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February 2019



February 21st, 2019

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The sun is out and the urge to go out in the Westfield again is growing.  Time to start cracking!

Agreed to borrow @Marto303's sliding hammer so that I could remove the half shafts.  What a difference the right tool makes to a job ;).  They were out in 5 minutes, although I could not remove the OS without also removing the brake drum back plate.  And that means replacing the brake fluid as I've had to disconnect the lines.  Oh well, just another job to do...

February 23rd, 2019

Spend: £0.00

Sometimes all you need is a second pair of eyes.  @dombanks had kindly offered to machine down the half shafts at his place of work and when I popped round to hand them over he had a good look at them and said that it looked like there were some kind of collars fitted on the hub.  And you know what?  He's only bl**** right!


Spend 10 minutes with an angle grinder and off they came.  Aarghhh!


February 24th, 2019

Spend: £0.00

Whilst waiting for parts to refit the half shafts I focussed my attention on the fuel tank, and the non-working gauge.  Emptied as much as the pump would into my sons Mini Cooper S and removed the half bodged VDO arm that I tie-wrapped onto the V8 pump.  After thinking long and hard I've decided to fit a VDO compatible (so the sales blurb says) reed/pole sender most commonly used in boats.  Does mean I need to drill another hole in the top of the tank...

Also removed the front cycle wings so I can re-fit my DRL/indicators in the new cycle wings after my little accident last year.



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Total:      £  8749.45


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