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Found 21 results

  1. 2.0 litre blacktop zetec for sale. This was a brand new crate engine. Installed in my SEIW Westfield approx March 2017. Fitted with ARP rod bolts. Only covered approx 2000 miles only (mot history). Removed early last year to make way for a turbo charged engine I had built. Kept this engine as a spare however no longer own a Westfield so spares must go. Ford sump fitted however would need re sealing if sump to be used in install (I ran with Raceline sump) Due to current government guidelines, collection / courier to be agreed by both parties. Engi
  2. Raceline sump £SOLD - Andy DanST 80mm custom inlet manifold £SOLD - Dave GSXR 1000 ITB’s compete with wiring £SOLD - Dave ITG 130mm deep sausage filter and laser cut backing plate (uncut for TB’s) this is a special order ‘flipped’ logo so the tabs face down when fitted £125 Ford stat housing (new) £25 Starter Motor £35 Buyer pays any postage, located near Warwick castle.
  3. BugMan

    Here we go.........

    In my build if your interested
  4. Lawrie

    Yet another clearout SOLD

    8 years after the engine swap, I still have a 2 litre Pinto engine, and a Westfield Pinto pre SVA/IVA stainless exhaust. Supplied as a recon unit by Westfield in 1996. About 6,500 miles. Hand gas flowed big valve head. Kent RL32 cam, extended ball studs, vernier pulley, balanced crank & lightened flywheel. ARP rod bolts, RS2000 alloy sump, spare sump pan somewhere, Kent high pressure oil pump, fuel pump. Clutch, cover (balanced to flywheel) It turns, but needs a bit of TLC. Exhaust is without clamps etc, and the manifold section could do with a clean. Located in Reading. Buyer
  5. M6 WSC

    Problems starting engine

    Hi All, I've got an issue with my Westie that I hope someone can shed some light on. Recently when I go to start the car, nothing happens... I'll explain. 1. Turn key on 2. Wiggle immobilizer fob next to wire, can hear fuel pumps running 3. Press the start-stop button, and it just makes a 'click' and the starter motor does nothing. (The click seems to come from around the induction side of the duratec) However, 1 time in 20 or so, it starts fine! Things I've checked already: 1. Battery - fully charged 2. Starter motor - works fine during the time wh
  6. FOR SALE Westfield stainless exhaust manifold CVH £65 Westfield stainless exhaust with cover CVH £65 SOLD 1600 CVH engine with about 12,000 miles. All standard internals. £80 All parts originally bought from Westfield as part of modular kit. Collection only.
  7. As title, removed from running bike, gen 1, 1999, approx 18k miles includes loom, ecu, oil cooler - everything required to run in a kit car Low mileage Gen 1 Engine Throttle Bodies Air Box Wiring loom ECU Standard Fuel Pump Standard oil cooler Original Clocks Exhaust headers Yoshimura Tri-Oval Silencer Ideally will sell complete but would sell just engine if required and sell remaining separately. PM me if interested in any of above. Many thanks.
  8. I have a zero miles since build Zetec 2.0 engine with Dunnel Option 3 kit (212-223bhp) as per here http://www.dunnellengines.com/zetec_carb_optionkits_3.php The block was acid dipped and fully inspected and uprated Dunnel rod bolts installed when the engine was built by local motorsport mechanic. As mentioned, this has not been run since the build so is basically like new. Also comes with Dunnel shallow wet sump, Raceline water rail, lightweight motorsport alternator, 45 DCOE’s, Dunnel ECU and loom, custom exhaust manifold for Westfield, spare standard Zetec 2.0 engine. £3500 o.n.o.
  9. Hi all, Looking to go down a different route with my Westfield 7 SE build so I have a zero miles since build Zetec 2.0 with Dunnel Option 3 kit (Circa 215bhp) as per here http://www.dunnellengines.com/zetec_carb_optionkits_3.php Bottom end was fully checked over when engine was built by local motorsport mechanic. As mentioned, this has not been run since the build so is basically brand new. Also comes with shallow wet sump, Water rail, lightweight motorsport alternator, 45 DCOE’s, Dunnel ECU & Wiring Loom. £4000 o.n.o. Also a Quaife QBM1M 4 speed sequential gearbox (https://shop.quaife.c
  10. 1 Ton Engine Crane, Load Leveller, both used once only as new, and unused Engine Stand. £100 all three - £237 new price, Because of weight this has to be collection only purchase from Billericay in Essex.
  11. Julian Turner - Westfield Sportscars Ltd

    Westfield to use World's lightest material

    http://westfield-sportscars.co.uk/westfield-sportscars-to-use-boeings-microlattice-the-worlds-lightest-material/ Press Release - 27th November 2015 Westfield Sportscars to use Boeing’s Microlattice, the world’s lightest material? Westfield Sportscars is pleased to announce that it will be collaborating with The Boeing Company and Universities in the UK, USA and China on the use of Microlattice in its future sports cars. Westfield have recently been awarded some Niche Vehicle Network funding to investigate the potential uses of it in the Niche Vehicle Sector. On 6th Oct
  12. 2010 Honda Fireblade complete engine Starter motor, Throttle bodies 2 brothers manifold Radiator and fans Full wiring loom Cdi unit Expansion bottle All ancillaries Air box with k&n filter £2000 Optional bits Power commander 5 with secondary fuel module, quick shifter and gear indicator -£400 Fireblade clocks - £100
  13. Hi All .... Looking to change my 1.6 OHC in the Westie with something a bit quicker ... maybe a 2.0 litre zetec? Any suggestions where I may find one suitable or does anyone have one for sale? Cheers Woody
  14. Markfry123

    Engine wanted

    Hi All New member today, I am looking for an engine for my Westfield, have a Xflow on Twin 40's at the moment however picked up some scores on the bores and they are already at +0.90. Any thoughts on this? Now considering a replacement and thinking Zetec, would prefer a full unit with all bits but open to ideas and options. If you have advise or something of interest for sale let me know. Mark
  15. Okay here's a silly question (so I expect plenty of silly answers!) When I arrive home on April 9th with my (hired) Luton van full of my Special Edition kit, what is the best method for moving the engine/gearbox? How does it come packaged? Cheers, Simon
  16. Took the westie out last night after a dry day but was making a very strange noise, managed to get it started and was spot on after that. But tested it again today and the noise is still there when initially starting it up, any ideas of what it could be? Thanks in advance for any suggestions! Link to video with sound: Nic
  17. Ever since selling my Narrow project car last year, this has been taking up room and gathering dust in the back of the garage so finally it's time for it to go. This is it's brief history and spec. The engine is ex Andy Burge who campaigned it in the Ma5da racing series, carrying him to one win and a second place in the 2009 season. It reportedly made 128bhp at the wheels when on the rolling road in March 2008 (see original ebay advert below) although I haven't proved that figure and I would suggest it would actually be more realistic if measured as a flywheel figure. His car was unfortun
  18. 2 ltr Zetec for sale out of my Westfield, engine was rebuilt by Northampton Motorsport in 2011 and has the following: Piper 285 cams & pulleys Forged H section rods Forged pistons Protune head Pace dry sump Lightweight race flywheel & clutch Aluminium bellhousing for Type 9 gearbox Weber 45 carbs MBE ECU Westfield 4-1 exhaust & Thermal Logic silencer (Prodrive WRC cars) It was dyno'd after the build at 215Bhp/169lbs and has only been used hill climbing since so not much mileage. Ideally I'd like to sell it as a complete package to go straight into a similar car bu
  19. SelfMadeTramp

    Useful Upradeitis Websites

    Hi everyone, as the season of winter upgrades is fast approaching I thought it might be useful to put together a definitive list of all those websites that come in handy when sourcing parts, from the big stuff to those niggly little things that you can't find anywhere. I've started off with the top 20 websites in my 'favourites' list. If more people chip in with their favourites it will build a useful resource for everyone to complete their winter rebuilds. Happy surfing..... http://westfield-world.com/index.html http://www.carbonmods.co.uk/ http://www.plays-kool.co.uk/ http://www.track
  20. buckster

    Hi from a newbie

    Hi All, just signed up for membership.I hope you are all well.Ihave a cvh engined westfield i bought in march this year. Unfortunately it is now suffering from low oil pressure. 8psi at tickover and 22 psi at 2000 revs(according to the info i have it should be 40 psi at 2000 revs). I took it to chester sportscars who advised me the engine had limited life left. I my dillemais wether to go for a zetec swap or have my engine rebuilt. I was born without any mechanical skill so i would have to get some one to do this. Chester Sportscars quoted £4640 for a complete coversion with bike carbs with a
  21. I have a 1600 xflow with stage two head, piper cam, 1300cc pistons and twin 40 webbers. According to Burtons tuning guides I should be pushing around 130 bhp but i believe it to be nearer 100bhp however in favour of more power and speed i'm thinking about changing it for a series 2 RS Turbo engine. I've been speaking with the guys at bogg brothers and they are happy to take on the challenge but i just wondered if anyone had done it before? It doesn't seem to be a common choice engine but they can easily push 185 bhp with very little modification so i'm keen to listen to others opinions. Th
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