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Found 16 results

  1. With my IVA looming in just over 2 weeks, I've discovered my rear wheels lock-up before the fronts 😕 I have Sierra uprights with HiSpec Ultralite 4 callipers. I'm assuming 50/50 braking between the front and back - backs locking first because of the weight at the front . . . I need a valve that is non-adjustable for IVA. I've read a few of the kit-car forums and the Fiesta one looks like it will do the job. Ebay has a few:- https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Genuine-Ford-Focus-C-Max-Fiesta-MK5-Front-Brake-Pressure-Reducing-Valve-1469610/272376228296?epid=1509753686&hash=item3f6ae369c8:g:3pwAAOSwEtRb4q5T But I would like to following any recommendations /experiences from club members - and the best location for fitting on a Westfield. Would really appreciate any help . . . David.
  2. Chris Broster - Bristol & Bath AO

    Stick nipples

    Right now I have your attention.... Just been trying to bleed brakes on my Sierra SDV 2006 Westy and the Brake Nipples both front Sierra Single pot callipers just won’t budge! I have liberally soaked them in WD40, repeatedly, bought and used the correct Brake Nut Flare Spanner’s but they just won’t loosen. if I’m realistic I’d say the nuts are between the 10 and 11mm spanner’s that’s it have but then imperial don’t work either? any ideas? thanks
  3. I have a complete rear brake setup for sale. Has done less than 5000 miles. Owing to lockdown, buyer will need to arrange courier collection from my home, Sandbach Cheshire. Hi Spec rear calliper including pads and braided lines (even the mounting cap head bolts) £300 Rear discs, slotted and X-drilled £50 ***Provisionally SOLD pending payment**** Handbrake cable and 'balance' connector £25 ***SOLD**** Also have golf calliper slide pins and pad anti rattle shims, all new - £10 Thanks for looking Andy
  4. For sale : front calipers, discs and pads. All new and unused. This kit is with 283mm discs Included are the discs, pads and calipers, lines are all included and mounting bolts. I'm happy to post at extra cost. They have been fitted only for transportation. £800 ono located in derbyshire Pm me. For more details.
  5. John Cossa

    Brake servo

    As anyone fitted a Compact Dual Circuit Remote Brake Servo from Cars builder solution?
  6. cast iron

    Vented discs

    Properly boiling my front brakes this weekend at Knockhill Are vented discs on the front a standard disc form a road car? If so which model please?
  7. The 1st welshman


    After completing a few winter projects I have for sale some parts Ford M16 front calipers, front discs and rear discs all work perfectly I upgraded - £50 the lot After TSW 7x15inch 5 wheels and centre caps inc tool to remove the centre caps all complete and two Toyo tyres with plenty of life left all wheels are in good nick - £150 or sensible offer let me know if you have any questions .....given the weight of these I would prefer collection. I am based near Chester thanks
  8. Peter (Monty)

    Wilwood Midilites with Standard MC

    Hi all, I have a niggling doubt that I'd like to put to rest... I'm using Wilwood Midilites for my the front brakes, with 285mm vented discs. These came from Rally Design as a Westfield-specific kit with mounting brackets, code BK1U (link). However I'm using the standard master cylinder and am wondering if this is okay or if I'm going to have issues with insufficient pressure or unsuitable pedal travel? Should I be using a different MC with a different diameter?
  9. Brand new Westfield AP Racing 4 pot upgrade kit, everything included, never fitted. Ready to be shipped out to you by courier. See here : AP Racing Brake upgrade kit Save on Westfield price and get them NOW First £ 650 gets them. PM please.
  10. Widget1984

    Advice needed...

    Hi All, I'm after some help with a couple of issues I currently have. The car I've got has been through an engine rebuild, from 101bhp to 146bhp so really pleased with that. Although the car seems to using a huge amount of fuel. Engine is a 2 litre Pinto, bike carbs, Kent cam and 4 into one Westfield manifold with Wunoff silencer. What sort of fuel consumption should I expect? I'm just trying to understadn what sort of range i should get from one tank. The car is a 1990 narrow. It has been set up locally, however is it worth taking to Bogg Brothers for a second opinion, as there is carbon deposit on the exhaust and it still smells a bit "fuelly". The previous owner in his infinite wisdom decided to slap some 17 inch wheels on, not surprisingly they are rubbing on the wing brackets and stopping full lock being achieved. So i want to put some more appropriate wheels on. Is it best to go for 15s for road use and is there an optimal width? Can some one tell me how to work out the appropriate offset. Its an old narrow with what i assume are Cortina hubs some presume its 4 x 108. I recently rebuilt the braking system. Reconditioned master cylinder, new braided hoses and I rebuilt the calipers. I flushed the brakes and got them working ok. However there was a small leak on the rear hoses. So i replaced the some washers with rubber ones to allow the lines to be cinched up more. Refilled the system and now i cannot get clear brake fluid out of the rears. Comes out quite dark. Any ideas? The rubber washers aren't in contact with the fluid. The brakes also feel more spongy than before. Finally it looks like the gearbox is leaking but it's difficult to see where from. I know the common area is the rear seal. If i replace that it good practice to replace anything else like the speedo seal or front seal. If so, will it be easier to take the box out rather than do it all in situ. Thanks in advance. Will
  11. Hi, I have been clearing out my garage and have the following items for sale. All from Westfield SEiW with 2.0L Pinto engine. viz:- Pair front vented discs 260mm x 25mm from Sierra based car. Good condition and hardly used. Heavy item (Approx 12Kg) so collection preferred but will post/courier to UK at purchaser's cost. £25. Pair front Sierra brake callipers with stainless steel brake hoses, carriers, pads, springs etc. Callipers are reconditioned units (Delphi LC2966 etc). Have been fitted but never run. Slight discolouration due to storage but otherwise OK. Carriers etc are used. Minimal wear on pads. Heavy item (Approx 5Kg) so collection preferred but will post/courier to UK at purchaser's cost. £50. Alternator. Was fitted originally to car but mounting bracket (pinto) requires modification to align pulleys. Sierra/Fiesta type PEXA68. Good working condition. Heavy item (Approx 5Kg) so collection preferred but will post/courier too UK at purchaser's cost. £25. Master Cylinder. Standard Westfield Master Cylinder. Not much use since new. £65. including UK postage. Expansion Tank. Fiesta Mk 2 type as used originally on Westies. Has stainless steel cover on pressure cap. Slight internal discolouration which would probably clean up with a little attention. £45 including UK postage. Pair Pipercross Trumpet Socks. Double type to fit twin DCOE Webers. Slight oil staining present. £15 including UK postage. Coil Cover. Stainless steel coil cover and bracket for standard ignition coil. Unused. £7 including UK postage. Westfield Gear Knob. Westfield logo on top. Very small nick on base. £20 including UK postage. Westfield Badge. Enamel Westfield badge 50mm. Has threaded spigot on rear with nut for attachment. Unused. £7 including UK postage. Camshaft. Standard 2.0L Pinto cam with followers, studs, springs etc. No reasonable offer refused. Purchaser pays postage. Photos attached. Nickietam.
  12. Hi all I've recently joined WSCC and bought a SEiGHT, it was good to meet Steve at the Warwickshire meet last week. I'm planning a few changes and would appeciate some experienced pointers on suspension and brakes. Car will be used mostly on road with 2 up (with only occasional sprint). Changing to widetrack front and looking to replace the old dampers and springs allround. Heard good things about Protech - What size springs, lbs & dampers would be a good place to start on front & back repectively? Secondly I'm having JE Developments liberate some extra horses from the 4.3 V8 and would like some extra stopping power, any suggestions on good brake calipers/disc upgrades. I have 16" wheels. Thanks in advance
  13. Kingster

    Squealing brakes

    So any ideas why my front brake squeals like a banshee on heat? I've tried copaslip on the back and sides of the pads taking care not to contaminate the disc or pads. Worth cleaning the discs?
  14. Scottish Westy

    Garage clearout after winter upgrades

    After a winter upgrade I have lots of parts for sale, need the garage space and the funds to pay for upgrades :-) All parts located in Glasgow but may be able to find somebody to transport down to Stoneleigh, otherwise P&P will be at cost. Ive added prices and RRP as a guide but no idea what to be asking, if it's too high then make me an offer, if it flies off the shelf then I know its under priced :-). Ask as many questions as you wish, I'll answer to my best ability. Discs, calipers and pads (GC) £85 (RRP £175) Cobra Roadster 7 seats (AS NEW) with Willans red 3 point harnesses (GC) £300/pair £50/pair Slight fray where the harnesses passes through seat slots on head rest Roll bar (VGC) £75 (RRP £154.03) Slight scratch on top bar at back of headrest Dash - grey (VGC) £70 (RRP £139.72) 7" headlamp units, black with chrome surrounds (GC) SOLD Suspension - Spax gas coil overs (VGC) SOLD Air filter and blank mounting plate (never fitted) SOLD Silencer heat shield (VGC) SOLD Rear arch stone guards - carbon affect (never fitted) SOLD Wet weather frame (VGC) SOLD Westfield interior carpets - grey (never fitted) SOLD Full range of pics here http://s124.photobucket.com/user/rooster7358/library/Westfield/Westfield%20bits%20for%20sale?sort=3&page=1
  15. Hi All, I have a an issue with brake imbalance, having taken the pads out there is an issue with the front left caliper bering much slower to deploy than the front right, resulting in a 38% imbalance. I need to identify the type of caliper "beleived to be Sierra" and there are 4x pistons in total internally. If anyone can help identify from the photo link below would be much appreciated as i need either to strip and recon or purchase a replacement. http://s845.photobucket.com/user/notifycarl/media/brake%20calipers/frontcaliper1_zps975d67fa.jpg.html Front an rear pictures on Photobucket. Any help much appreciated :-)
  16. The artist formerly known as Rush Motorsport

    Changing my xr4x4 rear pads

    Continuing my theme of having enthusiasm but not that much actual mechanical talent, Im picking things up as I go along. Changing the pads all round. Ive done the fronts with minimal fuss and was very proud of myself. Now I've never changed rear pads before so forgive me. Ive got the caliper off and the old pads out. It looks like its a wind back type so Ive used my caliper wind back tool to no effect. I can't get the piston to budge! I haven't disconnected the handbrake cable. Is this why it won't go back, and if so....how do I disconnect the handbrake? Cheers!
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