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Found 20 results

  1. Hi, what would be the correct shocks to use for escort live axle for a ‘96 SE? Westfield parts have a set for near £500 so looking to see if I could source a suitable set up a bit cheaper (but not for pennies, I know a decent outlay will be needed!). cheers James
  2. Through the years Westfield's have used a number of different types and designs for their rear axle and suspension. whilst there are some variations with different applications and years, for Car engined vehicles these can be most typically be categorised into 4 different types. Escort Live axle The Live axle was used in the Pre-Lit, Narrow Body (SE) and Wide Body (SEW) cars. It uses a modified Ford Escort Mk1 or Mk2 (English) axle. Independent Axle (Westfield/Escort Diff) This was first used in the Narrow Body (SEI) and the early Wide Body (SEIW) cars. The differential unit is from a Ford English Axle and is housed within a cast aluminium housing off Westfield's own design. The casting is embossed with the Westfield logo on the rear. Independent Axle (Sierra Diff) Predominantly found in Wide Body (SEIW) cars and Sierra SDV's. As well as the Ford Sierra's differential The Sierra SDV also uses the driveshafts and rear hubs from the donor with Westfield uprights designed specifically for them. The Standard Modular build kits use Westfield's own suspension uprights and driveshafts. Sierra SDV rear upright shown below Independent Axle (Mazda SDV) The Mazda diff is only found on the Mazda SDV which was released around 2006, the differential unit, driveshafts and rear uprights are taken from the Mk1 to M2.5 MX5. Other Axles Sprite/Midget and British Leyland Marina axles have also both featured on early Pre-Lit cars together with the Escort Live axle. Land Rover Freelander differentials can be found used in the current Bike Engined (Mega) chassis. The Sport Turbo uses the differential unit from the Mk3 Mazda MX5.
  3. Hadz

    Car geometry setup Bristol

    Evening WSCC, So the WF has been on the road 6 or so weeks with only a couple of trips out, but after reading lots of threads, I think it would wise if the car setup professionally or by another WF owner who has it dialled in. Car will be fast road and track. Spec is a mega s2000, playsckool roll bars Spring 1.9 I.D. 9" (Spring Poundage: 350) Front springs Spring 1.9 I.D. 9" (Spring Poundage: 225) rear springs 15inch wheels If any one know any one local to Bristol please drop a message below.
  4. Paul Aspden (MoFast)

    Suspension Arms / Wishbones

    I have for sale Right rear wish bones top and bottom Left rear wish bones top and bottom Left front normal wish bones top and bottom
  5. LythamBrownie

    Lowered Floors - Bottoming Out

    Morning Collective...... I’ve got standard Westfield Protech shocks, lowered floors and a 6’4” 17st driver 😬.... + I’m normally ‘two’s up’ with my son who thinks he has the god given right to be sat in the passenger seat whenever I want to blatt!!! I suppose I’ll look back with fond memories in later years!!!....... anyway..... my problem is that I’ve become nervous about driving at speed on bumpy roads due to bottoming out..... it’s not happening all the time.... but it is taking the edge of a spirited drive.... I’ve got the shocks set to the firmest setting, but I know I’m on bog standard shocks and I’ll probably need to spend some cash on new ones, but want them to be right. I am a road user only, not track. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance. David
  6. Liz03

    Suspension arm's front

    Standard track suspension arms Used Change of plans now not required £70 + post At Stoneleigh on Sunday
  7. 4 spax shocks And springs off seiw Used As seen no nothing about them From Stoneleigh 2 years ago Can take to Stoneleigh on Sunday £60
  8. Westfield Parts Dept


    Morning All, This weeks special offer, Powerflex suspension bush Kit https://parts.westfield-sportscars.co.uk/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=899&search=powerflex&description=true In stock and ready for dispatch Order online, by email parts@westfield-sportscars.co.uk or phone 01384 400077 Regards Patrick
  9. We have 1 widetrack front wishbone upgrade kit in stock and available for shipping out on Monday. The kit comprises of: 2x front top wishbones 2x front bottom wishbones 2x shock absorber extensions 2x steering rack extensions 2x top ball joint camber adjusters All nuts and bolts to fit And, FREE powerflex bushes and brake hoses. This is a one off sale. so once its gone, its gone! Perfect for anyone who is currently running standard track who would like a cheap upgrade to widetrack, this kit including the bushes and brake hoses would usually costs £651.61, but you can pick this kit up for £450.00 all in, that is over 30% off! DON'T DELAY, THERE IS ONLY 1 KIT AVAILABLE SO ONCE ITS GONE, ITS GONE! CALL TODAY ON 01384 400077 OR EMAIL parts@westfield-sportscars.co.uk we are open until 12pm today. Many thanks for looking, Westfield parts.
  10. Badger56

    Standard front wishbones

    Standard front wishbones off my Seight as I have a wide track front. look to be in good nick, I didn't remove them came with the car, anyone interested before I ebay them? any sensible offer considered, collection from Kidderminster area or I could look into delivery if needed. I also have the steering rack if needed.
  11. Gary Sport 250 Barcelona

    Sheered Aluminium Upright

    Hi there! First post, first Westfield, not first problem. I bought 2 new Westfields, factory assembled and had them shipped to Colombia... seemed like a good idea at the same until I realized my business "partner" over there had no money to invest. Anyway, thats besides the point. After a 2 year process of importing the cars, we have now done around 1000km on them both in the last couple of months. I have had a range of issues, wiper switches not working or jet on either car, fuel pumps had broken, clutch cable was loose and left me stranded, indicators stayed on without blinking, loose steering rack etc etc...... But thats not the point either. So getting to the point, the garage that fitted a new steering wheel (had different hole alignments so had to make a new boss) took the car out for a spin to see that all was well, since I had complained of a whining noise at about 3900 revs in second *still running engine in. When he got back from the test run, the front right upright had broken! See fotos. This is a new car direct from factory and I had not really put it under that much stress although the roads here are not great, I had avoided most pot holes. Speed reducing strips are pretty hard going here, but again, Id taken as much caution as I could, so was very surprised this part failed and now I am screwed as I will find it hard to get one in South America as you can imagine. I found some artilces on these parts from 2008, but not the new ones sold direct from westfield, so was wondering if anyone else has bad experience. Would it be possible / recommendable to repair as I think thats what the garage is going to try to do at a local work shop, but cant be easy.... I will keep you posted. Its a small piece that has sheered off and looks like metal fatigue, but no real reason for it. I was not driving it, but I trust the guy who was and for the 200$ the part costs, he would tell me if he hit a big hole or a curb or something, so weird it broke like that! It also makes me worry about other one and the quality of the car in general to be honest. The Exhaust mount also sheered clean off on a bumpy road. I have researched and see ford cortinas are donors for this part originally, but not sure that car ever existed here and maybe not a good idea to change one side without changing the other side too? I would probably feel safer with a steel one than an aluminium one though. Its that or wait 5 weeks for westfield, pay a fortune in shipping to colombia and dont use my car for 6 7 weeks . just when I was starting to enjoy some winding roads I had found! WEll hopefully the workshop comes up with something Thanks gary
  12. searsy

    Suspension Setup in Hampshire

    Hi has anybody used New Techniques, Bishops Waltham, Hampshire for a suspension setup? They were recommended in a previous thread, looking to undertake first 'proper' setup following IVA / registration etc. Thanks is advance Keith
  13. Pcooper1982

    Wheel Alignment / Geo - Surrey

    Hi All, So - I am two weeks into the ownership of my first Westfield. SEIW - 1.8 Zetec - 45's and red.. :-) Love it! However, ownership is not running as smoothly as I would like! I am experiencing a somewhat hard ride and "twitchy" handling when driving on normal roads. It just doesn't feel particularly planted and feels quite nervous. As a newbee I have taken the time to search and read the previous posts within the forum. from what I understand this could be down to the following : - Alignment ( Camber, toe in etc ) - Damper settings - ARB - PSI Everything else on the car is great - Engine is sweet.. So - as a first step, I would like to get the alignment checked - can anyone recommend a garage who can assist in the surrey Area - closest to Egham would be helpful! Also - may be a silly question, but is every garage who offer laser wheel alignment able to do this setup? Also Also - do you have any tips regarding the above which would assist? Thanks Lots!
  14. So I have done about a few miles since picking her up on Sunday and a few things I have noticed so far are mainly to do with the handling. Around town and at civilised speeds the car is perfect. However, if the red mist does descend and you end up pushing the car towards motorway speeds I have the fight of my life to keep it in a straight line. The car is all factory parts, built by an engineer and bought off a family than used to run a Westy race team, and this was the "civilised road car" as they put it. No expense spared and I have every confidence in the car. My first thoughts were bump steer but now thinking it could be a camber/toe in issue? I was on the motorway all the way home and it was fine up to 70mph, but any faster than it seemed to be hunting to escape the lane. Lots of tiny, minute inputs to keep it in a straight line. My other half who was following thought I was texting on the phone as it was that sort of messy. I own a full on V-Twin race bike which is very difficult to ride on the roads, but riding this compared to the Westy is a breeze, which is a worry. I have owned huge horsepower cars since I could drive so its not so much the travelling at speed, more of the stability at speed that is an issue. With trees, lampposts, other vehicles and my other half sat next to me, its not something I would want to go wrong. The car has IRS and Gaz coilovers all round. Running 15" minilites and Toyo Proxes (brand new). 3.5 Rover V8 running around 270hp from BPI Engineering. The other thing that surprised me is that there is no real sensation of speed (although I'm prob just too used to bikes). The sound of the car is epic, in fact some would say quite sexual and I would never get tired of it but having a fairly linear torque curve you only realise you are going fast when the crazy handling kicks in. So... as much as I love the car, what is the point in having a car that is not much use over 70mph?..... The other anecdote as to the speed, I followed a new XKR-S on the way home (550hp at 1700kgs) and he wanted to play, this thing was brutal, but I kept up ok. My initial thoughts were due to the differing power to weight ratios I should have been all over him like a rash, but not so.... Mixed thoughts in the first week thats for sure... any ideas to tame the beast guys? Thanks in advance, Stu
  15. Standard springs for SEIW Having converted to wide track, I have replaced the springs to maintain the geometry. So I have two standard Westfield front springs available. Approx 10" , 12yrs old and 10k miles. Reasonable condition. 2 or 3 of the coils on their inside edge had some surface rust on each spring. I've cleaned them up and hammerited them. £10 +del or collection from Cheshire - 20mins from J19, M6 Pete
  16. Scottish Westy

    Garage clearout after winter upgrades

    After a winter upgrade I have lots of parts for sale, need the garage space and the funds to pay for upgrades :-) All parts located in Glasgow but may be able to find somebody to transport down to Stoneleigh, otherwise P&P will be at cost. Ive added prices and RRP as a guide but no idea what to be asking, if it's too high then make me an offer, if it flies off the shelf then I know its under priced :-). Ask as many questions as you wish, I'll answer to my best ability. Discs, calipers and pads (GC) £85 (RRP £175) Cobra Roadster 7 seats (AS NEW) with Willans red 3 point harnesses (GC) £300/pair £50/pair Slight fray where the harnesses passes through seat slots on head rest Roll bar (VGC) £75 (RRP £154.03) Slight scratch on top bar at back of headrest Dash - grey (VGC) £70 (RRP £139.72) 7" headlamp units, black with chrome surrounds (GC) SOLD Suspension - Spax gas coil overs (VGC) SOLD Air filter and blank mounting plate (never fitted) SOLD Silencer heat shield (VGC) SOLD Rear arch stone guards - carbon affect (never fitted) SOLD Wet weather frame (VGC) SOLD Westfield interior carpets - grey (never fitted) SOLD Full range of pics here http://s124.photobucket.com/user/rooster7358/library/Westfield/Westfield%20bits%20for%20sale?sort=3&page=1
  17. gary marsh

    Dooh - chassis straightening

    Following an overenthusiastic exit from Gerrards at Mallory Park on Friday I have an embarrassingly bent front nearside. Putting aside the replaceable bits, my main issue is a slightly bent chassis; the nearside top rail is bent a couple of centimetres out of true between about half way along the engine bay (it is a 1991 SEiW which has a diagonal brace running forward to that point) and the front rail. The top front rail accordingly has a slight bow in it but the offside looks fine. No sign of any cracks in tubes or welds. Does anyone have experience of getting a chassis straightened rather than going back to the factory for a new front frame? I am in the Birmingham area. Regards Gary
  18. Hi all... I am posting on behalf of a friend in France so please bear with me if I don't have all the information to hand about his car, I will try to explain what he is looking for. The car is a 1986 Mk1 1300. It has been fitted with (too) short suspension units, no good for any practical use and he has a standard sump... it bottoms out! We have been in contact with Westfield an been advised that the correct shocks for this car should be 35.5cm on the rear and 31.5cm on the front. So far so good... his are a lot shorter, probably just scrap that the previous owner fitted to move it around. My friend is happy to buy new, the car isn't going on the track and will probably carry a little more than average weight as it will be used for weekends away with his girlfriend.. all those French roads....mmmmm Anyway, I have read many of the technical posts on the forum and very good they are too, just a little too in-depth for my needs just now. So, the question is, can the forum recommend a Brand of shocks that will live up to the task without breaking the bank? Whilst I'm here, does anyone have a modified (shallow) sump for sale (Ford 1300 / 1600)? Happy to pay a fair price. Thanks for reading, Mark
  19. Raescar

    Cracked Alu suspension upright

    The Westie was in the garage getting the camber and toe-in set correctly and they noticed this on the front nearside aluminium suspension upright: It was quite hard to spot with the wheel on, being tucked under the head of the caliper bolt, but fairly obvious to see once the wheel and wing were off. I couldn't see any other posts on similar uprights so thought it worth posting here. For reference, the cast number on the alu upright is 10015. Spoke to Westfield about it when ordering the replacement part and I offered to send it back so they could inspect. They declined - I was told they x-ray all uprights to check for voids, cracks and porosity defects etc so they suspect this was just a one-off. They also said that if the caliper is overtightened it strips the helicoil out so they don't think it was through incorrect torque on the caliper bolt. Perhaps another area for folks to check over when doing routine maintenance. Note the dark area in the corner of the face of the crack, which I suspect is where the failure originated.
  20. nyvlem

    Wheel sizes

    Can some one give me there opinion. I am thinking of fitting 7" wide rims to my westfield, it was suggested I fit 6" fronts and 7" rears as I will be using it for track days. What does anyone think, Thanks for your help
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