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  1. Looking for 13 inch wheels. 7, 8, 9 or 10 wide considered Ideally et0 or minus on larger widths. If anyone has any lying about not been used let me know.
  2. Paul Aspden The 2nd

    Configurable Alignment Cart Wheels

  3. Liz03

    Wheel's 7in

    Regrettable sale 13in 7jj etc 13 we think using the et calculator group 4 inserts ford108 pcd some chips and peeling on the outer edge . Tyres are yokohama 205 on the rear 185 on the front and we're on when we bought them. £250 buyer pick up or Westfield courier Thanks chris and liz
  4. My eldest has bought some deep dish wheels for his Mini, they look great but don't fit, they catch on the wing. So, it looks like I'm going to have to grind off an inch or so to allow the wheels and tyres room to turn. Before I go down this drastic route (it's a sound car bodywork wise, feels like sacrilege to cut it about), I'll see if there are other options he would entertain like sending them back and making do with the std wheels, but he seems keen and they are "supposed" to fit and understand some modification is expected. As far it'll go right lock Ye
  5. Westside

    13" vs 15" wheels Westy FW

    I need some advice with running 13" either or 15" wheels on a Westfield FW SEIW?I currently have 15" 8J ET23 wheels running 195/50 Toyo T1R. my dilemma is whether I just change tyres (T1R is lethal in the wet) or wheel tyre set up to 13" 7J with 185/60 front & 205/60 rear R888R's At present I'm not sure if some of the handling issues are due to too much stretch on the tyre (it feels as if the tyre works on a narrow band in the wet & just drives off the sidewall) & whether 205/15's all round would remedy this, would this make the front end too heavy? or should I just go for 13"sMy o
  6. Tom (T3OMF) - Cotswolds AO

    13" TD Race 1.2 with Avon ZZS tyres

    Selling a set of 13x7 TD Race 1.2 with Avon ZZS I brought the wheels new from TD and used these wheels and tyres for sprinting for only a season, all the wheels are in mint condition. Wheels - Front 7x13 ET35 - Race Pro 1.2 Wheels - Rear 7x13 ET23 - Race Pro 1.2 Track Tyres Fronts 185/55/r13 - Rears 215/55/r13 ***Updated*** Fronts Tyres have about 5mm - Rear Tyres have about 4mm £600 collected Photo was from WSCC Blyton, first in class both days
  7. Hello All, I am looking to pass on my spare set of 4no. Team Dynamic Pro Race 1.2 Black Gloss Wheels that currently have R888's on them (SG for front and GG for rear) but they're on the road wear markers and so are suitable for track only (that's the only place I have used them). 13" x 7 ET15 (I think, they're not stamped on the back but they fit my Sei with 205 R888's I'd be happy to take measurements if needed) Standard Ford 4 x 108 stud pattern The wheels are in great condition other than marks from the wheel nut removal and fitting. I can get detailed photos if ther
  8. Chris Broster - Bristol & Bath AO

    You CAN reinvent the wheel…

    Just picked up this article and saw these 3D printed Titanium and Carbon wheels! Does this mean that the ongoing quest for lighter un-sprung mass is about to take a leap far into the future? Maybe so, but not without a significant chunk of your hard earned cash. I would also have to question the longevity of any such wheels on our less than perfect roads – track warriors only I think. http://www.3ders.org/articles/20181115-hre-ge-additive-unveil-first-3d-printed-titanium-wheel.html?utm_content=79981206&utm_medium=social&utm_source=linkedin
  9. I’ve just switched to 13’s so the 15’s are up for sale. They have a few minor scrapes but overall good condition. Tyres are 205/50/15 Toyo Proxes R888 ‘GG’, not huge tread but plenty left. ET35 Also have Ford spigot rings fitted. Collection in Warwick, or could meet closer if needed. £175
  10. I have just got my 30 year old pre-lit back on the road after 13 years in garage. I need new tires (still on originals), but all I can find for my 13" wheels are track tires or trailer tires.. Can anybody recommend tires to fit Wheels: 13" x 5,5 GB Minilite copies Current tires: 185/70 r13 (probably too wide for rims) Use: Road (not track) Constraints: original wings are not wide; I don't want to replace wheels; i'd rather not lower car, as my Jenvey sump pan fitted to 1700 xflow is already lower to ground than I'd like. Julian
  11. Dean Goodall

    New Member! Hi !

    Hi all, New member from today. I attended Stoneleigh this year and thoroughly enjoyed seeing all the Westy's lined up at the club. Visited Westfield Sports Cars in the hall Sunday, paid a deposit for a Classic Monday! 10% discount show offer could not be ignored! Now reviewing all the options and wondered if I could ask for some expert advice regarding the tyre choices. Is there a substantial benefit in upgrading to 205 width tyres over the standard 195's? Worth the extra £95? Am I correct in assuming that the 8" rear wheel upgrade would fill the rear arches nicely?
  12. Rallimart

    Wheels for Sale (sold)

    5 x 15xJ7 et35 pcd =Ford fitment 4 stud wheels. All wheels are immaculate and all have lots of life left in tires-15x50x205. £150 ONO collection only from Walsall WS9. Thanks for looking. Pics below...
  13. Badger56

    Space Saver Spare Wheel

    Hi all, I'm thinking of carrying a spare wheel on my Seight which I havent done before, I thought a space saver might be a good idea due to size weight etc, only thing is I'm not sure which donor car wheel would fit, pleanty of them on e bay but which one? Anyone point me in the right direction? Cheers Dave
  14. Probably not the best place to sell these.....left from previous car ownership. Four Caterham Superlight 6 x 13 Inch Wheels - Never Used Bought new from Caterham £564 but never used, they have been stored in a dry garage in their original packaging. They have NEVER been fitted to a vehicle or had tyres mounted and are as new. There are no centre caps as they wheren't part of the wheel when sold by Caterham. Selling as the original car that they where going to be fitted to was sold and has been replaced with a vehicle that uses a different size of wheel. I beleive that this
  15. 5 x 14 inch 6J Five spoke "Westfield 100+" alloys for sale £100. 4 in good condition per IMAG0662.jpg and one has some blemishes see image IMAG0666.jpg. The wheels come with the hub caps, hub cap securing bolts and at least one securing bolt key and 5 tyres - almost unused Yokohama A520 195/60R14, I make no guarantees regarding these tyres. The tyres are quite old did a couple of hundred miles and were then put in the shed pretty much unused for about 12 years and appear to be visually OK. The buyer will need to pay for and specify their choice of postage or collect. John (Bristol area).
  16. Widget1984

    Advice needed...

    Hi All, I'm after some help with a couple of issues I currently have. The car I've got has been through an engine rebuild, from 101bhp to 146bhp so really pleased with that. Although the car seems to using a huge amount of fuel. Engine is a 2 litre Pinto, bike carbs, Kent cam and 4 into one Westfield manifold with Wunoff silencer. What sort of fuel consumption should I expect? I'm just trying to understadn what sort of range i should get from one tank. The car is a 1990 narrow. It has been set up locally, however is it worth taking to Bogg Brothers for a second opinion, as there is carbon
  17. Pcooper1982

    Wheel Alignment / Geo - Surrey

    Hi All, So - I am two weeks into the ownership of my first Westfield. SEIW - 1.8 Zetec - 45's and red.. :-) Love it! However, ownership is not running as smoothly as I would like! I am experiencing a somewhat hard ride and "twitchy" handling when driving on normal roads. It just doesn't feel particularly planted and feels quite nervous. As a newbee I have taken the time to search and read the previous posts within the forum. from what I understand this could be down to the following : - Alignment ( Camber, toe in etc ) - Damper settings - ARB - PSI Everything els

    17" Wheels and Tyres

    4 x 17" wheels + 14" spare with tyres. Wheels have Westfield centre caps. 17" wheels - 7.5Jx17 H2 et42. 4 stud PCD 108 Tyres: 2x - 205/45ZR17 88W Falken 2x - 205/40R17 80W Yokohama A520 Spare - 185/60R14 Pirelli P600 All tyres have good tread. Looking for £160 collection from Essex.
  19. Teaboy

    Wheels and Tyres

    Im having a bit of a clear up and these may be of use to someone. First up is 5 off 3 spoke 14" wheels that were factory fitted to my Westfield back in 1996, They are approx ET18 (measured with a ruler). The wheels are not in to bad a condition, but have the odd mark here and there, the worst being a small circular scrape on a spoke. The wheels are fitted with good tyres which are AVON and Goodyear and all have at least 5mm of tread remaining (the spare has never been used) allbe it a little old. I have driven on them and they are ok and give quite a nice ride. I would like £60 collected
  20. Have now measured the wheels, they are et35.. Five 100+ multispoke black wheels with silver rim and Toyo R888 tyres. Two tyres with approx 2/2.5mm and two with approx 3/3.5mm, the fifth is right down on the wear markers. Also they are multi-fit wheels so will fit other pcds than Ford. All wheels in good condition. £300 collection only please located near Cirencester, Gloucestershire. Thanks. Guy Pic/links don't seem to upload see my gallery/ebay for pics item number 181452564365
  21. A mate is having a bit of a sale of parts to pay for a garage extension. I'll post links to his ebay auctions in this thread. Image Split Rim Alloy Wheels And Yokohama A048 Tyres, 195/50/15 Ford fitment: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/331121099301?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 Michelin Slick Tyres 230-57-13, Lightly Used Pair:http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/331121067346?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 Michelin Slick Tyres 160-53-13, Lightly Used Pair:http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/331121072850?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m15
  22. Got 5x team dynamic alloy wheels 15inch et35 7j 108 pcd vgc got advertised on eBay no 281253307838 also got ford spigot rings and wheel nuts anybody want them £50 the lot or give me a call on 07966604176
  23. For sale at £150.00 for all four ONO. Please contact Tolf or myself. Each wheel has a Nangkang tyre with lots of tread on, approx 6mm per tyre. No damage to any of the wheels or tyres. Wheels are PCD 108, 195, 50, 15
  24. Zumbruk

    Wheels & tyres

    My 1997 SEiW 2litre Zetec is presently running on 17" wheels with (yuck) Hankooks (don't blame me, I didn't fit them!) Following a track day on Sunday, these are apparently made of wood. Talking to someone running a (very swift) Cossie Westfield at the track day, he recommended putting Yoko A048s on 13" wheels. The recommendation for Yokos was echoed by a friend with an Atom. So ... (My Westie is solely for track days (or the occasional Sunday afternoon thrash), so a track day tyre is fine.) - Is the suggestion of this wheel/tyre combo "sensible"? As opposed to (say) a 15" wheel and Toyo
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