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Found 9 results

  1. Hi, I’ve changed my rear light covers to clear, so have my old-style Red/orange covers for sale. The new lights came with the rubber backing/fitting, which I don’t need so that’s included. I haven’t checked it the bulbs etc fit the newer style housing, but the lenses do. Sold as seen, asking £15+5postage. thanks James
  2. Chris Broster - Bristol & Bath AO

    Upgrade to LED Headlight/Indicator/DRL and fitting driving lights

    I have been using my recently acquired 2012 SEiW as much as possible over the past 2 weeks for commuting and fun (too much of the first and not enough of the latter) and have noticed that the standard fitted Westfield headlights are pretty poor with their output. So, as the nights draw in and I intend to continue using the car as much as possible, I was looking to improve what I can see and what others can see of me too! My options as I see them are: Replace the bulbs with some higher power options (Suggestions as a quick fix?); Convert to LED; Replace the headlight unit: With a better traditional unit With an LED unit With a combined LED/Indicator/DRL unit I did like the Venom HL but reviews have steered me away from them, possible Harley Replacement lights from Fleabay - thoughts? Also, If I was to use a combined unit, are there any restrictions on fitting Driving Lights in place of the current Westfield indicator stalks/pods and again any suggestions?
  3. MattV

    Brake light not working

    Hi All, It was pointed out to me at last weekend's meet that my offside brake light wasn't working, so I stopped at Halfrauds to buy a new pair of bulbs. On removing the cover and inspecting the offending bulb it actually looks in good condition - I'd expected to see a blown filament but it looks almost new. Next thought was the earth, but it looks like it shares an earth with the indicator and that's working. Does anyone have any suggestions on where to start looking for the fault? Are there any common issues I should investigate first? I'm armed with a newly purchased multimeter and am not afraid to use it (although not actually sure how!). Thanks!
  4. AndyS

    Post build clear out

    Clearing out after the build need the space. I can bring the dash to shrewsbury in a few weeks time if that’s closer for pick up. All prices include postage Mazda sdv dash board £40 Ono reverse and fog light £15 ono Front indicator stalks £20 Ono mx5 1.6 water pump and block gasket £20 (new)
  5. Ok, just started looking at the rear lights on my Sport 250 build, think I've figured out what goes in what holes etc. Reversing and rear fog quite easy, although WF short on fitting nyloc nuts/washers. Looking at the LED ring/indicator - fitted yellow bulbs (for now as intend to switch to LED in the future) into the clear holder and can see then see how they screw into the outer ring with the 3 self-tappers. FW manual talks about bonding these into the rear tub with "Nail's" type products, and I'm looking for suggestions? Am I right to assume that the idea is to drill 3 matching holes through the tub, to match up with the 3 holes in the ring indicator, and then use some mastic (Nail's) type stuff to make it water-tight,and screw through from the inside, through the tub, into the ring? On the reflectors, am I also right to assume you just push the reflector into the middle of the red ring,and then fix in the same way as the brake/indicator? If so i think I'm also missing the self-tappers for this from WF? Appreciate any help and recommendations PS - i bought some Puraflex 40 for panel fitting, would this work for the lights? ;-
  6. Was at the factory today picking up my sport 250 kit (build thread next) and have seen these new lights on there 250 Ian is going to let me know what/where they came from, but think they looked pretty cool
  7. Surplus parts following recent upgrade. 2 x Westfield 4 point harness in navy blue in excellent condition - £110 posted (UK mainland only) or £100 collected from SS5 (ESSEX) or pick up at Stoneleigh Sunday 1st May. http://parts-shop.westfield-sportscars.co.uk/index.php?route=product/search&search=harness 2 x 5 3/4 chrome headlights - no marks, excellent condition - £120 110 posted (UK mainland only) or £110 100 collected from SS5 (ESSEX) or pick up at Stoneleigh Sunday 1st May http://parts-shop.we...?product_id=293 Reversing light (new July 15) - no marks, excellent condition - £20 18 posted (UK mainland only) or £17 15 collected from SS5 (ESSEX) or pick up at Stoneleigh Sunday 1st May http://parts-shop.we...?product_id=332 Traditional rear lights - no marks, excellent condition - £40 37 posted (UK mainland only) or £37 34 collected from SS5 (ESSEX) or pick up at Stoneleigh Sunday 1st May http://parts-shop.we...?product_id=336 Will sell together for £210 190 £265 posted (UK mainland only) or £200 180 £240 collected from SS5 (ESSEX) or pick up at Stoneleigh Sunday 1st May PM me for photos
  8. Scottish Westy

    Garage clearout after winter upgrades

    After a winter upgrade I have lots of parts for sale, need the garage space and the funds to pay for upgrades :-) All parts located in Glasgow but may be able to find somebody to transport down to Stoneleigh, otherwise P&P will be at cost. Ive added prices and RRP as a guide but no idea what to be asking, if it's too high then make me an offer, if it flies off the shelf then I know its under priced :-). Ask as many questions as you wish, I'll answer to my best ability. Discs, calipers and pads (GC) £85 (RRP £175) Cobra Roadster 7 seats (AS NEW) with Willans red 3 point harnesses (GC) £300/pair £50/pair Slight fray where the harnesses passes through seat slots on head rest Roll bar (VGC) £75 (RRP £154.03) Slight scratch on top bar at back of headrest Dash - grey (VGC) £70 (RRP £139.72) 7" headlamp units, black with chrome surrounds (GC) SOLD Suspension - Spax gas coil overs (VGC) SOLD Air filter and blank mounting plate (never fitted) SOLD Silencer heat shield (VGC) SOLD Rear arch stone guards - carbon affect (never fitted) SOLD Wet weather frame (VGC) SOLD Westfield interior carpets - grey (never fitted) SOLD Full range of pics here http://s124.photobucket.com/user/rooster7358/library/Westfield/Westfield%20bits%20for%20sale?sort=3&page=1
  9. SelfMadeTramp

    Useful Upradeitis Websites

    Hi everyone, as the season of winter upgrades is fast approaching I thought it might be useful to put together a definitive list of all those websites that come in handy when sourcing parts, from the big stuff to those niggly little things that you can't find anywhere. I've started off with the top 20 websites in my 'favourites' list. If more people chip in with their favourites it will build a useful resource for everyone to complete their winter rebuilds. Happy surfing..... http://westfield-world.com/index.html http://www.trackdaytoyz.co.uk/ http://www.demon-tweeks.co.uk/ http://www.jkcomposites.com/7s-page.html http://www.softbitsforsevens.co.uk/ http://www.larkspeed.com/ http://www.kitcardirect.co.uk/ http://www.kitpartsdirect.com/ http://www.rallydesign.co.uk/index.php http://www.madabout-kitcars.com/ http://www.abperformance.co.uk/ http://www.polevolt.co.uk/index.html http://www.thetoolboxshop.com/ http://www.vicfibretech.co.uk/Pages/KitCarHome.aspx http://www.cbsonline.co.uk/ http://www.fluke-motorsport.co.uk/ http://yorkshireengines.co.uk/Home.html
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