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  1. mine uses a sensor in the the race line water rail for the ecu and a separate one for the gauge.
  2. I wish mine only cost that much when i did the engine swap!
  3. deffo a pull cable. bell housing is like the one jon linked to except it came out of a CVH sierra. (i used most of the cvh clutch in my silvertop before swapping out for a lightened one) the clutch arm thing sticks out of the side like your picture. the cable goes through a hole located in the bell housing directly in front of the arm and held by a bolt either side on the bell housing. This is on the cable sheathing where you adjust it. on the sierra there was a ribber boot covering this lot. in the link jonjh has given there is a lug but no hole.
  4. From what I can remember on mine the starter side (exhaust) of the belhousing needed cutting out to fit in the tunnel and the inlet side on mine does not have the bulge as its the not an rs housing. I also didn't use any bracket to hold the clutch cable I think it's just thought the hole in your picture
  5. dombanks


    Did the leather dye work on all the vinyl parts?
  6. How did you cover the dash? Just vynal? Real shame about intatrim TBH as they always used to seem really good value for money
  7. Im midlands way. I was a bit wary of changing the exhaust even though I have a vernier as the head had quite a bit taken off. So much so that I couldn't use the standard pully on the Cam belt. Took me ages to get a larger one from America Interesting to see the >200 bhp. As it makes me wonder if mine has more to give. Although I have only got a standard wf exhaust
  8. I bet you're supposed to enter them forwards. But us something that people don't consider
  9. Never found I need them withy screen. When i had an Aero I just used sunglasses or a set of decent lab glasses
  10. They seem pretty well priced but It seems like their 195 50 15s are never in stock
  11. I seem to be getting a lot of facebook traffic for this lot any thoughts? https://www.extremetyresuk.com/ They are for sure remoulds as they had a post looking for carcasses and they seem to be well into the drift scene (or so farcebook says)
  12. What will they be set to? Didn't Volvo just saying its cars won't do more than 115 or summat? So long as its an upper limit say 90 rather than it trying to limit you In zones then what's the issue?
  13. Good call... Deffo connected to the main drains .... You can hear the loo flushing
  14. cool thanks, i just wanted to have an idea before i get someone in. i don't like going in blind (oooeeerr) with stuff like this and there are too many unscrupulous people about. like the plumber who wanted a "consulting fee" and half a days work to connect 2 radiator pipes.
  15. grey water. washing machine and i think a the roof water
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