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February 2019

February 21st, 2019 Spend: £0.00   The sun is out and the urge to go out in the Westfield again is growing.  Time to start cracking! Agreed to borrow @Marto303's sliding hammer so that I could remove the half shafts.  What a difference the right tool makes to a job .  They were out in 5 minutes, although I could not remove the OS without also removing the brake drum back plate.  And that means replacing the brake fluid as I've had to disconnect the lines.  Oh well, just anoth

Quinten Uijldert - Webmaster

Quinten Uijldert - Webmaster

Its been a long year.....

That was an expensive month with a new forged short motor, and replacing all the front uprights, hubs, wishbones and bushes..  Engine back in an running.. I don't want to think about the total cost but it will be worth it....   Spent so far this month... Far too much again in March and its not over yet …….. Well March is turning out to be a bit of a nightmare... Discovered the slight oil leak on the axle was from the mounts welded to the axle (keep it in place and prevent torque t

Rob the Red Top

Rob the Red Top

November 2018

November 2nd, 2018 Spend: £0.00   Oooh, it's fresh today...     November 29th, 2018 Spend: £0.00   Realistically, I'm not seeing the weather being nice enough to drive the car to work and back without getting p*ssed on, so I SORNed it today.  I need to get the half-shafts machined so my new wheels fit, and I need to take the petrol tank out to re-fit the pump so it reads on the gauge again.  Plenty to do this winter!       La

Quinten Uijldert - Webmaster

Quinten Uijldert - Webmaster

October 2018

October 5th, 2018 Spend: £0.00   What a muppet...  ran out of petrol on the way into work.  Must! Fix! The! Petrol! Gauge!         Last month: £  8749.45 This month: £     0.00             ----------+ Total:      £  8749.45

Anglesey weekend

So the time had come for my first trip to Anglesey, It was going to be either brilliant weather or freezing so earlier in the year asked a few fellow competitors if they would like to share a cottage. In the end it was just myself with wife Michelle and baby Olivia with @Howard (the champion) Gaskin and his son Alex. we arrived at the cottage late afternoon and eptied all the thigs you end up carting around when travelling with a wife baby and dog and i headed up to the track. I was plesant

Simon Waterfall Syman84

Simon Waterfall Syman84

Tel's Tales Ty Croes Oct 2018

Ty Croes 6th/7th Oct 2018 Well the was the long awaited finale to the 2018 season. Most of the year had seen John Loudon and myself as leaders in the overall championship and Simon Waterfall pushing for at least Novice championship honours in the ex Kev Bamber car. After celebrating our 50thwedding anniversary Margaret and I booked  a one week cruise to the Greek Islands and I would be back just in time for ANGLESEY. Whilst I was away John Loudon and Howard (I am sneaking up on you)  Gaskin

September 2018

September 1st, 2018 Spend: £4.99   New exhaust bobbin of 4cm high instead of 3cm, to give it a little more clearance.       Last month: £  8744.46 This month: £     4.99             ----------+ Total:      £  8749.45

Quinten Uijldert - Webmaster

Quinten Uijldert - Webmaster

Tel's Tales Harewood Sept 2018

Tel’s tales – Harewood weekend 15thand 16thSept 2018 This weekend saw the speed series visiting god’;s own county of Yorkshire and sample the local weather which once again was windy and at times wet as well as a little chilly. It’s the only hillclimb Steve  and I do as its only 30 mins away and on  the doorstep. For those that have not driven it Harewood is the longest hillclimb in the country and notoriously difficult to get a good time as there are several places to get the corner wrong

Tel's Tales Curborough, Aintree and 3 Sisters, Aug 2018

Tel’s `Tales CURBOROUGH FIG 8 , AINTREE AND 3 SISTERS 2 LAPPER   So here is a roundup of the last 3 events I attended   Curborough Fig 8 There were 7 Westfields competing at the popular but very slow 2 lap event and we has=d 2 practice and 2 timed runs. It was good to see Howard Gaskin back out and he had installed another gearbox and hydraulic clutch release in a short space of time since it failed at his last event. In P1 I suddenly experienced an intermittent mi

August 2018

August 20th, 2018 Spend: £511.02   An early birthday present!  I desperately needed new tyres and as I was also considering going to a smaller wheel size or having the wheels refurbished into a different colour, I weight up the options and costs for each permutation.  New wheels won!     They are John Brown Wheels Smoothie's in 5.5J 13" for the front and 7J 13" for the back.  They fitted them with Nankang NS-2R tyres in 185/60R13.     I've

2018 Champion (and a Caterham Sandwich....:) With Vids

Like a kid counting down to Christmas, this race meeting could not come round quick enough. I had been over thinking the championship and really trying to get my fitness up, I just wanted to get out there and was chomping at the bit!   This was the penultimate meeting of 2018 with the Welsh Sport and Saloon Car Championship.   I had to book a different hotel to the one I usually get and although an ok place, it did smell damp in the room and my mate again, snored like a troop



Blyton weekend 11th/12th August 2018

Blyton Sat/Sun 11th/12thAug 2018 On Thursday I was in shorts and T shirt as I got my car ready for the weekend run by Longton and District Motor Club who had a very small entry but the event still went ahead. I had spent 2 weeks trying to track down an intermittent fault which was causing a misfire or fuel starvation. I spent hours remaking connections on the wiring loom, changing the fuel pump, all relays, plugs , coil sticks and all sensors as well as checking earths for ECU and Power Com

Blyton 12/08/2018

I arrived Saturday afternoon as my wife was working Friday night and couldn't commit to the full weekend, having spent the morning rebuilding the hand break mechanism that failed a few weeks before at the westfield weekend at Blyton. I Arrived and managed to catch the last couple of runs for the day where Garry and Del were having issues with the Cosworth powered car as the alternator was shedding belts as a result of a broken bolt by the time the BBQ was fired up the front end had been str

Simon Waterfall Syman84

Simon Waterfall Syman84

July 2018

July 6th, 2018 Spend: £0.00   Oops!  Did something stupid and will now pay the price for it.  Ran into the crashbar of a truck (he didn't even notice) and damaged my cycle wing and nose cone in the process.         Made some roadside "repair" and got the car home.     July 8th, 2018 Spend: £0.00   Met up with @richyb and went to the Kimbolton Country Fayre.     July 15th, 2018

Tel's Tales 3 Sisters July 2018

Tel’s Tales Three Sisters 29th July 2018   Well with all the dry and very hot weather we have had during the last 7 weeks or so, what could possibly go wrong? Well 3 Sisters is on the wrong side of the Pennines in rainy Lancashire so does that give you a clue? We probably had the coldest and wettest day of “summer” so any chance of setting new records on the new tarmac were never going to happen.  It was initially a case of surviving the wet and cold during the practice runs which

More Class Wins....Lots More Rain (Now with videos)

So off to Donny we go for Rounds 7 and 8 of the Welsh Sports and Saloon Car Championship. This was looking like a cracking meeting with a grid of 33 cars. However, with the understatement of the week - the weather was not looking great. Weather warnings for high winds and heavy rain were annoying accurate. Even more annoyingly, my Gazebo imploded and now I’ll have to fork out for a new one (probably more sturdy this time) at £400 odd quid.   Nonetheless, it’s a circuit I love and I ha



Tel's Tales Blyton July 2018

Tel’s Tales Blyton July  weekend 2018   After 3 weeks way down in the south of France with our motorhome I arrived back home with just enough time to get everything ready for an afternoon arrival on Friday to get set up and see the back end of the trackday. I was hoping for a great weekend of sprinting. The Friday was well supported as was the GF pub meal in the evening. Dave Cleaver and Simon Waterfall were getting in some practice for their double drive and it was good to see To

Blyton Park WSCC Weekend 13-15 july

The weekend started off on Thursday evening when I dragged the caravan across to Blyton and Dave Cleaver dragged the Westy there as he was double driving with me for the weekend, we got set up and then said hello to the others that had arrived early and were going to be taking part in the track day on the Friday. Friday morning came and it was very overcast and word of rain at home only 40 miles away so prayed it stayed away for the day. The plan was for Dave to get some time in the car and

Three Sisters 17/06/18

I arrived Saturday evening with Tony Smiley and got settled for the night, A member of staff from the track approached me and asked if many more were likely to arrive that evening being unsure i said probably up to 10pm. He handed me the key and said well can you lock up tonight and open up in the morning.   We walked the track using the double lap formation for this event and soon realised that none of the videos portray just how tight and technical the circuit is. The track h

On the Podium....Yippee!! (with short vids)

Back to Pembrey on the ‘Classic’ circuit for rounds 5&6 of the Welsh Sports and Saloons Championship.   I stayed down the road at the usual place and with my trusty ear plugs in and had an ok night’s sleep despite my mates ridiculous snoring again. It was an early start with sign-on at 7.30am. Annoyingly we were the last race of the day as well at 5.30pm. It was going to be a long day in the hot sun…..   Still, it was dry and that’s how I like it as these caterfields jus



Tel's Tales Silverstone 3rd June 2018

Tel’s Tales Silverstone Stowe Circuit 3rdJune 2018 After around a 6 or 7 years break we eventually managed to get invited to attend this meeting although it turned out to be a single lap and not the 2 lapper I remember from the past. We had quite a good turnout of 11 Westfields even though it was on the same weekend as Pembrey (2 events in the south on the same weekend!). The forecast for Sunday was good but as I loaded up the car and set off it was raining hard in York. The first bad

Silverstone Stowe 3/6/18

Thought i would document my sprint attendance and maybe entice some other fresh faces to the Paddock it really is a blast    Well what a feeling. First trophy. Home from a very successful outing at Silverstone today with 6 in my class of what looked to be some fast caterham's, the only goal I had set myself for the day was a 60 second run. Starting the day with a P1 time 61.8 felt good and new once I had found my way round a very confusing course (everyone else agreed) it was
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