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Found 10 results

  1. I've asked this question in my build diary, but thought I would also post it here as not everyone follows the build diaries. I have treated myself to a Sytec fuel pump bracket as I wanted a neater solution for mounting the fuel pump than the aluminium P-clip. Looking at various diaries I'm pretty sure it will be clear of the bottom of the FW boot box in this position, but can someone please confirm that for me before I go drilling holes? The top of the bracket hinge is about 310mm below the top of the fuel tank & about 350mm below the top of the upper chassis frame for the bulkhead. Thanks in advance!
  2. Paul Aspden (MoFast)

    Configurable Fuel Pump and Filter Bracket

    Configurable fuel pump and filter bracket https://cad.onshape.com/documents/897718535a9dbb092291a6a3/w/85f2a46e9f8d1b7458011b59/e/73e2a883c76661670cfb05b8?configuration=fuelFilterDiameter%3D0.035%2Bmeter%3BfuelPumpDiameter%3D0.07%2Bmeter Just add your own dimension for the filter and pump.
  3. Engine wouldn't start this morning, again, I couldn't hear the fuel pump prime up. Been having this issue on and off for the last couple of weeks Got out laptop and connected it to Omex 600 and getting no signal. Tested wires and all seemed ok. Fuel was just over 1/4 of a tank (or so it told me). Just gone back out to scratch my head some more and thought I would put a little fuel in as had some in a can (saves me mowing the lawn!). Turn the ignition, heard the fuel pump prime and then it started. Questions: Why couldn't I connect to the ECU even though it wouldn't start; that does not make any sense to me. Do people think I might have a dodgy earth somewhere, fuel pump side. Fuel pump need replacing... Has anyone else experience this issue? If so how did they resolve it.
  4. JStar

    Intermittent fuel pump issues

    Hi All Recently purchased my first Westfield (2004 SEiW 2.0 Zetec) Everything on the car seems very good except that the car has had the same issue multiple times. I have been driving along (normally just maintaining a steady speed) and the engine seems to just suddenly lose power and then eventually cuts out and then it might start again after a short or a long time. I am almost certain it is a fuel pump issue and that it is more that electricity isn't getting to the pump rather than mechanical (but not completely sure). When the issue is present I cannot hear the pump making it's normal ticking noise. The car has an immobiliser which stops the pump running if not disengaged so it could be related to this but the dash light that indicates the immobiliser is engaged is switching off. I originally thought it was a loose fuse because when it happened before I was checking each fuse taking them out and putting them back (none had blown), tried starting the car straight after this and it worked perfectly for a few days. Issue occurred again yesterday, had to get it recovered back to my garage. Tried to start the car again yesterday when it was in the garage and no fuel pump. Went to try the car again this morning and the fuel pump worked and it started just fine. But nothing has been done to the car in the meantime so I am a bit stumped. I did check and clean all the connections directly next to the fuel pump, all looked fine. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks James
  5. Chris Broster - Bristol & Bath AO

    Fuel Starvation/Failure

    Hello collective brain, Having just had my Ford Zetec Blacktop 1.8L on Jenvey ITB and MBE9A tuned at InterPro by the very capable Dave I head off to Castle Coombe for the PJ's Track Day on Mon 29th April. A great morning was had with speed, spins and serious grins all round...... ...Then it all stopped with a splutter and choking run down just out of the chicane! Cue embarrassing red flag and tow back to the paddock. Many brains and hands make light work, running a permanent live to the pump and the car was pumping and running again for a session after lunch. However, this was not to last and after a few splutters out on track i decided to call it a day. A quick check back in the paddock and it was working as such, packed up and set off home....didn't even make it out of the track! Even more embarrassing AA recovery home on a tilt bed and I have a unidentified fueling issue that I need to resolve before Saturday! So I have removed the pump unit from the tank and the filter is NOT blocked and there is minimal sediment/dirt in the tank, very fine. Having spoken to Westfield Tech Dept, they recommend checking flow from pump into forward pipe and if a trickle then it is the pump (one ordered overnight delivery JIC) if flow ok then move forward to ITB fuel rail and check there, if ok the onto pressure regulator (Currently 3.5 bar) and finally, if ok there check return flow into tank. 3 issues identified: 1. There does not appear to be a breather on the fuel tank and there is a definite release of pressure when I remove the filler cap? 2. There is no in-line fuel filter after the fuel pump? 3. There is no roll over/inertia fuel cut off switch in and around the fuel tank or engine bay - more investigation require. Of note, the Fuel tank is baffled and has a rubber flap into the fuel pick up area? So my question is.... Help any ideas? Many thanks to @SXRORY, @RobP, @simon, @HappyDave
  6. james_swimmer

    Fuel Pump Not Priming

    Hi all, After a couple of months of not using the car it won't start, the fuel pump is not priming when i turn on the ignition. It is a 2002 factory built 1.8 zetec with omex 600E ecu. I have ran a live wire to the pump and it fires and keeps running, does not cut out after 3 seconds like it used to then start up again when the engine is running. I thought it may be the imobiliser causing problems so I have bridged the starter and fuel pump wires to bypass the imobiliser, this didn't change anything but has removed one option. On the attached photo I think the far right fuse is the fuse for the fuel pump, there is no power here with the ignition turned on, I'm not sure if there should be? All the other fuses have power with the ignition on, if I run a wire from one of the other fuses to this fuse the fuel pump fires and keeps running, allowing me to start the car, but clearly this is not how it is designed to be wired up. There are two relays under the steering column, they're both the same configuration so I have tried swapping them but this made no difference, so i can assume they're both working as I can feel them click when I turn on the ignition. Any other ideas, or methods to find the cause of this issue would be appreciated. Thanks, James
  7. Chuckie

    What Fuel Pump..?

    I'm planning on running a Zetec 1.8L (silver top) with the standard Ford fuel injection system and the Westfield Zetec air filter and kidney intake (http://parts-shop.westfield-sportscars.co.uk/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=214). Can canybody suggestion an appropriate, reliable, fuel pump? Thx, A
  8. So, wondering if you guys can help me out with a puzzler. My XE powered Westie came out of hibernation a week or two ago. (fairly standard setup, with twin dellorto 45s, nodiz ignition, facet silver fuel pump and fuel pro bullet filter) On the first real blat, on a long straight about 5 miles from home, it just died. I pulled over to the side, it restarted but just revved for a few seconds and died again, repeating this a few times. I did a quick check for any obvious issues but spotted nothing. Tried again and up she fired. Headed for home taking it steady and got home with the 'cut-out, switch off for a couple of minutes and go again' process repeated a couple of times. My initial reaction was a fuel issue, so checked the pump was pumping, checked the carb floats, cleaned the in-line filter, drained the tank and refilled. A couple of short test runs at modest speeds were fine, so headed out on my usual 10 mile route, and blow me it cut out within a hundred yards of where the initial problem occurred. This time I got home at slow speeds without any further incidents. By now, my new fuel filter and regulator, which I had decided it could do with, had arrived so I fitted these. Headed off again, and it ran very well until we got to the same stretch 5 miles from home, and exactly the same happened at what is becoming a familiar spot. Waited 2 minutes, restarted, headed for home and 300 yards short of home, died again. Has anybody any thoughts? When it dies, if I try an immediate restart, it fires, revs for a second or two and dies again, so I had ruled out ignition issues. Can Facet pumps overheat and reduce fuel flow after 10 minutes or so? Have I missed something else that is blindingly obvious? Hoping the combined experience has the answer! Gary
  9. Nickietam

    Pinto and Other Parts for Sale

    PINTO AND OTHER ITEMS FOR SALE I am currently converting my 2.0L Pinto engined Westfield from carburettors to fuel injection and have a number of components surplus to requirements. The car has covered around 2000 miles since built and everything for sale is in good serviceable condition. Everything was working when removed from the car. Pair of Weber DCOE 45 (152) Carburettors (No manifold) NOW SOLD These carbs were purchased new when the car was built and are a matched pair. They were fitted to a 2.0L Pinto engine with a Stage 2 cylinder head and ultimate road cam. They are jetted as follows:- . Chokes 36, Emulsion Tubes F16, Pump Jets 40, Idle Jets F8/65, Air Correctors 190, Main Jets 150 and Aux Venturi 4.5 Fitted with twin cable throttle linkages Air Trumpets (26mm) Includes mounting kit (Misab plates, Thackerey washers etc.) Also have some literature on set up etc. £ 450.00 (Includes UK postage) Collection of Weber DCOE 45 Jets, Tubes etc. (4 of each unless otherwise stated). NOW SOLD Some are new and unused. Others used for tuning. Air Corrector Jets 155, 170,180 & 200 Idle Jets F8/60, F9/50, F9/55, F9/60 & F9/65 Pump Jets 45 Emulsion Tubes F2 Auxiliary Vent Lock Screw (1 only) £40.00 (Includes UK postage) NOW SOLD. Webcon Carburettor Mesh Filters NOW SOLD Set of 4 low profile filters to fit trumpets of 63mm diameter. Good where engine bay space is restricted. £ 30.00 (Includes UK postage) NOW SOLD. AN-6 Weber Carburettor Fittings. NOW SOLD Made in black aluminium alloy and connected with short length of stainless steel braided hose. Swivel seal tee and single end. Sorry only one banjo bolt but obtainable on internet (around £13) or could use standard Weber banjos (M12 x 1.5mm) £ 35.00 (Including UK postage) NOW SOLD Aldon (Non vacuum) Distributor (Model 104FPRI) and Luminition Performance Ignition Kit. The Luminition system comes complete with ignition module, matched coil, connection leads etc and the distributor is fitted with the “windmill” inside the plug cap. Instruction sheet included. The distributor may not have been purchased from new and could be a bit older but was working satisfactorily when removed. £ 250.00 (Includes UK postage) Facet Fuel Pump NOW SOLD Complete with filter and short connection hose. (Low pressure type) £20.00 (Includes UK postage) NOW SOLD. Filter King Fuel Pressure Regulator (Carburettor Low Pressure) NOW SOLD Fitted with male AN-6 hose ends but easily changed to BSP barbs if required. Complete with mounting bracket and instructions. Also included is pressure gauge for use during initial set up (gauge adaptor required) £ 35.00 (Includes UK postage) NOW SOLD Will do my best to answer any queries.
  10. snicko1


    hi looking for bit of help have a 1997 factory built seight . I have been changing the rear lights and two of the wires touched and blew a fuse I changed the fuse and the car started ok now nothing , problem is when I turn the key there is no clicking noise from the fuel pump soon as I turn the key off I get like a clicking noise from the engine bay the only other thing that does not work are the wipers checked all fuses and all ok any help anyone cheers steve
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