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Found 23 results

  1. Westfield Parts Dept

    ST Diamond Stitched Seats

    Hi All, 5811304 - ST diamond stitched seats in stock and available for dispatch. Black base, yellow piping, stitching and logo RRP £1329.30 - Offer £1100 - includes UK mainland delivery Black base, red piping, stitching and logo RRP £1329.30 - Offer £1100 - includes UK mainland delivery If you want an alternative colour, these can be made at the offer price. To order call 0044 (0) 1384 400077 option 1 or email parts@westfield-sportscars.co.uk
  2. Change of project to narrow body means I have a lovely, high quality pair of unused black leather-faced seats (black vinyl backs) with harness slots to fit WIDE-bodied Westy. Please note they will NOT fit narrow bodied cars! Custom-made Intatrim 'Odyssey' style, GRP shell with diamond stitched back and seat, together with black Alcantara 'tear drop' inserts sewn into the inside of the side bolsters, to fit standard width wide-body cockpit. Immaculate condition in original box. Very comfortable. Photos show placement (not fixed) in my SEiW for demo purposes only (seat harnesses not included in sale!) Set of adjustable seat runners to fit these seats available by separate negotiation. Postage not included. For guidance Parcelforce 48 courier UK mainland will cost approximately £50 to £60, but I can provide a detailed price upon request. Or collect after lockdown (North Devon). Price: £750.00 which represents a significant saving on the original cost. Please check your measurements carefully! My SEiW measures 420mm width driver side along the chassis rail at the front of the seat from tunnel side to opposite interior panel and 405mm at the same point on the passenger side. This includes allowing for the thickness of the carpet stuck to the gearbox tunnel. Please pm any questions. Thank you!
  3. ******SOLD****I did have a pair of Blue and Grey Sport Seats with Grey piping with runners that are surplus to requirements following a seat upgrade. They're in good condition for their age, see photos. Passenger seat has a few minor marks and drivers seat has a small nick to the piping and two round holes at the front of the seats which you cant see when fitted. I didn't see these holes until I took the seats out this morning Both come with their adjuster rails . Looking for £195 for the pair but open to sensible offers. Due to lockdown I can't deliver and I wouldn't expect anyone to travel to pick them up. Happy to reserve them with a small deposit pending collection once the lockdown restrictions are lifted. Or would pack them up as long as the buyer arranges and covers the cost of a courier. I have new seats arriving Monday so could re use their packaging... I'm based in Pembrokeshire, if you want any more info by all means get in touch. Thanks
  4. Markfry123

    Sports Seats

    Pair of what I believe are called Sports Seats Blue with yellow pipping The pictures show what imperfections there are. Make an offer
  5. Westfield Parts Dept

    Seats, Seats & Seats

    Good Afternoon All, I have two sets of seats available of sport turbo seats available and one pair of classic sport seats. Offer is for the WSCC members only for a limited time** 1 x Pair of 5811304 - Black with red piping and diamond stitching - Sport Turbo Diamond Stitched Seats Pair RRP £1188.98 - Offer price £900.00 inc vat and delivery to UK mainland address Now sold 1 x Pair of 5811302 - Black on black with a white Westfield logo - Sport Turbo Seats Pair RRP £937.00 - Offer price £800.00 inc vat and delivery to UK mainland address Now sold 1 x Pair of 5813247 - Sports seat vinyl black RRP £714.39 - Offer price £499.00 inc vat and delivery to UK mainland address If interested please send pm on here or email patrick@westfield-sportscars.co.uk or call 01384 400077. **If seats are not sold by 16:00 18/10/2019. Will be advertised on other platforms. Regards Patrick
  6. I have a pair of Westfield Vinyl Race Seats including subframes for sale. Both seats are immaculate, no marks, with blue piping and Westfield stitched logo. Subframes are in good condition also. Although the passenger side has been modified to lower it, so isn't adjustable. But the drivers side is fully adjustable. New these retail at circa £700 for the pair. Will accept £500 ono. Ideally buyer collects from Essex area as these are pretty big to post.
  7. Westfield seats - navy and grey. Good condition. Very comfortable. Standard factory size. From my SEiW. I understand will also fit narrow body. £150. At SS5. Collection or Westfield courier service only.
  8. I have a beautiful (biased much) 1988 SEi. One thing that has bugged me for a while is that the seats are just a block sponge with a bit of cloth wrapped round them. I'd love to put in some original seats in her, as she looks more like a classic than a performance Westie. Preferbly not a bright colour if I was to be picky. My interior is gray so gray/black seats would be ideal. Also with out any kind of headrest. Cheers all.
  9. 2 Westfield Vinyl Race Seats. They are just over a year old so they are like new. They have been in my Westfield SeiW car from new - for only 1k miles. I've just replaced them with some new ones that fit my ass :-) The drivers seat has a slide adjuster (see pic) and the passenger seat is fixed. The seats are made by Westfield - please see details here... https://parts.westfield-sportscars.co.uk/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=613&search=seats&description=true Approx size... With of seats lower bucket = 16" Max width (on shoulder height lapel on seat back) = 17" Depth including curvature of the back = 23-24" Height = 35-36" If you would like to come and see them/sit in them before buying then please feel free to contact me. I'm in Halifax. £350 ono. Cheers, Tony.
  10. I have for sale a pair of Westfield sports seats, black with crimson red piping and bolster inserts. These are both in great condition and are very comfortable to sit in. I have removed these from my wide bodied 2004 Westfield. Both come with adjustable mounting rails fitted so are ready to be bolted in. These seats are the best part of £300 each new from the Westfield factory, so these are a bargain! Im looking for £200 for the pair. Buyer is to collect the seats from Walsall West Midlands. I dont wish to send them via courieras they are large items and wouldn’t want them to get damaged in transit. Thanks for looking, Martin.
  11. frubpato?

    Westfield Sports seats

    Now that I have seen the rusty frame on the old seats - I guess i need to find some replacements , just checking on here before speaking to Intatrim . Would prefer a direct replacement which are the Westfield vinyl sports seats (not the fibreglass ones) Thanks
  12. tisme

    Odyssey II seats

    I'm looking to replace my seats with something relatively comfortable (especially for swmbo ) - I've had bare fibre-glass shells in the past and now have some cheapish half decent ones but could do with something a bit better. Does anyone have the IntaTrim Odyssey II seats and what are they like ? - I emailed the company to ask a few questions but they were a little sparing in their reply.... Especially, what is the seat made from ? (covered steel frame or covered fibreglass shell?) - the seats I've got at the moment have a steel frame and the side "wings" tend to stick in my ribs after a while and the base cushion is a bit thin. I know there are some good seats out there but I'm thinking more along the lines of "touring" rather than track day - the Westfield Sports seats look nice but the price !! Colin
  13. s_kibble

    SEiW pair of seats for sale

    Pair of seats from my SEiW for sale. Black with yellow piping. Complete with subframe. Back of both seats have wear through the vinyl from seat belt anchor. Easy fix for a trimmer if you're bothered by it. Captive bolt weld failed on front of both subframes but there's a bolt in place so seats do mount in properly. Replaced these with new sports seats but these are probably more comfortable. £150 collection only. Open to offers. 4 miles west of Wolverhampton, about 5 mins off J2 M54
  14. Jay-Sek Media

    Two seats with runners

    Hello, For sale 2x Fiberglass High Black Seat Shell with Carbon Headrest Both seats have runners Very good condition. More pics available on request. Price is £250 for two and will put extra 2" 4 point willams harness
  15. Have a set of used standard wide body Westfield sports vinyl seats in black. Not in bad condition with runners. and buyer collects from BB9 area https://www.google.co.uk/maps/place/Lancashire+BB9/@53.8614634,-2.528603,10z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x487b8e1de449087f:0x7d101d7cf94f9966 https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/nfUStDHvwrvWztW5zW1m4JIWOFpaydavg7OV4n9E8bvdEHoLOxdRU2sZjkGKpzCBfumwokPHHJCr86I4WkRJzcG-Nl_GhfWfgz9E-GDlb2ABk63IKiD59ZIKrnehqEQtSrKUBKvhivj-wY4b4iEozY6ZbjKBuHQVSv98vwGkOgrteGEUIrwiGVUOcr4iHVN-HyLXdKxQ3prbkTV0sy0EfPuYc66m3B0UCYyhWhKTjgixPdqg-EDdqceqN0WZBS6vcHdRs23fj61dRxFnE-g26OQCKJm9sycFGEbGGyUdQnhHtyN5SYwVOB2QbDG31PWIpX27kqUAmlulxcEDCaV24tiR1bMHJpn9r8ALUwxPSySoNDay_S065-HNDX6ydixlSzI6TgB1PFGQeFoQjlNkadj43diHjahVKmXPEKsGnX_Oo3dXmZlzNKtgUjzaFYoeReRFe0CwWDxatViq1RLd9nPkEjJooiim-R3BEpHIyIcMT40TenV1WZgxrQDNAGpi_umCG77cefnIjRonucuJ_jx9LuI4PHgvgwZN4dV1KGcKjENvjpLJy5rzLrR2Y_Rdl0M1=w1402-h935-no https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/4UEzROA1aL_Hmrl2_-7pyNFluFy5_1quJ0fY9jp6pJJTcC_RmIHIs6PUnv4sAQWop1odPYBsqR-mvD5aTs1fXQLvoYZq-VHULCHufsuyuGo0vIirt7gtmcEgG2cRatrT8wpE_YxXzu3QifNtOLPjtNQJyE34jcK999KMf7qkpJK5MfNBW3vFQJsKijuH20aacFByF2-ZeTqiSDxc-iR-iYsM-PEoUCPON8jdO21w1PnL5wyOajCwMrBsPrg7f-JjDq3js1lqe9g5umsb3cOr0langViWOtcM29iEfxNAWAVv2IgiZfswq2ftY5nVPs12Klks_0jwvd4UsW4IwzR6fdMBtFgBC_3tJ5wpzq8TTyGh-wQh5frty4CPQO0muHGJQHxuDGjkFQt1gp4xliFU3CSAAGT_XIe6_eocLjTVGMt5PcZmM-nHdQoYK3pJU9OSiFFKm-EPuDUeuCDI1BMjLgw6LePDLVDwrFLdy9O3kEsV_-a66AdAgXfYrqZgmkoy6vhQQ9CDLaui4rKvt-vgJ8C1MHsGwEmZYn_vtTA0o4ep_F6gk0IVxQM3Er0nFVSpWEfx=w1247-h935-no Not a very good picture but it's cold in the garage so will take some better pictures later. Any takers? Terry
  16. I have just started my winter upgrade projects. I will be stripping down the car over the next few weeks, and will update when parts are available. List is as follows:- Savage Billet Aluminium Switches and Warning Lights:- Battery warning light - soldered wiring tails Handbrake light - soldered wiring tails Heated screen switch - soldered wiring tails Available now £12.50 per item. P&P at cost Electric blue windscreen fillet £20. Collection only from Kidlington or Banbury, or WSCC courier service, buyer to arrange. AVAILABLE NOW ZK bonnet - REDUCED TO £100 http://forum.wscc.co.uk/forum/index.php/topic/115206-zk-bonnet-electric-blue/ SOLD RAC Rollbar compete with carbon effect third LED brake light. Good condition. £100. Collection only from Kidlington or Banbury, or WSCC courier service, buyer to arrange. Available now. SOLD Soft Bits For Sevens Half Hood complete with heavy duty zipped storage bag and home made roof bars £150. This was made to suit the above Rollbar with the third brake light. Really good condition, only been used about half a dozen times. Plastic channel that goes over windscreen is snapped which is the norm. Does not affect performance. Collection only from Kidlington or Banbury, or WSCC courier service, buyer to arrange. Available now. SOLD Westfield windscreen electrically heated complete with pillars and electric mirrors. All in black. £200. Collection only from Kidlington or Banbury, or WSCC courier service, buyer to arrange. Available now. SOLD Westfield vinyl covered race seats, complete with subframe. Seats mounted into frame using rivnuts for ease of fitting and removal. Westfield logo on top of seat. One small nick in vinyl on top of seat back on both seats (Photo below is of the worst seat, other seat the nick is smaller), otherwise they are in great condition. Very comfy seats, I have covered 300 miles in a day sat in these with no problem. New from Westfield this bundle would cost £660. Collection only from Kidlington or Banbury, or WSCC courier service, buyer to arrange. Available by weekend. Yours for £300 all in SOLD Westfield wiper motor kit complete. Black wiper blades and universal refills fitted £100. Collection only from Kidlington or Banbury, or WSCC courier service, buyer to arrange. Available shortly. SOLD VDO Vision gauges, complete with wiring loom connector blocks:- Speedo Tacho Fuel Oil pressure Oil temperature Coolant temperature The instruments are pictured as below, they are all fitted with Red LED backlight bulbs. The speedo reading is 7325.4 miles. All the senders are still fitted to the car but can be removed if you want them. There is a bit of scratching on the Rev counter bezel, and the paint has worn away a touch on the speedo bezel. Brand new all the gauges would cost £448.80 from ETB http://www.etbinstruments.com/VDO_Price_List.htm Yours for £225. P&P at cost. SOLD Senders would be an additional £75 for Speed; Oil pressure; Oil temperature; Coolant temperature. P&P at cost. SOLD AA Composites interchangeable aeroscreen kit complete with fitted mirrors. REDUCED PRICE £50. Collection only from Kidlington or Banbury, or WSCC courier service, buyer to arrange. SOLD Westfield side screens/doors. 2 additional press studs added to provide additional fixing points for half hood. Very good condition. REDUCED PRICE £100. Collection only from Kidlington or Banbury, or WSCC courier service, buyer to arrange. SOLD Pm's please
  17. The following has got to go. 1600cc CVH Engine. Came from Westfield as a reconditioned unit as part of the kit in 1997. Done only 10,000 since. Alternator, Starter available too. No kinown problems. Exhaust manifold to suit SEIW Silencer to suit Twin 40 DCOE Webbers on manifold complete with K&N filters A pair of Westfield seats (no runners) All open to sensible offers
  18. Scottish Westy

    Garage clearout after winter upgrades

    After a winter upgrade I have lots of parts for sale, need the garage space and the funds to pay for upgrades :-) All parts located in Glasgow but may be able to find somebody to transport down to Stoneleigh, otherwise P&P will be at cost. Ive added prices and RRP as a guide but no idea what to be asking, if it's too high then make me an offer, if it flies off the shelf then I know its under priced :-). Ask as many questions as you wish, I'll answer to my best ability. Discs, calipers and pads (GC) £85 (RRP £175) Cobra Roadster 7 seats (AS NEW) with Willans red 3 point harnesses (GC) £300/pair £50/pair Slight fray where the harnesses passes through seat slots on head rest Roll bar (VGC) £75 (RRP £154.03) Slight scratch on top bar at back of headrest Dash - grey (VGC) £70 (RRP £139.72) 7" headlamp units, black with chrome surrounds (GC) SOLD Suspension - Spax gas coil overs (VGC) SOLD Air filter and blank mounting plate (never fitted) SOLD Silencer heat shield (VGC) SOLD Rear arch stone guards - carbon affect (never fitted) SOLD Wet weather frame (VGC) SOLD Westfield interior carpets - grey (never fitted) SOLD Full range of pics here http://s124.photobucket.com/user/rooster7358/library/Westfield/Westfield%20bits%20for%20sale?sort=3&page=1
  19. Tillett Car Seats

    Tillett - 20% discount offer

    Well as the clocks change this weekend and thoughts turn to winter upgrades - an offer to tempt those of you looking for seats. Buy any Tillett seat for a discount of 20%. Please see www.tillettcarseats.co.uk for the full range and prices. The B6 is the most common seat for Westfield fitment. It can be bottom fixed directly into the car or optionally fitted to runners. For this offer orders must be received before the end of November. Please mention WSCC offer when ordering. This is only valid through us as a WSCC sponsor and Tillett stockist and is not available from the Tillett factory. It is only available to WSCC members. Feel free to message or call me with any questions. David 01732 865 635 Tillett Car Seats (NTP Motorsport .. a division of Nationwide Technical Products Limited) WSCC Speed Series Sponsor and competitor
  20. Hi all, Before I start listing parts, FREE MUG WITH EVERY SPECIAL OFFER PURCHASE!! We have recently recieved a new batch of Mazda SDV 4 into 1 manifolds into stock, due to the popluar demand for this item, I have matched the special offer price from last year!! 1600 http://parts-shop.westfield-sportscars.co.uk/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=173&search=mazda 1800 http://parts-shop.westfield-sportscars.co.uk/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=174&search=mazda Wind deflectors back on offer 5 pairs availiable at this special price http://parts-shop.westfield-sportscars.co.uk/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=684&search=wind+d Zetec throttle body upgrades for omex ecu kit. http://parts-shop.westfield-sportscars.co.uk/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=751&search=throttle I have found another 2 sets of the popular 195 50 15 R1R TYRES hiding at the back of the tyres stocks, so they are back on offer! http://parts-shop.westfield-sportscars.co.uk/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=755&search=r1r Sport Turbo seats, black with black piping, in stock and ready for immediete dispatch. Other piping options available, but have a 4 week lead time http://parts-shop.westfield-sportscars.co.uk/index.php?route=product/search&search=sport%20turbo%20seat Half hoods for cars with RAC bars http://parts-shop.westfield-sportscars.co.uk/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=50&search=half+hood Half hood for cars with the Westfield MSA approved half cage http://parts-shop.westfield-sportscars.co.uk/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=767&search=half+hood Megabusa exhaust manifold, one only at this price http://parts-shop.westfield-sportscars.co.uk/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=387&search=megabusa+manifold Duratec manifold one only at this price. http://parts-shop.westfield-sportscars.co.uk/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=766&search=duratec&page=2 Any specific parts or deals you would like to see on special offer?? Let me know by PM and i will see what i can do. Regards Russ
  21. brh70

    New Foam For Seats

    Hello - I have westfield leather sports seats in wide body car - perfect apart from base seat foam - could be doing with replacing. Any know if this is possible? until i i can justify spending over £2k on cobra seats or nearly £1500 on new from westfield replacing foam will need to suffice! thanks
  22. Onliest Smeg David

    NOW SOLD - Westfield Race Seats

    I have these Race Seats for sale purchased from GreigM .... http://forum.wscc.co.uk/forum/index.php/topic/97267-westfield-race-seats/ I got them to try out bucket seats thoroughly, rather than purchasing New and finding I didn't get on with them. I did get on with them, but... I have now decided to go for New JK ones because they fit my slightly better (after a visit to JK). I only paid £100 and this is what I'm asking for them. (+ courier if required) I'm just North of Manchester. IF it's Westfield Sports Seats your looking for I'll have a pair for sale (black, yellow piping)once JKs are fitted.
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