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Found 7 results

  1. After nearly 6 years of ownership the time has come to sell my roadgoing Westfield sprint / hillclimb / track day car. This is an opportunity to buy a truly ready to go competitive car which has been run in roadgoing classes (Westfield Speed series W2 and BARC equivalent) but easily has the pace for W3+ on non-roadgoing tyres. In my novice hands it has delivered class wins at Shelsley Walsh, Gurston Down, Castle Combe and Abingdon CARnival and has rarely been out of the top 3. Despite 270 HP it is extremely well set up and predictable, even in the wet. A recent outing at Castle Combe with an instructor, more used to Caterhams, left him seriously impressed with how capable it was. The previous owner purchased the car new as a factory build Sport 2000 and carefully upgraded the car for competitions using the best available parts and suppliers. It certainly is not a show car, with the bodywork reflecting a competition focussed vehicle. However, it comes with the following brand new items for the new owner:- - New Westfield V8 Bonnet (red) - New Westfield nosecone (Black) - New Carbon NV super lightweight carbon wheel arch protectors - New Carbon NV carbon composite boot cover - 10 Litres of Millers Triple Ester competition oil and other spares. Also included is a spare set of 13” Compomotive CRX wheels (like new) and Avon ZZS tyres fitted in April this year, with less than 50 wet track day miles. The additional items would cost around £3k if purchased separately. Price £16.5K to include all above as an ‘on the button’ roadgoing competition car package / amazing track day car. Chassis: Standard Sport 2000 – Registered on age related plate in 2008. Mileage 11,200. MOT until 21.05.22 Steering by Westfield rack, competition mountings, short competition steering arms. Suspension is standard rear wishbones, factory ‘Gen 3’ wide track front. Dampers are Protec alloy spec'd and supplied by Procomp Motorsport. Factory rear anti-rollbar, Playskool front anti-rollbar. Suspension setup by Procomp Motorsport. Westfield alloy uprights, Westfield competition brakes, with 4 pot front callipers and front vented discs. 7” x 13” Prorace 1.2 black wheels on the front and 8” x 13” Compomotive CXR wheels, black, fitted with 215/55x13” Avon ZZS all round (MSA 1b). Body: Standard factory Sport 2000 Post Office red bodywork, with Aerodynamix carbon fibre aeroscreen, carbon effect rear light clusters and carbon effect lightweight dash. Dash 2 electronic display (factory fitted). Dash mounted FIA cutout switch. JK Composite seats; double skinned, and a special order low back seat for the passenger. lightweight wing mirrors. Small headlights. CSR style carbon fibre front wings. CarbonMods carbon fibre lightweight nosecone, fitted with canards. Playskool Motorsport lightweight full safety cage (fully approved for MSA use). Engine: This is essentially the original Ford Power products Duratec engine as fitted by Westfield new. However the engine has been much modified, and its present spec is as follows:- 2ltr. Duratec on standard crank, but carefully balanced, and SBD keyway mod. Lightweight flywheel, by Raceline. Titan drysump kit, Carillo steel conrods, Supertec forged pistons. ARP flywheel bolts, crank pulley bolts, main bearing cap bolts and big end bolts. Cylinder head gas flowed by Simon Armstrong of Ultimate Performance, and camshafts also by Ultimate Performance, fitted with vernier pulleys. visit www.ultimatep.com after which I think you'll agree there isn't anyone better qualified for the job. The engine still runs on the KMS tapered throttle bodies, as used at the time by Westfield, and the KMS ecu. The entire exhaust system was built by Matt Simpson, Simpson Race Exhausts, to dimensions supplied by Simon Armstrong. Typically noise tests at 97-99 db. Engine was initially rebuilt to something like the above spec by Northampton Motorsport in 2011, and re-mapped by Troy Robinson. It subsequently had a precautionary engine rebuild at Northampton (when the dry sump conversion was carried out) in March 2015. In April 2015, the car was checked (following the March re-build) on The NMS rolling road, and was found to be making (at the flywheel) 272 bhp at about 8,750 rpm, and 181 lbs/ft of torque at about 6,400 rpm. Of more practical relevance, the torque exceeds 150 lbs/ft from 4,500 rpm right through to the red line of 8,950; and the power exceeds 250 bhp from 7,400 rpm through to approx. 9,000 rpm. It has been completely reliable, just changed the oil filter and oil very regularly, and only used Millers fully synthetic triple ester competition oil. Transmission: Uprated competition paddle clutch. Gearbox is based on a Ford type 9 5 speed 'box, but everything was re- built in March 2019 using full alloy casings by Steve Perks (SPC transmissions). It is a Steve Perks own design of straight-cut close ratio gear set, on fully needle roller main shaft and synchromesh engagement. The prop shaft is an upgraded Bailey Morris item. The diff is a Ford Sierra based diff. However, it has been rebuilt by Bara Motorsport with 4.44 crown wheel and pinion set and at the same time a ZF plated LSD unit was fitted. The combination of high revving engine mated to this gearbox gives amazing speed ranges through the gears and is key to the car’s competitiveness. 60mph in 1st, 84 in 2nd, 105 in 3rd, etc. and it had been timed at the Aintree sprint at just under 140mph and still pulling. Fuel supply is via a pair of small sprint tank made by Alloy Racing Fabrications, with a separate swirlpot, and 2 fuel pumps, so no risk of fuel starvation unless you run out of fuel completely.
  2. Westfield Parts Dept


    To all Westfield owners, We have a competition on Facebook, design our new t-shirt. We are looking for a cool image of a car, a drawing, something fun, creative or different. Please submit on the facebook post, pm directly on FB, post and pm on here or email your entry if interested. Closes wednesday 13th February! Good luck https://www.facebook.com/westfield.sportscars/ Regards Westfield Sports Cars
  3. A-Plan Insurance THATCHAM


    Competition time with A-PLAN CHERISHED VEHICLE INSURANCE SERVICES~*~ WIN A VIRGIN EXPERIENCE DAY ~*~For your chance to win call in for a quote in May to get entered into the prize draw.0333 207 6597Applies to quotes on Car, Van, Bike, Landlords and Home so give us a call Terms & Conditions Apply *Drivers over 25, must have held full UK driving licence for 2 years. Quotations for policies due 01/05/2018 – 15/06/18, one entry per person. No cash alternative will be offered. Experience Day will be booked from www.virginexperiencedays.co.uk, Subject to availability. Closing date will be 31/05/18, winner will be announced on 01/06/18. Offer only available at A-Plan Cherished Vehicle Insurance in Thatcham & Worcester.
  4. A-Plan Insurance THATCHAM


    Competition time with A-Plan Cherished Vehicle Insurance Services~*~ WIN AN AMAZON ECHO DOT ~*~For your chance to win call in for a quote in April to get entered into the prize draw.0333 207 6597Applies to quotes on Car, Van, Bike, Landlords and Home - and renewed policies - so give us a call Terms & Conditions Apply *Drivers over 25, must have held full UK driving licence for 2 years. Quotations for policies due 01/04/2018 – 15/05/18, one entry per person. No cash alternative will be offered. Amazon Echo Dot will be purchased from www.amazon.co.uk, Subject to availability. Closing date will be 30/04/18, winner will be announced on 01/05/18. Offer only available at A-Plan Cherished Vehicle Insurance in Thatcham & Worcester.
  5. A-Plan Insurance THATCHAM


    Competition time with A-Plan Cherished Vehicle Insurance Services ~*~ WIN £100 RESTAURANT CHOICE GIFTCARD ~*~ For your chance to win a meal on us call in for a quote in March to get entered into the prize draw. 0333 207 6597 Applies to quotes on Car, Van, Bike, Landlords and Home so give us a call Terms & Conditions Apply *Drivers over 25, must have held full UK driving licence for 2 years. Quotations for policies due 01/03/2018 – 15/04/18, one entry per person. No cash alternative will be offered. Voucher purchased & supplied through www.restaurantchoice.co.uk, Subject to availability. Closing date will be 31/03/2018, winner will be announced on 02/04/2018. Offer only available at A-Plan Cherished Vehicle Insurance in Thatcham & Worcester.
  6. Good afternoon all, I own a 1987 Pre-Lit Westfield, its running a +.060" 1600cc crossflow (1660cc I'm lead to believe?). I've known the car since about 2001 and always admired it when it was sat in the works car park on a sunny day, I managed pry it out of the owners hands a year ago last January on the condition he would see it in action on a hill climb or sprint. something he always meant to do but never got round to it. I used it on the road for a few months after getting it MOT'd etc and then entered a couple of sprints, this was a completely different driving experience for me as I usually use a supercharged 1973 Morris mini in competition, but I loved it! unfortunately the engine didn't........ The first sprint I did I used it pretty much as I got it with the exception of a new drivers seat and a couple of other safety related tweeks, it had 10year old Toyo T1R tyres on it and was great fun sliding around and ending up back wards a few times much to the amusement of the spectators. For the 2nd sprint I fitted a set of new Federal RSR's which I've had good results with on a Mk2 Golf in competition and track days, so thought I'd stick to what I knew?? on about the 4th session during the sprint I lost power after coming out of a tight double apex left hander, I didn't hear the rattling due to having a helmet on and the oil pressure gauge read what was normal oil pressure for the car, about 1.5-2bar (22-29psig) on the gauge, but that said it always seemed low to me compared with the mini I'm used to, although correct to the Haynes book of Lies. Anyway, the big ends were shot after that, so the time has come to give the motor a good once over. So after all that waffle my questions to you folk are, For those running cross flows what baffling do you run in your sump (mine has some, made by Heath and Robinson), what oil pressures do your engines run and what Oil do you use? I have got the engine completely stripped now so looking for tips, advice and do's and dont's for when I start putting it back together in the next couple of weeks, I miss this car being on the road like nothing else!! One more thing....The engine ran a Kent KC234 Cam, according to the spec should run from 2000rpm to 7000rpm, mine felt like it ran out of puff shortly after 6000rpm, so I'm thinking it maybe worn and needs replacing (Lobes are showing some minor pitting)? What's your experiences with this CAM? Hope I've not bored you guys/Girls to much? lol! Regards Rob
  7. There has been much interest from Members in visiting or trying-out AutoSolo. This is great entry-level MotorSport with a full day costing only around £30. The Go Motorsport website is always a good place for information www.gomotorsport.net and thanks to my North West colleague I have information about the main active Clubs and venues in the North West. The following are the Clubs and venues comprising the ANWCC AutoSolo Championship. However non-Championship competitors can take-part too, as a member of an organising or invited Club without needing a Competition Licence. Clubs Acrington (annual membership £5) Bolton Le Moors Knutsford CSMA U17 Car Club Venues M65 J4 Services - this is where the events will be this coming weekend. Lymm Truck Stop - M56/M6 Junction Macro, Preston Macro, Manchester Demon Tweeks, Wrexham Booth Hall, Knutsford This is indicative of the level of activity and opportunity to get involved that exists all around the Country. For further information please contact: Myself - Andrew Bisping - central@gomotorsport.net for general info and details on other areas. Steve Johnson - northwest@gomotorsport.net - for more details on NW events.
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