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  1. Hi Chris So we have access Sunday evening to get to the pub and back but Blyton would like all of us campers and trailers in by 6.00pm so they can shut up shop. It’s then my responsibility to lock up as we come and go later. M
  2. Marto303

    Iphone 7 Network Unlock

    Thanks Q I have just followed your advice and my phone should be unlocked in 72hrs FOC
  3. Marto303

    Iphone 7 Network Unlock

    Do any of you young ( or old ) techy guys know how to unlock an iPhone 7 ? I bought the phone 2 years ago direct from O2 ( which I assume its locked to ) and would like to use a different network whilst in the UAE in a few weeks time. I have been to a couple of phone places and they can all do it but want £40-£50 to unlock for me which seemed a bit steep TIA Marto
  4. Marto303

    LSD, in carrier, for English axle

    Yes just like my original car @John
  5. Marto303

    LSD, in carrier, for English axle

    What diff ratio do you want ? M
  6. @pete g Yes me & Barny doing the same A bit nearer the time when I know numbers I’ll book a table at the Black Horse for us. ( Shame @MarkBishop isn’t coming )
  7. Make sure you bring the correct fuel can this time
  8. Marto303

    Spring sale

    John Ill take the 1.9 x 8 160 & 175 please
  9. Marto303


    That’s old ground not worth going over again. I will continue to support it as I enjoy it. If the event is dropped from the Westfield calendar then I guess I’ll have to join yet another club or championship to carry on, down side is that will dilute my attendance in the this series !
  10. Marto303


    That would suit you Terry wouldn’t it !
  11. Marto303


    Where’s your spirit of adventure gone Stu I remember my very first ever event at Wiscombe Park and watching you and PeteG flying up that hill, I was in awe of your peddling and that’s what got me hooked on this sport. I also remember the mud bath in the paddock and my beautiful freshly built car getting covered in crap but despite all that Wiscombe is a fantastic hill and a great weekend !
  12. Marto303


    Great to see you back Stu Fancy joining me at Wiscombe Park ?
  13. Marto303


    It would be great to see David at an event Terry
  14. Marto303

    2019 Speed Series Registration

    @Dave (OnliestSmeg) - Manchester AO I think you’ll find others in class D have faired very nicely thank you with class honours in previous years @Howard From a personal point of view I would much rather you ( and @Keith the Teeth ) were back in D with me me this year ! We have all enjoyed some close competition in past years and trying to catch you two has driven me to push harder and get me times down. Though I see this year as a fresh start with a very different set up I’m really not sure how it’s going to feel if I’m in a class of 1. Marto
  15. Marto303

    2019 Speed Series Registration

    Welcome Simon Good to see I have at least 1 class D buddy this year and look forward to meeting you at some point. Marto

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