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Northweald Green Belt Sprint - 20th April




The last even at North Weald I left feeling a bit frustrated by the huge margin by which the others had beaten my by plus my struggle to actually put a clean lap in!

I was hoping for more sun shine but the weather forecast was for rain all day, never having driven the Busa in the wet i knew this would be an interesting day should it rain. The morning was actually nice and dry for the cruise over to the event how ever as is typical 2mins before the 1st practice run the rain started... for some reason the marshals wouldn't let me drive round holding the brolly!

Watching the other competitors slip and slide round the airfield it was with some trepidation that I lined up to the start line, especially with my braking troubles in the dry at the previous events. The track was incredibly slippery even in 5th gear i was unable to use full throttle as the rears would just spin up, but I made it round both practice laps without incident and only 1 second off the other guys in my class so was quite happy with that.

Green Belt managed to fit in 1 timed run before lunch in order to try and get a lap in before the weather worsened, i took this as an opportunity to bank a clean lap in knocking 5 seconds off my best practice run however so did the other guys leaving me trailing by 1.2 seconds.Still I was happy with that performance in the challenging conditions so treated my self to a Greasy Cheese Burger from the catering van :-)

After lunch the conditions hadn't really changed so some more slippery fun was in order, putting in my best lap of the day giving my 2nd in class 0.9 seconds ahead of 3rd place and 9th overall. The class winner was another westfield who was a whole 4 seconds faster... though my racing driver excuse is that he did have traction control which would have been handy in those conditions!!!

Looking forwards to the next event Hethel 4th May

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we were there competing in the wet . jacks first ever drive in my car .was good job they did a convoy lap gave him a chance to use the sequential box for the first time before use in  anger.

conditions were very slippy and got worse as the rain came .


we are going hethel too .so will have to come and say hello.


ps traction control was a big help lol

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Hi Pete, was great fun though wasnt it!


Lets hope Hethel is dry not been there before so some dry running would be nice. Just seen the track layout 1.25 full laps which should be excellent. Just a shame its not a full entry only about 80 cars.


See you there.

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