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November 2018

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November 2nd, 2018

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Oooh, it's fresh today...


November 29th, 2018

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Realistically, I'm not seeing the weather being nice enough to drive the car to work and back without getting p*ssed on, so I SORNed it today.  I need to get the half-shafts machined so my new wheels fit, and I need to take the petrol tank out to re-fit the pump so it reads on the gauge again.  Plenty to do this winter!


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13 hours ago, terry everall said:

Sorry bu why would machining your half shafts affect your new wheels?


The half shaft hubs are 'staggered' in circumference.  So if they are 50mm wide (I do not know the exact dimensions), the 1st 40mm is the same diameter as the wheels, but the last 10mm is slightly bigger in diameter.  So if I can machine the last 10mm to be the same diameter, my wheels will fit all the way against the hub flange, without having to resort to using a spacer.  As it is this spacer (or rather the new ET on the new wheels) that prevent them from fitting in the arches.

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