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Found 17 results

  1. I am selling a Westfield supplied 2.0l Blacktop Zetec, on Omex throttle Body’s, Omex 600 ECU with a 170bhp map and loom, Raceline shallow wet sump, Type 9 gearbox reconditioned from Westfield and the clutch and flywheel to go with it. Exhaust manifold and silencer with cat (not carbon) can be supplied with the package to. Everything was supplied from Westfield in 2018 and has driven 5419.4 Miles. Just over 2000 miles was on a road trip to the Alp’s and had one track day. Currently in the process of removing the package from the car but have a video of it running. Reason on selling is because I am doing an engine swap to a 1.6 Ecoboost. Open to offers, please message me to discuss if interested. More photos will be available if needed once removed from the car.
  2. Quaife clubman ford type 9 straight cut gearbox 5 speed This was purchased several years ago and never used change of direction means box now for sale ratios 2.2 / 1.54 / 1.21 / 1:1 / 0.87 Small amount of damage to casing as shown in photos which has no effect of the operation of the box. NOTE the box has never been used since it was built so is in effect BRAND NEW! £1200 collected from Manchester M20 or can crate up and post for an additional £50.
  3. Well my bhg e6 failed yesterday. Anyone got an updated t9 5 speed for sale? Just looking at options before I buy the bits to rebuild/send it off... Thanks.
  4. Chris Broster - Bristol & Bath AO

    Type 9 Gearbox Drain Plug/Bolt?

    Hello Brain, I need help working out what this bolt is for on my Type 9 Gearbox? I was wondering if it could be an aftermarket drain plug? Or possibly a fix for hole? I tried to undo it with an allen key but didn't budge - so dont want to force it until I know it is supposed to come out! Any ideas? Cheers Chris
  5. Hi, I have a leak on my hydraulic clutch and not sure what could be the source, I guess could be the nipple got loosen and then draining would be ok or worst case that the seals are gone and need replacement. My question is what is the best way to tackle it, as the bellhousing is hidden under the cowl?. I thought in propshaft out and the gearbox and get access keeping the engine in place or propshaft out and move the engine forwards and get access to the bellhousing from the engine bay? Please let me know your thoughts, I think that this is something that for sure somebody has gone through already. Thanks a lot. Kind regards.
  6. Jonathan.edwards

    Gearbox popped on Day 1 of new purchase

    Hi, I'm a new member. Just picked up a 1990 Westfield SeiW, with a QED race spec C20XE, mated to a Type 9 5 speed, with strait cut gears. Anyway drove it about 90miles and lost gears 1-4, but kept 5th. Managed to limp it home, but it appears the Roll pin in the gear selector block has sheared or fallen out. I can't get access to change the pin in situ, nor do I want bits of roll pin kicking around inside the box. So I'm pulling the box out. My question being, Is it even possible to get the box out without taking the engine with it? (my chassis has the removal able gearbox cross member)
  7. jimbobtcc206

    Clutch release arm

    Does anyone know the type of clutch release arm I need for a type 9 box on a C20XE engine? Is it just a standard type 9 one like can be bought from burton power? Mine had snapped in a previous ownership and had a makeshift repair. As the engine is out I want to replace the release arm whilst it’s easily accessed.
  8. chris parkin

    Slave Cylinder Leaking

    Evening All, It's really not been a succesful year for me and its always the small things that let you down! I've fully stripped and rebuilt my type 9 box over winter which was a great task to undertake without an issue but in my haste forgot to replace the slave when putting a new clutch on. Hence the lot is back out for a seal replacement on an APC5 (http://www.burtonpower.com/hydraulic-clutch-cylinder-nose-apc5.html) concentric slave arrangement. I've bought a new seal kit for it (http://www.burtonpower.com/seal-repair-kit-for-apc5-apc5sk.html) but have received three o-rings in the kit. I have extracted the actuating cylinder (for anyone who is stuck on this, I connected the clutch back up and kept pumping until removed) from the housing but can only find two o-rings, is there a hidden one? I'd have thought one on the OD and one on the ID is enough to seal and my initial thoughts are a third is to cover for a slightly different arragenment but wanted to check before I just change them. Has anyone any experience with this change? Additionaly is there anywhere else other than burton power I can get the braided hose connections?
  9. BillyPee

    Type 9 Gearbox Input Shaft Length

    I am planning to have a refurbished Type 9 gearbox delivered to a garage ready to fit rather than them taking the gearbox out and then having to order one in. The problem I have is that, without taking the gearbox out first, I don't know whether to order a long or short input shaft. From the information I have been able to find online, it seems that I most likely have a short input shaft as the long input shaft seems to be for a V6 engine. Before I place my order, is this a reliable assumption? Secondly, is there any way that I can double-check this without dismantling first? I assume I can measure the bell housing but I don't know what measurement would indicate long or short input shaft.
  10. chris parkin

    Type 9 Rebuild Checks

    Evening All, I spent the winter months stripping my type 9 box to give it a refresh of bearings and also to learn how they are put together. Whilst everything has seemingly gone ok and its now back together, I was just wondering if there are any checks that I should be doing before I get it back in the car and on the road? I can select all gears with ease, exactly the same as before and there are no strange sounds or clunks when moving through the box. I've tripple checked all torques and I am pretty happy with how it feels/looks. Obviously I'd be absolutely gutted to put it back in the car and find under a bit of load it just doesn't want to play ball. Any best practice tips or advice?
  11. Quickly following on from my thread in "Start Line" regarding leaky input shaft seal, I'm now thinking about long term upgrades and in particular the gearbox. I'm assuming that my car will have a normal (short) input shaft mated to a red top 2l xe engine, but we all know what assuming does! Is there a way to determine the length of the input shaft without taking the engine/box out? Cheers Ian
  12. Caterham 5 speed gearbox based on the Capri 2.8 box with shortened input shaft. Length of input shaft is 195mm. Gearbox was formerly used in the 2001-2008 k series caterham academy as a support gearbox in the event of a gearbox failure. Gearbox has seen very little action and is like new and been in storage ever since. Gearbox comes with caterham gearstick and short shift. Ratios as follows: 1st: 3.36 2nd: 1.81 3rd: 1.26 4th: 1 5th: 0.82 £400 ono
  13. chris parkin

    Type 9 Layshaft Bearing

    Evening All, I've stripped my type 9 box and have bought a replacement kit consisting of the bearings/gaskets/seals from bearingkits.co.uk (http://www.bearingkits.co.uk/FORD-TYPE-9-GEARBOX-REBUILD-KIT/1238.htm) and when I've come to fit the new layshaft bearing it would appear the inner race is still on the shaft. In the kit I have bought, the bearing is complete and the inner race does not split out from the outer. To make matters more confusing, with a bit of research I've found this product (https://transmission-rebuild-kits.co.uk/product/ford-type-9-rear-layshaft-bearing/) which would suggest the two are split. Are these completely different bearings or is there a difference in layshafts dependant on the type of box? Anybody come across this? I was quite pleased with myself for tackling this as a project and was gutted with this slight hurdle, hopefully its an easy one! Cheers Chris
  14. Quaife 4 speed type 9 dog box, 2.04 first gear, 1.0 4th. Standard length input shaft. I bought this second hand from Garry Bunn (Derby and Notts AO) in Nov 2009. He purchased the box new from Quaife and used it for sprints and hillclimbs and the odd track day. Back in 2009 he said it had been stripped and inspected twice during its life. Since I fitted to my car in early 2010 it did half a dozen sprints and hillclimbs before I had an off in 2011. After being off the road for 2 years, since 2013 I've done about 200 road miles. Since I no longer do sprints or hills I've decided I need to change back to a more road/track friendly spec and gearing so it's up for sale again. It's still in perfect working order, having done so few miles. Oil changed every year and always run on Fuchs Titan Race Syn 5 75W90 oil. Pics on this Dropbox link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/pjr7nfftvnte2sd/AADxsxAsOFEIP68-gl5-rBcua?dl=0 Note, it won't come with the reversing light switch in pictures, might need that for my new box when I get one. £1300, NOW £1200 ono. located in West Lothian, Scotland. Pickup preferred, no idea how much carriage would be. Now SOLD, thanks.
  15. I have my old type 9 for sale as its being replaced by a nice HD box with a long first. It was from a 2.0 Sierra Ghia donor I used for my build that had about 60k on the clock and I've put 1500 miles on it since it was installed. Works perfectly with no odd noises or dodgy changes evident. Could maybe do with a new saddle thing to tighten the lever up, but that's all. The ratios are std and it has a mechanical speedo drive. There seems to be a few on eBay with no history for £300 and last one I was watching sold for £230 ish, so I reckon £200 is a fair price for a known good one. They do seem to be getting dearer! This is for the box only as I need the bellhousing and gear lever for my new one.
  16. I'm currently in the process of fitting a BGH long 1st and heavy duty upgrade to my Type 9 and having split the bellhousing from the gearbox found it to very heavy. What is the best way to reduce this weight? - SPC website says that their alloy BH is 6 kgs lighter than the standard Ford iron BH are there any better options?
  17. 2001 Westfield SEW - 1700cc Crossflow Sold and gone! Westfield Chrome Yellow Configuration 711M Block bored and honed to 1700cc Piper BP285 “Ultimate road” Cam 1300 AE pistons high compression Type 18647 Vulcan maxiflow 2 Head, ported and for oversize seats and valves (inlet 41.3mm, outlet 34.9mm) Brise high torque starter motor Double value spring and cap set Twin Webber Burton power FP201A high pressure oil pump Burton Power FP280A aluminium breather / catch tank Cast aluminium baffled sump Aldon automotive non-vac-advance mag-trigger distributor(103FXYS) Lumenitium leads Toothed belt water-pump and alternator drive Gell lightweight battery Ford RS Mexico English Axle Diff Ratio 3.89:1 w/ 9” drums ​Spax shocks Type 9 - 5 Speed box Momo Mod.27 290mm steering Wheel Rapfix Quick Release self centre hub Plays Kool - Lightweight Full Cage (Fitted by Plays Kool) CarbonMods Carbon wheel arch protectors Rear high break-light Titon 5 point harness (crotch strap not fitted but supplied) Westfield race seats Full folder of every (and I mean every) receipt for the cars life. Covercraft cover under which it is always stored when garaged.
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