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  1. dombanks

    freezing outside tap

    Cheers I'll want to stop it freezing so ill lag it where its above gound. Im moving the washer from this little outhouse thing into the garage as well now... Its where im picking up the water supply. Did you use PEX pipe or MDPE Pipe.
  2. dombanks

    freezing outside tap

    I want to put a tap just inside my garage door for use with the hose etc. I was thinking I can T off inside the house just after the meter and go out through the wall and down into the ground for the 2m or so into the back of the garage and then just run it in the garage to the the front using that blue plastic pipe. How would I stop the foot or so of pipe from freezing that runs down into the ground after it comes out of the wall? Just putting some lagging seems a bit wrong?
  3. dombanks

    Are the days of the private car really over?

    Putting aside self drive. I would well use a ride hailing type thing if it were not too expensive. My car has gone the sum total of the Northampton meet in the last 2 weeks. The problem with the concept is it will never be cheap enough to be viable and people will screw it like they do with the borris bike type thing in many cities
  4. dombanks

    Zetec engine fitting

    Mine the same... Type 9 box tho raceline water rail is a good call just make sure you also buy the turret thstat housing with a filler cap on.
  5. Anyone know who it might be?
  6. Haha mine would look like Swiss cheese
  7. If your grp bits are a bit cracked or have holes in like my nose cone can they be repaired with filler and then painted?? I recall being told that the cracks will just come back.
  8. dombanks

    How do I line the holes up...?

    I can't take credit for this... I was told about it here by someone. Kinda obvious when you think about it tho.
  9. dombanks

    Daughter to Father Talk................

    Insurance aside a any number of BMW's are cheap enough for rwd with the 6 cylinder engine. Only issue is I think it would bolster the "I'm a pro" thoughts with the trackion control etc. I'm not convinced there is a huge difference between the Z and westy until I have told return home for a change of pants at the end of the rd. Instead if a track how about just letting them have a go somewhere safe with wider roads. Somewhere like an industrial estate where they can't really get any speed up but can boot it in relative safety
  10. dombanks

    Westfield car breaks down

    Probably a mighty crossflow
  11. dombanks

    How do I line the holes up...?

    isnt there a sort of tool you can make, im sure someone here told me..... take 2 equal lengths of something thin (2 hacksaw blades IRC work well) bind them at one end so they overlap perfectly like a pair of tongs. put a small rivit through the lower and a hole in the top. the lower of the two goes in the existing hole with the new plate inbetween and the top acts as a template
  12. dombanks

    60a house fuse

    How do you figure out diversity? Being the physicist I am it sounds a bit like maths lol. I get that a cooker is an obvious one as in reality you are unlikely to use it all at full power all the time but what About other stuff i suppose it's why you can have technically mtechnically more A of stuff that your fuse is. The house fuse hasn't blown at all but while I had an electrician in I wanted to be a bit future proof. Annoyingly the supplier just upgraded the meter so had it out but wasn't allowed to change it!! The CU is pretty much the top of the list anyway. I can't power the garage without a change, and we are thinking of an extension/new kitchen with an induction hob (if that makes any difference) so I guess I'll need more space Cheers all
  13. dombanks

    60a house fuse

    No so I'm not even sure it needs it but the wiring is ancient... 4 fuse box: 1 socket ring, 1 light, 1 cooker.. A random spare... no rcd A separate rcd unit for the shower... Which trips when her indoors uses the shower without exception total dogs dinner. I was reading about getting the CU upgraded to a new one and it seemed to crop up a few times. We are just trying to prioritise the expensive jobs
  14. dombanks

    60a house fuse

    How do you know if you need to upgrade the main fuse from your house from 60A Seems like the company that does it is UK power networks and can cost from 0-1100 quid
  15. dombanks

    Toyo T1R's

    Had them on my car for years... They are just worn out on the rears so maybe they are hard. The front are hardly touched. Can't say i've ever had any issues with a lack of grip or being like a drift car and it's not like I don't drive hard. Or like I stole it as some people would know. Track days were also great but they did scrub a bit. You could tell more grumpy tyres would be better. generally I don't go out in the wet but when I do they are OK if your not going mad but TBH the z4 is just as bad if you push it hard. They are very predictable. Maybe it's just my driving style or that I have a wide track due to the Sierra sdv at the rear. But if these are all you can afford then they have been OK for me

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