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  1. @Terry Everall - WSCC Competition Secretary & @John I take your points, though the other championship is just for fun. You are of course reducing our classes enjoyment of the weekend by splitting us all up and taking away any chance of a class award. I give entry some thought but to say I’m disheartened is an understatement. Marto
  2. Are we going to drop this event next year as it’s not very well supported ?
  3. @Terry Everall - WSCC Competition Secretary Just looked at my scores and was going to say that they were wrong, as much as I like the 101’s Having read your post above can I now assume my scores are correct ?
  4. Is the infamous scrutineer going to be there ? I’ll not even consider an event that he has jurisdiction over, sorry.
  5. Oh dear oh dear oh dear @maurici what a mess you really do have some bad luck ! So is our word good enough regarding the age of the chassis or do we require something in writing from the factory?
  6. What a shame to kick the season off this way. I really feel for all the guys that have had their weekend ruined. While we wait for an investigation into the events of this weekend and some form of clarification of this rule and how / when it’s to be applied, I have a a couple of concerns for those of us about to head off to events. My car does not have a cat. It is on a Q plate so does not require a cat for MOT, it was first registered in 2004 but the chassis year symbol ( 10th digit of the chassis number is a T ) suggest the chassis was manufactured in 1996. I’m running in Mod Prod due to 1c tyres so does not require an MOT to compete! So where do I stand in this mess ? Do I need a CAT or not ? If I don’t due to production year of chassis, should I be questioned about this by a scrut what proof of year of manufacture is required ? Marto
  7. Not sure I’ll make it either Matt. Off on holiday on Friday so have to get my speedo’s packed and thong ironed ready for the beach. If all that goes well I may well pop along for a pre holiday pint ! Marto
  8. I couldn’t make my mind up on this either so went for both just in case
  9. Entries now being taken for the Wiscombe Park Hill Climb on 27/28 April. Online entry available this year on the Woodbridge Motor Club web site http://www.woolbridge.co.uk Who’s joining me ???????????? Marto
  10. So with just one week to go numbers for this test day are looking good, as is the weather, but I could still squeeze a few more in. So for the last few places I’ll consider half days, afternoon only at £90. I have already accepted 1 place on this basis and have a few more available. Anyone else interested PM me please Marto
  11. I think we’ve spoken Andy and your in, if not give me a call Marto
  12. Hi Chris So we have access Sunday evening to get to the pub and back but Blyton would like all of us campers and trailers in by 6.00pm so they can shut up shop. It’s then my responsibility to lock up as we come and go later. M
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