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Found 7 results

  1. Flying_Westie

    Excited New Owner

    Hello all! I have been searching for a while for the right seven kit car and settled on a '97 Westfield SEW. I moved over from the US recently and it is very difficult to get such a car there which is part of the reason I had to get one. The car has a 2.0 Redtop that was rebuilt with Kent Cams a few years back making 140bhp. There's some small jobs that need to be done on the car, including; fuel sender, paint correction, hood refurbishment, etc. that I have begun working on. I am hoping to meet you all at the events later this year! Is anyone from around the Cambridge area?
  2. scoob

    Hi everybody

    Hi everybody, From Sunny Portugal. Time to introduce myself.. My name's Ivor and I'm a Motoholic. After a long year of looking and a couple of near misses, I think I'm finally in the club! Some of you know the Megablade turbo built by John Cobb (who I hear is a bit of a master). Now Megablade CBR1000RR, as its graced these pages a few times under the guardianship of various skilled hands. I am currently trying to negotiate the post brexit fangle of getting a car transported from the UK, to Portugal. There now seems to be all sorts of tax and import implications. If anyone out there has any recommendations for a transport firm or any ideas that legally avoid me spending 10 days in isolation in a travel lodge to come and get it I'd love to hear them. I haven't got the patience to wait until mid May, by which time they say Portugal may be off the red list and I would no longer need to quarantine in a hotel at £1750.00.
  3. Hi all! After about 40 years hankering after a sevenesque car, I finally took the plunge at the weekend and I'm the very proud owner of a gorgeous Westfield! I've always been a petrol head and have recently put together a track day R53 BMW Mini (that my eldest is now inheriting). Being 6ft 4 I wanted a wide bodied car and ideally a 2.0 zetec or redtop, and I also like the more modern cycle wing look. After much searching, I finally found one I fell in love with, a '96 SEIW in yellow and carbon fibre with a 2.0 blacktop, twin 45 Weber's, TD 1.2's, Gaz coilovers etc and loads of history. John, the previous owner (a really nice guy!) was a long term member of the WSCC and recommended I join. I'm sure people here will know the car. She's not perfect or a show car, but she's all mine! 😁 I'm looking forward to meeting some other owners (weather permitting!) and picking your brains when I inevitably start fettling, fixing and upgrading! Great to be part of the Club! Rob
  4. I am looking to buy my 1st Westfield imminently...I have looked at 3 so far. When cars are posted up for sale on here with no phone number or email address, is there a way to contact the seller, if you are not a fully paid up member yet? It doesn't seem possible to send a direct mail through the site or reply to the topic...? There is a car for sale on the site that I would be interested in. Cheers Bex
  5. I am new to the Forum - Hello - this may be apparent if I have failed to post this note correctly. I have joined on Trial Membership for 60 days, but hope that will turn into full membership soon. I am a long term car enthusiast, particularly classics, but have never owner a Westfield - the time has come I feel. I have driven them on the track a few times in my past, but never owned one. My other cars, in case this helps gauge my weird tastes are a '69 MGC, a Saxo VTS, a Riley Elf and my daily driver an Audi S3 - all are fun in their own way, but I feel the need for simple driving pleasures, and open motoring, and the Westfield seems the car - something I have always promised myself to own, but never have - I have garage space. First, I suspect mid July is about the worst time to buy one, I realise, but I would like to buy a car this year, but only to buy the right one, and if I have to wait, I will. From the (very) little I have learnt so far, I want a car that I can be proud of, and enjoy for regular but not every day use, with weather gear, albeit I shall try and keep it in the dry. I want a swift car, car engined, but I want a classic set up, so not looking for an Seight, or anything wickedly fast. So, some questions, for anyone out there who can help:- 1. My budget was originally c. £6-7k, but it seems I shall need to stretch this a little - I want a nice car, so can I do that for c. £8k? 2. For that money, what Spec should I be looking to. A friend has a 2 litre Zetec and says this mis the engine to have - I expect this alone could spark a hundred differing views. I am not sure this is within my budget, but am I going to disappointed with the power from another car. MY gut feeling is to go for an older SE or SEi (or SEiW), with a cross flow engine with webers, as this seemed like a good compromise - views? 3. Are there dealers out there to trust, or avoid, and that the Club approves of that I can seek out? Ultimately, I want a car that I can take to shows, drive in nice weather and have short weekends away in with a small overnight bag - and just enjoy simple fast handling, un-fussy. I am not very mechanically minded, so I want a car that is ready to go. Finally, I would say that I had originally considered having a car to race with - I have a race licence and have recently stopped classic racing in an MG. I do however want a car that would be both a road and race car, and I am not sure if that is realistic? If so, is the Speed Series worth joining, competitive and friendly for a Westfield novice, and can I enjoy owning a race car, and use it also at weekends or for a fun drive to work? If sense dictates these should be two separate cars, I shall probably invest in a road car and look for racing thrills elsewhere. Help and pointers much appreciated thank you R
  6. Well it was to be a late birthday present but in the end it turned out to be a slightly early Christmas present. I ordered an ST3, LHD and European homologated, at the end of July after falling out with Caterham who had promised specifications and prices at time of order that they couldn't/wouldn't deliver when the build was about to start. I'm UK resident (Thames Valley) but spend an increasing amount of time in France, which is where I ultimately want to live and register the car - hence the need for LHD and a EU certificate of conformity. Simon Westwood was really helpful in fine tuning the spec and budget - the car was due to be delivered in mid-October - but, hey ho, timeframes slipped a bit. However, the wonderful French president has decided to change the rules on 'luxury' cars. To the end of 2012 the CO2 'fine' on first registration for an ST3 was 700€ (plus registration fees of 500€). For 2013 Holland raised it to €2000 (+ reg fee) and made the rules applicable to be those on first registration in France, not first registration in the EU as previously. From 1/1/2014 the fine is €3000 with promises of more rises in the years to come (basically to price non-French cars out of the market). All this is by way of saying that I decided to take the plunge and make the first registration in France, took the new plates over to Westfield on 3rd December and collected the car last Monday 16 Dec. My first drive was ~280 kms from Kingswingford to Poole in pi88ing rain. The following day it was 26 hours on the Poole-Santander ferry and then on Wednesday 1hr 30 to Bilbao. This was where we encountered the first problem. With only 65 mm ground clearance under the sump guard empty (so around 50 mm loaded) the car got stuck on the threshold leading to the hotel car park and had to be lifted off by passers-by! Next morning it was 550 kms in the even pi88inger rain and intermittent fog patches to Quillan in the south of France where our other house is. A break light switch failure left us feeling more than a bit vulnerable. We got back around 16:30 in the last of the daylight - 952 kms (+ 1200 on the ferry) from Kingswingford on the cars first journey! We managed to find a suitable bottle to celebrate. Yesterday Simon and Mark sorted out how to solve the teething niggles by despatching some spare parts to our local garage for them to fit. Really excellent service and far removed from the utter arrogance I experienced at Caterham and their local French dealer. So today the car was washed and I went for a 100km blast - under clear blue skies and - for the first time - with no hood (but a new woolly hat). What a fantastic experience. I now feel I am really one of you! I have a few pics if someone can tell me how to upload them Cheers Alan Redhouse
  7. Hi all, New to the forum and have been soaking up as much information as I can while I look to purchase my first Westfield. I have found what I think would be a good starter at Hallmark Cars, does anybody happen to know this car or have any information about it? Has anybody bought from here before? http://www.pistonheads.com/classifieds/used-cars/westfield/all-models/westfield-sei-wide-body/1407008 (Apologies if direct links are not allowed) Its a 1.7 crossflow with Weber 45s, 4 into 1 exhaust, spax adjustables, what looks like an RAC roll bar and a few more bits. I am going to the view the car tomorrow so does anybody have any pointers on what to specifically look for? Would this be a good first car to learn all things Westfield with? Thanks for the help. Regards, Adam
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