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Found 6 results

  1. Two7

    Track Day Tyre Wear

    Just had a great day at Castle Coombe. Managed to hit 101 mph on the approach to Quarry and the brakes worked perfectly so didn't Spin, unlike my last visit in the Caterham 160. May not be "power lap" standards but I felt impressed with the general handling, so just need to get the suspension better sorted and up my bravery in the bends so I don't keep losing all my momentum in the bends. However did notice my tyres suffered a bit. This is a picture of the front passenger side tyre after travelling a total of 60 miles on the track ( I think I did 30 odd laps over 5 sessions) , note the feathering. There was some ( not as bad) on the rear passenger side, both driver side tyres seemed to be fine. Is this feathering to be expected on the outside corner tyres or is there a problem with the tracking or toe in etc, or does it look like dodgy tyres. Drove home 140 miles after the track day and as you would expect the tyres look fine now. My concern is the fact it was on just one tyre.
  2. Westside

    13" vs 15" wheels Westy FW

    I need some advice with running 13" either or 15" wheels on a Westfield FW SEIW?I currently have 15" 8J ET23 wheels running 195/50 Toyo T1R. my dilemma is whether I just change tyres (T1R is lethal in the wet) or wheel tyre set up to 13" 7J with 185/60 front & 205/60 rear R888R's At present I'm not sure if some of the handling issues are due to too much stretch on the tyre (it feels as if the tyre works on a narrow band in the wet & just drives off the sidewall) & whether 205/15's all round would remedy this, would this make the front end too heavy? or should I just go for 13"sMy other concern is whether there will be sufficient clearance for the bell housing loop or whether this would have to be modified.I have trawled the forums for answers but as usual there are too many conflicting opinions, a common theme seems to be that people like 13" 7J with 185/60 front 205/60 rear
  3. Westfield Parts Dept


    Good Morning All, Due to the overwhelming interest and success of this offer it's available again. Offer ends 28.3.2019 Pro race 1.2 wheels and tyres to suit all Zetec, Duratec, Honda and Sport 250 models. Full set of wheels including delivery* (4x 7"x 15" ET23)- £460.00 inc vat Full set of wheels including delivery* (2x 7"x 15" ET40/ET23 and 2x 8"x 15" ET24) - £470.00 inc vat 8" rear upgrade including delivery* (2x 8"x 15" ET24)- £245.00 inc vat ADD A FITTED TYRE PACKAGE AS BELOW Set of 4 R888R 205/50 R15 - £390 inc VAT Set of 4 T1R 195/50 R15 - £148 inc VAT (7” WHEELS ONLY). Set of 4 T1R 205/50 R15 - £212 inc VAT In stock and ready dispatch, limited stock available, call now on 01384 400077 or email parts@westfield-sportscars.co.uk *Delivery cost is for UK customers only, if you are outside of the UK please contact us for a shipping quote. First 5 customers receive a free westfield gift
  4. Josh Lawson

    Choosing a Tyre & when to change

    Hi All, Currently have 3mm on the back and 4mm on the front. I am doing a track day (Car Limits) in June and unsure as to whether to keep the tyres on the car and risk ruining my day as I have run out of tread or changing my tyres now. I am currently running Toyo 888's and struggle with grip when it is either cold or wet. There is very little feedback until the grip is no more and then it just lets go. I have heard T1r and R1R toyo tyres were a good choice but they differ massively on price. Any other suggestions would be welcome. Also does any one know of a 'tyres on the drive' type service who would fit a suitable tyre? Many thanks, Josh (London, Barnet)
  5. Set of 4 Silverstone FTZ Slick Track Tyres 19/58/R15 I fitted them to my Westfield and went to a trackday at Anglesey. These are the (more expensive) 'T5' - Medium Compound - but I found them to be way harder that I wanted so I changed over to my other rims in the lunch break. As a result they've only covered 50-70 miles and indeed the (slightly indented) writing stamped round the slick surface is still mostly visible. There are no flat-spots or cuts to the tread / sidewalls and they hold their air just fine. They have about 190mm of tread width and are about 580mm tall.. They've been sitting in my store room (away from sunlight) for about a year so it's about time I re-homed them.!. They are currently in Hampshire. I could deliver them for 25p per trip mile. Alternatively I'm at home most of the time so I could meet your courier (though some of them insist on the tyres being individually fully wrapped in cardboard and labelled - which would need a lot of card and take me half a day!! - so avoid those ones please! - I'd sooner tie them in pairs and add a couple of sticky labels to each..) If you're not in a rush I could deliver when I'm next travelling in your general direction and you'd only need to cover the miles off route..
  6. Set of 4 Avon ZV1 195 x 50 15 - £20 ! *** SOLD *** Having had my new Westy for a few months, I'm finally getting new rubber fitted. The Avons are on from when it was built (2003) and have covered about 8500 miles. There's lots of tread averaging about the 3-5mm (see pics below) but mostly 4mm. Being this age the rubber has hardened which is my reason for new rubber. The last few months I've used it, its not been that easy to get the tyres to give up grip so they are still performing ok (not tried them in the wet). £20 for all four ?. Collection preferred, or meet if reasonable distance. (Cheshire - 10mins J19 M6) Pete pm or 07714 235147 (rims NOT included - just took some pics yesterday ahead of new tyres being fitted today)
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