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Found 11 results

  1. Last October the MSA issued the 'Hybrid & Electric Cars: Guidance for organizers of Speed events'. This document outlines the MSA safety requirements at such events and is to be welcomed. Before this, EV sprint racing in the UK was effectively uncontrolled and potentially dangerous. EVs permitted to race are either series production vehicles or Formula E cars. Other EVs including mine, must be individually approved by the MSA. To support this process I must produce a technical reference document detailing the cars high voltage electrical and battery safety systems and also prepare suitable risk assessments. I will submit the car and its documentation to the MSA for approval as soon as I can. Preparing the car and it's documentation is the easy bit - relatively. Each event organizer must also have written approval from the MSA to permit EV racing. The MSA guidance covers the provision of risk assessments, battery fire fighting equipment, separate and marshaled charging and quarantine areas, EV safety training for marshals and electric vehicle safety processes in general. Persuading event organizers to satisfy these requirements just to allow one car to compete will be a challenge. However, I have had expressions of support from across the racing fraternity and with the help and good will of the MSA and the WSCC, I hope at least one event will accept an entry from me this year - in July perhaps.
  2. Tony Smiley

    Looking for a Megabusa

    Looking for a Megabusa. The engine condition is immaterial, so preferably standard, with problems, or even missing! I will obviously be happy to consider a complete car, but I'm more interested in a chassis with suspension etc. built for hills/sprint. Also consider a car needing some work, but it must be bike engined. I would prefer a full roll cage. I'm building a car to compete in the 2018/19 Speed Series. I hope someone can help.... Tony
  3. *Video added from last visit to Northampton Motorsports For sale, my Westfield SE independent suspension – originally built from kit by previous owner in Summer 1996. I bought the car around 2007 and somewhere in the house I have copious amounts of original paperwork – instructions, registration correspondence, etc. This will be provided for review before sale. The engine is from a Vauxhall Corsa GSi (1.6 16v, x16xe/ c16xe - the differences between the 2 original engine specs aren't fundamental) currently producing around 184bhp at the flywheel. The induction roar is lovely, beyond that it's utterly ballistic until over 8000, when the dash warning lights indicate change. The car was stripped and rebuilt, completing Q2 2014, since which the car has covered road only miles. The entire car was stripped, the chassis was reinforced with additional tubing, chassis and cage repowdercoated/ repainted, new lightweight bodywork was fitted, new carbon panelling installed (dashboard, tunnel top and sides, rear bulkhead/ front bulkhead), new racing battery, new lightweight seats, engine bay undertray were fitted. Selling for the following reasons: - This would make a great competition car. However, I’ve realised that although I like sprints and hillclimbs, I’d much prefer to pay another owner, turn up, jump into a fast, well prepared car, leave just the right amount of rubber on the track, get as much out of the car as possible, cross the line in the full knowledge that I’ve done my best, applaud the winner, party a little and then drive home in a "normal" car (neither a motorhome/ nor with a trailer). For the 50 or so miles to work and back, I actually prefer driving my automatic (I know, you’ve just stopped reading). It just means I get there more relaxed and better placed to manage the daily battle. I haven’t got the time and this is unlikely to change. I get the car out for about an hour per month, if I’m lucky/ if the weather’s good/ if I’m not working the weekend. I am just not doing it justice. It weighs 509.5kg. Here’s the techie bit: - Steering Cat Motorsport quick rack – 2.2 ratio, reduced to 1.9 with lock stops EN3B steering column with no steering lock / ignition barrel Racetech quick release boss/ suede steering wheel Suspension Front AVO adjustable dampers (steel) with spherical bearings 9” springs – 275lbs Cortina cast iron uprights (powder coated) Cat Motorsport aluminium hubs Poly bushed lower & upper wishbones for fine tuning camber and castor angles Fittings for Playskool bespoked front ARB (unmounterd Playskool front ARB will be included in sale price) Rear AVO adjustable dampers (steel) with spherical bearings 10” springs – 180lbs Poly bushed upper and lower wishbones Westfield cast aluminium uprights Westfield modified Ford Sierra driveshafts Fittings for Playskool bespoked rear ARB (unmounted Playskool rear ARB will be included in sale price) Brakes Front Fluke Motorsport lightweight discs Outlaw M-16 4 pot aluminium calipers Hawk HP Plus brake pads Aeroquip steel braided brake lines Rear Fluke Motorsport lightweight discs Sierra 4x4 calipers Red Stuff brake pads General AP large bore master cylinder (13/16” bore) Aeroquip steel braided hose throughout the car – no solid pipes Brake bias controlled by floor mounted pedal set Engine : 1600cc 16 valve Vauxhall Ecotec engine Bottom end balanced Standard crank Steel con rods Forged “high top” pistons Lightened/ balanced flywheel Helix uprated clutch cover Helix sprung paddle clutch Cable clutch release mechanism Inlet camshaft – 11mm Lift 278 degrees duration Exhaust camshaft – 11.4mm Lift 284 degrees duration Vernier cam pulleys Standard valves (individually hand lapped and sealed) Uprated valve springs (head machined for valve spring and cam clearance) Titanium valve caps Uprated hydraulic cam followers Uprated steel cambelt pulleys Oil system SBD/ Pace dry sump system – sealed type, engine breathers have been removed/ sealed Slim Jim oil pump Low profile cast aluminium sump pan with dual scavenges (filtered) Crank pulley dowel-pinned to crank to prevent slippage Risbridger Cool-tec aerospace spec oil filter SBD dry sump tank Motec aluminium oil catch tank Fuel system Westfield fuel injection type tank Pre-pump filter (push on fittings) High pressure fuel pump Pre-injector fuel filter (-6 fittings) Jenvey fuel rail 45mm Jenvey individual throttle bodies Jenvey intake manifold (matched to throttle bodies and head) Bosch cream injectors Billet aluminium fuel pressure regulator Aeroquip FC322 hose used throughout Aeroquip / Speedflow -6 push-on type aluminium fittings used throughout ITG foam air filter MBE 967 ECU and custom loom, running wide-band, closed-loop lambda control and barometric pressure sensor. Exhaust SBD 4-2-1 exhaust manifold SBD 6” diameter carbon silencer Gearbox Tran-X (Ford Type 9) close ratio synchromesh gear set 2.48 1st gear straight cut 1.69 2nd gear straight cut 1.27 3rd gear straight cut 1.00 4th gear straight cut 0.87 5th gear helical cut Flowtech aluminium gearbox casing and lid (with drain plug) Westfield gear-lever extension/ Billet aluminium quick-shift gear lever Differential Standard Sierra 4x4 viscous limited slip diff - ratio 3.92 K&N breather filter fitted Cooling system VW Golf double pass aluminium/ plastic radiator Electric fan Thermostat set to invoke at ~95 centigrade Pace custom aluminium header tank Dashboard/ interior Aim MXL dash logger system, loom and Aim sensors Battery master cut-out switch, fully functional/ Blue Book compliant Aero killswitch Push button ignition LED indicator/ warning lights throughout Indicator self-cancelling timer unit High mounted low oil pressure warning LED Miscellaneous Black lightweight bodywork Caged full T45 tubing roll cage custom made for car Lightweight race gel battery with built in engine bay charge point (associated charger will be supplied as part of sale) Carbon effect aeroscreen Caterham style front indicator pods 4” headlights Flush-fitting aluminium fuel filler Willans 6 point driver harness with 3” shoulder straps and pull-down lap straps and twist-release buckle Willans 4 point passenger with 2” straps and pull-down lap straps with push-button buckle 13” x 6” Minilite alloy wheels, fitted with Yokohama A048R tyres Longacre central wide angle mirror (mounted to roll cage since pictures) Race mirrors (remounted since pictures) My remaining Westfield Sports Car Club membership will be transferred to the buyer MOT'd until 16 April 2017 Tax'd until 1 October 2016 Needs an oil change, cosmetic repair to bonnet trailing edge and an exhaust repack Price is £12,000. PM me, call/ text me on 07968 184107, email me on manager@petercox.net.
  4. johnev

    LSD for Freelander Diff

    I'm rebuilding my electric sprint car after smashing it up at Curborough. During the rebuild process I may fit an LSD if it's practical. The car has a Freelander differential fitted as standard which I can't change. The electric motor is limited to 5000 rpm and is coupled directly to the diff so it needs the 3.2 to 1 ratio (as well as 17 inch rear wheels). Could anybody recommended an LSD type or manufacturer for this diff? Thanks.
  5. My Westfield is available as I'm moving to single seater. Car is in very good condition, competitive & well known Midland Hillclimb Championship car. Roadgoing class B, it's taxed & MOT'd and has the followsing spec: 2ltr Zetec making 215Bhp & 169lbs torque (Northampton Motorsport built & dyno'd the engine - it's only done 2 seasons since full rebuild) Piper 285 cams & verniers Forged H section rods Forged pistons Protune head New bearing set fitted Pace dry sump Lightweight race flywheel & clutch Aluminium bellhousing for Type 9 gearbox Weber 45 carbs MBE ECU Westfield 4-1 exhaust & Thermal Logic silencer Ford type 9 box with quick ratios 4.1 diff with LSD Avo shocks Nylon race bushes all round Short steering arms - gives same rate as Westfield quick rack Carbon metallic brake pads Avon ZZR's - 215's front & rear (2 seasons, lots of tread left) Flat floor with diffuser (pops off in secs) Lightweight nose cone Caged roll cage Carbon fibre seat, brand new HANS belts (identical spare seat with brackets not fitted) Very light car - 537kg Setup by Ian Dayson at Force Car has set the following times: Loton Park 56.15 Prescott 46.12 Shelsley Walsh 31.35 Lots of receipts, lots of spares too, please call if you'd like any more information or photos emailing - car has only done about 5,400 miles as I rarely drive it on the road. Here are some videos of it (can't upload a pic for some reason): https://www.youtube.com/user/charliemi16205 I'm asking £ 13,000 for it with the trailer which is a Brian James Clubman twin axle (380kg) so towing it's under a ton. Drop me a line on 07887 952 638 or charliem99@hotmail.com
  6. Dave (OnliestSmeg) -  Manchester AO

    NSCC Curborough Sprint July 6th

    So I put my entry in a while ago and received a confirmation email. Well looking forward to my first sprint of the year (3rd in total) Who else is going?
  7. The last even at North Weald I left feeling a bit frustrated by the huge margin by which the others had beaten my by plus my struggle to actually put a clean lap in! I was hoping for more sun shine but the weather forecast was for rain all day, never having driven the Busa in the wet i knew this would be an interesting day should it rain. The morning was actually nice and dry for the cruise over to the event how ever as is typical 2mins before the 1st practice run the rain started... for some reason the marshals wouldn't let me drive round holding the brolly! Watching the other competitors slip and slide round the airfield it was with some trepidation that I lined up to the start line, especially with my braking troubles in the dry at the previous events. The track was incredibly slippery even in 5th gear i was unable to use full throttle as the rears would just spin up, but I made it round both practice laps without incident and only 1 second off the other guys in my class so was quite happy with that. Green Belt managed to fit in 1 timed run before lunch in order to try and get a lap in before the weather worsened, i took this as an opportunity to bank a clean lap in knocking 5 seconds off my best practice run however so did the other guys leaving me trailing by 1.2 seconds.Still I was happy with that performance in the challenging conditions so treated my self to a Greasy Cheese Burger from the catering van :-) After lunch the conditions hadn't really changed so some more slippery fun was in order, putting in my best lap of the day giving my 2nd in class 0.9 seconds ahead of 3rd place and 9th overall. The class winner was another westfield who was a whole 4 seconds faster... though my racing driver excuse is that he did have traction control which would have been handy in those conditions!!! Looking forwards to the next event Hethel 4th May
  8. First ever sprint in the Busa. I dont have a trailer for the Busa so i'm keeping the events I do fairly local in and around Essex, the 1st event of the year was at Northweald only 20 mins drive from home, as anyone who has raced there knows, has its own weather system but fortunately for all of us the weather was excellent. Except for giving it some welly in a straight line the Busa is so bl**dy fast that you really cant get anywhere near the limit on the road, so first practice run was really the first time i had ever been able to throw it around. Heart pounding on the start line waiting for the green light (no other sport gives you that sort of feeling) 4k rpm drop the clutch and wheel spin away from the line, 2nd gear, 3rd gear, wow this sequential box is awesome think I'll go for 4th gear, BRAKE, there's the corner why isn't this thing turning, both front wheels must be locked up as I sail straight past the corner, quick doughnut round and carry on round the rest of the lap locking up in almost every single braking zone. Not the best first lap but a still a huge amount of fun! The rest of the event was pretty much the same, I only managed to post one official time with the rest of my with me struggling to slow the thing down, mainly caused by myself not realising just how fast i'm going but also I think down to the Medium compound A048s on the front. Next event i'll have a set of soft compound A048s on the front to match the rears which should hopefully help me make up the huge 5 seconds deficit to the other guys in my class!!! Next event North Weald with Green Belt motor club 20th April
  9. Beez


    Bit of back ground. I've been sprinting since around 2004 in a K-series S1 Elise then in a S2 111r Elise from about 2007, but in 2010 I became a dad and was getting married so the Elise had to go and sprinting was put on hold until funds and time would allow me to get out there again. Last year i managed to pursuade the wife that i should buy a new toy to get back to sprinting... after all we did now own a house with a garage and not having a car in there was obviously a crime! I knew i wanted something road legal as funds/wife wouldnt allow purchase of a trailer and tow car as well, but after having a go in my Dads Jedi mk4 single seater at one event i knew it had to be silly quick and a challenge to drive compared to the Elise which felt about as fast as a fiesta afterwards. After about 6 months of investigation and hunting through classifieds a Westfield Megabusa cropped up only 40mins away (huge bonus as most cars seemed to be 100s of miles away). The car was a little more expensive than I really wanted to pay, but it had everything I wanted from a road legal Sprint toy. 1300 hayabusa engine which shouldn't be under to much strain and has plenty of torque making road driving bearable, full fia roll cage and stupidly fast. So a deal was done and I collected the car late July... Perfect timing as the summer was glorious ideal for cruising around in my new toy. Unfortunately there were a few issues which needed sorting, a dodgy Speedo reading erratically and a vibration. Also before doing any event we'd need to give it a once overake sure everything was straight and safe. Good thing we did, the prop was missing a few bolts and the bolts which were there were only finger tight and not the right spec! Gulp! This explained the vibration and also the Speedo issue as the sensor had taken quite a few wacks. Every bolt we touched was loose on all corners of the car and the geo was all over the place. I think the car has just been a weekend toy for most previous owners so not maintained or checked over with the same vigour as a competition car. All this took time which meant i missed all the great weather, thankfully my retired dad was at hand to help out otherwise i'd probably still be putting it back together (Beesley sprint car automotive will open it's doors soon ha ha!)
  10. cast iron

    Quaife BGH Gearbox

    SOLD I have a Quaife alloy cased type 9 with BGH semi helical gears Built by BGH - Rebuilt by me It has the heavy duty bearing option and the BGH gear selector extension, which I have modified by adding grub screws to make sure it works! Ratios are E3 2.92 1.86 1.295 1 0.83 Its only ever been run with GL4 oil, non of the nasty aditives which can attack the bronze elements Its fully built up on my bench, cover can be removed for inspection. £900 ONO + delivery or collection - Darlington NE Mark SOLD
  11. Not a Speed Series Sprint, but I know some of the WSCC members have competed here in previous years, it's a great event which attracts decent crowds and is a unique opportunity to drive this historic circuit. Enties are now open, I've just entered for the Bank Holiday Monday and will be there spectating on the Sunday http://www.motorsportatthepalace.com/index.php/competitors

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