. I suppose I could upgrade the fan to reduce temps to a consistent 80deg? Trevor
  7. PINTO AND OTHER ITEMS FOR SALE I am currently converting my 2.0L Pinto engined Westfield from carburettors to fuel injection and have a number of components surplus to requirements. The car has covered around 2000 miles since built and everything for sale is in good serviceable condition. Everything was working when removed from the car. Pair of Weber DCOE 45 (152) Carburettors (No manifold) NOW SOLD These carbs were purchased new when the car was built and are a matched pair. They were fitted to a 2.0L Pinto engine with a Stage 2 cylinder head and ultimate road cam. They are jetted as follows:- . Chokes 36, Emulsion Tubes F16, Pump Jets 40, Idle Jets F8/65, Air Correctors 190, Main Jets 150 and Aux Venturi 4.5 Fitted with twin cable throttle linkages Air Trumpets (26mm) Includes mounting kit (Misab plates, Thackerey washers etc.) Also have some literature on set up etc. £ 450.00 (Includes UK postage) Collection of Weber DCOE 45 Jets, Tubes etc. (4 of each unless otherwise stated). NOW SOLD Some are new and unused. Others used for tuning. Air Corrector Jets 155, 170,180 & 200 Idle Jets F8/60, F9/50, F9/55, F9/60 & F9/65 Pump Jets 45 Emulsion Tubes F2 Auxiliary Vent Lock Screw (1 only) £40.00 (Includes UK postage) NOW SOLD. Webcon Carburettor Mesh Filters NOW SOLD Set of 4 low profile filters to fit trumpets of 63mm diameter. Good where engine bay space is restricted. £ 30.00 (Includes UK postage) NOW SOLD. AN-6 Weber Carburettor Fittings. NOW SOLD Made in black aluminium alloy and connected with short length of stainless steel braided hose. Swivel seal tee and single end. Sorry only one banjo bolt but obtainable on internet (around £13) or could use standard Weber banjos (M12 x 1.5mm) £ 35.00 (Including UK postage) NOW SOLD Aldon (Non vacuum) Distributor (Model 104FPRI) and Luminition Performance Ignition Kit. The Luminition system comes complete with ignition module, matched coil, connection leads etc and the distributor is fitted with the “windmill” inside the plug cap. Instruction sheet included. The distributor may not have been purchased from new and could be a bit older but was working satisfactorily when removed. £ 250.00 (Includes UK postage) Facet Fuel Pump NOW SOLD Complete with filter and short connection hose. (Low pressure type) £20.00 (Includes UK postage) NOW SOLD. Filter King Fuel Pressure Regulator (Carburettor Low Pressure) NOW SOLD Fitted with male AN-6 hose ends but easily changed to BSP barbs if required. Complete with mounting bracket and instructions. Also included is pressure gauge for use during initial set up (gauge adaptor required) £ 35.00 (Includes UK postage) NOW SOLD Will do my best to answer any queries.
  8. Hi everybody, after much soul searching I have made the tough decision to sell my SEIW Chrome Yellow Westy This car may not be the fastest, nor the loudest – although still loud – but she is really reliable, in good condition and great fun to drive. She is ready for a new owner, who can give her a new loving home so she can continue to give you as much pleasure as she has given me over the last few years. Here is a brief run down of her, Car Registered December 2006, Age related F-Plate (not Q) Built as a single donor vehicle using a 1988 Ford Sierra by previous owner Engine sourced originally from independent engine rebuilder not from donor Lots of receipts and pictures of the build up – but not by me, by the previous owner MOT December 2016 Engine 2.0 litre Pinto powered SEIW with 205 Block Vernier Pulley wheel from Burton Power FR32 CAM Long range fuel tank Twin Weber 40DCOE carburettors Accu spark electronic ignition Chassis and suspension Powder coated as optional extra by Westfield Standard Westfield shock absorbers (with adjustable ride height and damping), fully independent wishbones front and rear, with Westfield rear uprights and Ford Sierra front hubs Transmission Original Sierra type 9 gear box and differential Type 9, 5 speed gear box – no crunching or baulking Interior Black Westfield seats Carpeted interior with Westfield 4 point harness Wheels / Tyres Toyo T1-R Tyres all round including spare, with locking wheel nuts Full suspension set up and wheel alignment by Westfield factory Additional items added / Additional information Carbon mods stone deflectors on detachable arches 12v lighter socket and USB socket under dashboard Roof and sidescreens Scissor jack and wheel spanner Sierra Calipers, drums at rear Recent oil and water change with new filter and 82degrees thermostat Heater Price £6450 ono This is a great car and regret selling it but time to move to something else,lots of paperwork. Please contact me here or jtillyard@btinternet.com Jason 07812011085
  9. Nickietam


    From the album: For Sale

    Sierra PEXA68 alternator

    © AWB

  10. I have been unable to start my Westy after replacing the cylinder head and would appreciate any help to get it up and running again. I have a Westfield SEiW with a 2.0l Pinto engine and twin DCOE 45 Weber carburettors. The bottom end is unmodified, save for a lightened flywheel and I decided to improve performance by adding a big valve cylinder head and uprated camshaft. I purchased a Stage 2 unleaded head and a Kent GTS1 camshaft from Burton Power. Burtons fitted the camshaft to ensure the geometry etc was correct. I removed the old cylinder head and fitted the new one without any difficulty and set up the valve timing using the Full Lift Before/After TDC Method as follows. Established TDC on No1 Cylinder Fitted Timing Disc to crankshaft pulley and set to zero degrees. Adjusted Auxilliary pulley so that distributor rotor pointed to No 1 cylinder Fitted and tensioned timing belt Released vernier pulley on camshaft so that it rotated freely Rotated engine clockwise by 108 degrees (the quoted value for full valve lift) Turned camshaft so that inlet valve on No 1 cylinder was at maximum lift Tightened vernier pulley Torqued everything up Turned engine over by hand without issue. But it refuses to start. I have tried advancing/ retarding the ignition slightly but to no avail. I have a healthy spark and fuel seems OK. I have run out of ideas and would appreciate comments on my methodology or anything else that I may have forgotten about or failed to do. Thanks in anticipation. Alastair.
  11. Hi all, Got my membership sorted so hopefully some kind people can offer some advice. I have a 1990 narrow that runs a 2L pinto. When I got the car it was in quite a state, it's a bit better now, but very much still a project! It didn't run at all. Now it runs after an electrical fault was sorted, new battery, timing sorted etc. It passed it's MOT and I then taxed it. All fine. It was then after some longer drives (only a few miles) that another gremlin reared it's head. On the first trip of a few miles, it overheated horribly and vented a load of coolant on to the road. We let it cool off and then a day or so later took it out again and it over heated once more. So then I took the following steps. - Checked the thermostat and replaced the 92c for an 88c (checked the thermostat worked in pan before fitting) - Used two stage rad flush and filled with new coolant. Put it all back together and still overheating. So I then - Swapped out the thermostat for an 82c (drilled a 3mm hole in the thermostat too) - Took of the water pump for inspection which seems ok, is there anything specific to look for? The current set up has a radiator with a pressure cap and no expansion tank. Whilst the radiator allows water through, would it be worth replacing it with a Polo unit and adding an expansion tank to the set up. At the moment the current system vents to the road via an outlet on the radiator filler neck. Or shall I put it back together as is with the 82c thermostat and see where that gets me. I also did a compression test and got 160ish on all four cylinders. The engine as far as i know is standard apart from it has R1 carbs fitted. Any ideas or advice would be great. Thanks
  12. Widget1984

    2009 09130010

    From the album: Widget

    Pinto cooling set up
  13. NOW SOLD!!! 2004 registered Westfield SEW Wide Body, only done 3500 miles British Racing Green 2.1 VULCAN PINTO with Maxiflow unleaded Head FR32 Fast Road Cam Twin 45 DELLORTOs Facet pump with Filterking regulator Type 9 Gearbox Westfield 3.89 Escort Rear Axle Westfield 4 pot front brakes, drums rear Front wheels 6x13 minilights with 185x60x13 TOYO 888 rear wheels 7x13 minilights with 205x60x13 TOYO 888 + 4...7x15 woolfrace sport wheels [black] with 195x50x15 deep tread tyres Protech alloy adjustable shocks and springs all round from Procomp Tyres and Suspension only done about 1000 miles Heater Full weather gear, roof and doors [tan] Soft Bits for Sevens Half Top Lockable boot lid rear skirt RAC style roll bar with high level brake light Will come with 12 months mot taxed end of June All build receipts and SVA and registration paperwork Looking for around £6000 Only advertised on WSCC Contact me on 07734 972007 or krisandnikki@sky.com
  14. I'm not pretending to know anything much about electrics and wiring, but somehow I've got to create an XE loom from a Pinto one. Having stripped it out of the car last night, the issue that sticks out to me is that of the wiring for the ignition amplifier module for the old pinto engine. Does anyone have any wiring diagrams etc. for an XE loom. What should I do with the amplifier wiring, I suppose strip it back and investigate where it originates from.
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