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Found 5 results

  1. LiveTheDream84

    Fan Problem

    Hi fellas, I am having overheating problems with my Westfield SE. I have disconnected the fan temperature cooling switch before running a wire across the two connections, the fan powers up and runs consistently with no issues so I believe the fan is functioning correctly. I ordered a new fan temp switch (88c / 79c) and fitted this morning but the problem is still there, I ran the car for 15 minutes or so and the temperature steadily rose to 105c without the fan switching on. Do any of you have any advice on where I should be looking next? I would rather not connect the fan directly to a switch on the dash if possible, although the car is starting to leak oil once temps get above 100c so thats' what i will do in the short term.
  2. Andy Banks

    A little help - urgent

    Hi All, I've gone and busted the take off from my Zetec thermostat housing thingy, the one that, on my setup, goes to the expansion/header tank with a 10mm hose. It's the green bit, the rest of it is in the hose! It seems the plate has 3 bolts (two seen in the pic) so just the face plate might do...? Could I even block this off? I broke it whilst replacing the old original header tank with a new one and I also discovered I need some more hose. It needs to be 25(26)mm at the thick end then 15(16)mm at the thin end. I suspect it needs to be about a foot long min as I'm going to have to snake it round in an S shape to fit. It's all a bit Heath Robinson but the old tank was about to blow and I'm wanting to get it set safe for Blyton next Friday - hence this is a bit urgent. So, please let me know what you've got. Happy to pay going rate and shipping. I'm resigned to missing this Sunday's local car show but I really don't want to miss Blyton. Thanks...
  3. linky1967

    20XE Redtop Water Temp

    Can you tell me what the normal running temp should be for a 20XE redtop? My fan cuts in a 100 degrees C, but a few people have said that it should be 90 degrees max. It also warms up quite quickly and the header tank becomes pressurised. There are no bubbles, internal leaks or residue in the water is this normal or should I be looking at changing something? Thanks
  4. Hi all, I've searched the forums to no avail, trying to add a thermostatic switch to my Seight as it just has a manual one at the moment. I have the following : http://www.carbuildersolutions.com/uk/adjustable-fan-controller-thermostat and I'm not sure which wire goes where, from the fan I have a red & a black wire, finding a suitable connection to disconnect I've found that with the switch on they are both live, I assume there is a relay involved somewhere and I've tested the circuit before this i.e. on the fan side in the engine bay. I could do this by trial & error but if anyone has a more scientific method I'd be grateful for a pointer. By the way, I can highly recommend "car builder solutions" as a web site, they appear to have anything you could possibly want. Cheers Dave
  5. Widget1984

    Pinto troubles

    Hi all, Got my membership sorted so hopefully some kind people can offer some advice. I have a 1990 narrow that runs a 2L pinto. When I got the car it was in quite a state, it's a bit better now, but very much still a project! It didn't run at all. Now it runs after an electrical fault was sorted, new battery, timing sorted etc. It passed it's MOT and I then taxed it. All fine. It was then after some longer drives (only a few miles) that another gremlin reared it's head. On the first trip of a few miles, it overheated horribly and vented a load of coolant on to the road. We let it cool off and then a day or so later took it out again and it over heated once more. So then I took the following steps. - Checked the thermostat and replaced the 92c for an 88c (checked the thermostat worked in pan before fitting) - Used two stage rad flush and filled with new coolant. Put it all back together and still overheating. So I then - Swapped out the thermostat for an 82c (drilled a 3mm hole in the thermostat too) - Took of the water pump for inspection which seems ok, is there anything specific to look for? The current set up has a radiator with a pressure cap and no expansion tank. Whilst the radiator allows water through, would it be worth replacing it with a Polo unit and adding an expansion tank to the set up. At the moment the current system vents to the road via an outlet on the radiator filler neck. Or shall I put it back together as is with the 82c thermostat and see where that gets me. I also did a compression test and got 160ish on all four cylinders. The engine as far as i know is standard apart from it has R1 carbs fitted. Any ideas or advice would be great. Thanks
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