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Bit of back ground. I've been sprinting since around 2004 in a K-series S1 Elise then in a S2 111r Elise from about 2007, but in 2010 I became a dad and was getting married so the Elise had to go and sprinting was put on hold until funds and time would allow me to get out there again.

Last year i managed to pursuade the wife that i should buy a new toy to get back to sprinting... after all we did now own a house with a garage and not having a car in there was obviously a crime!

I knew i wanted something road legal as funds/wife wouldnt allow purchase of a trailer and tow car as well, but after having a go in my Dads Jedi mk4 single seater at one event i knew it had to be silly quick and a challenge to drive compared to the Elise which felt about as fast as a fiesta afterwards. After about 6 months of investigation and hunting through classifieds a Westfield Megabusa cropped up only 40mins away (huge bonus as most cars seemed to be 100s of miles away).

The car was a little more expensive than I really wanted to pay, but it had everything I wanted from a road legal Sprint toy. 1300 hayabusa engine which shouldn't be under to much strain and has plenty of torque making road driving bearable, full fia roll cage and stupidly fast. So a deal was done and I collected the car late July... Perfect timing as the summer was glorious ideal for cruising around in my new toy.

Unfortunately there were a few issues which needed sorting, a dodgy Speedo reading erratically and a vibration. Also before doing any event we'd need to give it a once overake sure everything was straight and safe. Good thing we did, the prop was missing a few bolts and the bolts which were there were only finger tight and not the right spec! Gulp! This explained the vibration and also the Speedo issue as the sensor had taken quite a few wacks. Every bolt we touched was loose on all corners of the car and the geo was all over the place. I think the car has just been a weekend toy for most previous owners so not maintained or checked over with the same vigour as a competition car. All this took time which meant i missed all the great weather, thankfully my retired dad was at hand to help out otherwise i'd probably still be putting it back together (Beesley sprint car automotive will open it's doors soon ha ha!)

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