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Northweald B19 Sprint - 16th March




First ever sprint in the Busa.

I dont have a trailer for the Busa so i'm keeping the events I do fairly local in and around Essex, the 1st event of the year was at Northweald only 20 mins drive from home, as anyone who has raced there knows, has its own weather system but fortunately for all of us the weather was excellent.

Except for giving it some welly in a straight line the Busa is so bl**dy fast that you really cant get anywhere near the limit on the road, so first practice run was really the first time i had ever been able to throw it around.

Heart pounding on the start line waiting for the green light (no other sport gives you that sort of feeling) 4k rpm drop the clutch and wheel spin away from the line, 2nd gear, 3rd gear, wow this sequential box is awesome think I'll go for 4th gear, BRAKE, there's the corner why isn't this thing turning, both front wheels must be locked up as I sail straight past the corner, quick doughnut round and carry on round the rest of the lap locking up in almost every single braking zone. Not the best first lap but a still a huge amount of fun!

The rest of the event was pretty much the same, I only managed to post one official time with the rest of my with me struggling to slow the thing down, mainly caused by myself not realising just how fast i'm going but also I think down to the Medium compound A048s on the front.

Next event i'll have a set of soft compound A048s on the front to match the rears which should hopefully help me make up the huge 5 seconds deficit to the other guys in my class!!!

Next event North Weald with Green Belt motor club 20th April

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