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Found 9 results

  1. Flying_Westie

    Excited New Owner

    Hello all! I have been searching for a while for the right seven kit car and settled on a '97 Westfield SEW. I moved over from the US recently and it is very difficult to get such a car there which is part of the reason I had to get one. The car has a 2.0 Redtop that was rebuilt with Kent Cams a few years back making 140bhp. There's some small jobs that need to be done on the car, including; fuel sender, paint correction, hood refurbishment, etc. that I have begun working on. I am hoping to meet you all at the events later this year! Is anyone from around the Cambridge area?
  2. Change of project to narrow body means I have a lovely, high quality pair of unused black leather-faced seats (black vinyl backs) with harness slots to fit WIDE-bodied Westy. Please note they will NOT fit narrow bodied cars! Custom-made Intatrim 'Odyssey' style, GRP shell with diamond stitched back and seat, together with black Alcantara 'tear drop' inserts sewn into the inside of the side bolsters, to fit standard width wide-body cockpit. Immaculate condition in original box. Very comfortable. Photos show placement (not fixed) in my SEiW for demo purposes only (seat harnesses not in
  3. This was our winter project which also turned into a Covid project slowing down the build process somewhat. The car has been completed to a very high standard using parts mostly sourced from the factory. As stated this car is a complete new build, therefore whoever buys this car will be the first registered owner, and no MOT for three years. Video at the bottom of the add. The specification is as follows… Car passed IVA 16/11/2020 The body is finished in a beautiful bright red, complete with V8 Bonnet and Triple Black Stripe and deta
  4. Westfield Parts Dept

    New Product

    Hello All Westfield Members, We have a fantastic new product available soon more to follow..... Regards Patrick
  5. Westfield Parts Dept


    Hello Westfield Owners, We need your help! What new merchandise items would you want to see on our online shop? Westfield Logo Scarfs Westfield Logo Mobile Phone Cover Westfield Logo Umbrella Westfield Logo Wallet Any other suggestions are more than welcome. Regards Parts Dept.
  6. Hi All, This is my first note on WSCC. I have been saving for a number of years for my first seven... and want a Westie. I have done lots of reading but know very little...I haven't even driven one yet (only a caterham). I have arranged to pick up my first Westie on Sunday, a red one with a 1.8k VVC motor. Has any one come across this car or would have any advice for me looking to inspect my first purchase? Purchase price is £8750 I think this is the right price but would welcome comments. many thanks, Josh
  7. For Sale Brand New Westfield FW Special Edition Zetec 2000 IVA Passed £16,000 Yellow with Black Carbon Effect Cycle Wings Carbon Effect Stone Guards Wide Track Adjustable Suspension Westfield Performance Brakes Long Range Fuel Tank Sport Turbo Seats with Yellow Piping 4 Point Harness 195/50/15 Tyres Heater Heated Windscreen Full Hood (not yet fitted) Side Screens 12v Socket Happy to provide photos and further details if required. Contact: Lee Savage Tel: 07531 259347 email: leesavage@hotmail.com
  8. Hello All, I’ve now had my first Westie for 5 days and I still haven’t stopped grinning. The decision that I was going to have a Westie was made by a very good friend of mine (Graham, a besotted Westfield fan) about 4 years ago. He knew where there was a nice one that might be going for sale and basically nagged me - more effectively than my wife has ever done - every week until I gave up and bought the damn thing. My wife also needs a mention as she finds the whole thing utter perplexing, the conversation went something like this. "You’ve bought a car you have never seen..?"
  9. Hi all, New to the forum and have been soaking up as much information as I can while I look to purchase my first Westfield. I have found what I think would be a good starter at Hallmark Cars, does anybody happen to know this car or have any information about it? Has anybody bought from here before? http://www.pistonheads.com/classifieds/used-cars/westfield/all-models/westfield-sei-wide-body/1407008 (Apologies if direct links are not allowed) Its a 1.7 crossflow with Weber 45s, 4 into 1 exhaust, spax adjustables, what looks like an RAC roll bar and a few more bits. I am goi
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