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Found 12 results

  1. Hi All, I joined fairly recently....I'm still looking for the right car 😃 I popped a wanted in the Westfields section and hopefully, as things continue to ease, I'll be getting out see a few cars as they become available. I'm still hoping a chap in Norfolk decides to sell me his, as it ticks every box for me....but he's not quite ready to let it go. ☹️ Fingers crossed I find something soon, as this weather is fantastic 😎😎😎 Cheers, Grant (Topper)
  2. Yorkshire_Pudding

    New Member

    Hi guys, just thought I’d write a quick Introduction post. A lot of you may already know me as I’ve been out with my dad (Barry Wilson) for the last 11 years in his Westfield zetec. So, I’m a 22 year old mechanical engineering apprentice for a turbo manufacturer. I have wanted a Westfield for a while now and after looking at a few second hand Westfield’s for sale that needed a fair bit of work to make them how I wanted them. I decided to take the plunge and order a starter kit that is due around the middle of June. just thought I’d add a quick picture of myself for those of you who won’t know me. I have just been getting the garage ready for the Westfield’s arrival which has included wiring in some new LED light boxes, making a very important shelf to hold the brew and the Bluetooth speaker and an all round tidy up. I will be starting a build thread when the car arrives and I look forward to meeting a lot of you and all the knowledge and experience that will bring as well. thanks guys 👍 Andy
  3. Hi all! After about 40 years hankering after a sevenesque car, I finally took the plunge at the weekend and I'm the very proud owner of a gorgeous Westfield! I've always been a petrol head and have recently put together a track day R53 BMW Mini (that my eldest is now inheriting). Being 6ft 4 I wanted a wide bodied car and ideally a 2.0 zetec or redtop, and I also like the more modern cycle wing look. After much searching, I finally found one I fell in love with, a '96 SEIW in yellow and carbon fibre with a 2.0 blacktop, twin 45 Weber's, TD 1.2's, Gaz coilovers etc and loads of history. John, the previous owner (a really nice guy!) was a long term member of the WSCC and recommended I join. I'm sure people here will know the car. She's not perfect or a show car, but she's all mine! 😁 I'm looking forward to meeting some other owners (weather permitting!) and picking your brains when I inevitably start fettling, fixing and upgrading! Great to be part of the Club! Rob
  4. Paul T

    Prospective Westy Owner

    Hi all, looking at buying a sports car (weekend/track use) that fits in my tiny single garage and a 7-style car fits the bill. Obviously Westys have a good reputation and a fantastic enthusiast following so I’m keen to get involved. Not looking to buy new and I’m after something that I can work on with my son to teach him some mechanics so in the market for an unfinished project or cheap second-hand car (old/needs renovation maybe?). I’m a mechanical engineer by trade (time served) and so fixer-uppers, failed engines etc are not an issue. If anyone has any advice or knows of a car for sale that might fit the bill please let me know - I’m based in Warwickshire. thanks in advance
  5. Alan Thorburn

    Another Westie Wannabe

    Morning all, another Westie Wannabe joining the club and just saying hello. I’ve got a big birthday next year and in traditional MLC fashion I am planning to treat myself to a Westie, so I’m starting my due diligence in good time. I haven’t got the time, skills or budget for a new build so I’m going to be looking at older cars in the £6k-£8k range which, from what I’ve seen so far, seems to give plenty of choice. This will be predominantly a road car, for sunny runs to the pub and Sunday morning blats around the local lanes, so I’m looking for a touring spec with weather gear and a spare wheel rather than anything track focussed. I have the classic BRG / Minilites / Alloy fittings look in mind - something I can persuade SWMBO is a nice classic car to pootle around in, as well as having fun on solo runs! I will also be using it as a “Toad” (ie towed) for my motorhome on European trips, so I’m looking at trailers as well. Performance wise I’m not looking for jaw-dropping numbers - I suspect anything as quick as my daily driver Octy VRS will feel twice as fast anyway - so as far as I can see most engines will fit that bill. There seems to be lots of crossflow cars around in my price range and pintos, with a few Zetecs creeping in. Mazda SDV cars too. I’m not worried by older engines - the Westie will be filling the space in my garage vacated by my old Land Rover 110 V8 that I kept as a weekend toy for 10 years and fully restored, so the garage floor has been well and truly christened by oil leaks and I have a pretty good jump start charger! I have of course thought how nice that rumbling V8 would sound in a Westie, but an SEight doesn’t seem to quite fit the bill for what I have in mind somehow. SWMBO and I are both short-arses so Widebody or not isn’t an issue. One question I do have at this stage - does the old canard about open top cars being cheaper in the winter apply to Westies or is that a myth? If so I will be looking seriously around the end of the year. Keeping a weather eye on here, Piston Heads, Autotrader and Ebay at the moment - is there anywhere else I should be looking? Anyway, in the meantime I will be lurking, following threads avidly and no doubt asking lots of daft questions, so I thought I’d better say hello first! All the best Alan
  6. Dave Pritchard

    Introduce myself

    Hi there, just thought I'd introduce myself. I've just bought a westfield SEIW mazda SDV so thought it'd be a good idea to join as a member. Some of you may recognise the car I've bought as it's the one built by Tig brother I believe.
  7. Just a quick hello my name is Barry I've just become the proud owner of a lovely blue SEiW with an FW nose a Mazda 1.8 twin cam and box LSD I'm picking it up Friday next I'll post some picks and thoughts then, just wanted to say a big Hi!
  8. Hello, We just wanted to say a quick hi… My wife and I are new members from Rochester, Kent. We ordered our Westfield at the end of last year, an FW Special and we are getting very excited as our June 10th pickup date approaches. I’ve been following the posts on your forum and it seems like you are such a friendly bunch of people, everyone is willing to help each other out. I’m pretty sure we are going to be asking for a lot of help as we build the car due to our phenomenal lack of experience with anything mechanical!! Up until February I only owned 3 or 4 spanners Karrena (wife) and I have always had an interest in nice cars and traditionally bought BMW’s, actually we had a 335D MSport for 6 years and replaced that 2 years ago with a 335D X-Drive which is a lovely car but unfortunately as a 4WD lacks some excitement. I describe it as driving a computer on wheels! Don’t get me wrong it will blast around corners really quickly without any problems and has fantastic acceleration but it’s all too easy, dare I say it - boring! So I was looking for something a little more exciting, it was at this point that I came up with the idea or buying a kit car for my 40th Birthday present. I had a look at a number of different makes, I’ve always liked the Seven style which basically put Westfield and Caterham in the frame. I also looked at this forum and really liked what I saw, in fact it was one of the deciding factors in choosing a Westfield! I then went to see Simon at the factory fully intending to buy a Mega S2000, he assessed our skill level and experience (none in both cases) and swiftly talked me out of the Honda and into the FW Special. We bought the kit there and then. Since that point the excitement has been building! I think this increasing excitement is what has led to a number of upgrades I’ve added post purchase (the latest being throttle bodies). Simon has now promised my wife that he will ignore any future “how much is this upgrade….” type emails So the car we have ordered is a orange FW Special with the following upgrades: Limited Slip Diff Wide track wishbones Throttle Body Uprated brakes Heater (Karrena’s option!) Sports Turbo seats 4 point harness 1/2 Cage Countered Dash Wider Tyres Powder Coated Panels (anything I've missed, what do people thing of the anti roll bars, worth it?) I plan to create a “complete novice” build diary, should I do that on the Start Line or Tech Talk? Anyway, I’ve rambled on long enough, I just wanted to say hello and I look forward to chatting with you in the future. We really am a complete novices (I can just about fix my push bike) so I hope we're not too much of a pain with our future questions. Steve & Karrena
  9. Mikehouse88

    New member, Herefordshire

    Hi all, New member, based in Herefordshire. 1700 Crossflow, mega squirted with GSX throttle bodies, type 9 gearbox. Bought as a project car for me, my sister and my dad (who is also a member). Mike
  10. Evening all, New club member and new to the forum (and complete newbie to Westfields, so be gentle I'll try not to ask too many daft questions ) Lucky enough to have just bought John's (jedm) beautiful SE (thanks John, and thanks for pointing me towards the club) so can't wait to get into the swing of things and hopefully in the summer do a bit of touring. Look forward to hopefully meeting some of you in the future.
  11. montoro

    new member

    Hello everyone, my name is Jose Manuel currently I bought a westfiel, I'm glad I found this forum because in my country Spain, there is little information about these cars, I've also seen a post that an old house owner sought the car I bought has Q659YAW registration, would be very good contact with greetings to all.
  12. hawksa

    Order placed!

    A busy week - I have joined the WSCC and placed my order for my Westfield Special Edition kit! Collection date is early April. I will be building my kit in a single garage. Any good tips (apart from a good clear out!) I was considering building a rolling chassis stand so that I could work on it outside the garage whenever possible. Simon.
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