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  1. nice_guy

    Proper Old School Westfield

    PM sent, and many thanks JulianE !
  2. nice_guy

    Thinking of going back to a screen..........

    Feedback loop is built in in servos, stepper are available with an encoder, but stepper control needs a smidge more effort. Servo control via arduino is dead simple, you can have all your wipers mode (and the mandatory macarena mode) really easy. Any torque concern for RC servos should be brushed with the smug confidence deeply anchored in the working condition of the flimsy "original" system. If THIS setup can transmit enough torque to move the wiper arms thanks to this little wheel and this skinny cable, well, a pair 1/5 scale steering servo can match. I'll be more than happy to buildlog this. I just need a scuttle. And a windscreen. The rest of the car would probably help, too.
  3. nice_guy

    The Lobster (88 SE Rebuild)

    Well, on a motorcycle, engine is exposed. So with a transversally mounted inline 4 (average sportsbike), 1 & 4 are running a tad cooler, hence different requirements. Airbox shape also has an impact (need to be slim to fit between the legs), not much room around intake 1 and 4, airbox walls are close : not all cylinders are operating in the same fashion by design, they often run on different fuel maps and timings) Hell, I even have ineven intake length / diameters tracts and two different carbs on a single cylinder bike engine. The engine on a bike is way more than a powerplant, and needs to conform to the rest of the vehicle, and to the slightly deranged being operating the whole thing. They are not designed to do the same thing as in a car, and so 4 wheeled paradigms do not apply in a motorcycle environment. (Variable intake length / variable camshaft timing / secondary servo-controlled butterfly are used when you want to gain a bit of torque down or pass an emission test, but torque band matters less on a sportsbike : it's lightweight and dropping a cog is semi conscious gesture)
  4. nice_guy

    It's about time...

    I've been searching the classifieds for a while (and patience is not my forte), and for the first time something interesting (but not maching the essential 30 years old threshold) popped up : https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Westfield-SE-Kitcar/142980679286?hash=item214a500676:g:VGcAAOSwlINbybXE:rk:2:pf:0 An empty shell. No registration to this one, alas, so it won't work but I wonder if there is a marketplace for empty (engine-less) or cat C / D westies ? Might expand the realm of the things I have to look for, and may be a good way to get, let's say a 1990 or 1991 shell, planning it'll take me one to two years to get it running...
  5. nice_guy

    Your Daily motor- photos :)

    Thanks a lot... I felt soooo lame until I read your post ! (but your ride is still a lightyear nicer than the battle scarred oil burner I use to carry the family)
  6. nice_guy

    Deano's Classic SE Build

    If I may advise, you can find dirt cheap bluetooth, all in one boards, running on 12v (a bit of filtering would not hurt though) on the usual providers of electronic thingies websites. Amplified, bluetooth, size of a pack of cigarettes ( https://www.parts-express.com/dayton-audio-kab-230a-2x30w-class-d-audio-amplifier-board-with-bluetooth-40--325-102 , other models exist), what's not to like ? No wires, smaller form factor, would allow you to have the speakers spread a bit more and maybe mounted on all four posts. Never experienced myself with these boards, though. I probably would have a go using full range compact speakers, takes less room and have a significant grunt. (have a pair of dayton audio, heavy little b*******s, 40-ish per speaker, roughly 90x90x60mm volume taken on a cheap 2x20w amp board, gets to pain threshold without breaking a sweat) And if you want speed controlled volume adjustment... https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.roehsoft.autolevel&hl=en_US (Someday, I'll have the car to put all my crappy ideas. It'll transform into an arduino powered decepticon within two month, I swear)
  7. nice_guy

    Proper Old School Westfield

    Hello ! oooh, we need to meet ! (PM obviously)
  8. nice_guy

    Wiper tech bad obsession

    Id did the usual search engine maths. First wiper motor I found specs for gave 5N.m nominal, stall torque about 30n.m. Average beefy servo states 40 kg.cm (roughly the nominal wiper motor torque, and there are 80kg.cm servos), and there should be one per arm, minus the linkage drag. The wiper ams and blades are quite short, the glass has no curvature, the shaft could have the correct angle, and there is little way to have less play/backlash... 'should work. On the bucket list... I must agree on the compactness of the current setup, linkages have a swept area/volume Very interesting use of a stepper on a single arm wiper. Would dream of seeing the car happily wagging its wiper on startup (like tachometers, commonly stepper driven nowadays). You can have them fited with an encoder giving feedback regarding position, but using a CNC axis motor for a wiper... Well, it's my kind of overengineering.
  9. nice_guy

    Wiper tech bad obsession

    Following this and this and this ... I can't get wiper blades cinematics out of my thoughts. Before seeing the binky video i had no idea about the underlying tech moving wiper arms on a sevenesque windshield. Well, I sort of like it. Because you can tinker & improve it. The modified 205 wiper gear seems all fine to me, but I doubt the linkage & cinematics would leave a lot of room under the scuttle. I'm led to believe a pair of heavy RC servos, with an output torque in the 40-ish kg.cm would be very compact, easy to control with an arduino, very fast, would allow a park position outside wiping range and would require 6 to 7.4v (some 12v servos exist) input easily achievable thanks to an inexpensive buck converter. And adding a flurry of modes (Intermittent, 3 times delayed when washing, slow, fast, macarena) would be dead simple. Mechanical coupling to wiper shaft would require a circular flange bolted to servo control horn. Pivot orientation could probably be what is to your liking (enters the 3d printed bracket epoxied to grp body). Cost is around 30-40 quids per servo. bad points : when powered on, sometimes, servos can jitter a bit. Would need two of them. Would need a bit of software sync. Reliability could be a question weather-wise. Unmechanical as a quartz watch hence unfashionable. @corsechris mentionned stepper motors for wiper blades Can't get my head around this. They're rather inexpensive, quite torquey and can be purchased with a geared reduction, but they are somehow harder to control (well, need a controller), heavier, and need an encoder to be parked / endstopped. I'd like to have more details on an application of steppers... Did anyone ever put some effort in such a sadly neglected area ?
  10. nice_guy

    Binky, Binky, Binky!

    I would measure progress in weight of steel.
  11. nice_guy

    Binky, Binky, Binky!

    Watched august episode following the wiper discussion in the build log thread. Very interesting (slightly overengineed if such a thing exist, maybe ?). I'll watch the rest with interest. Discovered that marvelous mechanical contraption that is supposed to remove water from the windshield. Spent part of the afternoon evaluating if making such a system would work under the scuttle, or if going the lazy unmechanical "two high torque RC servos wired to an arduino" would be more appropriate to get shaft angle right at the expense of a skippy low speed swipe.
  12. nice_guy

    It's about time...

    Sevenesque cars are like lego parts : once you start looking for one, it knows it and hides so you'll never find it.... That calls for this question : What websites would you recommend for classifieds ? I currently scan too-many-times-a-day : wscc, ebay, autotrader, pistonheads, gumtree, carandclassic and carsnip. I wouldn't want to leave a stone unturned, am I missing anything of interest ?
  13. nice_guy

    It's about time...

    Interesting... Yup. And shipping stings. I'll fire some alerts on ebay, get the hang of what would be the costs should I have to get a car to the needed oldtimer appearance...
  14. nice_guy

    It's about time...

    I missed that one... I suspect sanding might be part of the process given condition. I Looked for the flared wing on ebay, and two things appeared to me. Usually they come by two (a master, and an apprentice...) there's only one listed... On the upside price & shipping is waaaaaaaaaay less than what I feafor an ironing board sized parcel. I don't know if the brackets that have been hacked off can be sourced, but it seems to be within "hammering a piece of steel" metalworks and a quick weld
  15. nice_guy

    Proper Old School Westfield

    I remember being able to operate an old s3 caterham (static test) without much trouble, I believe the dimensions would be the same ballpark for a prelit. Registration year has in my case way more impact than the flavor (prelit/SE/SEw, SEiW). Oh, dear, it's like a bottle of wine, all I care about is vintage year. Given my taste for painted GRP a SE would probably be the best bet (like this one, alas already gone) but I would feel bad to close this option as the legal requirements narrow the scope quite significantly... If I'm able to operate it, I'll probably find a way thanks to upholstery, quick release boss, D shaped wheel, lowered floors or angle-grinding the pedal box forward to make myself comfortable... or I'll get used to it...

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