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Found 10 results

  1. Mark (smokey mow)

    Spot the Difference – Bodywork

    How to tell the difference between a Narrow Body and a Wide Body If you don’t have a tape measure to hand then the two most visual differences between a narrow and wide body car are around the rear lights and also the shoulder panel next to the seat. Starting with the shoulder panel, a narrow car will have a flat, vertical internal panel next to your shoulder. On a wide body car the GRP tub is extended into the cockpit to create a scalloped or chamfered panel to give more shoulder room. These first two pictures show an example of the shoulder panel on a narrow bodied car. Whilst on a Wide body car, the first of these pictures shows the chamfered tub used with ZK bodywork, whist the second shows the scallop of the earlier “kit” wide bodywork. The second method of telling the difference between a wide an narrow is the shape of the bdy tub around the rear lights. The wide body chassis was available with either fixed or detachable rear arches; whist the narrow was only available with fixed rear aches. Therefore if the car has detachable arches, which can be seen with a join line between the tub and arch as in the picture below then it will be a wide body car. If the car has fixed arches then it could be either a wide or a narrow. These first two pictures show examples of wide body Westfield’s. Note how the rear lights are partially recessed into the tub on their inside edge in a square recess. On a narrow however the arches are slightly wider and the arch has a smooth contour into the main body with no recess for the lamp. Note: I am aware that there is also some wide body tubs they may have rear arches similar to the narrow and therefore it is wise to also check the shape of the shoulder panel also to help with identification.
  2. I have a beautiful (biased much) 1988 SEi. One thing that has bugged me for a while is that the seats are just a block sponge with a bit of cloth wrapped round them. I'd love to put in some original seats in her, as she looks more like a classic than a performance Westie. Preferbly not a bright colour if I was to be picky. My interior is gray so gray/black seats would be ideal. Also with out any kind of headrest. Cheers all.
  3. Simon Waterfall Syman84

    AA composite changeable screen

    As in title never fitted brought from another member just want my money back. £50
  4. This car has had an interesting past, it was originally registered in 1989 and we believe ran for around 2 years when oil surge caused engine failure of the originally installed crossflow. At that point the owner pushed it into the garage and left it there for many years, until another one of our members purchased it a few years ago as a project. The car was stripped down completely including body removal, suspension engine and gearbox, a lowered floor was fitted and it is at this point we purchased the car as a rolling chassis, without an engine back in July last year. Our plan was to rebuild the car for my daughter, not to sell it on again, however her plans have changed and my wife says that I can’t keep both Westfield’s as well as the Porsche. Bollockybill and myself have rebuilt the car to what we consider a good standard, replacing or reconditioning many of the original parts, as said earlier our plan was not to resell the car. The first run out was planned to be Stoneleigh so we had a deadline to meet, the car passed its MOT and was taxed for the first time in 24 years on 23 April. Driving the 200 or so miles to and from Stoneleigh was maybe a brave thing to do for a first run out, but we had a great day without any issues. So to the spec… Westfield SEi Narrow with low-line body, mileage 1600 miles in 28 years Lowered floor on drivers side Bodywork in very good condition given it age, no fading Ford 1600 CVH engine on twin 40 Weber DCOE’s Engine has only covered 3000 miles since complete rebuild Purchased from another member, power reported as 120BHP Weber’s have been rebuilt, new springs seals etc. Fully Independent rear suspension with Westfield Diff (open) Ford Type “E” fours speed gearbox Clutch done less 3000miles fitted with new release bearing All Wishbones have been re-powder coated with new Metalastic bushes Alternator and Starter Motor covered only 1000 miles from new All brakes renewed including calipers,rear cylinders, disks and drums Master Cylinder refurbed by Past Parts New Front wheel bearings Alloy front hubs Racing type seats with 4 point Willans Harnesses RAC Roll Bar, the rear tubes not show in photos (waiting for my Dremel to come home) Looking for offers in the region of £6400
  5. ralphy

    Bonnet measurement help please

    Could some kind owner please confirm the rear width of the narrow-bodied bonnet please? For completeness, it would be helpful to find out the difference in measurement between the narrow and wide-body bonnets too. Thanks. R
  6. Ian Bunker

    Clutch footrest on a SE Narrow

    Could anyone please advise on how it might be possible to fabricate a footrest for the clutch foot in a SE Narrow footwell? It has got pendant pedals and short of tucking your foot under the clutch pedal its just so uncomfortable holding your foot & leg in the air. Any ideas welcome. Thanks very much
  7. Playskool Cages Bulk buy Due to the recent announcement about RAC rollbars been non compliant for competition use I thought it would be prudent to arrange another bulk buy for cages. So here goes! What are you Buying We have narrow body cages which include Independant rear axle cars and live axle rear cars. We also have wide body cages. All cages come with door bars and fixtures and fittings. Fitting instruction are available to download from our website, via the download link at the top. Narrow cages the door bars need to have the right angles welding on. This is due to the fact that we’ve found inconsistencies with these on different chassis. If this isn’t something your able to do, if you post the bars up to us with where you want them welding on we shall do this Free of charge. However we won't be responsible for you not marking these correctly!! The cages also come with mirror mounts. Both cages are also compatible with Windscreens. How is this cage different to Westfield Cage These cages are slightly different to the Westfield cages. In the top hoops the hoop is a continuous loop. The side door bars have plates instead of round holes, which allows for misalignment and differences in chassis. The narrow cage has the same rake front to rear as the wide. The bars that run down by your sides are pulled out slightly more to allow more room for your arms in an impact. Will this cage fit a chassis with Westfield cage mounts Unfortunately not, when caged was jigging up for these, they discovered that on the orginal cage, the front legs of the cage which bolt through the side of the chassis aren’t actually the same distance from the rear arch on both sides. They therefore rectified this when rejigging for this cage. However if you give me a call direct a PlaysKool I shall talk you through what we can do for you. Is this cage competition compliant Yes, both the narrow and the wide cages are FIA Homologated and you can purchase the homologation papers for these as well from the MSA. Due to the cages been homologated its allowed caged to make these cages out of much smaller diameter tube, hence a small weight saving over a cage that was produced to blue book standards. Also been FIA homologated means that you can use the cage here in the UK and also internationally. What will it cost This bulk buy deal is by far the best deal you’ll ever see from us! All cages will be £695 + VAT so costing you a mere £834! Carriage will be £75 + VAT so costing you £90 or you can collect from us. (You’ll need to prearrange) Carriage is done by a pallet company, so someone will need to be there to sign for the cage and it’ll arrive in an almighty big box, so if it’s going to your place of work you’ll need to have a transit or bigger to get it home! Caged will be sending direct. The Terms & Conditions The above prices are subject to one condition! There has to be TEN buyers for these! To place an order you need to put your name on the list below, I will also need to know whether you need a wide or a narrow and if you’re a narrow I need to know if you have an independent or a live axle. If you’re at all unsure of what car you have then please contact me, I cannot be responsible if that cage doesn’t fit as you’ve told me you have a narrow and you actually have a wide. The closing date for orders is September the 30th 2015. There will be a 50% deposit required upon this time to secure your order. If we reach 10 people well before the cut off date of the 30th, then if you’d like to have early delivery of your cage if you give me this deposit I’ll have your cage put into production. Finally delivery time is around 4 to 6 weeks. This is very much dependant on numbers though. Pictures Attached are some pictures of the cage fitted to Ash Mason’s beautiful narrow car. QUESTIONS? Could all questions please be emailed direct to me at sales@plays-kool.co.uk as you'll have a much quicker response, i'll then update this thread if the question is relevant to others
  8. Mark (smokey mow)

    Westy Narrow Owners Club Sticker

    Rare and now highly collectable, thee exclusive stickers were only offered to the 62 members of the Narrow owners club way back in 2011. Never before have I seen one of these for sale, if you have a Narrow Body car you cannot do without this to adorn the rear of your car !!!!! http://forum.wscc.co.uk/forum/index.php/topic/88900-narrow-club/?p=895144 Highest bid posted on this thread by 9pm Wednesday evening wins it. Narrow owners only please, sorry no time for wide boys. All money will be going to charity and to be paid by the winning bidder to any charity of their choice. free postage
  9. Ian Bunker

    Twin 40's in a SE Narrow?

    I have a SE Narrow with a Pinto 2.0L on a single Weber DGAV 32/36 and want to upgrade to twin 40 side draught Webers. I think I will need the shortest possible 1.15" manifold and maybe MISAB plates instead of O rings. BUT will it all fit or will the front ram pipe foul the top chassis rail. Also what linkage will work in such a confined space please? Will I need an uprated fuel pump? Any information or guidance would be very much appreciated. IB.
  10. As my Narrow car is now up for sale I have a Brand new, uncut, never used and still in it's delivery packaging Carbonmods dashboard for a narrow body. This cost me £125 new from Carbonmods this time last year and was one of the last before they stopped making them and has sat on top of my wardrobe for the last year in it's delivery packaging so this really is as new. Your's for £100 (no offers) + £10p&p Mark PM or email me at wsccessex@btinternet.com
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