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Found 20 results

  1. The National Kit Car Show at Stoneleigh is a great platform for advertising our Club, our cars and the Speed Series Championship. Many owners would like to compete in their Westie, but don't know what is involved, costs, classes, rules and regulations etc. To promote the Series and let prospective competitors know how they can get involved, a competition car and driver in our marquee over the weekend, to answer questions, would be ideal. If you compete in the Series, please let me know if you can commit to the two days. 1st and 2nd May, bank holiday weekend. No clashes with Championship events. A great opportunity to promote the Speed Series. John.
  2. Reminder for Wiscombe hill climb this weekend with WSCC speed series featuring. I am aiming to be there for 0930 on the Saturday, but will definitely be in the paddock in front of the gates into Wiscombe House (behind the food vans) for a catch-up at 11:00. I'll have my Westfield cap on as always - please come and say hello. If you can’t make Saturday, the Dorset area are attending on the Sunday. Dave
  3. Reminder for the day out at Castle Combe on 23 March to watch the Speed Series as part of the Bristol Motor Club . I'm travelling up with @AdgeC and we're planning to get there for 09:30-10:00. We can meet with others travelling up at about 08:00 in Wells if anyone's about? Let us know. We'll be aiming to park at Camp corner parking area alongside Dean Straight - red on the map (entrance from the main entrance on the bend off the main road) and will have a flag up (and be in Westfield's of course!) We'll wait around there for a bit to see if any of you have arrived by then. Otherwise can I suggest we all try to meet outside the Restaurant (aka 'The Tavern Clubhouse') in the paddock at 11:00 for a catch up and to see if we can get a group picture around Simon's car and see if Tom is there in his Mini. Then enjoy the rest of the day in the sun watching the on-track action (it will be sunny) Dave
  4. John Williams (Panda) - Joint Manchester AO

    2018 Regs and Explainations

    The SSOT has been very busy over the last couple of months; and I will publish the minutes of the Meetings in due course... but the important documents for the drivers are the draft regulations for 2018; ****These have not been submitted to the MSA as they are just being proof read and I need to speak to MR XXXXXX to ask if he would be willing to be a club steward.**** Ideally we do not want or like change, and we have tried to limit them each year; but sometimes external forces are put on us from external bodies like the MSA or because a regulations was not fit for purpose. We agreed as a group that the SSOT would publish why a change was needed, and also try to give reasoning on the adjustment. The 2 pages of summary does not give value to the amount the time the team have met talked, debated and agreed on a change. So thank you to the SSOT for their time. WSCC 2018 MSA Speed Series Regs 1.1 without Track Changes.pdf (draft) WSCC 2018 MSA Speed Series Regs Final.pdf Explanation of Changes to 2018 Speed Series Regulations.pdf I will speak to @Chris King - Webmaster and Joint North East AO to get the online shop up with the 2018 link. Many thanks John "Panda" Williams Ps We will leave the post up for comments and questions and I do have the popcorn ready
  5. I should also add that if there is anyone, novice, previous competitors, anyone who thinks they fancy a go at sprinting but you need advice, help or just a nudge in the right direction there are many people who can offer great advice. Feel free to add your name below if you can be a buddy! Drop me a mail, happy to help where I can or point you in the right direction. I'll start: Richard Kerr - rgkerr21@gmail.com
  6. Simon Waterfall Syman84

    1 litre oil catch tank and timing strut

    As above anybody had a go in the speed series and have parts laying around the garage. Thanks Simon
  7. will we get them before rockingham
  8. when wscc are all in one class on the day what do I enter when in j2
  9. So I put my entry in a while ago and received a confirmation email. Well looking forward to my first sprint of the year (3rd in total) Who else is going?
  10. Well it happened - I raced my electric Westfield in a proper, MSA approved, sprint race. Although other electric cars have appeared at various race events, I think that this might have been the first time in the UK that an electric car has officially competed in an approved series. It's thank's to the WSCC that I've been able to do this. The car is one of seven cars developed 3 years ago. It has a 120KW motor (that's about 130bhp at the wheels), one gear and weighs 900Kg !!! The motor generates about 300 ft lb from zero speed - even so, being geared to do 115mph with no gearbox means she's slow of the line. Power rises from zero to 120KW at 50mph - after that is a constant 120KW up to 110mph. Without a power band as such and no gear changing means the power sensation is more like thrust. Although not fast by Westfield standards, the car was still faster than some of the other cars - not a bad start particularly as both me and the car had never been on the track before. So, now I have to sort out the suspension (too soft), put the car on a diet, boost the power and find some talent - normal racing problems I guess. Cheers John
  11. SOLD.. deposit taken 2010 Speed series Winning car For various reasons its now time to part with my car, A brief spec as follows Honda CBR1000 RR7 HRC superbike ECU:mapped directly HRC air filters AB performance billet sump,billet clutch standoff 147 BHP @ the wheels on TTS rollers paddle shift with flat shifter Mickmade wide track quick rack sabelt beltscarbon panelling throughout Tran x diff bailey morris lightweight prop davies craig water pump rear axle disk conversion custom sprint fuel tankKtech rear double adjustable shocks and avo fronts dynalite calipers and alloy hubs Trackelectronics race loom Mike barnby magnesium wheels fitted with Avon crossply sprint slicks Most bolts/ fastners are Aerospace grade NAS and titanium,the car is also fully rosejointed with quality rod ends,apart from the front link on the trailing arms that is poly bushed. Mickmade front diffuse,alloy rear diffuser. Also included; DL1 data logger set of minator rims with sprint wets fitted Sare gearbox :1st to 2nd dogs nick if changing quickly so I have included a new gear set ready to fit. spare machined half shaft (will accept brake disk) some lights to return to roadgoing The car is very light (sub 400 kgs) and has many class wins. It also holds or has held venue class records with a FTD at Thoresby park,64 ft times are approx. 2.05 and has done 1.98`s at curborough (even with me driving) The car can be seen in action if you search for "barney737" on you tube. As part of the sale also included will be a brian james covered trailer that has storage for tyres/tools/spares built in and is tailormade for the car so would want to sell as a complete package. sold with deposit taken The car is located not far from J24 of the m1 (east midlands airport) near derby asbc76@dsl.pipex.com 0r 07968 487393 / 01332 865273 thanks for looking Barney
  12. We have planned a blat for anyone that wants to join us to support the WSCC Speed Series event being held at Castle Combe on Saturday 22nd March 2014. It is free to get into the track. On site is Merlin Motorsports as well for a good peruse of their shop. Runs consist of 1.75 laps of a 1.8 mile circuit, so each run is over 3 miles (about as long as it gets in Sprints); the venue has its own cafe where food and drink is provided throughout the day, so breakfast through lunch; spectators can tour around pretty well the whole length of the track around its perimeter; the event is the opening round of the 2014 SBD Motorsport British Sprint Championship and is the fastest venue it visits all year and will have two Gould GR55s in its entry list (probably) Our planned route is as follows:- 08:00am - Set off from the normal monthly meet venue "The Rock" http://www.therockofgibraltar.co.uk/ 08:45am - Stop at the large car park on the Swindon Road just outside Lechlade by the humpback bridge to pick up any additional blatters https://maps.google.co.uk/maps/ms?msid=204904942721478016467.0004f36980962cab61c29&msa=0&gl=uk&ie=UTF8&t=h&z=20&vpsrc=1&iwloc=0004f36980973abdf8146 08:50am - Leave Car park 09:05am - Stop at the Toys R Us Car Park in Swindon to pick up any additional blatters https://maps.google.co.uk/maps/ms?msid=204904942721478016467.0004f3698ded74c3dae91&msa=0&gl=uk&ie=UTF8&ll=51.575809,-1.730454&spn=0.00047,0.001321&t=h&z=20&vpsrc=1&iwloc=0004f3698deec2de8d979 09.10am - Set off for Castle Combe. 10:00am - Arrive at the Circuit Now I am really hoping we can pick up a few of the Swindon folk en-route, and turn this into a decent club showing at Castle Combe, with a bit of fun blatting on the way. People can stay as long as they like at the circuit, and drift off whenever they please. So come please chaps, lets make this a decent outing
  13. Dear competitors, As you all know, I do my best to get the results published asap for you all but sometimes this is not fast enough, especially for the Trophy Hunters and Terry :laugh: :devil: Soooo, I have developed an "Online Race Points Calculator" so you can work them out for yourselves. This will enable you to choose the Event & Class from a drop-down menu to look up the Target Time. Then you can enter your times (up to 10 at a time) and work out what points you will get. The current version of this tool is still using last years (2013) Target times & Events as the 2014 times are not available yet but as soon as they are, I will updated the list. Give it a go and if you have any suggestions to improve it, providing it is possible, I will attempt to implement them. I hope you all find it useful? Speed Series - Online Race Point Calculator Please note: This should not be used to calculate a whole season's points as you will be adding "Rounded Figures" not the total figures which will differ ever so slightly. It is meant as a guide only Regards Tiggs
  14. All, Please bear in mind that the closing date for entries to the sprint is tomorrow Also - Can I again make a request for volunteers for marshals/helpers. Without these the day can't go ahead Thanks Fish
  15. I have just had the permit through from the MSA for Curborough, so regs are at the bottom of this post. As usual you can order on-line in the Store. This event is open to any WSCC Club Member, please read the Beginners Guide, Also we will as usual be holding the Sprint School on Saturday morning, again open to anyone from the club. There will be a seperate post about this where you can get your name down for it. There will be a Club Trackday on the Saturday afternoon, which will consist of 30 minute sessions of 10 cars per session. WSCC_Curborough_2013_Supp_Regs Final.pdf
  16. Dave Eastwood (Gadgetman) - Club Chairman

    Cheshire & N. Staffs. trip to Aintree SS round 5

    Speed Series Event - Round 5, Saturday 27th April Just like last year, we'll have a run out to support the WSCC's Speed Series drivers and spectate up at the world famous Aintree Circuit. It's a Liverpool Motor Club organised event, using a shorter version of the Historic ex Grand Prix track, even so it's one of the faster tracks the Speed Series runs on. Quite bizarre really, as it nestles partly in the middle of the equally famous Grand National course - it always adds a bit of extra incentive not to have an off, when one of the "obstacles" to hit is Bechers Brook... I'll be leaving from Congleton at about 9.30, if anyone wants to meet up for the run up, just let me know, or you always join us at the circuit. Details of the circuit below, (courtesy of LMC) Clicky
  17. Speed Series Event - Round 3, Sunday 14th April Just like last year, we'll have a run out to support the WSCC's Speed Series drivers and spectate up at the Three Sisters Sprint at the Wigan circuit. It's a Longton and District organised event, and there are some great "grandstand" views of the track from the banking. While the large open paddock give plenty of opportunity to get up close to an interesting range of cars, from saloons to single seaters, and a chance to chat to drivers and competitors that's long since gone from many other forms of motorsport. I'll be leaving from Congleton at about 9.30, if anyone wants to meet up for the run up, just let me know, or you always join us at the circuit. (Details below) Clicky
  18. We're off to another exciting season of Sprinting. Bit of a damp start and I applaud everybody who went out in this atrocious weather and raced, rather you than me. Anyway, the results are up for Race 1 (wet). Please note: (1) Although these are "provisional" results, I can't see them changing except adding practice times if and when available. (2) I need to double check the scoring criteria for the "Team Challenge" so no results for that are available yet. Please let me know directly if there are any anomalies and I will deal with them ASAP. Speed Series Results Overview Race 1 Results Tiggs
  19. Just to let you all know that the Speed Series scoring will be along the same lines as last year except there will be an additional score sheet for the "Team challenge". Don't forget to bookmark it (add to your favourites)!! The drivers list has just been uploaded so you can see what classes you are in and who your competitors are in an easy to read list. Hope to join you guys this year so watch out for me in the pits :t-up: Link to 2013 Speed Series Results
  20. James Spicer


    Hi can anyone help?? I have been competing in sprints and Hillclimbs for a few years now. I am in the process of selling my current vehicle and looking to get a Westy specifically to join the Westfield speed series (which I know very little about). I will need to drive to and from each event and would like to be able to use the car on the road as well so I guess the road going class is the way to go. Due to a forth coming house purchase I will only have about £7k to spend but would would like something with a bit of grunt. I am seeing a lot of live axle cars which I am worried about being terrible on the road and maybe worse on the circuits? Does anyone have any experiance with these or can offer any advice? I am in the process of selling my car so not quite ready to buy yet but almost. I would to get an idea of what I should be looking out for. I am a member of Pistonheads and have seen the following two cars: http://www.pistonheads.com/classifieds/used-cars/westfield/all-models/awesome-yellow-westfield-se-2-0-zetec-jenvey-injection-digi-dash-1990/1080379http://www.pistonheads.com/classifieds/used-cars/westfield/all-models/awesome-yellow-westfield-se-2-0-zetec-jenvey-injection-digi-dash-1990/1080379 I have requested a P/X price for my car on the above so hopefully some news soon. I have enquired and it is a live axle car though. I have also seen the car below which looks fantastic value but I am guessing at this price also live axle http://www.pistonheads.com/classifieds/used-cars/westfield/all-models/westfield-1-8-zetec-throttle-bodies/1080101 Any additional suggestions or advice would be much appreciated. Thanks James
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