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Found 19 results

  1. OK – here goes…another build diary…! Deposit paid last week on an FW kit with the following spec: 2.0 Zetec + throttle bodies Orange body Wide track wishbones Westfield front & rear calipers FW rear diffuser Heater kit Luggage rack with extra boot lid plus locks LED light pack (less headlamps) Carbon effect stone guards Sport turbo seats with orange piping and diamond stitching Four-point harness Momo steering wheel Exhaust guard – powder coated I’ve gone for mid-January delivery as I finish work end-November and I have a rather long list of jobs to do after that, including clearing & sorting the garage (shelving, getting some white paint on the walls and laying some PVC tiles). I’ve been stalking the forum for a while and following a few build diaries, which have all been a great help, so hopefully I can return the favour in the months to come, although I'm sure I'll have a few questions of my own along the way. I must also thank the Thames Valley group for letting me quiz them all during a rare Sunday pub run and ianht71 for showing me round his similar spec FW and taking me for a blast on the roads near his place. The Westfield will join a TR6 in the garage, so it will be interesting to compare the two, and I’ll be spoilt for choice in the summer, although I do now have to buy some metric spanners! I have previous Westfield history, having owned a X-flow engined yellow 7SE back in 89 - 97. I was amazed to find the sale ad I placed in the December 1996 / January 1997 edition of Westfield World (volume 6, issue 56) in the archives on the website – what a great resource! My nearest IVA centre is Yeading, just north of Heathrow, so I’ll be looking for feedback on how to prepare for that at some point next year (fingers crossed…) Wish me luck! Steve
  2. Two7

    FW SE Zetec Build 2018

    Hi Following advice from all the positive responses to my hello world post here is my build blog. Still waiting to collect the chassis and mechanicals, 13 days to go. Spec FW SE new style front and back. Wide front track, heater, Zetec 2 Litre, Mazda dif, Ford recon gearbox, turbo seats, stone guards, 4 point harness, MSA cage, Westy calipers, Orange and black bodywork black wheels. Some questions, first of many. 1, Collection. Any top tips for how to protect parts, secure stuff in transit ? I am going to get the GRP at a later date so this trip will be all the heavy and sharp bits of metal. I have built a wheeled skid for the Engine and gearbox and I have a selection of carry mats, old sheets and a lot of cardboard and straps, anything obvious I am missing ? Do I need to take a selection of boxes ? 2. Doing all the riveting and pipes. Question should I acid prime and spray all the bare aluminium panels or just some of them or don't bother. I was thinking Waxoyl spray ( clear stuff like WD40) inside chassis while doing panels is this worth the effort ? 3. Any suggestions for a good supplier of the super hard drill bits for the chassis drilling, what is the typical price ( I have seen everything from very cheap and suspect to insane price and suspect). 4. Any parts particularly prone to rust in storage while building so I can cover with some oiled paper. My garage is not the driest place. Any feedback gratefully received. Regards
  3. Admin - please move this to FAQs if appropriate. As I've progressed my build I kept a note of errors, missing instructions and additional useful hints for the FW build manual. I compiled a list to give to @Michael8 when he started his build. Having done this, it made sense to post it on the forum for others to add to and use. I make no claims for originality here - much of what I've listed was culled from people's build diaries, but I've not seen it compiled in one place. If it has been, please let me know! EDIT: Note that some of the points may not be universal and everyone should assess their build accordingly. My car is an FW full kit with wide track front, 2.0 Zetec + ITBs, Ford T9 gearbox. So, in no particular order: Get a copy of the Sport 250 build manual - it is much better than the FW manual and the pictures are vey useful, so well worth referring to for the common build areas. Drill as many holes as you can before fitting the harness as the metal swarf gets everywhere! Brake cylinder push-rod (vol 1 p82 & 43) - DO NOT cut off 10mm, you don’t have the AP upgrade master cylinder. Fit accelerator pedal bolt with nut on outside so you can remove it in future once outer panel fitted. Brake pipe clips (vol 1 p45) – these need to be a tight fit into the chassis, so use a ¼” drill bit NOT 6.5mm. Brake pipe routing to rear – worth looking at other build diaries and also the S250 manual – good pictures and routing is better than FW manual. EDIT: Don't follow Anti-Roll Bar Mounting (Front) – Brake pipe positions - section 13.1. This is for the 'old' roll bar and the brake pipe bracket does NOT need bending to 135 degrees! Steering column spacer block – there is a black spacer block that goes on the lower steering column mount (just above the pedals) – this is not mentioned anywhere in the manual. Steering column hole in footwell end panel – the dimensions in the manual are wrong! The hole centre on mine is about 45mm down and 75mm in from the edge, but this is definitely one item where you should make a cardboard template and make your own measurements – you’ll see it mentioned in lots of build diaries. Steering column UJ bolts are fitted with special all-metal “binx” lock nuts (these should be with the UJs, but you may have to search for them) – NOT Nyloc nuts. Fit accelerator cables through chassis before fitting fuel lines to avoid a possible clash. Front suspension - front upright safety washers (vol 1 p151) – swap the top safety washer for a 4mm thick black washer that will be in the bag of suspension bits. This is not in the manual. EDIT: The front damper may need eight 7/16” washers both sides of the chassis mount (4 at top, 4 at bottom) - this depends on damper type supplied. Collar on front damper – set this initially at 70mm up from bottom thread, not 115mm shown in the manual (EDIT: This is for Zetec engine - other engines may be different). Don’t tighten the collar grub screw as this collar will get adjusted later when setting up suspension. Initial rear damper collar setting is correct at 85mm. Adjust handbrake pads on Hi-Spec calipers before fitting cables as the cable blocks one of the adjustment screws on the caliper. Instructions attached. Fit handbrake and cables before fitting fuel tank. Fit rear brake hoses as well – the connection under the tank is a b*****r to get to once the tank is on. I used M10 shakeproof washers under the nut on the chassis end of the hose. Speed sensor wiring – the speed sensor is at the front, but there are still 2 connections on the loom, at the rear – these just need taping up out of the way. The sensor wires will need a plug fitting and the wire colours don’t match the harness, so don’t throw away the label on the speed sensor bag. LEDs – if you have LED indicators, there is an orange flasher relay unit that replaces the black one fitted on main harness. Heated windscreen – comes with its own mini harness and relay, but no instructions, so I’ve attached them to this. Attach relay to other 2 relays on main harness so you can fit it to ECU panel. Front earth cable – attaches to front brake union stud, not steering rack bolt. Rear earth cable from fuel tank to chassis. Take a picture once fitted as this is a common IVA check, or make sure you can remove the boot box. Ask Ian at Westfield for latest copies of the following wiring diagrams as they may not come with the kit: (a) main harness (b) engine harness. Gearbox mounting plate holes – these are now correct on the chassis (2 parallel slots), so no need to drill out as per manual (vol 2 p10). The mount uses 25mm M8 bolts. Worth using penny washers under the nuts due to the slot width. Engine & gearbox mounting bolts: No torques specified – just do them up tight (but not too tight!) EDIT: Don't pre-drill the standard roll bar mounting holes in the chassis before fitting the body. Follow the instructions on p98 of the manual otherwise you run the risk of the roll bar being too far back to fit the Westfield hood! Heated Screen Circuit.pdf HiSpec Brake- Setting up and adjusting the SVA HB.pdf
  4. Paul Aspden (MoFast)

    Carbon fibre rear splitters for FW rear tubs

    Carbon fibre rear splitters for FW rear tub. Buy online with immediate dispatch. There is absolutely no lead time with this product.
  5. Hi all - can anyone share some pictures of the Westfield tonneau fitted to an FW with 4 point harness, sports turbo seats and standard roll bar. Just trying to work out best place to place the fasteners. I can't seem to find any pics on the forum, but that may be my search skills! Thanks.
  6. MORE PHOTOS ADDED! This is a rare opportunity to buy a full unbuilt factory supplied FW Special Edition kit - beat the long order queue and pick up a bargain with loads of optional extras! This one has loads of optional extras and I’ve reduced the price to £16,995 until December 31st! The basic spec FW Special Edition kit is currently £21,995 so this is a massive £5k saving and you won't have to join the long delivery queue! It comes in the best FW colour combo – yellow nose/bonnet/rear, and black side panels and wheel arches. It has a new 2.0 Zetec engine. The photos show only some of the all-new parts included in this complete factory supplied kit. I ordered just about every optional extra including: Factory fitted and sealed chassis panels. Factory fitted brake lines. Factory fitted fuel injection engine lines. Factory fitted wiring loom. 3.92 Limited Slip Differential. Wide track front wishbones. Front and rear anti-roll bars. Four-point 2” competition harnesses. Full heater kit. FW400 mega battery. Westfield front and rear 4-pot brake callipers HS Black. Black seats with yellow piping. Special yellow ETB Instruments instrument. Yellow-stitched leather gear shift and handbrake covers. Also included: Sealey SC10.V2 Folding Workshop 3-ton engine crane and LS500 load sling adjuster (cost £280). Sealey 4x 2.5 Ton Axle Stands (cost £80). Optional: If you need tools, I'd be happy to sell these too. Contact me (Paul): Email: theoldshop@hotmail.co.uk Mobile: 07432 406546 Westfield_FW_Special_Parts_List.pdf
  7. I've asked this question in my build diary, but thought I would also post it here as not everyone follows the build diaries. I have treated myself to a Sytec fuel pump bracket as I wanted a neater solution for mounting the fuel pump than the aluminium P-clip. Looking at various diaries I'm pretty sure it will be clear of the bottom of the FW boot box in this position, but can someone please confirm that for me before I go drilling holes? The top of the bracket hinge is about 310mm below the top of the fuel tank & about 350mm below the top of the upper chassis frame for the bulkhead. Thanks in advance!
  8. Morning all, Just taken delivery of a Westfield tonneau. I ordered to suit: 1. windscreen car 2. MSA rollbar (not cage) 3. Sports Turbo seats 4. lowered floor 5. FW body Patrick @ Westfield did explain problems with MSA and has offered a return and full refund, so I asked for delivery with this understanding, some trimming work will be required if I keep it. So I’m looking for anyone who has fitted a tonneau to FW body? Photos would be great. I am struggling to see how harness ‘eye bolts’ under the tonneau neatly. Seat pockets do seem a tad generous on mine, so any photos of other Westfield would be great. Here’s some photos. Thanks in advance, Andy PS I am expecting to use a local trimmer to modify to MSA bar on Westfield supplied item but just need to see cost options of a full tonneau made by my trimmer. IYSWIM
  9. Hello Everyone, I have for sale my beautiful 2016 Westfield SDV - Only 1950 miles since build The build quality of this Westfield has been taken seriously with no expense spared. Please see below spec of the car; 2016 Westfield SDV - 1,950 miles since build Spec; 1.6 Race Prepared Mazda engine - head skim, valves recut, polished and ported, crank lighted balanced, fly wheel lightened balanced, competition big end bearings, competition main bearings, competition piston rings. Every seal and gasket new. Along with heavy duty clutch Wide Body Lowered floor FW Front End Sport Turbo Seats 3 " Race Harness Team Dynamic Wheels Yokohama Parada Spec 2 Tyres FIA / MSA Roll cage made by Caged Nitron Shocks all round High Spec 4 pot Front Callipers, discs and pads Uprated AP Racing Master cylinder 1.8 rear brakes and grooved discs Rad Tech Aluminium radiator & fan Cobra Immobiliser Race Tech Dash 2 Aero Screen Quick release MOMO steering wheel Race Boot lid Race Carbon Dash Carbon Exhaust Limited Slip Differential Fantastic condition You can see from the high spec, this has been looked after with build quality being at the top of the list. The car has had a recent oil service, and has been looked over by a specialist to ensure the car is spot on. Stored in the dry Never driven in the wet Included in the sale; Folders of paper work, manuals, original receipts and photos of the build stages. Greedy - Turbo Carbon Half doors Genuine Westfield car cover £14,995 - OVNO 1st to view will buy Adam - 07969 000 281 Reason for sale, I am looking to purchase a house so unfortunately at the moment the Westfield comes second.
  10. Hi all I'm beginning my journey to spec my kit and I'm debating the Classic vs. FW body styles. I originally thought I would go for the Classic style (having owned a pre-lit 7SE many moons ago), but following a factory visit yesterday, I'm beginning to favour the FW. One thing I did find out was that the Classic bonnet and nose cone can be combined with the FW rear end if specified at the ordering stage, which is giving me another option to consider... Has anyone got this combination and, if so, can they please share some photos of the end result? Many thanks! Steve
  11. not a good start to the day, spun out at hall bends, trashed the brand new steering rack. Stirling effort by all mange to rebuild her and make both races
  12. For sale is my Westfield Fw with V8 Bonnet. I have built and owned this car from new and it has been extensively modified into a fantastic road / track prepped car it is today. The car was built using new components and so registered in 2011 with age related plate. Engine spec. 2.0 litre new Ford Zetec black top crate engine stripped and modified to produce 340 bhp. New TTS / Rotrex C30/94 supercharger kit. JE forged pistons. Eagle H beam armoured con rods. ARP rod bolts. King heavy duty mains and big end bearings. Gas flowed and ported head carried out at cylinder head developments including Kent focus 12 camshafts shimmed to suit with Kent adjustable Vernier pulleys and heavy duty valve springs. Up rated Focus Rs oil pump. Raceline water rail. Raceline aluminium sump. Custom built / modified Pulsar GTR plenum fitted with VDO 630CC injectors. Jenvey 45 throttle bodies running with Omex 600 ECU setup. Coolex heavy duty 70mm Coolant radiator and Revotec hi flow fan. Custom built intercooler / piping / ducting. Westfield 4 into 1 exhaust with repackable silencer recently filled with Acoustafill packing (94db). Drive line. 7 inch 4.1 ratio LSD diff built by Bara motorsport. Mt75 gearbox with quick shift lever. Ap racing 5 paddle Ceramic clutch. Braking and suspension. Running standard track with Playskool front and rear anti roll bars. Gaz shocks with heavy duty springs. Hi-spec front 4 pot calipers with new Mintex M144 pads. Standard Golf fitment rear calipers fitted with new Brembo pads. Ap racing master cylinder. Westfield light weight Aluminium front uprights fitted with Westfield Aluminium hubs. 13 inch Team Dynamic 1.2 pro race wheels fitted with Toyo 888R Tyres. 2.4 Quickrack steering rack with quick release suede steering wheel. Exterior. Full roll cage from Westfield (built by caged) Westfield 2 piece tinted aero screen. 4 inch Dominator headlamps. Softbits for sevens vinyl half doors (not fitted) Carbon NV flared side panels and scuttle top panel. Carbon effect rear arch protectors. Carbon effect front wheel arches. V8 style bonnet. Interior. Westfield cross stitched quilted turbo seats with red piping with 4 point harnesses. Vdo analogue dash gauges. Longacre Wide view mirror fitted to cage. Westfield lowered floor pans. Carbon chassis rail protectors. General details. The car has covered approx. 6900 miles since new however the new engine build has only covered 2000 miles with the supercharger kit being introduced in 2017. The car comes with many receipts and build folder. Full suspension and geometry setup in March 2019 by Northampton Motorsports. Car has just had a full service and will have a new mot as of next week. The car is in excellent overall condition and ready to be used. The car was built to be road legal however track inspired to which the supercharger gives a great linear power delivery. The car is ready to be viewed and driven away, I am happy to take for passenger road test. I am looking for £18,950 to fund another project. Please feel free to call Jim 07879 473727.
  13. After wanting to build and run a Westfield for over 20 years this past year I finally got chance to realise my dream but it is with a heavy heart I have to consider selling my freshly build Westfield. I have been offered a very nice 997 at a price I just can't resist and having known the car for sometime I cannot let this pass by if this sells. For anyone who is interested here is a link to the build thread : Build Thread All purchased new from Westfield June 2018 and the car has now covered 1000 miles with very very little in the way of teething problems. The car has completed one trackday at Blyton Spec : Registered 1/3/19 Electric Blue bodywork 2.0 Blacktop Zetec on Omex throttle bodies and fitted with a raceline sump. New style FW bodywork with no rear plate recess Sport turbo seats black with blue piping Mazda LSD Pro race 1.2 wheels 7" fronts, 8 " rears fitted with Nankang NS-2R's Westfield Hi-spec brake upgrade new front pads just replaced as the EBC's were not to my liking All LED lights front and rear AIM MXS Strada 1.2 Dash with AIM VIM kit Carbon - Dash, front wings, mirror covers, rear arch stone chip covers, diffuser and cage hole covers Genuine Aerocatch bonnet catches OMP Trecento wheel with quick release column TRS 4 point harnesses 8 channel Freewheel setup with wheel backplate (although I am only using 4 of the channels MSA safety devices cage Only ever seen Vpower fuel through its very short life ! Protech Trackday adjustable dampers Perpsex side wind deflectors Full silicone hoses. Full Geo and corner weight setup at Playskool motorsport less than a month ago. The only addition I was going to consider is some stiffer rear springs as if your lardy like me when two up the car feels way to soft at the rear. Oil changed for Quality 5/30 fully Synthetic ester oil around 600 miles. I have another 5 litres of 5/40 and a few oil filters that will come with the sale All bodywork and wheels were machine polished and had a Gyeon ceramic coating applied at the end of the build making it very hydrophobic. This kit was built with the intention of me keeping it many years (or until I could afford a 997 911!) so everything has been done to the greatest of my ability and with no corners cut on the spec I wanted, It really saddens me to even post this up but the wife has signed off on a 911 and knowing her mood swings I need to grab this by the balls. Any inspection welcome - viewing can be arranged most days or evenings - You can contact via phone or via PM on here.
  14. Good afternoon I maybe a little bit premature but if I am honest I’m so so excited to get started on what has been a journey of around 14 years. So I visited the factory yesterday and placed an order on a new FW SE Zetec with LSD, Throttle bodies, track day dampers, brake upgrade, MSA rollbar, 8” rears, 205 tyres,sport turbo seats and I’ve also gone for the LED rear light upgrade. I have also omitted the following parts from the kit as I’d like to source alternatives elsewhere - front wings as I’d like to source proper carbon items, dashboard inc clocks and switches as I’d like a proper carbon dash with a AIM MXS dash and freewheel buttons to maintain a clean dashboard, seatbelts as I’d like to choose the colour width and type at a later date. I think I have sourced most of the tools and kit I require for the build now and I am just preparing my workspace to accept the kit in 8 weeks time. Planning a visit to Stoneleigh next weekend to help make some decisions on a few bits of like and also to try and decide on a body colour. I really like electric blue at the moment but my original thought was orange. If anyone is interested I’m located in Wetherby so if anyone is local the kettle is always on and the beer is always cold ! Any advice is greatfully received and I’ve covered a few things in previous posts but feel free to offer up any tips or advice. Mark
  15. New visitor here. Mark from Oxfordshire. I have an orange and black complete Zetec SE kit on order and I should be picking it up in two weeks time ( fingers crossed weather etc). This is my second build, sort have got a rather expensive build habit forming. I have to confess I embraced the dark side first, I assembled a Caterham 160 in 2016 / 2017. All IVA'd and great fun on road and track, looking forward to the challenge of assembling the Westy 2 Litre, the test drive was great so looking forward to 150 BHP vs 80 BHP. House rule is I can keep the 160 till the Westy is IVA'd after that I have to decide which I like best and sell the other, not looking forward to that decision, but we have to eat apparently. Spec for westy. Wide front track, 4 point harness, MSA Roll Bar, Heater, Half hood, sidescreens, Turbo seats, westy calipers, stone guards. Will do a youtube channel for the westy build and link it to this forum if that is allowed. Did a youtube channel for 160 build if anybody interested https://youtu.be/LLMKo96xB4w No pipe bending. simple wiring and fewer rivets, so I am expecting more fun with Westy build. Ah well better book the Luton. Just one question. Are Westfield reliable with collection date ? They keep saying 16 March, should I expect a last minute delay ? Regards
  16. Ended up being my last race but should have been the penultimate I won the class easily, however I had to take the class win in the final round...the clutch said no! So this was my final round. Best ever overall result 5th https://youtu.be/EqoXswo3bsQ
  17. Westfield_MX5

    Frank's FW Mazda SDV build

    I built a MX5 SDV back in 2008/2009 that I unfortunately totaled in 2015. There was no question that it had to be rebuilt but this time with a FW body. I just like that body style better. I have already rebuilt it, the car is done, but I thought it'd be nice to make a build thread about it . Since we all like pictures, I'll add lots Here's the car I finished building in 2009
  18. cast iron

    Wanted - Bonnet

    FW style with "V8" or "Mega" style top air sccop Will consider any damaged bonnet wit the top scoop in tact - to graft on WHY
  19. For Sale Brand New Westfield FW Special Edition Zetec 2000 IVA Passed £16,000 Yellow with Black Carbon Effect Cycle Wings Carbon Effect Stone Guards Wide Track Adjustable Suspension Westfield Performance Brakes Long Range Fuel Tank Sport Turbo Seats with Yellow Piping 4 Point Harness 195/50/15 Tyres Heater Heated Windscreen Full Hood (not yet fitted) Side Screens 12v Socket Happy to provide photos and further details if required. Contact: Lee Savage Tel: 07531 259347 email: leesavage@hotmail.com
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