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Found 22 results

  1. heawooi

    Type 9 Gearbox

    Hi, Does anyone have a spare type 9 sitting in the garage that you are looking to sell? I'm based in Warwickshire and will collect from a couple of hour radius Thanks, Ian
  2. Well my bhg e6 failed yesterday. Anyone got an updated t9 5 speed for sale? Just looking at options before I buy the bits to rebuild/send it off... Thanks.
  3. Josh Lawson

    Checking Oil Levels

    Hi All, I have a K-Series factory built westfield and assume I have a type-9 box (I don't know if having a rover engine would mean that I have a different box but doubt it). I have a very mild gearbox leak and keen to see if I need to top up my oil. From what I can read, there is no way of telling if you have enough oil in the car but get some more oil and fill it up until it overflows... can anyone tell me if this is right?! On a separate note, I understand that the gearbox filler is a pain to get to and the best way is to drill a hole in the footwell - again any
  4. Nickietam

    T9 Gearbox

    Having recently purchased an upgraded gearbox for my car, I now have a standard Ford T9 Gearbox (5 Speed) for sale. The box came from a Pinto engined car and as far as I know it has standard Sierra ratios. It is in a clean condition and was working satisfactorily when removed from the car. This is a heavy item but I have crated it (see photo) and will ship to the UK at purchaser's cost. I am looking for £300 for the gearbox plus shipping costs or it may be collected if buyer prefers. I am based in Aberdeen.
  5. Jonathan.edwards

    Gearbox popped on Day 1 of new purchase

    Hi, I'm a new member. Just picked up a 1990 Westfield SeiW, with a QED race spec C20XE, mated to a Type 9 5 speed, with strait cut gears. Anyway drove it about 90miles and lost gears 1-4, but kept 5th. Managed to limp it home, but it appears the Roll pin in the gear selector block has sheared or fallen out. I can't get access to change the pin in situ, nor do I want bits of roll pin kicking around inside the box. So I'm pulling the box out. My question being, Is it even possible to get the box out without taking the engine with it? (my chassis has the removal able gearbox cross
  6. Liz03

    Gearbox and prop wanted

    Has Eny one got a 4 speed e type or 5 speed type 9 gearbox and prop to fit crossflow engine in the back of the shed gathering dust we would be interested, at the right price. Please pm us thanks liz and chris
  7. Just a quick question for all the builders out there, did anybody bother with the access hole for the gearbox oil access hole? Was spotted by my local club the other weekend when they came around for a look at progress that I have "err missed it" , and I have since asked the factory to have a look at one of there cars, and it appears they are not currently putting an access hole in at all? i had it in my mind to fit a 50 mm blind grommet but, if its not needed might not bother?
  8. BillyPee

    Type 9 Gearbox Input Shaft Length

    I am planning to have a refurbished Type 9 gearbox delivered to a garage ready to fit rather than them taking the gearbox out and then having to order one in. The problem I have is that, without taking the gearbox out first, I don't know whether to order a long or short input shaft. From the information I have been able to find online, it seems that I most likely have a short input shaft as the long input shaft seems to be for a V6 engine. Before I place my order, is this a reliable assumption? Secondly, is there any way that I can double-check this without dismantling first? I assum
  9. RandyMcStab

    Gearbox decisions

    So I have finally decided that I am fed up with the ratios of my standard type 9 gearbox! I have a C20XE, circa 210Bhp (limiter kicks in at 7000rpm), 3.6 rear diff with 185/69/14 rear wheels. I use the car mostly for quick country road driving to work and I have my first trackday lined up this summer. I don't want a straight cut box as im not a fan of the noise they make. I would quite like to rebuild my current box with a kit. I enjoy getting my hands dirty and as I have never rebuilt a gearbox, except for a couple of boat outboards and so I would like to give it a go! I may
  10. chris parkin

    Type 9 Rebuild Checks

    Evening All, I spent the winter months stripping my type 9 box to give it a refresh of bearings and also to learn how they are put together. Whilst everything has seemingly gone ok and its now back together, I was just wondering if there are any checks that I should be doing before I get it back in the car and on the road? I can select all gears with ease, exactly the same as before and there are no strange sounds or clunks when moving through the box. I've tripple checked all torques and I am pretty happy with how it feels/looks. Obviously I'd be absolutely gutted to put it bac
  11. chris parkin

    Type 9 Layshaft Bearing

    Evening All, I've stripped my type 9 box and have bought a replacement kit consisting of the bearings/gaskets/seals from bearingkits.co.uk (http://www.bearingkits.co.uk/FORD-TYPE-9-GEARBOX-REBUILD-KIT/1238.htm) and when I've come to fit the new layshaft bearing it would appear the inner race is still on the shaft. In the kit I have bought, the bearing is complete and the inner race does not split out from the outer. To make matters more confusing, with a bit of research I've found this product (https://transmission-rebuild-kits.co.uk/product/ford-type-9-rear-layshaft-bearing/) which would
  12. Hi all, Looking to go down a different route with my Westfield 7 SE build so I have a zero miles since build Zetec 2.0 with Dunnel Option 3 kit (Circa 215bhp) as per here http://www.dunnellengines.com/zetec_carb_optionkits_3.php Bottom end was fully checked over when engine was built by local motorsport mechanic. As mentioned, this has not been run since the build so is basically brand new. Also comes with shallow wet sump, Water rail, lightweight motorsport alternator, 45 DCOE’s, Dunnel ECU & Wiring Loom. £4000 o.n.o. Also a Quaife QBM1M 4 speed sequential gearbox (https://shop.quaife.c
  13. Greenstreak-Andy D

    SOLD Caterham 6 speed gearbox SOLD

    Provisionally SOLD Caterham 6 speed gearbox Recently bought second hand, but change of plans is the reason for sale. Previous owner gave me these details…. Alloy cased – 31Kg Ratios 1st 2.69; 2nd 2.01; 3rd 1.59; 4th 1.32; 5th 1.13; 6th 1 Input shaft 192mm Has done 10 hours track time and about 900 miles in a Sigma powered westfield Includes gearstick and Caterham gear knob Looking for £1600, ideally collected please Contact Andy 07729 847945
  14. Widget1984

    Advice needed...

    Hi All, I'm after some help with a couple of issues I currently have. The car I've got has been through an engine rebuild, from 101bhp to 146bhp so really pleased with that. Although the car seems to using a huge amount of fuel. Engine is a 2 litre Pinto, bike carbs, Kent cam and 4 into one Westfield manifold with Wunoff silencer. What sort of fuel consumption should I expect? I'm just trying to understadn what sort of range i should get from one tank. The car is a 1990 narrow. It has been set up locally, however is it worth taking to Bogg Brothers for a second opinion, as there is carbon
  15. I have my old type 9 for sale as its being replaced by a nice HD box with a long first. It was from a 2.0 Sierra Ghia donor I used for my build that had about 60k on the clock and I've put 1500 miles on it since it was installed. Works perfectly with no odd noises or dodgy changes evident. Could maybe do with a new saddle thing to tighten the lever up, but that's all. The ratios are std and it has a mechanical speedo drive. There seems to be a few on eBay with no history for £300 and last one I was watching sold for £230 ish, so I reckon £200 is a fair price for a known good one. They do se
  16. A lot of bits for sale. Spare parts from my SEiGHT conversion to a TVR V8. Engine bits from a 4l V8 out of a Griffith. Varying conditions, see pics From TVR: Inlet Manifold - £175 LT77 5-speed Gearbox including Bell Housing and Shifter mechanism - £220 Distributor & HT leads Alternator Belt Pulley Water Pump Unidentified Bosch item - not really sure what it is, was connected to the red lead in the distributor pic. Fan - puller Other: Used Sierra Brake Calipers (half yellow!) - LHS & RHS (brake nipple broken on LHS) New Sierra Brake Caliper LHS - £25 (On my SEiG
  17. Numbers

    Type 9 Gearbox

    Type 9 Gearbox - Condition unknown as purchased as a spare and never used. Complete with clutch release but no gearstick. Later type rear extension. I would have posted a photo if I could work out how to do it. Contact for more info and photo's. Asking price £150.
  18. cast iron

    Quaife BGH Gearbox

    SOLD I have a Quaife alloy cased type 9 with BGH semi helical gears Built by BGH - Rebuilt by me It has the heavy duty bearing option and the BGH gear selector extension, which I have modified by adding grub screws to make sure it works! Ratios are E3 2.92 1.86 1.295 1 0.83 Its only ever been run with GL4 oil, non of the nasty aditives which can attack the bronze elements Its fully built up on my bench, cover can be removed for inspection. £900 ONO + delivery or collection - Darlington NE Mark SOLD
  19. Hammy

    Stuff for sale: Gosh !

    Now the Westies gone I've some stuff to sell, to help restore my bank balance. * 5 speed type 9 gearbox -bought from a fellow member who'd upgraded his to a BGH as a "very good low mileage box" - believed excellent condtion, outside is very clean! but I've never fitted it ( i'd offer money back if its duff) £160 SOLD * gear lever to suit above £15 -now £10 PROV SOLD (hope I can find it!!) * 3.54:1 open English diff in excellent nick - the ideal ratio !!!!!!! - bought a few years back as a spare - £200, very nice set of teeth with no wear ridges, doesn't need rebuild IMO! SOLD * English ax
  20. Mark (smokey mow)

    Mazda MX5 Gearbox

    Standard 5-speed MX5 gearbox in good condition The PPF frame mounting has been modified and removed to provide better clearance between the box and chassis rails in the Westfield. Collection only, but I can wrap it up for you if you want to send your own courier for it. Only £30 PM or email me wsccessex@btinternet.com
  21. Various parts as below , we have now sold our house so I have the mountainous task of clearing collected parts from years of owning and repairing Westfields . Prices on springs relect postage costs due to the weight , I will be going to the Costwolds area meet this Thursday and can take parts if required . Type 9 gearbox removed from 1800 Sierra , could do with new saddle bush (£8 off ebay) but otherwise good , I bought locally off a tiger owner who stripped the Sierra and checked it was good £100 , no pic . 220cm of 8mm or 5/16 braided fuel pipe unused of unknown maker suitable for lo
  22. JOCKER

    Which MT75 Gearbox?

    Good, Afternoon, After a run out to North Wales last weekend with the lads my Westfield gearbox decided to self combust - luckily only a few miles from home. After a couple of hours this morning, with special thanks to 1313 & Steve Farrimond, we removed the engine and gearbox. My question is, which gearbox do I have, and is there a 'best' MT75 to have i.e. which ratios? The car is a 2.0 Zetec mated to a 3.62 Diff. Heres a few identifiers... Cheers Jocker
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