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Found 9 results

  1. Hello, I think time has come to start the rebuild thread of my SEiW. Bought last October in the UK, it's a '94 chassis registered in '98. It has got a Ford CVH turbo 1.6 engine straight off an old Escort (from the paperwork I got it should be from '89), complete with the painful Bosch KE-Jetronic EMS. Other than that it's a pretty standard SEiW, Ford disc brakes all around, Ford 3.62 viscous LSD, kit bodywork. Straight after bringing it to Italy, I changed all fluids and filters, and installed a set of Ferodo DS2500 brake pads. On their way to Italy there are a set of new Spax dampers (thanks @DamperMan) and a new Sytec pre-pump filter and fuel hoses from Matt Lewis Racing. The target of this rebuild is to have a very quick and powerful road car that can do a couple of track days each year just fine. Dry only usage. I'll do everything on my own to the limit of my skills, other than that my brothers and my uncle own a couple of garages so plenty of help if needed The rebuild will likely span a few years, I don't plan to ever sell it so I don't wanna rush, just enjoy the process (which will entertain me as much as driving it). The first step is to have it ready for the next summer season. This will include: - All fluids and filters (done) - New brake pads (done) - New dampers - New tires The second step is meant to sort out the engine part and related stuff. This will likely be done during the next winter season. Since the actual engine is pretty old, has got an awful management and it's actually not running well at all, I decided to swap in a VAG 1.8 20v turbo engine. I already got one (AGU engine code) which I'll probably rebuild in the next months (when I have time) to have it ready for the winter. It's gonna work together with a MS3X EMS MaxxECU Race H2O and a GTX28 G25-660 turbo for 500+bhp. Car electronics will be managed by an AiM PDM32 with 6" dash and GPS. At the same time, I'm gonna move the driving side to the left and add a widetrack kit. Other than that the objective here is to tune the engine and have the whole package to run very well. The third (and last) step will start after the car out of the previous step runs very well and without problems. It will involve a complete rebuild from the bare chassis, a complete repaint, new wheels, etc. This step alone is probably gonna take a while, but at the end I'll have the car like I want it. I've personally never done all this stuff, so this will also be a learning experience for me (which I can't wait to have!!! ). Any thought, advice or recommendation is welcome. I can only learn from this awesome community I'll add some photos over the weekend. Sorry for the long post 😄
  2. For sale is my Westfield SEIW with V8 Bonnet. It has been extensively modified into a fantastic road / track prepped car it is today. The car was built using new components and so registered in 2014 with age related plate. Engine spec.  2.0 litre Ford Zetec black top engine stripped and modified to produce 272 bhp. Mapped / Tuned by Troy at Northampton motorsports to include 4 boost levels easily switched by the touch of a button.  New stage 1 hybrid Turbo cassette from turbo rebuild bolted to boost performance cast exhaust manifold.  JE forged pistons.  Eagle H beam armoured con rods.  ARP rod bolts.  ARP Flywheel bolts  Lightened Flywheel  King heavy duty mains and big end bearings.  Head fitted with new valves, stem seals and shimmed at Cylinder head developments and timed with Turbosport adjustable Vernier pulleys and heavy duty valve springs.  Aluminium Thermostat housing  Raceline aluminium sump.  Custom built / modified Pulsar GTR inlet plenum.  Jenvey 45 throttle bodies running with Omex 600 ECU setup fitted with Bosch Omex 450cc injectors.  Coolex heavy duty 70mm Coolant radiator with silicone hoses and hi flow fan.  Caterham intercooler and custom piping / ducting with Pipercross forced air filter.  2.75 inch custom repack able exhaust made at REEF (£1000) and Zircotec coated.  Fuel swirl pot installed.  Mocal 16 row oil cooler. Drive line.  7 inch 3.9 ratio LSD diff built by Bara motorsport.  Type 9 gearbox with Westfield Alloy gearknob.  Ap racing 5 paddle Ceramic clutch. Braking and suspension.  Running standard track with front and rear anti roll bars.  Gaz shocks with heavy duty springs.  Hi-spec front 4 pot calipers with EBC pads.  Standard Sierra fitment rear calipers fitted with new Ferrodo pads.  Ap racing master cylinder.  Rear Aluminium uprights.  13 inch Team Dynamic 1.2 pro race wheels fitted with Toyo 888R Tyres (approx. 3-4mm tread). Exterior.  Full roll cage from Playskool (built by caged)  Carbon aeroscreen.  4 inch Dominator headlamps.  Softbits for sevens boot cover  Carbon effect rear arch stone protectors.  Carbon effect front wheel arches.  V8 style bonnet.  Carbon effect rear lamp clusters.  Rear lower diffuser. Interior.  Westfield Cobra seats fitted with TRS 4 point harnesses with buckle covers.  Vdo analogue dash gauges.  Longacre Wide view mirror fitted to cage.  Westfield lowered floor pans.  Carbon chassis rail protectors.  Momo quick release leather steering wheel (added security)  Digital Gizmo IBC V4 turbo boost controller and analogue boost gauge. General details.  The car has covered approx. 4300 miles since new however the new engine build has only covered approx. 500 miles with the Turbo plus rebuild completed July 2019.  The car comes with many receipts and build folder.  The engine was built using all new gaskets / seals / spark plugs / cam belt kit / water pump etc.  Full suspension and geometry setup by Northampton Motorsports.  The car is in excellent overall condition and ready to be used.  Great power delivery with 272 bhp and 269 lb ft torque.  Road legal car setup for track however very useable as a daily drive. The car is ready to be viewed and driven away, I am happy to take for passenger road test. (COVID 19 rules apply) I am looking for £17,950 to fund first house purchase however open to sensible offers. Please feel free to call Lee on 079999 80091.
  3. Hello and welcome After much deliberation i have decided to sell my pride and joy after 9 years of ownership. (I am the 5th owner) Having covered a mere 1,300 miles in that time i can no longer warrant keeping it and it deserves to go to someone who will get more use out of it. The car has been sat for 4 years so gives you an idea of just how little it has been used. (house renovation and road cycling take up most of my time). The reason for buying the car was i'd had recently had my beloved RS Turbo written off by a run away car while it was parked on the driveway but as it had only just been fitted with a new engine i couldn't bring myself to sell it and thats when i decided to buy a CVH Westfield so that i could fit the engine with little engineering required, well, from the point of getting the engine in at least! The car was extensively adapted and modified to make the engine and car perform at it best with no expense spared, below are a list of what was undertaken during the build. English axle was fitted with a Quaife ATB diff along with all new half-shaft bearings and powder coated drums/back plates. (sub 1k miles) Fuel tank was modified to take a swirl pot to prevent fuel starvation to the Cosworth HP fuel pump Engine was fitted with the correct flywheel/brand new uprated Techniclutch cover,thrust bearing & plate (Type 9 5 speed box) Brand new aluminium polo radiator which has been spaced to give a more vertical position over the standard sloped position for better airflow. Nosecone has also been tastefully opened up to aid airflow. Also has a brand new fan which runs off the usual thermostat sensor and also a switch. I designed and had made a water cooled inlet manifold which has its own separate radiator and electric water pump which also runs on the same system as the charge cooler (water cooled intercooler) which was also modified from the RS Turbo to the correct inlet/outlet orientation. All hoses are silicone from siliconhoses.com with custom stainless sections Brand new fiesta header tank Mikalor Stainlesss hose clamps here and there, mainly on the boost system and cooling system Induction Filter Oil breather/seperator Brand new oil cooler with thermostat. Wheels are 15" Compomotve MO's (getting rare) Anthracite Grey and are as mint as the day they were powder coated. (Has TOYO Proxes 888 at the rear in mint condition) Rear lights are all LED (with the exception of the number plate light). Has correct relay for correct timed flashing of the indicators. Exhaust was custom made by Mick at Wacky Racers and features a Titanium Silencer which has the 2.5" bore all the way through (repackable but never touched/opened). Innovate Motorsport Lamda sensor/gauge added so you can keep an eye on the Air/Fuel ratio. Rollbar was freshly powder coated. The specification of the engine is; 1.6 CVH overbored +0.5mm with all new ACL HD bearings, genuine Ford Pistons, ARP stud Kit, Genuine For Head Gasket, New Oil pump gaskets etc (Had about 1k miles on it when it came out the RS Turbo) Kent Cams CVH 35 with vernier pulley Custom inlet manifold as above, this was adapted from the EFI manifold Cosworth yellow injectors Level 6 ECU mapped to 1.6 8v from 2.0 16. Fuel pump runs on a new separate braided loom Bosch 044 Group A Cosworth throttle body, 3 bar MAP sensor, crank, phase sensors. Standard T3 turbo unit with 2 stage boost Braided HP fuel supply hose NGK plugs , heat value 8. Modified Pace Chargecooler running Chill Charger additive 1 way breather valve on the petrol tank The car has had the following to bring it back into commission and get it ready for its MOT which was on 11th May 2018. (It flew through) New diff oil - Fuchs Titan SYN5 75/90W (Quiafe recommended and all its ever had) New coolant/antifreeze Engine oil/filter change (the oil that came out looked like new but thought best change after 4 years) Correct at 10w/40 Archoil AR9200 V2 Nano MO-WS2 Friction Modifier All new brake fluid with brand new pistons/seals in the front calipers as they were a little draggy. New cambelt, again like new but thought best be safe than sorry New alternator belt Freshly powder coated rocker cover in a textured black. The previous one was chrome but had began to surface rust which didnt want to polish out. New rubber rocker cover gasket New coolant/chill charger to the inlet cooling system Hydra additive added to the fuel to give the system a thorough clean New distributor o-ring oil seal New rubber fuel pipes (Supply from tank to pump and from pressure regulator back to the tank) Replace a few of the bolts on show that were slightly discoloured (me being picky) Added the decals to the switches on the dash as it never had them along with new dash lights which have the symbols (Again me being picky) Brand new manifold gasket Self adhesive number plate added as i never got round to putting it on. The car was first registered 1st April 1997 and i acquired the car on 5th April 2009 and is on a Q-Plate . It is in great condition considering its age and really turns heads when its out. It does have a few marks here and there but nothing that detracts you from what is a great looking car. When the car was last MOT'd it had only done 6,782 miles (was at 5,459 when i brought it) so it has been nowhere really. The car is in Navy/Chrome yellow and has the lockable boot, side windows and some form of cover which covers the seat area (has always been in the boot and ive never used it). The external of the car is exactly as i brought it regards stickers etc, i just added the adhesive plate. The engine really sounds like a wrist watch so don't confuse this with the CVHs of old that got abused and had servicing neglected, this has non of the usual top end cam rattle whatsoever, it purs like a kitten! Ive probably missed loads of things but please get in touch if you require an further information. I have hundreds of photos of the build process and receipts coming out of my ears to. Looking for £7,999 ono Regards Chris
  4. Mark Williams

    ALL SOLD Megabusa Turbo parts

    Testing the water for interest in the following parts from my turbocharged Megabusa: Ceramic-coated stainless steel exhaust manifold Garrett GT3071R turbo - T3 0.82 A/R internal wastegate turbine housing complete with Forge Motorsport actuator, plus stainless steel downpipe with lambda boss Techcraft stainless steel repackable silencer - 7" diameter When assembled, the manifold and turbo fit within the flared side panel (I.e invisible from the outside) Open to offers on the package, or interest in individual items
  5. gee_fin

    Hayabusa Turbo de/rebuild diary

    Well, you can only stay away so long... I had sold my previous Westfield (R1 engined) many moons ago after a change in the rallying regulations in Barbados rendered it uncompetitive (minimum weight and a change in lbs/cc for bike engines) and spent the next few years going through the rally route of 205, RWD 205, Evo 1, 2, 3 Group N, clubman Group A, full Group A all the while sighing whenever a bike passed me on the road with that engine note or I would see photos of Westfields and Caterhams scroll by on the Facebook feed and tap my fingers. Anyways, cue end of 2014, my Group A Evo is in a ball from Rally Barbados 2012 (tyre failure before meeting an unmoveable cliff face) and I'm feeling itchy to see some revs again. I looked to rebuild the remaining Westfield on the island (Martin Atwell's old Megabird) but after viewing it, the new owners have properly killed it and it's only really worth spares... so off to the WSCC/Pistonheads/etc. classifieds on a whim and prayer and up turns Steve Garner's turbo Busa racecar. Mechanically perfect, pretty much the exact spec I wanted, but after a number of years of successful racing and upgrades by Steve it was in need of a bit of aesthetic love and attention. 700bhp/tonne is a good starting point as any right? Deal done, an inter-country payment saga worthy of the old 419 scam-baiting page and the car is on a boat out to the West Indies... Big plans, just a two-week wait while it made it's voyage...
  6. Dommo

    Turbocharging the mazdafield

    I was always torn between fitting throttle bodies, a supercharger or a turbo to the Westfield. The latter are common modifications to the MX5, but the former perhaps more suited to a Westfield. So, I went down the throttle bodies route over the winter (along with an engine rebuild) and netted myself 165-170bhp, depending on which dyno you use. However, once I'd gotten an aftermarket ECU as part of the winter build, I'd gotten it into my head that this immediately makes any further changes a lot easier. I then persuaded myself that it's ok to try forced induction as I can simply put the throttle bodies on the shelf and fit a standard inlet manifold again. Whichever setup I preferred, I could sell the other. I'm not the first person to turbocharge a Mazda SDV Westfield. There's at least two others, one in the states using a Mazdaspeed manifold, and one in the continent using (I think) an aftermarket interpretation of the Mazdaspeed manifold. The problem with the Mazdaspeed manifold is it sits the turbo down low, requiring modifications to the passenger side engine mount. Whilst this is out of my skillset, finding someone to do it would be pretty easy. Unfortunately, the manifolds themselves proved impossible to track down. So I turned to someone on the MX5 forums who was well known for making custom turbo manifolds. I asked him if he could help me out and we started looking into the options. I gave him measurements of the engine bay and he suggested a top mount turbo would probably fit best. I then chose the turbo so that he could start mocking stuff up. I wanted a turbo that would spool quickly whilst also being readily available and cheap. This meant it was either a T25 from a 180sx or a TD04 from a Subaru. I went for the TD04 as it's slightly bigger than the T25 but should still be making positive pressure from 2-2.5k. As long as I'm sensible, it shouldn't run out of puff at higher revs. Within an impressively short amount of time he'd made a mockup on a spare engine he had: The downpipe curves back on itself to clear the triangulation at the rear of the engine bay. With the guy being 1,200 miles away, a test fit was impractical so I adopted 21st century bodgery and photoshopped it. Looked close, but also looked like it would fit. We put a kit together... And I went ahead and sourced a turbo. A TD04L-13T from an Impreza. Release the inner chav
  7. I have a 1600 xflow with stage two head, piper cam, 1300cc pistons and twin 40 webbers. According to Burtons tuning guides I should be pushing around 130 bhp but i believe it to be nearer 100bhp however in favour of more power and speed i'm thinking about changing it for a series 2 RS Turbo engine. I've been speaking with the guys at bogg brothers and they are happy to take on the challenge but i just wondered if anyone had done it before? It doesn't seem to be a common choice engine but they can easily push 185 bhp with very little modification so i'm keen to listen to others opinions. Thanks in advance!
  8. CrashBangWallop

    Haynes manuals and CVH parts for sale

    I have put a bunch of things on ebay, due to me not needing them any more. Feel free to have a look. I'm not really ebay-savvy so... If there's anything there you would like and the auction has no bidders, I think I can end the auction and give it to you directly? Anyway... (ebay item numbers) Haynes manuals (all starting at 99p) Tuning the Ford CVH engine - 261186929277 Ford Escort 75-80 Haynes Manual - 261186937404 Ford Fiesta 1989-1995 - 261186942766 VW Passat 1996-2000 - 261186951027 Ford Mondeo 1993-1999 - 261186963796 JVC V4 CS-V514 2-way 13.34cm Car Speakers (Pair) - 261186986614 Ford CVH Fiesta RS Turbo Air Temp Sensor - 261187037231 Fiesta RS Turbo Cylinder Head - 261187058480 Kent Cams CVH35K cam kit - 261187069760 Adjustable CVH pulley - 261187075684 Thanks, Neil
  9. Sold This car is now sold. It's time to move on, so ..... The car is located in Lytham St Annes, Lancs I am looking for £8000 ono. 1998 Westfield SEIW (Wide tunnel) MOT till August 21,120 miles Taxed till Sept Since advertising it, the turbo as been refurbished which now gives less lag, (what a difference!) Power around 180Bhp with lots of torque Nissan 1.8 Silvia Turbo engine, brand new when fitted Nissan 200SX gearbox, brand new when fitted Boost upgrade kit fitted SAMCO silicone piping Large bespoke alloy intercooler Stainless steel rear exit exhaust Chassis & everything else where possible powder coated Wide track front wishbones Quick steering rack Small gel filled battery Long range alloy fuel tank Anodized black aero fuel filler cap Alloy AVO fully adjustable dampers all round Cycle wings Ducted & louvred nose Westfield V8 Alloy radiator Kenlowe high powered fan Bespoke alloy header tank V8 bonnet Detachable rear arches Rear valence Matt black 5.5" headlights Caterham style braced rollover bar Set of 5 16" OZ Saturn Plus wheels Westfield padded & piped race seats Contoured dash VDO instruments Willans 4 point harnesses Spa Alpha detachable shift light steering wheel Fully carpeted Poly bushed suspension Alloy hubs Four pot alloy front calipers Caterham AP alloy master cylinder Cosworth rear calipers Cross drilled & vented discs 3.92 limited slip diff Side screens & weather gear
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