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Tel's Tales Three Sisters 4th Aug 2019

Terry Everall - WSCC Competition Secretary



Tel’s Tales 3 Sisters 4th Aug 2019


This weekend saw 4 Westfields competing at Hethel and 4 at 3 Sisters where I was. John Hoyle was in class F whilst myself, Steve and Matt were in class G. In some ways this was a strange  event for Longton and District Motor Club as there were only 43 drivers taking part. The day ran well and the predicted heavy rain started at 1500hrs but by then we had completed 1 Practice and 8 Timed runs so it was great value for money and the competition was keen. It was also a bit strange seeing the paddock looking empty but nice that we were all in the pit road on nice clean tarmac. We had just one practice and it only took us 29 minutes and it was clear from the times that we would be in with a good chance of better the target times of 45.72secs for John and 44.25 for the rest of us in class G. I was quickest in practice but the times were all close.  Just to put me in my place Matt Turner broke the record (he set it 6 years ago) with 43.98secs and John Hoyle also broke his class record with 45.17secs despite some gremlins which was causing a few engine cuts and may have been the gear cut sensor. Having realised that I needed to pull my finger out I recorded a fast 43.15secs as my car handled perfectly especially around Lunar bend. Until Timed run 7 I was still leading and in with a chance of FTD but Matt Turner was buzzing as he recorded 43.07secs to lead me by 0.08 secs and it stayed that way ! Steve was still having a few issues with the gearshifting and getting used to the starts using way more revs than he has been used to. John Hoyle recorded a very quick 44.17sec in T4 and decided that was enough. In the end Matt was 3rdfastest overall and I was 4th. John , Matt and myself were all well pleased as we all scored a maximum 101 points.

Looking forward to the 2 lapper in Sept and a rematch.


Terry Everall




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Alex Gaskin


16 hours ago, Jim cunliffe said:

When in September is the “rematch”

Its' on Sunday the 1st, next weekend

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