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  1. Toyo R888R 195/55/15 - Purchased New Done 80miles On Them (Dunsop Bridge RTN). My previous tyres were 50 profile, these are 55 and I didn’t think it would make much difference, but I don’t like the look of the car on 55 profile…. It’s a ‘form over function’ thing. The picture is when they arrived, they obviously don’t have the stickers/labels on now. I paid £350 in October 2021 (invoice attached) would like £150. Collection Only - FY8 Lytham Lancs.
  2. lmillin123

    Avon wet tyres. ***sold***

    Don’t know the history of these tyres. Bought them as part of a package. Wet Avon tyres. Believe they were cut from slicks but not 100%. look like they are in good condition. staggered sizes. front. 6.2/20.0-13 rear 8.2/20.0-13 prefer collection due to size and weight however happy to discuss courier options. Open to offers.
  3. 4 X TOYO Proxes R888 tyres, 205/50 ZR15 86W. Fitted to car but never used on the road. £180 - Collection only
  4. Westside

    13" vs 15" wheels Westy FW

    I need some advice with running 13" either or 15" wheels on a Westfield FW SEIW?I currently have 15" 8J ET23 wheels running 195/50 Toyo T1R. my dilemma is whether I just change tyres (T1R is lethal in the wet) or wheel tyre set up to 13" 7J with 185/60 front & 205/60 rear R888R's At present I'm not sure if some of the handling issues are due to too much stretch on the tyre (it feels as if the tyre works on a narrow band in the wet & just drives off the sidewall) & whether 205/15's all round would remedy this, would this make the front end too heavy? or should I just go for 13"sMy other concern is whether there will be sufficient clearance for the bell housing loop or whether this would have to be modified.I have trawled the forums for answers but as usual there are too many conflicting opinions, a common theme seems to be that people like 13" 7J with 185/60 front 205/60 rear
  5. Westfield Parts Dept


    Set of 4 R888R 205/50 R15 - £390 inc VAT Set of 4 R888R 205/60 R13 - £360 inc VAT Set of 4 T1R 195/50 R15 - £128 inc VAT Set of 4 T1R 205/50 R15 - £192 inc VAT place your order now for delivery or collection on 01384 400077 or email parts@westfield-sportscars.co.uk Delivery prices vary depending on location so please contact us for a delivery quote, normal delivery time is 2-5 working days. offer prices available until midnight on the 31st October 2018.
  6. Dean Goodall

    New Member! Hi !

    Hi all, New member from today. I attended Stoneleigh this year and thoroughly enjoyed seeing all the Westy's lined up at the club. Visited Westfield Sports Cars in the hall Sunday, paid a deposit for a Classic Monday! 10% discount show offer could not be ignored! Now reviewing all the options and wondered if I could ask for some expert advice regarding the tyre choices. Is there a substantial benefit in upgrading to 205 width tyres over the standard 195's? Worth the extra £95? Am I correct in assuming that the 8" rear wheel upgrade would fill the rear arches nicely? look better? Would 8" rear wheels then benefit from having 205 tyres? Would 205 tyres be too close a fit for the front cycle wings? Just want to make sure I get the best wheel/tyre combination for its intended use/cost/handling etc, oh, and would wide track wishbones influences things? The car would not be used on a track, purely public road use. Thanks
  7. For sale by me, on eBay here: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/222876383993?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1558.l2649 Collection only from Greenwich, London (Yeah, not the easiest place to get to I know)
  8. **Limited time offer** **Ends Sunday 25th February** Set of 4, 205/60 R13 Toyo R888R tyres - £360 inc vat 1 set left. Set of 4, Pro race 1.2 gloss black alloy wheels (7J x13”) - £360 inc vat 2 sets left. Check the link to get yours now before the offer ends on Sunday, once the stock is gone the offer will end so don’t miss out on another great offer from Westfield sports cars! https://parts.westfield-sportscars.co.uk/special-offers
  9. Josh Lawson

    195 vs 205

    I have standard wheels with a 205,50,15 tyres on at present... can I just switch to 195, 60, 15 for the price and how much will it affect the car? Any advice would be much appreciated.
  10. Four 205/60 R13 86H Avon CR28 Sport tyres. Over three years old, but never used -- zero heat cycles. Team Dynamics ProRace wheels in black. 7.0x13. e23. PCD 108. Four hole. One wheel has abrasion damage to two spokes caused by my inadequate care during transport (see photo). £250 You arrange carriage or collect from Suffolk. Alternatively, I could bring to WSCC Blyton.
  11. 4 off Used AO48's all just about on limit markers, but still good for trackdays. £10 each Not damaged or punctured Medium compound Gatwick area. Collection preferred but can organise courier at cost.
  12. Very good condition. Those of you that know me will be well aware they've been looked after well. They've not been abused and have only done 12 Sprints, have been kept in dark bagged away from UV & adverse temps. Require alternate tyres to compete in Sprints for 2016 £ 260 180 ono - which is under half what I paid for them new (plus courier-age) Oh... & they're the softer compound. PM email if you'd like photos etc. Edit: Photos added
  13. M6 WSC

    4x Used Toyo R888's

    Selling my old Toyo R888's: 2x 205/50/15 and 2x215/50/15. In terms of tread depth, one 205 has 3mm left on it, the other 2mm. The 215 rears have unsurprisingly been used harder - 1.8mm on one and 1mm left on the other in the centre of the tyre, 2mm on the edges. All measured and marked up by the car garage who fitted my new tyres. I have a photo if someone can help me post it? (Geoffrey?). May split into pairs. Located in London, but I will be in the Towcester/Silverstone area on Sat/Sun if that helps too for collection. Back in London on Monday. Price wise, I don't know how much they are worth. I would ask you make me a sensible, fair offer if you are genuinely interested. Many thanks, M6 WSC
  14. M6 WSC

    Tyre width for Toyo R888R's

    Hi all, I've got a tyre question for you. I've found a stockist that can fit the new Toyo R888R's, and my current R888's being replaced are 205/50/15 fronts and 215/50/15 rears. The problem is, Toyo doesn't make 215/50/15's in the new tread pattern, only 205 or 225's.... So, should I get 205s on all 4 corners, or will 225's fit on the rears?...Any way I can check? Many thanks, M6 WSC
  15. Set of 4 Silverstone FTZ Slick Track Tyres 19/58/R15 I fitted them to my Westfield and went to a trackday at Anglesey. These are the (more expensive) 'T5' - Medium Compound - but I found them to be way harder that I wanted so I changed over to my other rims in the lunch break. As a result they've only covered 50-70 miles and indeed the (slightly indented) writing stamped round the slick surface is still mostly visible. There are no flat-spots or cuts to the tread / sidewalls and they hold their air just fine. They have about 190mm of tread width and are about 580mm tall.. They've been sitting in my store room (away from sunlight) for about a year so it's about time I re-homed them.!. They are currently in Hampshire. I could deliver them for 25p per trip mile. Alternatively I'm at home most of the time so I could meet your courier (though some of them insist on the tyres being individually fully wrapped in cardboard and labelled - which would need a lot of card and take me half a day!! - so avoid those ones please! - I'd sooner tie them in pairs and add a couple of sticky labels to each..) If you're not in a rush I could deliver when I'm next travelling in your general direction and you'd only need to cover the miles off route..
  16. Tim Essex

    Tyre choice

    Looking for a new set of tyres for my Westfield. Need 150/50/15. Looking at R888, R1R and Nankang NS-2R. Big price difference. Use for the occasional track day but mainly on the road. Any suggestions??
  17. Here are the items that we will be having on offer for one week until Tuesday 21st July 2015. MSA Half Cage - £299.00 inc VAT http://parts-shop.westfield-sportscars.co.uk/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=706&search=cage Fibreglass Aeroscreen Kit - £175.00 inc VAT http://parts-shop.westfield-sportscars.co.uk/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=539&search=aero 4 x Pro Race 1.2 (Black) 7x15 Fitted with Toyo R888 195/50/15 Fitted - £699.00 205/50/15 Fitted - £739.00 Please contact the office to place a wheel order. Kind regard Ed Parts Department 01384 400077
  18. pkbipswich

    Yokohama A021r 13's

    Bought a set of Yokohama A021r in October, used them for 3 laps around Brands Indy circuit and never used them since. So putting them up for sale. 2@ 185/60r13 2@ 205/60r13 They are in perfect condition, have dry stored indoors since October Collect from Ipswich Can deliver with in the East Anglia area. £325. I can get them fitted to your wheels if you bring them with you. Call me on 07921213212

    17" Wheels and Tyres

    4 x 17" wheels + 14" spare with tyres. Wheels have Westfield centre caps. 17" wheels - 7.5Jx17 H2 et42. 4 stud PCD 108 Tyres: 2x - 205/45ZR17 88W Falken 2x - 205/40R17 80W Yokohama A520 Spare - 185/60R14 Pirelli P600 All tyres have good tread. Looking for £160 collection from Essex.
  20. neptune

    Newbie Needs tyre Advise

    Hello Well after some considerable time searching, I've found the Westy for me!! Hopefully I'll be collecting it this week. It's an 1996 SEIW with 1.8 pinto Type 9 coupled to a type 9 5 speed. The tyres are also 1996! Hence the advise required. My primary objective is touring and I really need confidence under braking, especially as I get use to having non servo!!, I've been avidly reading all the threads I can find on tyres, have read the discussion on T1Rs and the MX 5 review on T1Rs v HS51s. Wheels are 15" and currently the car has 195/50/15s all round. Would very much appreciate and advise/recommendations good or bad. Many Thanks
  21. Teaboy

    Wheels and Tyres

    Im having a bit of a clear up and these may be of use to someone. First up is 5 off 3 spoke 14" wheels that were factory fitted to my Westfield back in 1996, They are approx ET18 (measured with a ruler). The wheels are not in to bad a condition, but have the odd mark here and there, the worst being a small circular scrape on a spoke. The wheels are fitted with good tyres which are AVON and Goodyear and all have at least 5mm of tread remaining (the spare has never been used) allbe it a little old. I have driven on them and they are ok and give quite a nice ride. I would like £60 collected from either Cwmbran or The Forest of Dean. Second is 4 off 185 x 60 x 13 tyres. These are 2 off Firestone Firehawks and 2 off Daytons (similar tread pattern to the Firestone's). All the tyres have at least 5mm of tread and are good for a few miles yet. Im looking for £50 collected from either Cwmbran or The Forest of Dean. Cheers Rich
  22. Have now measured the wheels, they are et35.. Five 100+ multispoke black wheels with silver rim and Toyo R888 tyres. Two tyres with approx 2/2.5mm and two with approx 3/3.5mm, the fifth is right down on the wear markers. Also they are multi-fit wheels so will fit other pcds than Ford. All wheels in good condition. £300 collection only please located near Cirencester, Gloucestershire. Thanks. Guy Pic/links don't seem to upload see my gallery/ebay for pics item number 181452564365
  23. A2Bplus

    SOLD - 4 x Toyo R888 tyres

    *** NOW SOLD *** 4 x Toyo R888 Tyres 4 x 205/50ZR15 86W GG compund tyres. They have recently come off a Westfield to make way for some R1Rs. These tyres have only ever been used on the road. There is 4mm of tread on two of them and around 2.5mm on the other two. Three of them are date stamped with 24/06 and one has 17/06. Whilst they date back to 2006, once warm they are still incredibly grippy and soft. All are of course still road legal but would be ideal for use on the track. Tyres are located in Cheshire, 20mins from M6 J19 . Collection preferable although will be willing to meet the buyer halfway within a reasonable distance. Could consider sending by courier at the buyer's expense. £160 for the set Pete
  24. As described these are my sprint tyres for sale having just got a set of new ZZr's 2009 manufacture. 50% reasonable - road legal still and pretty grippy compared to Medium compounds I will post pictures when I can but they are black, round and have Yokohama written on the side £200 ONO for them plus P+P or collect from Rockingham, Wiscombe, Gurston, Blyton, Curborough, Northampton or Iver Heath
  25. Yanto

    Toyo R1-R

    After only a couple of hundred miles in my car i'm afraid i don't have a great deal of confidence in the Avons that are fitted. Fishtailing on a dry road in 2nd when not booting it has made me afraid to go round corners any faster than a family saloon car. I've read the recent thread about tyres and have decided on Toyo R1-R. After a bit of searching i've found these on ebay http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/300878734289?_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT Is £295 plus fitting at £30 a good price for 4?
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