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Tel's Tales: 3 Sisters 1st Sept 2019

Terry Everall - WSCC Competition Secretary



3 Sisters Sunday 12st Sept 2019

Following the last few really hot weeks the weather was taking a change as we approached the first day of Autumn (1/9/19). As a results the forecast was poor with the chance of rain throughout the day  but what do you expect in Lancashire? As the 8  Westfield competitors arrived at the circuit they were greeted by a nice rainbow. Quite soon it was raining as we prepared our cars for the 1000hrs start with a full entry. As predicted the track was very wet but the class G and H guys stayed on slicks as there was not much standing water around. 

We were doing the 2 lapper and it was quite a challenge in P1 (we only had 1 practice) as most of us slipped and slid around the track looking for any traction. This was the first event for Nick Bailey in Paul Pocklington’s old car so it was a bit of rude awakening to sprinting. The driving for Steve Everall was made a bit harder than usual as he left his Sketchers on instead of his race boots!!!

I managed to be quickest with John Hoyle and Matt Turner close behind. Troy from Northhampton Motorsport was there and putting his laptop to good use as he made a few adjustment to the ECU settings etc and Del and Garry were certainly quick of the start line as their launch control helped handle the wet surface. Also visiting and catching up with the paddock gossip were Mark Anson as well as Steve Davies.

T1 was held before lunch and the track was only around 95% dry so could catch you out if you did not take care but as it might be the driest run so we had to go for it and get a “banker” in.  Matt Turner showed us how to do it and posted a time of 72.42 secs and held 2ndFTD for quite a while. Howard Gaskin was leading his class and Garry was leading Del. Nick Bailey put in his fastest time of 90.59secs on his first run and seemed to be enjoying the competition. John Hoyle also recorded his best time with a great 74.39 secs which was just short of the class F target. As we took lunch I am sure I spotted Matt muttering some words to the God’s as he practiced a rain dance. 

T2 was looking tricky due to big black clouds approaching from the west and we were all checking our weather apps but none agreed about rain etc. 

In the click shod classes I was first out and got a good run in with 72.99 secs and as I finished the rain started so the others struggled with their times.  As the afternoon went on it was clear that we would only get 1 more run but 10 minutes before we were ready it rained heavily so most people did not even bother going out. A good event was spoilt by the weather. So in the end no records were broken and Matt just beat me again!

Best times were as follows:

Nick Bailey                  90.59

Howard Gaskin           81.18

John Hoyle                   74.39   (6thFastest)

Matt Turner                72.42   (3rdFastest)

Terry Everall                72.99   (4thFastest)

Steve Everall               85.47

Garry Bunn                  73.91   (5thFastest)

Derek Hodder              75.58


As you can see we had 4 Westfields in the top 6 cars so quite a good showing in testing conditions. Let’s hope we have better weather at Knockhill next weekend.


Terry Everall

Class G competitor

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