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  1. For sale is my MX5 Mk1 1.8. The car was put together as a roadgoing competition car, suitable for ‘standard class’ Hillclimb, Sprint, Autosolo, MX-5 Challenge, etc. It is also a brilliant track day car and can reel in much more powerful cars, especially in the wet. Spec: 1.8 engine with induction kit, free-flow tubular manifold, cat delete and single box sports exhaust (all stainless). Lightened flywheel. Meister R suspension properly set up with track geometry. Polybushed suspension. PAS delete with quicker manual rack. Standard 1.8 brakes with M1144 pads all round. Enkei
  2. Hi All. New to the forum and hopefully picking up my Westfield tomorrow. So I need the garage space which means the MX5 must go. £800 for quick sale. MX5 Eunos Roadster 1.8i It has been in a garage for over a year. (Will be put under a car cover from tomorrow). New battery installed and started first time. 180k KM No MOT and on SORN. 1.8 engine pretty standard, don't think there are any modifications. Drives well. Engine and gearbox seems sound. Alloy wheels and space saver. Lights all work fine. Dials all work fine
  3. Camber adjustable top front wishbones, with sleeve nut and washer. No more removing the ball joint from the upright to make adjustments, just loosen the lock nut and set the camber perfectly to the exact setting you are looking for. These use the same BMW ball joint as the standard wishbones. To the best of my knowledge Westfield only ever made 5 sets of these and they are now discontinued. This was the very first set made. These are new, all bushes fitted but never fitted to the car. There some light storage marks, these are painted that her than powder coa
  4. Mark (smokey mow)

    SOLD - 2009 Westfield Mazda SDV

    After a great deal of deliberation I have come to the difficult decision to sell my Westfield as I believe that someone else should now have the enjoyment of driving her. I always swore that I would never sell, but after 12 years of ownership I'm finding that I'm now using it less and less and instead favouring my other cars. I am the first and only owner having built the car myself over a period of approximately 10months between May 2008 and February 2009. SVA having been passed first time in February 2009 and First Registration April 2009. The chassis was fabricated by Westfield
  5. ...I'll let you come up with the punch line. So I figure it's about time I start a build thread for one of the slowest Westfield builds ever. It might actually motivate me to move a little quicker! I picked up a 1991 1.6 MX5 back in October 2014, picked up my Westfield starter kit in February 2015. A garage (house) move later and it's been progressing very slowly since then! So a few shots from along the way so far: The donor: Kit collection: Moving garage (that's how low a Subaru sits with half a Mazda in
  6. Mark (smokey mow)

    Mazda MX5 1.6 cut and shortened sump

    Just removed from my SDV, as it has a slight weep that I've been unable to trace. I suspect it may be from one of the welds but I did notice that the sump plug washer also had split. The sump has been shortened by approx 1" and the bottom plate is 5mm thick aluminium so it's got some protection from Knicks and bangs. The oil pickup pipe has also been modified and will be included. I've now switch back to a standard sump hence now selling. Yours for £25 and I can post at cost if required, I think this will be about £16 due to the weight (6kg) or I can wrap if you want to send a
  7. I'm building a Mazda SDV at a very leisurely rate in the Surrey area. I've created this topic to cover all aspects of the build I might need advice on. First question is shock absorbers. I intend to use my Westie as primarily a road based car, with the possible the occasional track day. So my question is are the shock absorbers that Westfield will sell you the best value for money? I assume they OEM them, rather than build them themselves. Can you buy them cheaper elsewhere? Are there other alternatives?
  8. BugMan

    Gear shift pattern

    Now don't shoot me for asking what on the face of it is a seemingly stupid question, but what is the shift pattern in my Sport 250's MX5 5 speed gearbox? I've never driven or been in an MX5 and a quick "google" just confused me further as i have no working clutch yet and the nice silver gear-knob for WF is of no help.
  9. I am selling my Son's MX5 Mk1 'Dakar', 1997 with 125K miles. The MOT is up on 27th April and it will require the usual repairs to the sills and some other bits to fix. My Son no longer requires the car so will sell as it is. The car has been in the family for the last 5 years and has been 100% reliable. There is a file of history and it had new discs and pads, plus Avon ZV7 tyres all round last year. It has a Mongoose Stainless exhaust and leather seats. Overall it is clean and tidy apart from rust on the sills, front of wings and some on the windscreen pillars. More pictures available o
  10. Westfield_MX5

    Frank's FW Mazda SDV build

    I built a MX5 SDV back in 2008/2009 that I unfortunately totaled in 2015. There was no question that it had to be rebuilt but this time with a FW body. I just like that body style better. I have already rebuilt it, the car is done, but I thought it'd be nice to make a build thread about it . Since we all like pictures, I'll add lots Here's the car I finished building in 2009
  11. Having a bit of a garage clearout I have the following MX5 parts for sale that will fit the Mazda SDV Pair of rear uprights, hubs and bolt on driveshafts for a 1.6 (non ABS) = £50 Pair of rear push-in driveshafts from a 1.8 = £25 Shortened and balanced propshaft to suit Mazda SDV's fitted with 1.8 diff - 700mm long (approx 605mm between gearbox oil seal and diff flange). = £100 (no offers) NOW SOLD Pair of 13" Weller, round hole steel wheels MX5 fitment (4x100) fitted with Avon cut Slicks 180/530 R13. These are IMO still useable, but showing signs of cracking on the tread. The overall widt
  12. Six weeks ago, my lifetime experience with car repair was watching a friend change an oil filter once. Now I have a Westfield kit arriving in a week or so, and my garage looks like this: Until recently that was a battered '94 M Edition. Towed it home, fixed the broken timing belt, and drove it for all of 30 miles before taking it apart again. Much of that driving time was practicing hill starts with a manual transmission. That's right: I also have next to no experience driving stick. The engine is completely covered in oil and has at least one leak left. I can fix that. T
  13. corsechris

    Mk 1 MX5 parts wanted.

    Folks, I already have a 'wanted' in for a complete car, but as I'm only really after a few bits off one, may as well ask that question as well. I don't know which of these parts (other than the uprights obviously) are normally used on a Mazda SDV build so have no idea what my luck is likely to be with this. So, from an '89-'97 car please. All 4 uprights with brakes. Power steering rack Steering Column complete with switchgear shroud wheel etc Would also ideally want at least part of the loom that connects to the switchgear, unless anyone knows where suitable connectors can be had
  14. lewis

    DASH2Pro RPM Help

    I'm having some trouble with my DASH2Pro RPM readout. I know it used to work when I first fired up the MX-5 engine to test the wiring. Now the wiring is in the car the RPM doesn't work at all. The way the tacho signal comes is there is a black/white wire coming from each of the two coils which merge into one wire. Then it splits back into two, with one going to a pin on the ECU and the other to drive the tacho. When ignition 2 and the engine is running around 12v is being output on the wire to the tacho, however when I connect this to the DASH 2Pro low RPM input (yellow wire on connector B
  15. Andrew O Byrne White - Ireland AO

    Donor disposal

    Hi all, Finally managed to finish stripping out my donor mx5. 2 questions: Is there anything in particular I need to do to dispose of the body so I don't have difficulty with the IVA at a later date? (Remove the VIN plate for instance?) Has anyone had a donor body taken away by anyone in the Birmingham area they can reccommend? Cheers! Andrew
  16. Moulded dash for a Mazda SDV to use the MX5 light cluster. Brand new and unused. Dorset
  17. Andrew O Byrne White - Ireland AO

    MX5 3.9 LSD

    Hi all, I'm back home in Ireland for Christmas and stumbled across someone selling two mx5 diffs from 6 speed cars. I've bought the 3.6 for myself but he's got a 3.9 there too. I know these are pretty hard to come by so if anyone is looking for one, I can pick it up and take it back across on the ferry when I'm going back to work. I paid 400 euro for the 3.6 with prop shaft and drive shafts. I'd imagine the cost for the 3.9 will be pretty similar. As I said I can take it back across to Birmingham for anyone interested. Cheers, Andrew
  18. Hi Folks, I've gone an bought a set of venom 5 function lamps to replace the standard headlamps and indicator pods on our mx5 SDV. Has anyone got experience of wiring these up as they are a bit different to the standard lamps. Mike
  19. Ever since selling my Narrow project car last year, this has been taking up room and gathering dust in the back of the garage so finally it's time for it to go. This is it's brief history and spec. The engine is ex Andy Burge who campaigned it in the Ma5da racing series, carrying him to one win and a second place in the 2009 season. It reportedly made 128bhp at the wheels when on the rolling road in March 2008 (see original ebay advert below) although I haven't proved that figure and I would suggest it would actually be more realistic if measured as a flywheel figure. His car was unfortun
  20. Ben-H

    Mazda Limited Slip Diff LSD

    Does anyone know if a torsen LSD will fit in the 1.6 casing, possibly using my existing crown wheel?
  21. I bought two packs when building thinking a box per side. It turns out a box covers both sides so I've a box left over. Brand new never out of the box. Very easy to fit to give a nice firm new bushing to improve the handling at the rear (the only place that uses a Mazda bush rather than the Westfield part) Fits upper, outer, rear wishbone/upright. P/n PFR36-112 £15
  22. KugaWestie

    MX5 SDV Power Upgrade Project

    I have now had the car for 12 months, and have spent some time exploring avenues to increase the power on my car. I looked at Supercharging using an Eaton M45, as this is quite a common MX5 engine upgrade. The normal position for the M45 is on the hotside next to the head. Unfortunately fitting it on the Westfield in this position would mean a fairly large cut out in the bonnet and I did not want to do that. I think a Rotrex type charger would probably fit lower down where the power steering pump is normally housed, but they are eye wateringly expensive, so I ruled this out I also cons
  23. 58 Plate MAZDA MX-5 Roadster FOR SALE Very good condition inside and out Blue metallic paint Cloth seats Black piano finish dash board Hard top convertible ONLY 20,000 miles on clock FULL SERVICE HISTORY MOT until June 2014 Taxed until FEB 2014 Mechanically sound Tyres very good condition Awesome car, great handling rear wheel drive fun!! Even better with the roof down!! Looking for a quick sale as my wife wants a 4x4 before winter!! Only looking for £7500 no offers please..... This is a winter bargain!! Please contact me on 07906 957150 or dwstudios@hotmail.c
  24. dwstudios

    58 plate MAZDA MX-5 FOR SALE

    58 Plate MAZDA MX-5 Roadster FOR SALE Very good condition inside and out Blue metallic paint Cloth seats Black piano finish dash board Hard top convertible ONLY 20,000 miles on clock FULL SERVICE HISTORY MOT until June 2014 Taxed until FEB 2014 Mechanically sound Tyres very good condition Awesome car, great handling rear wheel drive fun!! Even better with the roof down!! Looking for a quick sale as my wife wants a 4x4 before winter!! Only looking for £7500 no offers please..... This is a winter bargain!! Please contact me on 07906 957150 or dwstudios@hotmail.c
  25. Due to a change of plans I'm putting this up for sale It's a rare 3.6 ratio type-2 Torsen Torque biasing diff. Please ignore the fact it has 3.9 written on the carrier, i've counted to teeth on the crown wheel and pinion and it's definitely 3.6 Most MX5's came with either a 4.3 or 4.1 ratio diff, the 3.6 was only found on the 6-speed cars. Comparing with a 4.3 ratio this will give you an engine speed of approx 3100rpm in 5th gear at 70mph rather than 3600rpm. First gear will also be longer increasing from approx 30mph to 37mph @ 6200rpm. 60mph in second gear would now be possible. Fur
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