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Found 23 results

  1. Hello Everyone, I have for sale my beautiful 2016 Westfield SDV - Only 1950 miles since build The build quality of this Westfield has been taken seriously with no expense spared. Please see below spec of the car; 2016 Westfield SDV - 1,950 miles since build Spec; 1.6 Race Prepared Mazda engine - head skim, valves recut, polished and ported, crank lighted balanced, fly wheel lightened balanced, competition big end bearings, competition main bearings, competition piston rings. Every seal and gasket new. Along with heavy duty clutch Wide Body Lowered floor FW Front End Sport Turbo Seats 3 " Race Harness Team Dynamic Wheels Yokohama Parada Spec 2 Tyres FIA / MSA Roll cage made by Caged Nitron Shocks all round High Spec 4 pot Front Callipers, discs and pads Uprated AP Racing Master cylinder 1.8 rear brakes and grooved discs Rad Tech Aluminium radiator & fan Cobra Immobiliser Race Tech Dash 2 Aero Screen Quick release MOMO steering wheel Race Boot lid Race Carbon Dash Carbon Exhaust Limited Slip Differential Fantastic condition You can see from the high spec, this has been looked after with build quality being at the top of the list. The car has had a recent oil service, and has been looked over by a specialist to ensure the car is spot on. Stored in the dry Never driven in the wet Included in the sale; Folders of paper work, manuals, original receipts and photos of the build stages. Greedy - Turbo Carbon Half doors Genuine Westfield car cover £14,995 - OVNO 1st to view will buy Adam - 07969 000 281 Reason for sale, I am looking to purchase a house so unfortunately at the moment the Westfield comes second.
  2. Camber adjustable top front wishbones, with sleeve nut and washer. No more removing the ball joint from the upright to make adjustments, just loosen the lock nut and set the camber perfectly to the exact setting you are looking for. These use the same BMW ball joint as the standard wishbones. To the best of my knowledge Westfield only ever made 5 sets of these and they are now discontinued. This was the very first set made. These are new, all bushes fitted but never fitted to the car. There some light storage marks, these are painted that her than powder coated and otherwise are like new. Difficult to price since no longer available but a new pair of standard upper wishbones are £277.20 so hows £200 posted? -SOLD subject to payment PM or email me at wsccessex@btinternet.com
  3. Brad Stone

    Help me identify... Driveshafts?!

    Good evening fine folk! As some of you know, I recently acquired a lovely Pinto powered SEi, and have been giving it a thorough once over. When giving it a quick test drive, I noticed a slight knocking coming from the propshaft / rear of the car, coupled with a slight gear stick shake intermittently. I thought this may be a lose gearbox mount or diff mounting bolt, however on further inspection there seems to be some inherent "up and down" play in the offside rear driveshaft. I am looking to replace the full driveshaft / CV joint, but would like to understand exactly which type of shafts they are and where I can source a new unit? Many thanks in advance - Pictures below. /B
  4. Mark (smokey mow)

    Mazda MX5 1.6 cut and shortened sump

    Just removed from my SDV, as it has a slight weep that I've been unable to trace. I suspect it may be from one of the welds but I did notice that the sump plug washer also had split. The sump has been shortened by approx 1" and the bottom plate is 5mm thick aluminium so it's got some protection from Knicks and bangs. The oil pickup pipe has also been modified and will be included. I've now switch back to a standard sump hence now selling. Yours for £25 and I can post at cost if required, I think this will be about £16 due to the weight (6kg) or I can wrap if you want to send a courier yourself.
  5. I'm building a Mazda SDV at a very leisurely rate in the Surrey area. I've created this topic to cover all aspects of the build I might need advice on. First question is shock absorbers. I intend to use my Westie as primarily a road based car, with the possible the occasional track day. So my question is are the shock absorbers that Westfield will sell you the best value for money? I assume they OEM them, rather than build them themselves. Can you buy them cheaper elsewhere? Are there other alternatives?
  6. AndyS

    Track geometry settings

    Going for a geometry and corner weighting set up tomorrow on my Mazda sdv. Car is running 15s and will mainly be used on track. Does anyone have any suggestions of camber and toe settings to aim for. There is a lot of conflicting info out there Thanks
  7. Westimia

    New SDV build

    I am just starting life in the Westfield world. I am in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, where, it seems, there aren't a lot of Westfields (if any)! After much consideration, (and retiring), I am finally getting around to one of those items on the list. Getting the kit at all in Canada is a challenge. Transport Canada does NOT like kit cars. Happily, the North American distributor, who is in Texas, seems to know his stuff. He provided most of the paperwork ready to submit to TC, and I have my authorization to import. I have the donor Miata sitting in the garage awaiting teardown, and am finalizing the details of the kit order. Does anyone have experience fitting a turbocharger on the Miata SDV build. My donor car is already turbocharged (a bonus). Is there any problem with clearances under the bonnet? I am hoping to use the single piece FW front end. Any suggestions on options I should definitely consider? This will be a road car, as there is no such thing as a track anywhere in Western Canada, let alone track days. If anyone is nearby, I'd love to chat with someone local about the Westfield experience. I am entirely new to forums in general; this is the first one I have ever joined, so feel free to critique my content!
  8. Hi all, I thought now would be a good time to start a build thread, being as the remains of my old 379bhp Mk1 Focus RS went to its new owner to rebuild today: Then was replaced by this: A 1993 1.6 Eunos with mandatory broken drivers window mechanism, great oil pressure and no need to use one of those nasty catalytic converters. She runs and drives great and is a tidy car tbh, seems a shame to rip it apart The date for my kit was originally 14th of March but due to the fibreglass supplier switch it's been put back by a week. That's fine by me as before I collect the kit I need to: Strip the donor Clean the garage Paint the garage floor Erect garage shelving Build a trolley to build the car on Suffice to say I've got plenty to do. I've ordered my kit in hooligan orange, with detachable rear arches and side panels fitted and I'm aiming for a 550kg road-going build. Next up is to compression test the engine....
  9. Westfield_MX5

    Frank's FW Mazda SDV build

    I built a MX5 SDV back in 2008/2009 that I unfortunately totaled in 2015. There was no question that it had to be rebuilt but this time with a FW body. I just like that body style better. I have already rebuilt it, the car is done, but I thought it'd be nice to make a build thread about it . Since we all like pictures, I'll add lots Here's the car I finished building in 2009
  10. Having a bit of a garage clearout I have the following MX5 parts for sale that will fit the Mazda SDV Pair of rear uprights, hubs and bolt on driveshafts for a 1.6 (non ABS) = £50 Pair of rear push-in driveshafts from a 1.8 = £25 Shortened and balanced propshaft to suit Mazda SDV's fitted with 1.8 diff - 700mm long (approx 605mm between gearbox oil seal and diff flange). = £100 (no offers) NOW SOLD Pair of 13" Weller, round hole steel wheels MX5 fitment (4x100) fitted with Avon cut Slicks 180/530 R13. These are IMO still useable, but showing signs of cracking on the tread. The overall width of the tyres is approx 8" so I will guess at these being a 7" wide rim. = £25 I would prefer collection in person from Colchester, however I can also bring to the Speed Series Awards doo, post at cost (except the wheels) by parcelforce or wrap for your courier to collect. PM or email me at wsccessex@btinternet.com Mark
  11. Westfield Sport Turbo ST3 front anti-roll bar. This is the only Westfield ARB that fits the front track width of the Mazda SDV's other than their inboard ARB. Bought new from WF a couple of winters back, this set me back over £250. Although fitted to the car for that time it was only connected when sprinting the car and was disconnected again when on the road. This ARB should also work with SDV's using the FW front as the mounting blocks fit to the rear bolts of the upper wishbones. Asking £125, collection from Colchester CO6 or I can post for an additional £10. - NOW SOLD
  12. Dommo

    Turbocharging the mazdafield

    I was always torn between fitting throttle bodies, a supercharger or a turbo to the Westfield. The latter are common modifications to the MX5, but the former perhaps more suited to a Westfield. So, I went down the throttle bodies route over the winter (along with an engine rebuild) and netted myself 165-170bhp, depending on which dyno you use. However, once I'd gotten an aftermarket ECU as part of the winter build, I'd gotten it into my head that this immediately makes any further changes a lot easier. I then persuaded myself that it's ok to try forced induction as I can simply put the throttle bodies on the shelf and fit a standard inlet manifold again. Whichever setup I preferred, I could sell the other. I'm not the first person to turbocharge a Mazda SDV Westfield. There's at least two others, one in the states using a Mazdaspeed manifold, and one in the continent using (I think) an aftermarket interpretation of the Mazdaspeed manifold. The problem with the Mazdaspeed manifold is it sits the turbo down low, requiring modifications to the passenger side engine mount. Whilst this is out of my skillset, finding someone to do it would be pretty easy. Unfortunately, the manifolds themselves proved impossible to track down. So I turned to someone on the MX5 forums who was well known for making custom turbo manifolds. I asked him if he could help me out and we started looking into the options. I gave him measurements of the engine bay and he suggested a top mount turbo would probably fit best. I then chose the turbo so that he could start mocking stuff up. I wanted a turbo that would spool quickly whilst also being readily available and cheap. This meant it was either a T25 from a 180sx or a TD04 from a Subaru. I went for the TD04 as it's slightly bigger than the T25 but should still be making positive pressure from 2-2.5k. As long as I'm sensible, it shouldn't run out of puff at higher revs. Within an impressively short amount of time he'd made a mockup on a spare engine he had: The downpipe curves back on itself to clear the triangulation at the rear of the engine bay. With the guy being 1,200 miles away, a test fit was impractical so I adopted 21st century bodgery and photoshopped it. Looked close, but also looked like it would fit. We put a kit together... And I went ahead and sourced a turbo. A TD04L-13T from an Impreza. Release the inner chav
  13. Six weeks ago, my lifetime experience with car repair was watching a friend change an oil filter once. Now I have a Westfield kit arriving in a week or so, and my garage looks like this: Until recently that was a battered '94 M Edition. Towed it home, fixed the broken timing belt, and drove it for all of 30 miles before taking it apart again. Much of that driving time was practicing hill starts with a manual transmission. That's right: I also have next to no experience driving stick. The engine is completely covered in oil and has at least one leak left. I can fix that. The tach goes bonkers above 4000 RPM. The internet says it's probably a bad ground. I can fix that. It's raining, which is spoiling my plan to roll the car out of the garage before removing the wheels for the last time ever. I can, er, wait for it to stop raining, I guess.
  14. Andrew O Byrne White - Ireland AO

    Donor disposal

    Hi all, Finally managed to finish stripping out my donor mx5. 2 questions: Is there anything in particular I need to do to dispose of the body so I don't have difficulty with the IVA at a later date? (Remove the VIN plate for instance?) Has anyone had a donor body taken away by anyone in the Birmingham area they can reccommend? Cheers! Andrew
  15. Moulded dash for a Mazda SDV to use the MX5 light cluster. Brand new and unused. Dorset
  16. I love this car, but after 4 trips to Le Mans, and one to Tuscany, I know I need more luggage space. I thought of adding a tow ball, but I'm looking for a Triumph Stag now. This car has never been on a Track, and has done an average of 3000 per year since IVA. The engine seems bullet proof, and the gearbox is a joy (Vastly better than Ford). Dark Green body, Black fittings, unmarked Team Dynamics Pro-Race gloss black 7J wheels with Toyo 195/50 R15 tyres fitted in 2011, Thatcham II Alarm, 2 sets of keys, 2 12v sockets for Sat Nav. or wine cooler (!) etc., black Tonneau, green hood and sidescreens, EBC Yellow brake pads. Kit purchased in 2007, factory finished and IVA-ed in Dec 2010. Please call 07711 450221 for more info. Agreed value insurance of £7,500. Asking £6,990. Please see photos of this car in my Gallery.
  17. JPLS

    Mazda SDV - fuel guage

    Just stuck 10 litres of fuel in my Mazda SDV expecting to see some movement on the guage needle and nuffin Currently using std Mazda instrumant pod with Westfield supplied and modded (as per build manual) sender. Any ideas? thought I'd seen a forum thread on this somewhere, but could not locate. IVA in 4 days - does the guage need to work? Cant find any reference to it in the IVA notes. Cheers
  18. I bought two packs when building thinking a box per side. It turns out a box covers both sides so I've a box left over. Brand new never out of the box. Very easy to fit to give a nice firm new bushing to improve the handling at the rear (the only place that uses a Mazda bush rather than the Westfield part) Fits upper, outer, rear wishbone/upright. P/n PFR36-112 £15
  19. KugaWestie

    MX5 SDV Power Upgrade Project

    I have now had the car for 12 months, and have spent some time exploring avenues to increase the power on my car. I looked at Supercharging using an Eaton M45, as this is quite a common MX5 engine upgrade. The normal position for the M45 is on the hotside next to the head. Unfortunately fitting it on the Westfield in this position would mean a fairly large cut out in the bonnet and I did not want to do that. I think a Rotrex type charger would probably fit lower down where the power steering pump is normally housed, but they are eye wateringly expensive, so I ruled this out I also considered turbo charging. This all seemed to be extremely tight in the engine bay with potential cooling/heat issues, and frankly I did not fancy it. So the only other option is to stay NA, and try and squeeze more power out of the engine. After several discussions with Northampton Motorsport and Blink Motorsport (both traders on here) I have decided to work with Blink to see where we can get the car to. Throttle bodies were considered, but have been put to one side at present. So the plan is to do the following.............. Part One:- Drive the car up to Blink and do a power run, so we have a starting point. Whilst there, drop off a spare cylinder head that I have got complete with a spare set of camshafts. Come back home with a brand new PnP Megasquirt ECU and Innovate Wideband o2 Sensor. Part Two:- Fit the PnP Megasquirt to the car along with the wideband, and run the car for a few weeks. Whilst running the car round with the new ECU on it, Blink will "Optimize" my spare head. http://www.blinkmotorsport.com/cylinderhead.html Spare cams will be sent off to Piper for re-profiling. Part Three:- When the head is "Optimized" and the cams are ready, Blink will send these back to me. I will then fit the new head on the car, along with the new cams. Some help from Blink will be required to adjust the Megasquirt to allow for the new cams etc. I have ordered a new Westfield exhaust manifold to replace the standard Mazda manifold and S pipe, so when fitting the new head I will also fit the new manifold. Part Four:- Once the head, cams and exhaust manifold are fitted, I will then drive the car back up to Blink for final mapping. This will take a while for all the work to be done, but hopefully it will be well worth it. I know if this proves to be a successful project, Blink will be very keen to offer this up as a group deal or similar if there is enough interest. Power gains are pretty much unknown as this is an untrodden path for us with the 1.8 engine, but I am hoping to see a good increase. I will do my best to keep this thread up to date with progress as we go.
  20. KugaWestie

    Electric Mirrors Upgrade - Part 1

    Several months ago I bought a pair of electric mirrors and a control switch on E-Bay They are from a MGF (Rover) So yesterday I decided to have a go at getting them sorted out and fitted. The first job was to whip the battery off the Westy. I bought the battery inside and sat at the dining room table and got stuck into working out the wiring on the mirrors and switch. This didnt take too long with the help of google. Once I got both mirrors 100% operational, I labelled up all the wires and also made a seperate note of connections. Then I took off the cover surround and mirror glass After a quick clean up inside the housing, I gave them a rub down with 400 grit wet and dry The next process was to mask up the rubber shrouding covering the mounting lugs, and give them a coat of primer
  21. Ok guys, time to start the build thread. Any advice and tips welcome P clips and rivets arrived from Westfield today, as well as a new Clutch Master cylinder. This enabled me to start fitting the fuel lines. 2 are complete and the third line is all bent ready to fit, but need some more P clips, Westfield sent me loads of brake line clips instead of fuel line clips, so now need to get some more clips before I can fix the last fuel line. Then I think I will be able to flip her over and start getting into it!
  22. KugaWestie

    Electric Mirrors Upgrade - Part 3

    A bit of fresh air was needed today, so I used some fine cutting compound, followed by Autoglym SRP and finally some wax. Three coats of each left me with this Then I cleaned the mirror glass and applied some Rainex. I also cleaned the plastic glass surround with some trim detailer And finally I re-assembled the mirror The windscreen pillars need a small amount of modifying. I drilled out the fixing holes to enlarge the diameter of them. This allows the mirror to be rotated slightly to make it more vertical as without this it points a little bit too much skywards. You will also see an additional hole that I have drilled to feed the cables through
  23. KugaWestie

    Electric Mirrors Upgrade - Part 2

    I picked the job up again this afternoon, and decided to fit the switch into the dashboard. Firstly I chose my position Then I cut away the vinyl and foam very carefully, followed by drilling a series of holes to form the square hole After some tidying up with a file, the switch is in Whilst out collecting some last minute bits today, I picked up a can of top coat paint. I sanded one of the primed mirrors down with 800 grit wet and dry, and gave it a couple of coats. More to follow - but thats it for a few days now!
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