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September 2019



September 21st, 2019

Spend: £0.00


I'd never been to the Peak District, so when I asked on the forums if my planned route for today was ambitious or not, @IanK (Bagpuss) kindly volunteered to show me around.  What a day it was...




We started out as four with @LukeW and @Nemesis joining @IanK (Bagpuss) and my son in his Mini Cooper S in Ashbourne.


Afer some driving we met up with @Paul Hurdsfield, @bioman and Kibriyah (NWKCOG) at The Devils A***.




More driving was done and my son and I arrived home 12 hours later than we left, with near enough 300 miles more on the clock.  The full story can be read here.





Last month: £  9402.26
This month: £     0.00
Total:      £  9402.26

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