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July 2019



July 8th, 2019

Spend: £0.00


A lovely evening at the pub with likeminded people




July 17th, 2019

Spend: £0.00


My son and I both wanted a 3D printer, and with the great thread from @nice_guy on all things 3D, we bought an Ender 3 Pro which was delivered a couple of days ago.  Biggest hurdle for me is the CAD side, but after a few tutorials I was confident enough to print my 1st car part: a backplate for the Hella 3rd brake light mounted on the roll-bar.


2019-07-17_22_30_10.thumb.jpg.0d81d681fd7b2bd35debac27e3adfca8.jpg 2019-07-17_22_30_38.thumb.jpg.0f5faed95b45abf237bf36c995e11d42.jpg


My first attempt was already a great fit, although I had not considered the wiring, so on to v2


2019-07-18_22_11_12.thumb.jpg.32105e356fc20d664e85f2767ff6be0e.jpg 2019-07-18_22_10_50.thumb.jpg.f8ad3794c5967bd753fedd802ae2c12f.jpg


And here's it fitted






Last month: £  9402.26
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Total:      £  9402.26


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